Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Monday 19 July

Welcome to Monday the first day of the working week.

Let's make it a good one.


Work on ivy (DONE) Dishes

  • Work on ivy (DONE)
  • Dishes (DONE)
  • Look at budget (DONE)
  • Order prescriptions (DONE)Midway!! :)
  • Thank you notes to N & B
  • Birthday card to S
  • Call Teresa
  • Order office supplies and mouse
  • Fill green waste bin in backyard
  • Make Kaiser appointment
  • Taxes

MD checked-NOTquitein, not quite OUT

I have no idea what the *** is happening today.

"The best laid plans of mice and men..."

Morning exercise class unexpectedly cancelled after I showed up.  And had delayed blood test till next to get bit of sleep. Tried to replan day around class.  Then internet went out all day -- troubleshot but no luck! Relaxed and did somethings in morn/afternoon. Was going to evening exercise but called ahead and schedule changed. Disappointed but at least I knew beforehand.

Got mentally ready (self-directed homework) for evening counseling. Nagging feeling in back of head about appt time being 6 vs 7 pm. Then, ven though I then went on library internet in afternoon, I did not check the appt time. Got home bit late, woofed down dinner. Kiddo was wild and needed correcting (not a pleasant experience). And got to Doc's office with message waiting for me from 40 min earlier saying "where are you," IN SHORT THE WHOLE damned day has been a bust! Not sure if I am a believer in 'bad luck of 3s' but there WERE 3 appts that got nixed.  Instead of home, swung by library to write this and help focus. 

ONLY THING to do tonight is to salvage moods, attitude, and "wind down" the clock for the evening.

FEEDBACK WELCOME, GANG.  Or maybe I should not even post this and just move on.

Feeling like a mouse (or similar rodent), not a man

"Mamma said there'd be days like this, there'd be days like this, my momma said." [from old pop song] 


potential energy 630

Hi everyone!

I am here to really get 3 responses sent.  I am realizing that I am not doing it because of fear.  I have taken a step and now the other foot really needs to follow on my little road to success, happiness and so on. 

Meanwhile as I stand on one foot waiting for the other to figure out where to go, I am really progressing with my art/craft/work room.  I have silly dreams of realizing my hidden talent as an artist, designer or anything else that requires constant dreaming, creativity and 0 reports.  I knew I wanted to go into art or design all during my college yrs., but I thought I could do it on the side and it would be wise to go where the money is.  So, here I am and I would rather scrub toilets than write another report.  Well, sorry to be so negative.  I really do feel better once I complain a little.  It puts things into perspective.  Anyway, I do have a list

1.  Declutter- post a few more things on CL  2. Get table back from sis. Called and made arrangements   3.  respond to emails-this should be 1st priority  4 read w/ z


Do it now CI Tues 2:30 DONE!!!!


get papers

figure out needs

go online

call if needed

xfer $

clement ci

:) 2:27 ci 12 min :D
2:39: quiet time (i would have not dont this if it weren't for this ci)

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Being the tortoise

Pretty good weekend, spending nice quality time with the kids on Sunday. Didn't get much work done, but I'll take it. I have 6 weeks remaining in my lame duck position. Plenty of work to get done between now and the end of August, and I intend to get it done so I can at least leave with some sense of dignity, and maybe some better strategies for success at my next job.

In thinking of the old fable of the tortoise and the hare, I realized that I am neither, but a little of both. The hare has speed and energy to spare, but wastes time and winds up losing. The tortoise is slow but steady and reaches the finish line first.

I am slow, but not steady. I waste time procrastinating, but have no speed to 'turn it on' when I fall behind, nor the energy for such a sprint. The thing is, I am not in a race. I don't need to reach the finish line first. I just need to reach it regularly in a reasonable period of time. So I will concentrate on being the best tortoise I can, learning to keep moving forward at whatever pace I can muster. I will probably never be a speedster, but *reliable* slowness and *consistent* results will serve me far better than my current stumbling performance style.

Today's productivity goal: 3 periods of 2 hours each, 6 cases per period. For me, that would be phenomenal.

Today's thinking goals: During each period, strive to just keep moving forward. If feeling anxious, slow down but try not to stop. If I encounter a difficult or very long case, just keep working at it until the end of that period. But start on something else the next period, and come back to the tough one tomorrow. 

Okay, starting at 12 noon with period 1. Back around 2 to report (bookend).

1:38 PM: Curious. Was making pretty good progress, but started feeling nervous. "Had to" take a little email break. Well, back to it.

2:40 PM: Okay, made some progress, but thrown off track by anxious discomfort. It may well be that moving *very* slowly with lots of interruptions feels "comfortable", which only reinforces that unsatisfactory approach. Not a unique insight, to be sure, but it certainly illustrated the possibility for me.  

3:45 PM: Ready for the second 2 hour period. Probably will not fit in a third today. Getting the first one started and a prolonged late lunch break means this second one will end at 5:45 PM. Well, so be it.

3:45 - 5:45 PM: 2 hours, 6 cases

Back after 5:45 PM.

6:34 PM: Did pretty well, actually. Got 2 cases done, then encountered a very long one that took the rest of the time and still isn't finished. But that's okay. I am closer to having it done than I was 2 hours ago.

tiptree CI

done by bedtime:

- impl hack for Y.
- backup files
- impl reports
- clear 682
- clear stick tm issue
- read 1 ch. EIP
- work on hc export
- revisit anon code
- set up laptop
- clear 1657
- clear 1859
- investigate pub issue
- clean office
- library returns/renewals
- clear inbox
- sh/sh
- practice g.
- laundry

Monday with the Scribbler

I have had a moderately productive month, thanks in large part to Procrastinators Anonymous and this daily check-in. YOu folks may not realize it, but you're riding herd on me, keeping me in line, giving me somebody to be accountable to. I appreciate it. Today:


  • Get up before 7 (missed by an  hour) 
  • Coffee, paper, water plants
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Checkins


  • Send query
  • Email Carousel re: Held
  • Add 5 to music db
  • Email5 re music
  • Run


  • Healthy lunch
  • Ck bank statements
  • Add 5 to CP db
  • Do 4 on CIO ////
  • File harmony 
  • Recycle transmission flud


  • Healthy dinner
  • Take vitamins
  • Songwriter open mic
  • Read, relax
  • Bed by 11 p.m

Miscellaneous to-dos I'm re-listing here so I won't forget them.

  • Get car oil changed
  • Clean off desktop
  • Research hunting class
  • Email RG re: dove trip
  • Put away camping stuff
  • Install GFCI
  • Return Sony, Beamz
  • List book on eBay
  • Take guitar pics
  • Post guitars on Craigslist

kromer 10 CI

A little late getting started this morning, so I need to really settle down and work.

Main task for today is to get my lab mtg pres. into final form. This will probably take most of the day. Breaking this task down further, the tasks for the revision are (key ones in bold)
*Revise VAD section
*Strategy for in vitro biosensor characterization
*Revise biosensor section (done w/ this, except for adding in vitro strategy)
*Graphs w/ all cyps and Aldhs
*Look at EAs data for cyps and aldhs

Info on feedback regulation of Cyps
*Revise met. section
*Per sample cost for 2 protocols (will do this soon)
*Nice threshold comp 
*Revise mRNA-seq section
*Proofread (have mostly done this; will do a final run-through tomorrow morning just before presentation)

THe other things I need to do for sure is return my library books

If I have extra time, I'd like to work on difEQ writeup, clear WM queue (will work on this now), and cook for the week. But If I don't get to these that's OK. 


Agnus checking in

Good morning PAers!  I am supposedly on vacation but it has been very challenging.  Not much has gone according to plan but we are finally encamped in a pretty spot near Mom and my sis. I am anxious to get back into at least a modified routine, starting with my sponsor call this a.m. which I did make. However, my blackberry then died, so no sponsee calls.

Then I went to make breakfast: The food in the camper refrig all spoiled, I forgot to pack one entire box of abstinent foods, and my food scale (a tool I use for my OA recovery) was damaged during the trip. So now I really really need a sense of routine and I am so grateful for PA being here to help me with that.

Right now I need to figure out why my laptop is not charging even though I plugged it into the campsite power pole.  Hopefully I will be right back with a to-do list!

"Routine is the shark cage that lets me swim safely in the real world."  Anonymous

Agnus 2do2day

  • Get J up and medicated 
  • Call Mom's aide re: our timetable
  • Campground registration
  • Pack for Mom's (3 nights):
    Meds and vits
    Business attire (suit, slacks, hose, shoes, jewelry)
    4 ea personal items (me and J)
    1 shorts, 1 jeans Jim
    Cosmetics bag
    Laptop and accessories
  • Secure the camper
  • Finish ppt (communicate to team)
  • Upload ppt
  • Buy groceries, scale, phone battery
  • Laundry

"Routine is the shark cage that lets me swim safely in the real world."  Anonymous

My Day Today

Thing I did today

Went to the 8:30 PA meeting 

Things I will do today

1. Prayer and Meditation

2. 12-Step Reading

3. Get clothes ready to wash

4. Wash clothes

5. Eat breakfast

6. Eat dinner

7. Put clothes awat

8. Put the rest of the groceries away

9. Separate chicken and take out the fat

10. Make Bed

11. Wash dishes

12. Take shower

13. Get dressed

14. Call the dental school about a crown

15. Get clothes ready for the next day

16. Go to the 11:00 PA meeting

17. Go to the 9:45 telephone CLA meeting

18. Go to the 1:00 CLA meeting


Journey Monday 9:30

It was my weekend to work and it was a pretty busy one.   I didn't check in over the weekend, but I did work pretty hard - didn'nt have much choice, lol Surprised

I plan to leave early today, so I better get busy so I can do that!    Back soon with a todo list.  


"A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." - Elbert Hubbard

Journey 11:30 & update

Still busy but today is my last day of O.C. duty and I'm working from home the next two days to catch up on sleep a bit.  I got in this morning to see an email from my boss that he's working from home all week to catch up on paperwork, so I figured it was a good time to ask for another work from home day this week lol.

Here's my todo list:


  • Planning - 1 hour
  • Fax insurance cards
  • Follow up on issue 1 from the weekend - started - 30 minutes more?
  • Follow up on issue 2 from the weekend -  30 minutes
  • Project Z - read all email from C. and figure out what I need to do - 1 hour
  • Toastmasters - 1 hour
  • Project Z - minutes from last meeting, schedule next meeting - 1 hour
  • Project Z - C's time sheet?
  • Project Z - misc fixes to document - 1 hour
  • filing - 5 minutes
  • OC duty - E on System D - 30 minutes
  • if time - E on System P
  • Leave early!
  • Stop by store - 1 hour
  • dinner
  • dishes
  • added - issue on Project V

 I don't know why I'm double spaced today.   Anyway,  I am back from Toastmasters, had lunch and now I'm looking for distractions instead of doing my work.   I'm going to work on E on system P because that's a pretty straightforward task and should get me back on track.

3 pm and now my font changed Undecided oh well, I dunno what's going on but I finished the above task and now I'm going to face Christina's emails and figure out what all she's telling me needs to be done for the giant ball of red tape for Project Z. 


Update 4:15 . . .issue has arisen on Project V.   I'll work on that for the rest of the work day.




"A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you." - Elbert Hubbard

Vic 7/19

Thanks Rex, starter looks good to me, for what it is worth. "Simplicity is elegance".

Show up (done). Lots of family issues happening, and not to shut down is major today. I semi shut down  the last 2 days so today. will try something more. the buddy thing.

11am got started,hope- having vacation issues as well with last year's nightmare to address as well as....Had 2 semi shut down slips, now I feel like I am crawling, but not stopped.

Did babystep with airline and did computer stuff with son until had to stop. did som filing. Followed son to park when his drug friends came over, I don;t care if they hate me, sat at the park they did not stay and headed them off later. The friends were nervous because they know I would call the police. These kids are picking up heroin- in the suburbs!!I am going to step up now and hope to get an ally tommorrow. Did not shut down, thank goodness.

Rexroth Check In

One day when I have time I will find out how to post a nice picture to start the day.

Up prayer and reflection
Checked emails and net posts
Out for exercise walk and home tired out - it was my first walk for a long time
Some local food shopping
Started work on complaint to Ombudsman over insurance - one of the last things to tidy up over my legal/business matter which has almost ended
No post so no problem

Work on the complaint and associated letters
Write letter re Hospital to advocacy agency
Email advocate
Send some urgent emails even if they are not perfect
Put dry clothes away
Hand wash trousers
Bath wash hair and personal care

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Most of above still have some emails to do and spent a long time on the phone with advocacy advisers so I now know what to do.

Prayer and reflection
Bed and sleep
I am very tired which is mainly heat exercise and emotionally charges admin.

Night Folks