Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Sunday July 18, 2010

Hello Everybody!

Happy Sunday and the First Day of the Week

Have a Great Proactive Day!!!


potential energy 840

Hi!  I love it when this happens. I am doing my most dreaded task all because I intended to do something else that I apparently dread even more.

I have been cleaning out a messy storage rm. to make it a hobby/craft/work rm.  It has been going great.  But, what I meant to be doing- a higher priority, is work on response for 3 diff. poss. contracts.  I advertised in an area of my profession that I I haven't dealt with for quite a while. So, now that there is interest, I need to brush up and reply to potential clients.  I just don't feel like it. I should at least push to read a little to see if I can find some motivation.



Late today.  I'll make a

Late today.  I'll make a quick list.

1. do a load of laundry

2.  Clean place.

3. Email papers.

4. do research

5. work on logo

Scribbler's Sunday CI

Off to a late start with this today. It's now 3 p.m. here. I spent the morning at mygirlfriend's and just got home a little while ago. Here are things I'd like to get done today:

  • Checkins
  • Pay child support
  • Pay down overdraft account
  • Order medicine
  • Find open mic for tonight
  • Email 5 re music
  • Add 5 to music db
  • Clean out fridge
  • Put out trash and recyclables
  • Exercise - lift weights for 30 minutes
  • Gas up car
  • Play open mic
  • Plug upcoming gig at open mic
  • Healthy dinner
  • Bed by 11 p.m.

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Vic 7/18

Show up (done)

Got to church, jad library duty, meditations, gratitudes, need to get out now and do my plan.

Vic 7/18

Show up (done)

Got to church, jad library duty, meditations, gratitudes, need to get out now and do my plan.

kromer 1:30 CI

This morning I went to church and went grocery shopping.

Now I'm in lab, have just had a healthy lunch and am ready to work.

I have about 4 hours to work now, then 5:30-10ish I'm cooking for and going to a potluck with friends, then I'll maybe have an hour afterwards to work some more.

MIT for today is to revise and send my research summary.

I'd also like to get 2 of my "nice to have for lab meeting" tasks done and to clear the WM queue. But those are lower priority.

OK, heading to chatbox now. 

Rexroth Check In

Up prayer and reflection
Put on washing machine
Out to church
Walked around market on the way back looking at the stalls and chatting with people

Write plan of week
Think about some social issues (where do you take a vegetarian for an Italian meal in London?)
Listen to travel programme
Rest and take it easy - I am still rushing about and not getting much done

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Above and
More washing
Long chat with friend on phone
Plan of future - some done

Prayer and reflection
Bed and sleep

Night Folks


Sunday's Sundries

Write thank you note to Margaret (DONE)
Mail SA to Shara (DONE)
Water lawn (DONE)
Pay bills (DONE)
Work on ivy (DONE)
Dishes (DONE)
Make Kaiser appointment
Order prescriptions
Call Teresa
Thank you notes to N & B
Birthday card to S
Look at budget
Order office supplies and mouse
Fill green waste bin in backyard

Lucky CI

Really short tasklist and I'm sure I've forgotten some stuff...

Check in :)
Prayer & bible reading
Confidence exercises or hypno CD
Buy water
F posts (C's and mine)
Clean kitchen
Email & social sites
Dry laundry
List things to talk to doc about
2nd load laundry if time
Clear kitchen
Dog face wash
Floss/brush teeth/wash face/moisturise
Shut living room window
Tomorrow's list
Email reports
Check in
BED straight after check in!

My Day Today

Things I plan to do today

1. Prayer and Meditation

2. Read 12-Step literature

3. Go to 7:00 a.m. telephone DA meeting

4. Go to the 9:45 a.m. telephone CLA meeting

5. Post Al-Anon literature for the week

6. Post DA Topic of the Week

7. Call for a ride to the grocery

8. Get clothes ready for wash

9. Wash clothes

10. Take shower

11. Get dressed

12. Possibly put groceries away

13. Put clothes away

14. Get clothes ready for the next two days

15. Make bed

16. Wash dishes

17. Clear off couch

18. Clear off tables

19. Clear off floor

20. Declutter the storage boxes

21. Go to my telephone 8:00 a.m. DA Action Group

21. Go to my 9:00 a.m. telephone DA meeting. 

22. Went to the Buddhist meeting

23. Went to the 3:30 online PA meeting

That's all I have