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Tuesday 13 July

Sarito CL

Work: open Gr Bks (15 min) 

Household: start organizing clothes closet (triage for donations); unpack suitcase; groceries

Admin: call CL

 Self-Care: go swimming; 3 actions towards building better soc net 

Agnus checking in

Another ridiculously busy pre-vaca day (I feel ya, Mama_Cat!). Already handled sponsee calls, breakfast, J meds, several dozen emails and work tasks, a major presentation, and now must:

Pay car ins immed
Return call to m
Attend 2 hours training

Write a 25-page training doc
Write and send em monthly report
Back up all work processes for vaca
Check some client websites
Memo to vr re websites
Dust and vaccuum
Stock camper for trip


Potential Energy 12:50


I have so many things to do, unfortunately I have no idea what they are.

Well, I need to do something now that I have time, so I will try to decide what is important... brain working away...smoke...sizzle....Ah-ok- I really do know what I can be doing-I am just keeping it hidden from myself.

1. car title- someone has been waiting to buy it for a month now working on it

2. head in to work for a little- never made it yesterday- this requires showering and looking like a normal human being

3.  get office cleaned up- last week left my office a total mess. I need to figure what to do w/ all of the stacks of papers (paper mache??) working on it

4. do something fun w/ son anything got ice cream and went to librarySmile

** find notes for work tomorrow!!  Can't go without them.

5. If I happen to get all of this done...start to work on sewing room


Crazybug CI 11am

Funny quote for the morning: "I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once." Laughing

Greetings all!  I've been off of here for a few weeks, I suppose because the excitement of the 'newness' of this site wore off and I thought that I could hack it all on my own. Hmmm..wrong.  One: I really missed the great support here and two: I need accountability. So, glad to be back and will work on checking in every morning. I have a large project that I really want to make some progress on and have had difficulty breaking down into smaller steps.

Here's todays list:

  • Break down large project into small doable pieces (1 hr)
  • work in 25 minute blocks on some of the small steps
  • Check with RG to see ifwe need topay (also check on contract)
  • Gather stuff together for meeting
  • Edit presentation for boss (1 hr)

I'm giving myself plenty of time for breaking down the large project as I think it will help in the long run. Finding the small doable pieces is very difficult for me, but I know it will improve the more I try it.

Have a wonderful day all!


I love that quote!!! Thank

I love that quote!!! Thank you for the laugh. I sure needed one. =)

Getting serious

Despite some minor successes getting moving recently, I am still way behind and not adequately making up delayed work. Very frustrating. I am going to try to take things up a notch today. Review of my recent work logs (since starting here 1 week and 4 days ago) gives me the impression that - while focused - I can crank out regular case reports in about 20 to 30 minutes, and brief ones, like followups of previously started ones, in 10 to 15 minutes. (Of course, that begs the question of why my daily productivity is still so low, but that *is* my $64,000 question.) Difficult cases may require a couple of hours of study plus further followup, but although those are the ones I view with fear, and the ones that weigh on me the most, they are only a minor component of the work, in reality. Anyway, the goal today is not to move faster per se, but to increase the amount of time in focused effort.

Day's goal: complete 15 cases.

Plan: devote 5 hours of focused effort without distractions, even if it is 1 hour at a time.

Rate: try to average 3 cases per hour

Reporting: once every hour, starting now, @ 9:32 AM, otherwise I may not begin the 5 hours until 4 PM

Back here in 1 hour. Go!

Oh, my...3 hours gone, and no progress on the case backlog. In fairness, part of the time has been spent dealing with new issues and legitimate interruptions, but the bulk of the time has been "padding" around the actual work. Not feeling very heartened. I can certainly see how the days slip away from me. Okay, back to it. Back with an interim update later.

Scribbler's CI

I think I need to make some changes in what's important to get done. My financial situation is bad and getting worse, so I want to emphasize revenue-generating work as opposed to fun work. Less time on music, for instance, and more time writing articles. I'd also like to get more household stuff in there. A list of some to-dos that aren't tagged to a time follows this. 


  • Get up before 7
  • Coffee, paper
  • Water plants
  • Checkins


  • Draft Masters10
  • Deliver Meals on Wheels


  • Healthy lunch
  • Draft Masters10
  • Meet attorney re: support mod (putting this off until tomorrow)
  • Call 4 re: Deadbiz
  • Draft Masters10
  • Do 4 on CIO


  • Walk w/RB
  • Healthy dinner
  • Take supplements
  • Bed by 11
Miscellaneous to-dos
  • Clean up office
  • Put away camping stuff
  • Install GFCI
  • Return Sony, Beamz
  • Look into selling some books
  • Post guitars on Craigslist 
  • Look for divorce support
I also need to cut the grass, get the car's oil changed and lot of other stuff. But this'll do for now. I hope anybody reading this is having a happy and productive day. Scribbler

MD check-out (notes in CAPS)

Good morn'

I'd planned to not spend [I almost said 'waste' but corrected to positive word] time on check-in of ANY kind so as to make 2 morn events things.  However,  after quick chatbox, I still felt tired so have decided to skip pool aerobics since (i) time tight afterwards incl having to eat lunch in car (ii) got desire to not use recent exercise interest (pool) as distraction from other tasks and (iii) back is a bit sore so over-exertion not good.

INSTEAD - logged back on PA now, quick check-in and THEN morning (just an hour) for (a) laundry (otherwise it would have waited for mid-p.m.), (b) bedding, **(c) JUST START the "other thing" staring at me in closet for 2 months ** (d) 11 am bridge perhaps (e) quick lunch & (f) shower -- all before noon appt.....EVEN THOUGH I set the noon appt last wk based on pool fitness times today.  DONE SORT OF AS PLANNED EXCEPT FOR BIT TOO MUCH TIME ON NET -- AND MOST OF THESE BLED INTO P.M.

Finally, I will do this to-do list ONLY through the morn events and NOT dictate the rest of the afternoon to myself so I can smartly re-evaluate this afternoon after 1:30 pm. OLD FRIEND FROM 10 YR ABSENCE IN TOWN SO THAT HAPPILY TOOK PRECEDENCE THIS EVENING. ALSO OUTREACH ON ANOTHER SUPPORT GROUP. MISSED PM PHONE BRIDGES BUT NOT MUCH TO SHARE ANYWAYS.

Summary: today is a "be engaged but bit on-the-fly-day,"--FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY & STING the tasks LIKE A BEE....- Thanks to Muhammad Ali! 

So, there!



**--on editing this email (2nd draft) this is not realistic at present so saving (c) for the afternoon--maybe NOW RIGHTLY MOVED TO ANOTHER TIME.

Vic 7/13

 Show up (done) Yesterday unfolded as it was supposed to only because I did not shut down. One more day to see...

Mama_Cat's picture

Mama_Cat's Pre-vacay to-dos :)

Hi all - 

leaving the state tomorrow to visit family and lots to do today. Feeling overwhelmed and trying to break it up into chunks.

It is easier to focus on JUST the tasks immediately at hand, so--I'll just start with this morning's tasks, then go on from there. Here goes! :)


--- DONE --- * Call JB and ask about L&J visits 8-)

--- DONE --- * Send E-mail to L&J about JB, suggest abridged visits--possibly serve as intro e-mail :-)

--- DONE --- * Send second intro e-mail to L&J and KG :-P

* E-mail clients back-up info

--- DONE --- * E-mail RB to ensure all went well and request payment :-D

* E-mail CH to ensure all is well

--- DONE --- * E-mail confirmation to LS ;-)

* Send references to LB & KG

OK, done for now - going to get ready and head out for client visits. Didn't get everything done, but - overall - a VERY productive morning. EXCELLENT!

Have a great day guys - back later.


Journey 9 am

Yay I feel pretty good today!  Well, not actually *good* , I don't think I've felt that since about 1983.   :grin:  But I'm totally getting my strength back.    I considered going back to the gym this morning but decided to start out with a video at home today, so I did a 30-min Jillian Michaels program.   It felt pretty good, but we'll see how sore I am in the morning :rolleyes:.  I'm also back to counting the calories *sigh*. 

A bit later getting to work but still on time, back in half an hour or so with todo list. 


'I'm going to put a smile on my face, put forth a good effort, and be better today than I was yesterday.' - Huma

Journey 10 am

To do Today:

  • Planning
  • IDR meeting - 30 minutes
  • Build PLT servers - ~ 3 hours - still working on this, more like SIX hours?
  • Project Z - email - 15 minutes
  • Project Z - m. ed on s. website - 30 minutes
  • staff meeting - 1 hour
  • Take vitamins
  • Quiet Time
  • Budget tracking
  • commute & pick up dinner - 1 hour
  • Filing
  • OC duty - update requests - 1 hour
  • OC duty - if time, work on ERB for Q. - 1 hour or so
  • added  - a couple of hours of disaster recovery planning

 Yesterday all my best-laid plans went awry and I was very frustrated, but in hindsight it was a pretty good day in spite of all that!  I did let myself get off track and procrastinated for about 30 minutes after getting freaked out by my schedule falling apart, but I pulled out of it and got back to work.   I rely strongly on planning so when my planning fails for some reason I have a hard time overcoming it.

Update 4 pm: The server buildouts are taking longer than I planned but they are my top priority so that's cool.    I probably won't finish them today, as I ran into some issues I couldn't resolve on my own and had to get the BIC involved.   Some important, but lower priority, stuff will be postponed. 



'I'm going to put a smile on my face, put forth a good effort, and be better today than I was yesterday.' - Huma

kromer 8:45 CI

Lots to do today!

Scheduled: Lab mtg 10-11:30ish

Clear WM queue (1.5 hrs) (will do this soon)
Ask EA about VAD slides, finish up pres (1 hr) (will do this after mini-project) (working on this now)
Read RNAseq paper (1 hr)
Start metabolism oscillator mini-project (2 hrs)

Other tasks:
Bioanalyzer notes (1 hr)
Check on expts (2 hrs)
Exercise (1-2 hrs)
Email S (1 hr)

OK, going to start with the metabolism oscillator mini-project.

huma CI

  • HS prop to NY
  • OMF
  • send BVE
  • call car insurance
  • call car $
  • CC changes
  • 3 seo to JD
  • call Rob re SSF
  • RF proposal
  • get 2 appts

Tuesday July 13, 2010

Thing I have completed

Went to the 7 a.m. DA meeting.

Things I plan to do.

1. Go to the 8:30 PA meeting

2. Go to the 9:45 CLA meeting

3. Go to the 11:00 PA meeting

4. Go to the 1:00 CLA meeting

5. Call my DA Sponsor at 8:00 P.M.

6. Make 12-Step calls

7. Make a debt repayment

8. Call again about problems with my air conditioner

9. Complete clearing off the tables

10. Complete clearing off floor

11. Decluttering 1,000 e-mail

10. Do some writing on my novel.

11. Look for some literature that I lost.

12. Call the clinic about asking my sleep doctor to approve my medication

13. Eat breakfast

14. Eat Lunch

15. Eat dinner

16. Take Shower for today

17. Take shower for tomorrow

18. Get clothes ready for tomorrow

19. Do my PA check-ins throughout the day. 

20. Go for a 5:00 Interview in my college.

21. Get dressed. 

22. Did some writing 

That's all I have

tuffl CI

i haven't checked in for the past weeks but i feel the need to make it a routine again instead of dawdling away through my days. here's what i want to do today:


  • CI DONE Smile
  • breakfast & shower DONE
  • app for sst DONE Smile
  • outline s-p (by 2.30) DONE Smile
  • read through project presentation (by 3.30)
  • note down first ideas (by 4)
  • email to U (by 4.15) DONE Smile (and got an instant, friendly reply)
  • email to L
  • email to SK (no address) called but they won't answer
  • look up how to get to L DONE
  • text/ call I DONE
  • text/ call M DONE
  • call M
  • call T DONE
  • go shopping (leave at 4.30, be back at 7-8) DONE Smile (i actually found something i was looking for. however, will have to go shopping again, probably tmrw)
  • drop letter at KK DONE
  • change tr DONE
  • go running (at 8-8.30)
  • make some salad

got more done than i thought i would after some bad procrastination earlier. Smile i didn't go running and didn't do some other things which would have been important. however, a friend called whom i haven't seen or talked to for quite a while so we talked for about 3 hrs and i couldn't get anything more done. all in all, the day was not too bad. will try for an earlier ci tomorrow! good night to all of you!


Back after three years and still workin' on it...

1. Contact new student
2. Order prescriptions
3. Pay bills
4. Finish and submit time sheets
5. Write thank you note to Margaret
6. Do laundry
7. Email new families
8. Make Kaiser appointment(s)
9. Answer email
10. Finish end of (school) year tasks


 I was not here 3 yr ago, but who cares, it is still one day at a time of showing up.

So technically, we all come back , from yesterday.

Welcome back Gmarie!

'I'm going to put a smile on my face, put forth a good effort, and be better today than I was yesterday.' - Huma

Thank you both

for the welcome. =) It's actually a bit of a risk posting my "to dos" on here as the Internet is one of my most diligent distractors! (Notice how that sentence places "blame" on the Internet and not on myself?) ;) For the past three years I have been using pencil and paper lists but that approach lacks the benefit of interaction with others in my same boat (or one much like it!). =D

Rexroth Check In

Up prayer and reflection
Checked emails
Cleaned kitchen floor - and it needed it!
Dealt with post
Checked travel insurance policy
Emailed various people regarding travel

Bath and wash hair
Take letter to Post Office to post
Vaccumn living room
Email various other people regarding trip

That will do for now