Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday July 6, 2010

Hello, everybody!!! I hope everybody has a great day in recovery!

Things I plan to do today

1. Go to my 7:00 a.m. telephone DA meeting

2. Have prayer and meditation

3. Go to my two PA phone meetings

4. Take shower

5. Get dressed

6. Wash clothes

7. Bring back the smock that I work for my volunteer job because I quit the volunteer job.

8. Eat breakfast

9. Eat dinner

10. Take a shower for the next day

11. Get my clothes ready for today

12. Get my clothes ready for tomorrow

13. Declutter more e-mail

14. Bring some books back to the library

15. Put the clothes away rhat I washed. 

16. Go to my CLA meeting

17. Go to my DA evening Action Group

18. Make Bed

19. Wash dishes

20. Get my sleep apnea stuff ready for tonight

21. Get my numbers caught up.

That's all I have

MD Check-in/OUT July 6th

Could not get to phone or computer this morning, so end-of-day summary. SELF-CRITIQUES UNDERSCORED. Bold = not done

(AM) Breakfast with kids and visiting relative. Try to convince to extend stay. Wow--did not expect to do so. Adjust kids' schedule if successful. Pack pool bag. Go to aqua fit. Allow time for quick chg. Bit tight but got it. Get to physio-massage in time. Oh yeah (the motivation of a nice massage helps w/ punctuality:-) 1 min to spare...even got bonus time afterwards. Call tire company and repair store; choose brand to order. Bummer since have to take 2nd trip this wk across town; and no rebate possible but found way to save $40. (removed previous stress despite visibly worn tires by checking pressure -- intense heat this wk, too)

(AFTN) Return in time to swap kids at camp OR get letter notarized. [Extra unplanned driving; planned to do one only]. Begin bills--TV and phone. Review & pay medical bill--project for July and pay it! I felt in inferiority I did not want to disappoint Doctor (not that it would have) so got this done.  Open mailbox and face tension of biz letter/bills. Stashed these in briefcase -- BREATHED heavily but did it. Scan receipts for landlord and email. Get kiddo medicine. Even convinced him to take it AND to try new brand. Put away guest bedding. Mentally prep evening therapy. Check email. Eat leftovers to clean out frig. Settle kitchen area. Work on not getting angry -- no matter what! I AMAZINGLY kept totally cool through an intense, ugly Yellargument....I have no earthly idea how I did that. Hoping it's not a fluke as wish to replicate frequently. It worked again with kid's minor drink spillage but I failed a bit at bedtime, so a big 2-outta-3 (not bad for me)

(EVE) Help relative prep for road trip. Quick dinner. Pick up kids. Try to maintain good mood. Successful again; reading anger control -- briefly-- helped. Therapy session. Try for phone bridge at any :30 past. No takers but no worries. (Primarily wished to apologize to weekend phone partner for not showing last night.....bit of subservient apology again but figured I can get it Wed on phone) Confirm any appts for this & next wk. Begin realtor contact.  Finish 2 bills. Relax. Put kids to bed. Decide Wed. exercise plan/AM schedule "Mindfulness"--got bit stressed over slightly disrepaired toilet; but despite not being handyman, jiggled something that worked. I dread owning house in future when I have to pay for such repairs in future.

A GOOD DAY&NIGHT TO YOU ALL. Am almost worried that rest of week will NOT go well since today was somewhat manageable. Still beating myself up re: the bold above.

July 6th

It's taken me 30 minutes to type up this list... Tabbed browsing is my nemisis!

Updated 4:42PST. Found registration! It was more than I was anticipating, so I spent some time moving things around in the budget to account for it. 

Starred items were added after original creation of list. 

1. Go to work.

2. Lunch

3. Tend to email

4. Find registration info for Honda (and pay!)

*. Work on budget 

5. Spend at least 30 minutes putting away/throwing away/giving away clothes

6. Type & print assignment

7.  Print new monolgues for student

8.  Teach at studio

9. One load of dishes

10. Dinner


vic 7/6

 Winston Churchill Poster.

 Show up (done) From the serenity prayer "courage to change the things I can" thanks to this site, I had the courage to keep showing up, no matter what, I know it sounds lame but it opened the door to other things and I hope to more.

Agnus checking in

Hi group!  Thanks for the gratz on yesterday. My health didn't alow me to get to a meeting as planned, but I am feeling better today.  The sun is shining, squirrels are makin' like bunnies all over my wooded backyard, and butterflies are on the wing.  Thanks to HP for a really nice day!

I made enormous progress on paperwork backlogs this long holiday weekend, using the :20-on, :05-off timer which really helped.  I felt so empowered by the progress that I even got a tedious insurance company phone call done this morning before starting work. Also had several program calls, breakfast, Step 11, two work calls, 2 work emails, and now I'm going to take a break!  Rest of my to-do list when I return.

Ag's to-do's today

Synch blackberry
Clear desk

Schedule Dr L appt
Schedule Dr H appt
12:45 healthy lunch
Return call to scary accountant
Make 2 more phone calls about med/ins issues
Find Apr-May ap-rept
Review notes from last week and schedule tasks

Reduce email Inbox to <5 well, progress anyway - it's down to 8
Catch up personal email progress anyway
6pm walk with the doggie
6:30 healthy dinner way late - 7:30 and on the slam to make the meeting
Sew a little
7:45 leave for AFG mtng
10pm Bed - God, please help me not procrastinate bedtime tonight. Thanks, Amen!


Things to do:

C-Get ready
C-Check interview time/date
-Return calls
-Call S.S. office
-Check IN info
-Submit at least 2 changes to IN
-Daily reflections

clement ci

ok got caught up here. that took 25 min.

:) 1st, quiet time. 30 min.

i feel so incredibly fortunate to be assured in my heart that god loves me intensely. Today it is making all the difference :) :) :)

:) mtgs
:) mail (ongoing)

can i find god in the going thru the mail process? can i find in him the making sure i have all my meetings straight?

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Scribbler CI


  • Get up before 7
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Take supplements
  • Water plants
  • Checkins


  • Add 5 to music db
  • Email 5 re: music
  • Call BB re: gig
  • Add 5 to CP db
  • Query


  • Deliver Meals on Wheels
  • Healthy lunch
  • C/O JR rewrite
  • Update DD on Masters
  • Ck w/BG re: invoice
  • Ck in w/Lindsay
  • Order RB gifts


  • Exercise - bike, gym, run
  • S/u tomato cage
  • Study voice book
  • Learn Lightfoot instrumental
  • Find Song For You music
  • Practice set list
  • Listen to Sting, McGraw songs
  • Read, relax
  • Bed by 11

kromer 8:45 CI

Today is a busy day!

*Analyze RT results and decide whether to submit samples (1 hr)
*Orders/protocol (3 hrs)
*Email YK, SM, RH, M; email about WM (1 hr)

Other tasks: (won't get through all of these)
*Mail letters, reinst. acct., look for books on managing finances(1 hr)
*Look at VAD slides, make preson this for lab mtg (3 hrs)
*1 hr reading papers and brainstorming expts
*Trizol extraction (2 hrs)
*Laundry (1 hr)

OK, going to start with orders/protocol

Journey 8:30 &

Back in the office today.   First thing to do, call vendor and open trouble ticket.  Then, todo list for the rest of the day.  

Update 8:55 The above task is done.   Back in about half an hour with todo list for thre rest of the day.

9:45 here 's the list!

  • Allow about an hour to assist the B.I.C. with outstanding problem from yesterday
  • Call I - 30 minutes - wrote letter instead!
  • Project G - L issue - 1 hour - postponed
  • added:  Project M - problem solved, finish building test servers - ~ 2 hours
  • Project Z - team list, add them to project and email them - 1 hour (took much longer, more like 2.5 hours
  • Project Z - TQA research - 30 minutes
  • Project Z - propose new dates - 1 hour
  • Take vitamins - 5 mins
  • Quiet time  - 15 mins
  • budget tracking - 5 mins
  • Project V - P2 (if time)
  • M writeup (if time)
  • Pet smart
  • Pick up dinner
  • prep for tomorrow
  • download new Janet Evanovich book yay!

Still recovering, although I'm feeling much better, and I did work about 4-5 hours yesterday on a holiday, so I will work short days the rest of the week if I feel that I need to.  Follow up visit to dr. on Thursday, although I'll just be getting a chest X-ray and they will have to review it and call me on Friday with the results.  I really think they'll say the pneumonia has cleared but you never know.  I just hope they don't want to give me another round of antibiotics, those things were horrid.


'I'm going to put a smile on my face, put forth a good effort, and be better today than I was yesterday.' - Huma

Rexroth Check In

Thanks for starting today's thread lennon.

Woke late as I couldn't get to sleep last night. Lay in bed and looked at the web and felt I couldn't do anything. I did not go out for an exercise walk and I was well enough so no excuse.

Nothing is urgent but much is important in my life at the moment.

Up prayer and reflection
Checked emails and post
Eventually worked on craft project for one hour

Some more work on craft project
Wash up and clean up yesterday's mess in the kitchen

and whatever else

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

A lot of work on craft project
Phone call and emails re consumer problem
Wrote journal
Cooked supper and cleaned up everything afterwards
Prayed and reflected

A little time on the web
Bed and sleep

Night Folks