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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sunday, 4 July 2010


   May your week

   be filled

   with hope !


movingalong seeking liberation from bondage of the little self

Hello all.

Seeking independence from compulsion.

Seeking reliance on a Power-for-Good Greater than myself.

-- movingalong

Sunday July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day everybody!

My plans to do today

1. Get my numbers caught up.

2. PA online meeting.

3. Take Shower

4. Get dressed (Not Done.  Will not go anywhere due to heat

5. Ask if certain restaurant is open so I can go there to kill time until meeting room is open

6. Go to Debtors Anonymous Face to Face meeting Not going to restaurant closing at 5 and I would have to wait in the heat for 15-20 minutes after getting off the bus.

7. Make Bed

8. Wash dishes

9. Declutter some e-mail

10. Recycling

11. Go to an online EA meeting

12. Go to my telephone CLA meeting

That's all I can think of.


Coolnew to pa looking forward to attending online meetings thought there was one today forgot it was the 4th happy independence day everyone !!! happy to be here!!!


welcome, simbatopcat!

begin your "new independence" here with us

Online mtg still happens on July 4 holiday

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tabula rasa check in

Happy Independence Day!

To Do:
Bring up laundry from car
Cancel voice lesson via email
Pick up Rx from pharmacy
Go to party with friends (keeping committments...)
One load of dishes

The Scribbler Checking In

I sure am glad I cut the grass the other day. Having that looming can cast a pall over the entire weekend. Here's my list today:

  • Healthy breakfast
  • Checkins
  • Exercise
  • Cancel gym membership (?)
  • Add 5 to music db
  • Email 5 re: music
  • Add 5 to CP db
  • Check book publicists db
  • Study voice book
  • Learn Lightfoot instrumental
  • Practice Valentine
  • Find Song For You music
  • Consider tubing
  • Do two loads of laundry
  • Call RB re: fireworks
  • Meet at sis's at 7 for fireworks
  • Have fun at fireworks
  • Move $ to HSA
  • Fax child support office



looks like you got alot done!!!Cool

Independence Day

Far from becoming free of procrastination, but really trying to use this method to increase my focus and accountability. Minor steps already: forced myself to go to bed at 12:45 AM - late, but much better than 3:30 AM. Arose at 8:32 AM, a real step in the right direction; that is, getting moving.

Now 9:10 AM. Goal is to leave apartment by 10 AM. Back then. 

Now 11:10 AM. I clearly have a poor sense of time. But, I am now leaving the apartment. At least it's earlier than my usual weekend, and a little better than yesterday.

Back at work. It's a little depressing being here - alone, of course - on the 4th of July, knowing that everyone I work with is relaxing with family and friends. But, I am still at the bottom of the shaft trying to climb up. A little progress every day, something I have never been very good at, and the pressure I feel will lessen. Also, the day is long. Since I usually don't get out of the apartment and started on weekends until 3 or 4 PM, I tend not to get much done at work, or just give up and don't go in.

In any case, it's 12:15 PM. My goal is to do 8 cases in 2 hours. Several of those are minor followups to previously started cases, so they should be quick, even though they have been languishing on my desk. Back at 2:15 or so with followup. 

It's about 2:50 PM. I managed to finish 11 quick cases. There are plenty more where those came from, but I am content for today. My desk is a lilttle clearer, and I feel content for the moment. Maybe I will do a little something more later. If not, tomorrow is another day.

Once again I did not get to see my daughters today. I am pretty unhappy about that, but there isn't much I can do. I guess I can talk to my lawyer tomorrow, but the 4th of July is gone for another year.

So I will try to do a little more work. One thing I never "have time" to do is read in my field. Today I will try to read 15 minutes each from 2 different sources. The goal will be 5 pages from each source. That's not a lot for 15 minutes, but it's hard for me to focus and retain what I read. I got through school by making lots of study aids like flashcards, but I think that approach is hard to apply when the reading is not aimed at memorization for exams. That tended to be the last minute cramming anyway, also less applicable in the real world.

Okay, it's 8:50 PM here. Goals are:

8:50 - 9:05 PM Source 1

9:05 - 9:20 PM Source 2

Back at 9:20 with a report.

It's about 9:50 PM. Both tasks were completed, albeit slower than expected. There was an incoming phone call which contributed to the delay, but the pattern of underestimation of how long things take remains evident. Enough for now.

tuffl check in

  • bs
  • tm
  • ts
  • cat
  • j
  • ls
  • ab
  • jp
  • photos
  • m?
  • @?
  • jtt?
  • d?


Rexroth Check In

Prayer and reflection
Check emails

Get ready and go to church
Buy tea on the way back

That is as far as I can think at the moment

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Up Date

Above and
Written journal
Looked at plans and goals and planned week
Phoned friend who was not in
Listed food/drink shopping for week and various other things I want
Put dates in diary
Cleared up odd papers which had sread themselves magically all over the table and deliberately mixed themselves up just to make me really cross

A little craft work even if it is only to look at the stuff - I have a starting problem with this
Get details for email re speaker and possibly send email
Cook supper and wash up

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Supper and washed up - and I did not want to wash up
Can't find all details of speaker I need to be awake to do it
A very long chat with a friend on the phone
Looked at craft stuff and felt tired and confused

Prayer and reflection
Bed and sleep

I'm very tired and I've got a fair bit done today

Night Folks


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