Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday 29th June 2010


Since we control how we react to situations - it doesn't hurt to look on the bright side 8)

Sam Checking in 12pm

1. call rogers and request a new phone or the issue be resolved.

2. sort out outlook and windows live issue.

2. research gym stuff and create a workout plan

3. grocerry shopping

4. iron clothes


Hi Sam Just commenting so

Hi Sam :) Just commenting so you know it's me!

Agnus checking in

Greetings gang!  I am really really tired despite a good night's sleep and average physical activity, so methinks that kidney punch really did leave a mark. At least on my energy levels. So easy-does-it today.  Even though I had it on my list, I forgot to mail my mom's bday card so I'll be ordering flowers today - a big expense but she's definitely worth the amends for her 86th bday!

Personal stuff first thing:

  • order flowers for Mom:)
  • call chiropractor :)
  • call vits supplier re: new sup sidefx?:)
  • call to make sure J's labs get sent to all docs:)
  • microburst the pile on my desk
  • ask if kids can walk doggie tonight or morning

Work Stuff:

  • go through yellow notepads and schedule action items
  • prioritize Outlook task reminders
  • work the priorities
  • noon team mtng:)
  • ADDED: inv prob
  • ADDED: CoP paper
  • Other Stuff:
    3pm log off and pack laptop
    feed and water both pets
    walk doggie
    pack for overnighter
    include J meds, sanitizers, DVDs, mags, snax
    include my earplugs, sleep mask, brainless reading, tea
    4pm head out
    8pm hotel check-in
    9pm J meds
    10pm - order 6am wake-up call; nag J to sleep!

    Scribbler's CI

    I had a great laid-back day yesterday, but I need to be productive today. Money problems continue, my industry is engaged in a paroxysm of change that raises the question of whether my lifelong career is even viable any longer, my desk is a mess. So, today:


    • Get up before 7 (missed this by nearly 2 hours)
    • Coffee, paper, healthy breakfast, water plants
    • Checkins


    • Send query
    • Add 5 to music booker db
    • Do 4 on CIO Pack
    • Deliver meals on wheels


    • Grocery shopping
    • Healthy lunch
    • Do 4 on new CIO pack
    • Straighten desk
    • Call Dr. Pearce about shoulder


    • Mow lawn (rained out - move to tomorrow)
    • Healthy dinner
    • Read, music, relax
    • Bed by 11 p.m.

    I got distracted today when a set of songs I'd recorded showed up from the recording engineer. I spent a couple of hours putting those up on MySpace and sending out some emails to music bookers. I'm pretty excited about this but I would do better to focus on actual money-earning work right now, I think. Then I saw a good deal on a music gadget I wanted to buy, and spent an hour meeting up with the seller to buy it. This was after taking another hour to meet with somebody about buying the van I'm selling. So, not much got done on the CIO packs I want to complete before the end of the month. All in all, I'm somewhat dissatisfied with myself today, especially considering I've taken the last three days off work. I'll try to get a couple more tasks done this evening, and hit it again tomorrow. 


    kromer 9:50 CI

    Today I need to:
    Scheduled: Go to mtg, 10-12 (and dancing 7-10)

    *1 hr work on improving expt skills (30 min reading, 30 min practicing)
    *Make deacon list (1 hr)
    *Read a couple of papers and talk to DR about them (1 hr)
    *Quantitate RNA, ask labmates, if bad do Trizol extraction (30 min to 2 hrs depending on whether bad)
    *Schedule for the week 

    Other tasks:
    *Game plan for EA's project (1 hr)
    *Look at VAD slides (1 hr) (will do this soon)
    *Read up on timing expts. (1 hr)

    OK, heading to mtg now. 

    Crazybug 8:50CI

    It's been a little while since I've checked in. Last week was so busy I didn't have time to procrastinate! LOL!  and then off for a little vacation to the beach.  Wonderful...  Yesterday was pretty lousy as far as getting stuff done, but I'm determined to grab hold of the beast and get some stuff done!  Here's my list for today:

    • Bookkeeping/bill paying
    • Invoice audit expenses
    • Invoice workup expenses
    • Request timesheets
    • Email C
    • order promo items
    • Order gift card
    • Break down WP tasks into small doable pieces
    • Get WP to bare bones stage and distribute for review
    • Check on getting new e-mail addresses
    • RD disclaimer, choose and distribute
    • Issue keys for RB

    There are some scary tasks on there today but I'm determined to break them down into small, doable bits.


    Lucky CI redux

    Up by 6.30  smiling
    Check in smiling
    Shower Did 2 tasks from tonight instead, moving this to tonight.
    Clear kitchen smiling
    Find bra smiling
    Pack jacket smiling
    Dress smartly smiling
    Straighten hair smiling

    Prayer time smiling
    Full makeup smiling
    Read smiling
    (On way home) Buy light bulbs - NOT my fault this didn't happen, try again tomorrow!

    Pod check  
    Book holiday smiling
    Email smiling
    Paper - Part done
    Tasks - Part done
    Archive bible attack smiling
    Tea/last orders :)
    Check in with D  :)
    Tidy & plan/double checks :)
    LOG OFF computer :)

    Jacket to dry cleaners :)
    Macmillan - send out invite Decided this would be better done nearer the time
    Email mother smiling
    Call SSS re counselling :)
    Pay DFH smiling

    After work:
    Change bulbs
    Rat cuddle :)
    Shower :)
    Research pet insurance smiling (and bought it!)
    Vitamins :)
    Clear kitchen :)
    Dog face wash :)
    Email/social sites smiling
    Floss/brush teeth/wash face/moisturise :)
    Tomorrow's list :)
    Email reports :)
    Check in :)
    BED straight after check in! :)


    Journey 8:40

    Here's the list for today:  

    • email - 30 minutes
    • Prepare for tomorrow's meeting - 2 hours - took more like 4 hours
    •              Review the paperwork from similar project
    •              Draft timeline
    •              Set meeting agenda
    •              Define project team - postponed not needed til next week
    • Project G - Work on test plan - 1 hour
    • Project V - review D - 1 hour
    • Project V - Review AP - 1 hour
    • Find Training Material on S. website - 30 minutes
    • M report - figure out where I was on this -15 minutes
    • 1 personal financial task - 10 minutes
    • Take vitamins
    • Filing - 10 minutes

    10:11:   Having a real hard time with planning for tomorrow's meeting, I've done the easy parts but now I gotta make some decisions and figure some stuff out.  This is a new project and getting started is always hard for me.   Breaking it down a bit more and bookending here:    Match dates with planning calendar from last time this type of project was done, so I can see how it should fit together.   I should be done with this by 11:00, I'll check back then!

    11:00 It's not done, but I have a really good reason.  I got called in to look at a problem and I FIXED IT!  (pats self on back)   After that self-esteem boost, back to the boring planning calendar.    check back in 30.

    11:30  that part is done, now try to do the same with my new project and this year's planning calendar.   Back in 30.

    1 pm - done, and have a tentative timeline to propose tomorrow.   Now I just gotta write it up in a nice lookin' agenda document and I'm done.   Took MUCH longer than the two hours I estimated.    And it was hard.   I feel successful :-).

    2pm agenda sent !  8) I am sort of awesome today.   I won't get to everything on my list because it took twice as long as I thought to get ready for this meeting.   So, I am less than awesome at estimating time.   


    'I'm going to put a smile on my face, put forth a good effort, and be better today than I was yesterday.' - Huma

    Sunflower 8:02 AM

    get gym pass
    pay bills
    find a printer
    fax and mail items
    load of laundry

    Journey 7:30

    Thanks for starting us out G_A!  Things are looking a little brighter in my world this morning.   I finished the horrid antibiotics yesterday, and feel a little better this morning.    Hubby drove me to work again today, which is quite a luxury.   Off to make todo list.




    .  . .   

    'I'm going to put a smile on my face, put forth a good effort, and be better today than I was yesterday.' - Huma

    Glad to hear you're on the mend Journey!

    Glad to hear you're on the mend Journey! Your hubby is so sweet with the chauffeur service. I wish all men were so caring!

    > Allegro

    Rexroth Check In

    Next door had a party last night which ended up with the police called and a young man collapsed on the front steps. Did not get to sleep until the early hours so tired this morning again. On the good side my body feels fine after the exercise yesterday

    Up prayer and reflection
    Checked emails
    Tidied up kitchen
    Phoned solicitor for appointment

    Work on legal files - one issue I thought was finished and I feel so sick, bad, frustrated, let down, etc that it is not.
    Email friend to acknowledge contact
    Rest - I wish I could sleep and drinking coffee does not work. I still feel tired and tense as well
    and whatever

    Regards Rexroth

    Rexroth Check Out

    Legal letters written and all ready for solictor tomorrow
    Replied to emails from friend
    Emailed church offering voluntary work
    Rested a bit and looked a programme on the web
    Researched travel on the web
    Emailed enquiry over money transfers
    Phoned with passport enquiry
    Washed up and tidied up etc

    Write journal
    Prayer and reflection
    Read inspiring book
    Bed and sleep

    Altogether I have got much more done than I thought.

    Night Folks


    @ Rexroth

    My sympathies - We haven't had party-crazy neighbors for awhile but we've had neighbors with endlessly yapping dogs, and one who thought it funny to have a pet rooster in suburbia. Stressed by its unfamiliar surrounds, it crowed around the clock until the neighbor apparently gave it up.

    It's a raw deal to feel so tired and discouraged as a result of others' misbehavior; hope you feel better as the day progresses.  At least you know you're feeling better today than the young man on the neighbor's porch last night ...

    Thank you Agnus

    Thank you Agnus it is now evening and I'm glad I've got done what I needed to.


    Lucky CI

    Up by 6.30  :)
    Check in :)
    Shower Did 2 tasks from tonight instead, moving this to tonight.
    Clear kitchen :)
    Find bra :)
    Pack jacket :)
    Dress smartly :)
    Straighten hair :)

    Prayer time :)
    Full makeup :)
    Read :)
    (On way home) Buy light bulbs

    Pod check  
    Book holiday :)
    Email :)
    Tasks - In progress
    Archive bible attack :)
    Tea/last orders
    Check in with D
    Tidy & plan/double checks
    LOG OFF computer

    Jacket to dry cleaners
    Macmillan - send out invite
    Email mother :)
    Call SSS re counselling
    Pay DFH :)

    After work:
    Change bulbs
    Rat cuddle
    Research pet insurance :)
    Clear kitchen
    Dog face wash
    Email/social sites :)
    Floss/brush teeth/wash face/moisturise
    Tomorrow's list
    Email reports
    Check in
    BED straight after check in!

    hey Lucky

    What is a "Rat cuddle"?  Several of us here have extreme pets but do you actually have rats that enjoy people-hugs? (Some days I'd use that term to describe hugging my spouse, lol!)

    I do have rats and they do

    :D I do have rats and they do like being taken out of their cage and cuddled (obviously you can't give a rat a massive bear hug, it's too small, but they like to sit on me and so on... well, two of them do, the third is a bit shy.)

    Pet rats

    We don't currently have any pet rats and probably won't any time soon since we are overrun with gigantic dogs, but rats make great pets and when we get old enough to 'downsize' I plan to have them again.   They are very smart and affectionate.   The two rats we had for a long time even had pet names for us, they would make a certain noise when my daughter approached them and a certain noise for me.   

    I would only play with them in the designated play area, but my daughter could carry them around the house on her shoulder, and they'd sit in her lap to watch tv.   I definitely recommend them for apartment pets!     


    'I'm going to put a smile on my face, put forth a good effort, and be better today than I was yesterday.' - Huma

    So bright and cheery!

    Haha I like you're little bright happy faces Lucky!

    Thank you! I got that habit

    Thank you! I got that habit from one of the other PA members but I can't remember who now.. It's spreading! :)

    Tuesday June 29, 2010

    My tasks for today

    1. Prayer and Meditation

    2. Go to 7 a.m. meeting from another fellowship

    3. Call for exchange of air conditioner

    4. Clear the floor

    5. Clear the tables

    6. Clear the couch

    7. Make Bed

    8. Get sleep apnea stuff ready for tonight

    9. Wash clothes

    10. Get dressed

    11. Get caught up on my numbers

    12. Go to my 8:30 and 11:00 PA telephone meetings

    13. Go to a couple of meetings from another fellowship, at 9:45 and 1:00.

    14. Bookend with a lot of people to commit the work.

     Thanks for letting me share.


    Goal_Allegro Check In 29/6

    Something unexpected came up yesterday - so today I'm playing catch up!


    > Be conscious to not give even one minute to the enemy today!


    - don't turn on comp in morning (failed - too excited about planning ski trip)

    - breakfast
    - get ready
    - weigh in
    - workout
    - shower
    - eat

    - input CK
    - reply to CK forum
    - sweep
    - dishes


    - call Ts
    - return Ts email (need to take to M first)
    - at least 1 op
    - register CL


    - start thread
    - check in/out
    - leisure surf
    - get ready for bed
    - go to bed without procrastination


    > organise pre-start goals (might not get to these)
    - wisdom teeth
    - hair cut
    - swim prep

    > organise op searches
    - J search (1/6)
    - T search (4/32)
    - check

    > others
    - suspend 3 net for another month
    - burn dvds
    - read books
    - consider laser