Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thursday 24th June 2010


Let's be powerful the better way today.

I overslept and had to

I overslept and had to write my list on a piece of paper.

12:45: Work

5:00 class

8:00 bus homeGot out of class early



Install CS5, work on logo

weights, 3 sets

plan english


prep packages to send

11:00: hygene/sleep

prosick check in 5:59 pm

Today has been a good day so far. I am pretty tired and sore, but I was able to keep focused today on my big "E" project using chatbox before checking in here. I finished and delivered today, which was the fastest turn around time I have every done. I used to take 3 weeks. The last couple times I had cut it down to 7-9 days. This time, I cut it down to 2 days! Yipee! I feel good when I don't procrastinate on it! And, although tedious, I was able to take the hours I needed to get together all other paperwork before I handed over the delivery. In the past, this would've never happened all at the same time. Granted, there's a few other things that won't get done today or tomorrow that really needed to be done, but this was top priority and I am glad to have the weight off my shoulders. :-)

Water plants -- DONE
Find M.W. software & install
Print book and add to luggage
Email J.H. p of N.D.
Prep box to mail dad & find correct address
Update main page
Email K
Fix contract & re-print -- DONE
Email M. about mua
Email mua
Pull out feather
"E" - del rejects -- MARKED, BUT NOT DELETED YET
"E" - finish -- DONE!!
Email M.E.  -- DONE
Update p.rel. -- DONE
Update contract -- DONE
Update quote -- DONE
Update lic. - DONE
"E" - upload -- DONE
Email -- DONE
Refill kitty water -- DONE
break down what remaining "E" needs to be done  -- DONE
move two loads of drt
pot lam
shopping - designer W & d-rids & ingredients to make msli
Catch up on bills

Update Flash

mail box to dad
4:30 pm leave house

Vacation Sat-Tues
Read book

To Do soon - reminders so I don't forget
Split envelopes
Mail NY stuff
Call Vz
Gardening - try to work for 30 min in a day
Need to think about establishing a morning routine that works better
Fix rejected items & resubmit
"E" for C&J
Finish C.H.P. pano
Reorder biz cards
Re-design biz cards
Wash blk sheets
Go through stacks of paper clutter
Enter YBS with PP
Watch DVD & return to G.
Find HDMI-USB cable
Output MJM to comp



LookAtYourselfAndWhatYourDoin'RightNow-StandBackAMinuteJustToCheckYourselfOut-StraightenOutYourLifeAndHowYou'reLivin'EachDay-JustKeepYourEyesOnThePrizeAndYourFeetFlatOnTheGround-MJ's "Keep the Faith"

Vic 6/24

 Show up (done)

June 24, 2010

Things I plan to get done

1. Post literature from another 12-Step fellowship for the week.

2. Declutter some e-mail

3. Cut up onions

4. Clear off couch

5. Clear off tables

6. Clear off floors

7. Get bills ready to take out

8. Prayer and Meditation

9. Read 12-Step literature

10. Do my numbers

11. Cook dinner

12. Wash dishes

13. Do my hair

14. Shower to get ready for Friday

15. Get my clothes ready for the next two days

That's all I have.

kromer 10:20 CI

Stayed out a bit late last night and was tired to begin with, so I slept in a bit and am somewhat late to lab...not the best, but OK (and better than being tired and stupid.

For today, I have lots to do:
*Finish conf. report thing (mostly done with this) (3 hrs)
*Place some orders, re-create plasmid map (2 hrs)
*Start IHC (starting now)

I'd also like to do some or all of the following:
*Clean slides (45 min) (will work on this during IHC breaks)
*Look into Griswold sync. tech (30 min)
*Compose protopal for DP (1 hr)
*Take care of expt (1 hr) (about half done)

OK, conf. report 1st. 

Scribbler CI

Had a fairly good day yesterday. Never did exercise, unless you count washing the van which was mildly strenous. Added a n evening music session impromptu and that turned out well although I was a little late to bed because of it. I got the long-delayed SB paperwork done which was a major accomplishment,  although I have a feeling I'm still not going to get paid for that work. Later, I got distracted some and didn't even start the important task of picthing ideas to BN. But today is probably soon enough. They show signs of giving me the runaround anyway. It's a good idea not to be a slave to a check-in list but to be flexible and recognize that relative importance of to-dos changes and sometimes they need to be deemphasized or dropped and it's not procrastination but smart prioritizing when it happens. 

Sometimes, anyway. So, here's today:


  • Get up before 7 (made it by 5 minutes, but made it)
  • Coffee, paper, water plants
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Checkins


  • Post van for sale on CL
  • Add 5 to CP db
  • Do 2 CIO items
  • Send query (BN)


  • Eat healthy lunch
  • Recording session 1-4 p.m.


  • Pickup kids
  • Swim team dinner w/kids
  • Read, relax
  • Bed by 11 p.m.

Rexroth Check In

Its early afternoon and very hot and close in London. I'm tired and not keen on doing much.

Up prayer and reflection
Out for food shopping and packed when home
Checked and dealt with emails
Checked and dealt with post

Put on washing machine
Wash up
Sort out collection of light bulbs
Sort out mess on table
and then whatever...

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Ceck Out

Most of above

Prayer and reflection
Bed and sleep

It is very hot and I can't sleep in the heat which makes my plans to go trekking in hot countries a bit questionable

Night Folks


Journey 8:45

Still working from home recovering from pneumonia.   I feel somewhat better today than yesterday and I guess that will continue to be the case until I'm completely well.   Yesterday was pretty much a bust, I felt horrible and I knocked off early for a doctor's appt.    I didn't get anything done that I had planned.   An issue arose with Project V that had to be taken care of asap, so I did that and pretty much nothing else.   My daughter drove me to the doctor and to pick up dinner, it's really nice to have her back home for a while; she's a big help.   The doctor says I'm improving but it will just take time to recover, and that I should be ok to work from home as long as I feel up to it. 

  • Get cleaned up and dressed in 'work from home' clothes - ~30 minutes
  • Continue working on outstanding Project V Problem ~2-3 hours
  • Project V - Procedures C1 and C2 - work on outline - ~ 1 hour
  • Meet with S re the above procedures.   ~ 2 hours?
  • Project Z - verify PM access and look for examples - ~ 1 hour
  • Make some kinda easy dinner - ~ 1 hour
  • dishes - ~ 1 hour
  • chill on the couch until bedtime (man I'm getting sick of TV!) ~ 3 hours?

There's a baby mockingbird in my gardenia bush!  There are two more eggs in the nest.  It's so *cute*.  Good thing I'm home so I can supervise the cat.   He's getting old and doesn't hunt so much any more but he has killed a bird or two in his day. 




'I'm going to put a smile on my face, put forth a good effort, and be better today than I was yesterday.' - Huma

Take care journey

Take care journey, pneumonia can be serious.

Respectfull regards to your cat. I have some identification having chased, but not hurt, a few birds in my time.

'He's getting old and doesn't hunt so much any more but he has killed a bird or two in his day.'

I think I know how he feels.

Regards Rexroth

Thanks Rex

That made me smile! 

'I'm going to put a smile on my face, put forth a good effort, and be better today than I was yesterday.' - Huma

baby bird season!

I found a really new baby mockingbird in my yard yesterday, poor thing hardly had feathers. It was stumbling out into the road with its parent birds freaking out in my tall cherry laurel tree. Unfortunately the nest was way high :-(so I could only set it gently on a branch within reach.  Not sure if mockingbirds pick up their young, but it was gone this morning and I saw the parents taking food into the tree, so hopefully it came to a happy end somehow!

Agnus checking in - and out

Another impossibly crowded day of work with a dental appt stuck in the middle, aargh:

Revise proposal, due 4pm
   1)Complete L2–almost there!
   3)Complete L3
   5)Weed Glossary to N
1pm dentist
Check: all contents included?
Review DK consult
Prep for EM canceled
330 EM call canceled
software promo, wrap
:15 minutes on personal backlog
walk dog
600 dinner
6:40 Tvl or 7:05 MI

I've used NowDoThis recently to help me stick with a couple of difficult tasks until they were as complete as I could get them at the time.  Even though I kept wanting to bail, that nice clean screen with the task and the tempting "done" box kept drawing me onward.  I was very aware of a PA Tool: how good it would feel to click that "done"!!  So I've posted my to-do's there again today. Happy productivity, everyone!

"Routine is the shark cage that lets me swim safely in the real world."  Anonymous

Ag musing

It is really helping me to use this site, Chat and NowDoThis.  I am overtired and pretty sick ::sick::- probably the stress and not eating/sleeping right because of the crazy workload - but this too shall pass.  Living for the end of the fiscal year!

"Routine is the shark cage that lets me swim safely in the real world."  Anonymous

hope4meandu checkin (8;21AM)

Hi all,

In overwhelm again. Tonight is massive cleaning night - UGH!!

Need to turn over a little problem, my husband hired someone from the neighborhood, who we will probably become friendly with, to put up curtain rods. He's way overcharging, firstly, and I'm not comfortable with him being in all the rooms of my house. It's a privacy thing.

And I can't clean the whole house tonight before 7:30. My husband is already angry at me that I'm not leaving my job because it doesn't even make the rent, so if I bring this up to cancel this neighbor, he'll flip. I'm thinking of contacting his wife and cancelling it with her. I also know if I ask my husband to cancel him, he won't.

Today's list:
-go across street & ask for job
-call someone for a ride home tomorrow
-call woman re: $
-find a way to cheaply advertise my doggy business

Tonight's IMPERFECT cleaning:
-countertops & sink
-wash lr, dr, kitchen, bathroom floors
-1 load of laundry

♥Prayers & guidance needed & appreciated for my Yoffee's healing.

tuffl check in

Thanks again to everyone for yesterday's cheers! Now i'm twice as happy to see how many people cared! This is so inspiring! Smile


today's to-do list is mostly the things i didn't have time to do yesterday. i'm glad to be back doing the check-ins, they keep me from aimlessly dawdling away the days, now that i'm done. :) ok, so here it goes:


check in DONE 

shower DONE

breakfast DONE

application for job C (look up what they need, email for clarification,
put docs together, draft cover letter)

visit the neighbour's kid's school theatre play DONE

call A (b-day) DONE

take a walk with cat in the garden DONE

get familiar with backup software DONE

start backup DONE

sort thesis material & put it away

start writing an email to L

ndb check-in 24/6

Comforting to see that I'm not the only one with extremes: after 2 good days in a row, I had 2 extremely bad days in a row where I achieved hardly anything. Hopefully today will be better.

My list for today:

  • drink enough water
  • evaluation for P
  • meditate
  • expense report june
  • bake bread
  • file transfer-documents
  • organize books to bring home
  • test B-eqp
  • final meeting p-suppliers
  • accessories-list
  • TCI-accessory
  • update code-4
  • export GW-archive
  • select binders to archive/file
  • contact A on p-project
  • call C
  • call TtK
  • call secretary in A
  • presentation on E-safety
  • notes PCD-meeting
  • weight factors p-selection
  • ask p-suppliers for double confirmation
  • ask M for B-experience
  • note to RG on ICT-talks
  • expense report 18/6

Wow, that's quite a list, better get my a** moving right away!

ndb check-out 24/6

Well, I got more done than I feared, but not as much as I hoped. More tomorrow...

MD Check-in

Goal-Allegro: So glad you earlier used the phrase "pendulum of extremes". You flatter me by doing so. That and other things have brought me into more ease with PA-web. I think back to last fall (when joined) and winter (when read) and as recently as spring (when still hesitant & confused). Thank you for the welcome(s). G'DAY!


Not so momentous to others, I admit, but it is to me. Second full check-in.

(Had very dishevelled day-and-a-half after first check-in though it was productive, did not seem so. Frankly, I am not sure if check-ins are making me just feel better, actually being more productive, or just writing the shttuff down (and adding fuel to fire by one more thing to do (and yes, let's not forget to also get tense about)

THEN AGAIN, I say to myself: It's gotta be better than before, which was nothing was better or that good.


AM: Go to bed within an hour from now; check school $$ account; Brief chatbox (BRIEF!) only; get kids ready -- minimize fighting and my angry reaction; be aware of anxiety and accept it; get bags prepped; go over yearbook signing rules; surf a bit/have breakfast; go to aqua-fit; confirm time of afternoon event; buy item for afternoon; confirm Fri afternoon free; call dentist accordingly; and keep fingers crossed that electrical and phone bill ok for a while (last one = biggest stressor)

AFTN: - debating whether to ALSO do spin class (or too much?), or do 11 am phone bridge and spin class (skip aqua); maybe treat myself for lunch out; arrange PT appt; check tires; go to kids school event; take stuff for waterproofing cast; wrap gifts; MAYBE order tires if traffic there manageable (unlikely); inform realtor; get to couple of bills;

EVE: - help with quick dinner; kids' event; settle some clothes after; wrap teachers' gifts; realtor follow-up; game plan for Fri dental driving/lunch/final bag pick-up; if able to fast after 9 pm, try for blood test Fri a.m. (or get decent sleep/Fri a.m. aerobics) 


MD Check-out

AM: Not being a morning person, I was amazed at my focus and realistic plan. Largely worked. All done -- some bled into afternoon. INability to do 11 am phone bridge was ironically a good sign.  

AFTN: could not do 2nd exercise class (fiigured) and even grossly delayed post-pool shower due to # of things...(it's been hot so no matter(' school show took 2 hours and started earlier than thought, so (i) tires not ordered, (ii) realtor not contacted, (iii) bills just pondered. Rest worked out/done.

EVE: except for eating snack past 9 pm (i.e. no blood test Fri), all OK and accomplished...except for gifts to be wrapped and then school IS effectively out!

....EXCEPT for the fact the morning's slight success in keeping the lid on my emotions/anger/anxiety was a corresponding FAILURE at night.   No excuses, but I indeed AM trying to understand WHY I got so ticked. It was a decent productive day -- irony of ironies.  Perhaps I am not used to such days of late and it was just too much at the end. Or built-up fatigue (poor sleep lately) and usual irritability.

So am caught tonight between (a) getting some stuff done vs (b) chilling out a bit/writing this or chatbox vs (c) just hitting the sack.  Maybe if I had a 3-sided coin, it would be easier. :-)

Perhaps I will re-evaluate it all as a new Fri-check-in and not dwell on Thurs' positive/negative....

BE A NEUTRON, not electron (-) or proton (+) and stay in balance.

Agnus borrows another MD phrase

This concept is very helpful to me today, MD: "be aware of anxiety and accept it."  Thanks for sharing!

"Routine is the shark cage that lets me swim safely in the real world."  Anonymous

Borrow Away, Agnus!

1. You flatter me (just some good ole ego-feedin')

2. If I can help you or anyone even once as a blip in the universe, it's worth it

3. More important than flattery, I feel a greater connection resulting

Haha sorry- I find the Pendulum of Extremes idea really helpful!

Haha actually I'm sorry that I'm so blithely "borrowing" your Pendulum of Extremes term :P

I find the concept really helpful in dealing with my issues of over-compensation and perfectionism - so I use it as a constant reminder of what might happen if I'm not mindful of a sustainable pace. Haha I hope you don't mind MD!

I'm glad you're slowly getting more comfortable with PA and check-ins! I find it an extra task too (that I actually put on my check in list), but for good or bad - it organises my mind and makes me accountable to at least do *something*, which is, as you said, better than nothing (which I did quite alot when I thought no one was looking).

Hope your son's broken bones mend quickly and best of luck with your phone bill today! You can do it!

> Allegro 


Borrow Away, G-Allegro!

1. You flatter me (just some good ole ego-feedin')

2. If I can help you or anyone even once as a blip in the universe, it's worth it

3. More important than flattery, I feel a greater connection resulting

Goal_Allegro Check In 24/6

Trying to catch up on all the things I didn't achieve yesterday - but at a more sustainable pace. How do normal people keep this up? I don't understand.


> Be conscious to not give even one minute to the enemy today!


- don't turn on comp in morning
- breakfast
- wash b dishes
- get ready
- weigh in
- put on wrist bands
- workout with Mish - be on time!
- use foam roller
- eat & wash dishes
- shower


- wash lunch dishes
- call Syd Comm Coll again
- call mum about Sunday lunch
- book sunday lunch
- other projects (see below)

> Ag project

- take docs to JP to certify
- photocopy signed docs
- prepare to give to Agnes
- draft email to Ag


- get ready for bed
- input CK
- reply forum
- start thread
- check in/out
- leisure surf (max 45 mins)
- go to bed without procrastination


> organise op searches

> ops (to be broken down)
- locate op
- read requirements
- research background
- list criteria
- draft format of letters
- draft content of letter
- scrutinise attachments
- send off
- note details

> organise pre-start goals
- wisdom teeth
- hair cut
- swim prep

Goal_Allegro Check Out 24/6

Another day done - not too shabby re: getting things done. I was even on time to work out with my friend at 5:30 this morning. Luckily she was there to push me though, because I don't think I could have done it myself.

So the goal for tomorrow is not to succumb to the pendulum of extremes - try make 2 productive days in a row. I must remember that I'm not trying to break my neck - I'm just trying to keep rolling at a happy pace and not completely shut down and spiral into foetal inactivity. One step at a time..


> Be conscious to not give even one minute to the enemy today! (3.5 out of 5)


- don't turn on comp in morning
- breakfast
- get ready
- put on wrist bands
- workout with Mish - be on time!
(was on time - just!)
- weigh in
- use foam roller
- shower
- wash dinner dishes


- 1 load of laundry: ord
- 1 more load of laundry: sports
- 1 more load of laundry: dark
- 1 more load of laundry: jeans
- call Syd Comm Coll to enrol for soccer
- call mum about Sunday lunch
- book sunday lunch
- open mail
- pay bills

- discuss Ts with bro (He's never online, so annoying!)
- return Ts email (ditto)


> Ag project - DONE! YAY!

- take docs to JP to certify
- file signed docs
- prepare to give to Agnes
- draft email to Ag

> organise op searches (Not urgent Important) 
- Co search
- G search

- J search (Did 1/6)
- T search (Did 4/32)
- check

> at least 1 op (Did 1/1! Yay!)
- locate op
- read requirements
- research background
- list criteria
- draft format of letters
- draft content of letter
- scrutinise attachments
- send off
- note details

> organise pre-start goals(Not urgent Important)
- wisdom teeth
- hair cut
- swim prep


- get ready for bed
- input CK
- reply forum
- start thread
- check in/out

- leisure surf (max 45 mins)
- go to bed without procrastination


(ignore, posted in error)

Question re: How-to on check-ins

IN GENERAL is it better to "add a thread" or to "reply" after the most recent post?

Otherwise, I find there is no consistency to the chronology given the thread software and mis-reads can be easy to make espec if on old posts

THANKS for clarifying, anyone.

///This is extract of longer/duplic post on "willing to commit" on active forum topics///


(oops. please ignore.  I posted on wrong thread).