Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday 22nd June 2010

We're lucky to have each other huh?

I procrastinated

I got some things done on Tuesday, but I did not get some things cone.  I'll keep coming back.

Rexroth Check In and Out

Mystery I was sure I had checked in this morning maybe I wrote my post and didn't post it anyway:

Up prayer and reflection
Check emails
Finish writing one letter
Out post two letters in Post Office
Buy new glasses
Buy fruit and veg
Home and letter from solicitor - this letter is very positive and very important
Checked legal file, wrote to solictor, posted letter and filed everything away
Filed letters from Hospital with note of action still needed
Checked letter from insurers and filed it
Put dry clothes away
Read CoDA material on web
Washed up and tidied up in kitchen
Skyped brother for chat

Write up journal
Prayer and reflection
Bed and sleep

Night Everyone


movingalong re-orients to focus, again.

Hello all.

Time for me to focus.

-- movingalong

Vic/ 6/22

Thanks for the starter. and yes, so lucky to have each other.

Show up (done)

Some huge calls to make - feel frozen, but showing here is 1st ste to willingness and knowing we are not alone.

Did it, yes! I am always amazed at how much my hp does with the pathetic attempts I give.

Crazybug CI 10:22

Tackling a big task that I'm not really sure that I'm qualified to do.  Instead of getting paralyzed I'm going to break down the task into the smallest doable pieces. Determine a point that is 'good enough' and work towards that rather than working towards 'perfect'.

  • Break down project into small doable pieces
  • Finalize agenda
  • submit agenda (call to confirm receipt)
  • Create rough draft of initial mailing
  • create and send key

I will keep a positive, uplifted, relaxed mindset today and focus on steady progress.

The Scribbler's CI

Man, I have a lot to do.  Fighting against procrastination seems to open up a new awareness of tasks and projects that could and perhaps should be undertaken. It's as if I were previously living in a world where I automatically refused to recognize such obligations and opportunities. Now I'm working my way out of there and, perversely, discovering that the situation may be even more complex, urgent and deterioriated than I feared.

Or maybe I'm just in a weird mood. Anyway, today's list:


  • Get up before 7 (I was 45 minutes late, but got needed sleep)
  • Coffee, paper, water plants
  • Eat healty breakfast
  • Checkins


  • Call E re: masters10
  • Send query
  • Do 1 CIO item
  • Deliver meals


  • Eat healthy lunch
  • Do 2 CIO items
  • Add 5 to CP db
  • Call 5 re: masters10
  • Do SB paperwork -- really, do it today


  • Exercise -- gym, walk, run, bike, something
  • Healthy dinner
  • Pick up cello, drop off shoe if you find it
  • Do one household project -- install GFIs?
  • Read, music, relax
  • Bed by 11 p.m.

hope4meandu checkin (9:17AM)

Hi All,

Haven't been to check-in for a while, but feel the need, as I'm in a little bit of overwhelm.

-order food before 3:00PM
-food shop
-order Yofee nail clippers & toothpaste
-getting info on call woman re: $
-talk to boss about recommending me for a p.t. job
-order meds
-call the B's about Friday or Saturday
-call Vermont Dr. for Yoffee
-make plans with M

Tonight cleaning (I really can't stand cleaning, when you're done, it's never really done)
-countertops & sink
-wash lr, dr, kitchen floors
-finish laundry

Wishing everyone a safe & non-procrastinating day!!

♥When my Yoffee was off the antibiotics the condition returned. Prayers & guidance for her healing, please HP & All.♥

kromer 8:50 CI

Scheduled for today: mtg 10-12, seminar 12-1, class 2-3  (dancing 8-10)

*Look over work from prev. lab, email M (1 hr)
*Clean off slides (45 min)
*Finish conf. report slides(1 hr) 
(will work on this after seminar)
*Make DEPC water (30 min)

Other tasks:
*Finish conf report summary (1.5 hrs)
*Look into G's synch technique (1 hr)

OK, placing orders now. 

Journey 8 am

Good morning, I've been M.I.A for a few days, been sick.   I have permission to work from home today and tomorrow and I'm still taking it easy.  I'm very annoyed, too, as I'm *never* sick and this illness just came out of nowhere and knocked me on my a$$ for 3 days.   But I think sometimes that is HP's way of forcing you to take a mental and physical break, eh?

Anyway, slow and easy does it today, but getting back on the horse.  

  • Straighten Desk and set up work lappy 
  • Bathe and get dressed in 'work at home' clothes - 30 mins
  • Make up beds - 10 minutes
  • Check on volumes - 1 hour
  • Review todo list and set priorities for today, then add them here - 1 hour
  • Follow up with W re D   
  • monthly review meeting with boss - 15 minutes
  • added - Project V - fix problems with D.
  • Project V - Procedure C1 and C2 - outline - 1 hour
  •  Project V - Review all profiles - 1 hour
  • Project V - add comments to A - 30 minutes
  • Project Z - verify pm access and find examples of kick off meetings          
  • Catch up e-mail - 1 hour
  • Review budget and pay car insurance - 30 minutes
  • Get DD to drive me to P.O. and Grocery store - 1 hour
  • Get something quick for dinner at the store
  • Dishes - 1 hour
  • Take vitamins, meds, and fill up vitamin container

 Well, I didn't end up getting a lot done today, I was slow and fuzzy headed.  Tomorrow is another day.

'I'm going to put a smile on my face, put forth a good effort, and be better today than I was yesterday.' - Huma

June 22, 2010

I have a lot of things to do.

1. Do my 11th Step

2. Take a shower for the day

3. Get Dressed.

4. Go to a 7 a.m. meeting

5. Volunteer Work

6. Sleep Disorder's Clinic  

7. Take a Shower for tomorrow

8. Get my clothes ready for tomorrow

9. Cut up some onions and put them in the jalepeno peppers

10. Go to the DA telephone action group tonight.

11. Get some sleep

Goal_Allegro Check In 22/6

Sadly I've come to realise that I spend alot of time procrastinating in the hallways of this great site. Although I am learning the tools to fight my beast, secretly I know that it is a little out of balance and to the detriment of tasks I really need to get going.

So I'm trying a new, more efficient regime where I schedule in time every night to check-in, check-out, give encouragement and learn from this site and try not to spend procrastination time here during the day. I think I can still gain and add value in this way - so hopefully this works.

Sounds odd I know.. a procrastinator procrastinating on a Procrastinator's Anonymous site, but alas I've been known for nuttier things, so will use this as a challenge to make me stronger. Wish me luck!


- be conscious not to give even one minute to the enemy today
- don't turn on comp
- breakfast
- wash b dishes
- get ready for workout
- workout
- eat
- shower

- wash party dishes
- set up yum cha for M and H

- wash lunch dishes

- input CK
- reply forum
- start thread
- check in/out
- leisure surf (max 45 mins)

- get ready for bed
- go to bed without procrastination


> ops (to be broken down)
- locate op
- read requirements
- research background
-----> reward:

- list criteria
- draft format of letters
-----> reward:

- draft content of letter
- scrutinise attachments
- send off
- note details

Goal_Allegro Check Out 22/6

Today was the first day of resisting surfing and staying on the tasks in my list (I know the list is a bit too detailed - but that was the only way I could reduce my resistance).

I was actually extremely productive (I surprised myself!) and completed 2 projects that I had been afraid of for a very long time. Bad news is that for one of the projects, even though I completed it, it turned out it was too late, a missed opportunity. I am kinda kicking myself, but oh well, I did my best and at least now I can move and focus my attention on other things. I couldn't have found out it was too late until I completed the project - so I guess now there is closure and no what-ifs.

I also found out that I accidentally threw something away today (a promotional letter giving away free week's gym membership that I had already offered to a friend). I spent an hour looking for it, all the while kicking myself for being so stupid. But then I stopped and breathed, considered what the worst consequences could be and felt a little less anxious. And for the first time I gathered up the courage to call the person that it affects to face the music, and it turned out it wasn't that bad at all - she totally didn't mind and was just really grateful that I had offered her the freebie in the first place. In the past, I would have kept hating on myself for days, dragging down my productivity and self esteem. I guess this is progress!

Today's Tasks:

> Be conscious to not give even one minute to the enemy today! (3.5 out of 5)


- don't turn on comp (had trouble resisting this temptation this morning - in the end need to get my running podcast off my comp anyway - fail)
- breakfast
- wash b dishes
- get ready for workout
- weigh in (yay! lost weight!)
- workout
- eat
- shower


- projects (see below)
- cook dinners
- wash prep dishes
- wash cooking dishes
- wash party dishes
- wash lunch dishes
- take out garbage
- wash dinner dishes
- start dishwasher for ord dishes


- set up yum cha for M and H
- review massage list
- get ready for bed
- input CK

- reply CK forum
- start thread
- check in/out
- leisure surf (max 45 mins)
- go to bed without procrastination


> op 2 (to be broken down)
- locate op
- read requirements
- research background
- list criteria
- draft format of letters
- draft content of letter
- scrutinise attachments
- send off
- note details

> continue with ag project
- read email
- review my fin sd
- go through bank statements
- fill in date details to fin sd
- draft soc sd
- print
- photocopy ppt
- review all docs

- take to justice of peace to sign (can't do until tomorrow)
- photocopy docs (ditto)
- prepare to give to agnes (ditto)

Thanks Crazybug & Hope!

I forgot to say this before - but it might look like a lot of cross outs but it's mainly because I broke down most of everything I did into REALLY small chunks so that they wouldn't freak me out and I could apply my focus to one thing at a time/not look too far ahead.

So really - I didn't get that much done haha. It's better than nothing (like before) but I know that remission into a bad day (or week) might just be around the corner (and usually is). :/


GA- Are you sure you belong on this site?!  I mean look at all the stuff you checked off.  Doesn't look like a procrastinator to me...So, I'm being a little facetious. Wink  But, seriously, way to go on all that you have accomplished in one day! You're really on a roll.Cool Keep up the great work!

YAY Goal_Allegro!!

Good for you!! I also really like your starter!!

♥Just when I thought it was safe to go in the water (Queue: shark music) when my Yoffee was off the antibiotics the condition returned. Prayers & guidance for her healing, please HP & All.♥