Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thursday, June 10. 2010

Gwen D CI: 2 pm

It's 2. Okay. My only intention is to recover. Thanks pros, for being here. 

dishes and laundry, dishes and laundry, now now now

You are so stuck. Set timer for that at 15 min at a time. No. Make it 9 min at a time. 

workstation set up, cup of tea, check your work messages

finish "homework" document

solve your Time Machine back up problem (go to Genius Bar? Ask someone?)

or just burn to DVD to back up main data

download new theme and install 

see process and understand it

Edit various Omni docs to prepare presentation, wireframing docs, content lists,site map. Don't be redundant. Set timer so you don't time binge on vagueness. Describe your exact goal for each task before you begin.

Perhaps open Fireworks to choose colors and fonts and other design elements to include.... or make Mood Boards....

OKAY you are RAMBLING!!! Just do your dishes and laundry.

 (thought I'd share that process since it's where I've been day after day for weeks.... I love learning what I'm learning and I'm glad to have such a luxurious work process, but I am consistently distracted and overwhelmed, moving from shiny object to shiny object.)

I promise to check in in half hour. I really need this. Timers on full. Thank you! 


Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

you have a time machine? I want one!

'I'm going to put a smile on my face, put forth a good effort, and be better today than I was yesterday.' - Huma

Yeah, I have this urge to live in 1982 again!

I like your quote, J.

Feeling better already. Kitchen is less scary and I am moving.

re: Huma's quote

I like it too, I stole it from Huma  :grin:

'I'm going to put a smile on my face, put forth a good effort, and be better today than I was yesterday.' - Huma

Gwen D: CI 4:50

Laundry will soon be drying.

Kitchen more or less clean.

Food for me and pet accounted for.

Have been answering work email. Still plenty to do after I eat.


homework on one page

drupal install backed up on CD at least

try to install a theme (newbie newbie newbie!!)

keep entering book pages til it's time to sleep


Maybe I can do all the presentation stuff this weekend. Tomorrow, namely. 

Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

prosick 1:52 pm check out 3:33 am

Check in sooner in the day to read to-do list -- DONE
Email M&M link & quote
Call dental ins ppl -- DONE
Take shower -- DONE
Send another email to tax ppl -- DONE
Send in order -- DONE
Check mail
Pay med bill for Sgr. -- DONE, NEEDS TO BE MAILED TOMORROW
Reschedule missed appt yesterday - DONE
Cancel tomorrow's appt -- DONE, RESCHEDULED FOR MONDAY
Go to bed before 3 am -- IT'S 3:30 AM :-( TIME FOR SLEEPY

Get up by or before 11
Mail package
2:30 appt
4:30pm - 8pm CL

11 am mem.
1 pm - 9 pm CL

1 pm - 9 pm CL

4 pm vet appt

16th - call dr P

To Do soon - reminders so I don't forget
Mail NY stuff
Call Vz
Call Dr. W.
Finish C.H.P. pano
Reorder biz cards
Wash blk sheets
Go through stacks of paper clutter
Sal Check
Enter YBS with PP
Watch DVD & return to G.
Call US.A about com. tkt
Order G-Q.A.
Find HDMI-USB cable
Output MJF to comp

Make new file folder for lic & rel. paperwork


LookAtYourselfAndWhatYourDoin'RightNow-StandBackAMinuteJustToCheckYourselfOut-StraightenOutYourLifeAndHowYou'reLivin'EachDay-JustKeepYourEyesOnThePrizeAndYourFeetFlatOnTheGround-MJ's "Keep the Faith"

Crazybug afternoon CI

Had a better day than I thought I would considering my mood this morning.  I avoided the most dreaded task today but engaged in a lot of productive procrastination, so made some forward progress.


Goals for the afternoon/evening:

  • Walk self/dog (most important)
  • drop off film
  • order Rx
  • do banking/budgeting
  • cook dinner
  • plan weekly meals
  • start sourdough loaves
  • call sis
  • evening hygiene
  • start thank you notes - make template first

I am determined NOT to pick up the novel that's calling my name until I accomplish these tasks. Will report back on success in the morning.


Vic 6/10

When Columbus landed in the New World, he called hummingbirds Flying Marvels. The travelers to the new world had a hard time describing the hummingbirds to friends and family in Europe who have never seen or heard of a hummingbird. Show up (done) I feel somewhat like a hummingbird (hard to descibe to a "normal" person. I like the term "Marvel" and grateful that here, I do not have to explain who I am.

Vic... I am appreciating you

This post is lovely. Anything with hummingbirds is beautiful. And you are correct, the marvel is in showing up here and being "seen."

 Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself


Thank you Gwen,  yes, so many "marvels" , being "accepted", not being judged, being believed in,being "real", a community who understands, marvelous grace is felt here, the grace we need to do the things we could not do alone. I am so grateful. Thank you.

Crazybug 10:30 CI

Yesterday was bad. This morning is staring off very inauspiciously. I think I'll take a little bit of time to analyze what's going on. I have a suspicion but need to work through it.  Hard to get here today, but I'm here. That's a success.


Today's goals:

  • review article - in progress
  • Filing (20 min) - at end of day
  • Website:
  • Flesh out S and S
  • Determine C2A
  • Fill out tracking sheets
  • Figure out how to put support link
  • text wrapping
  • Migrate more pages
  • Test out forms
  • Contact about static IP
  • Contact about antivirus and static IP
  • Contact phone co
  • Take large box and pallet down to dumpster

If time:

  • add phone number to web form
  • Try to fix QB not printing problem
  • Set up new filing cabinet - put in rails


Rexroth Check In

It is past three in the afternoon and I feel muddled. I'm sure I posted a check out yesterday and can't find it. I've not slept well waken very early and feel exhausted.

Up prayer and reflection
Out to dentist - did remind him that I needed a check up and hygenist
Lay on bed feeling sorry for myself - listening to radio and looking on web

Get of bed and:
Wash up and tidy in kitchen
Sort stuff on table and find both dental receipts
If washing dry put it away and put new washing on
Think and list - I have time and I'm not using it wisely

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth Check Out

Above - but no receipt
Think and list - in response to vic's post is my list and I can add more to it when I want to.

Phone friend again
Write journal
Prayer and reflection
Bed and sleep

Night Folks



Thanks for sharing, you are not alone,I find a gratitude list in my head is the "bend in the road" I need. Sometimes I just go through the alphabet. I have so much to be grateful for in terms of things I "DID NOT" do, like pick up food, alcohol, etc, say a nasty comment, etc., Question? what does "using time wisely" mean to you?, everything you listed looked great to me and you are still "showing up". Take care, Vic

Thank you vic

For me using time wisely means:

Looking after my health which means:

Seeing the Doc for advice - not yet booked
Seeing the dentist - done and the hygienist - booked for next Friday
Eating and drinking reasonably - a bit shakey at the moment
Exercising - walks at least three times a week and some stretch/strength exercises at home - I've done this before and for me it is doable

Making my place better to live in which means:

Buying new bedding - done
Buying new kitchen bits - part done
Getting a blind for the kitchen
Getting some extra lighting

Doing my craft work regularly which simply means doing it

Attending church and DA regularly which I do.

Finishing of a little admin from my longstanding legal/business problem which I'm finding a bit hard to do. It is so nearly over.

Buying a digital camera and learning how to use it. I think I know what I want.

Deciding when and where to go traveling and what I'm going to do when I go. I've been looking forward to this for almost three years and now I am apparently healthy and the legal problem is essentially over I suddenly don't want to go anywhere.

And what is does not mean is:

Surfing the web to no serious purpose
Listening to the radio when I am bored with what is on
Overeating and drinking (usually coffee)
Not getting to bed in good time and not getting up early - which in fairness is not much of a problem
Finding all the info I need to buy something and not getting it as I feel uncomfortable spending the money and I have the money to spend (this is a DA problem)

and I am so very grateful that:

I am basically healthy - the operation worked and I don't need another one
The legal problem is almost over
I'm getting on with everyone in my life
I have not been depressed for a year since finishing CBT

What I think is happening at the moment is that I have two big changes in my life - i.e. the health and the legal.

So thanks for asking a question which I've been meaning to answer for myself for a long while.

Yours in recovery



I know for me, if I haven't done EVERYTHING on my list, I would feel like a failure and feel like I did not do "anything".

From my point of view, just because you have not accomplished everything     today,on the list, you are still using time wisely with all that you have accomplished. Especially  not being depressed for a year!!! That is not easy, believe me, I know only too well.

Just stating my point of view, neither right or wrong, but it helps me when I think that way (and trust me, it does not come automatically) about my stuff. You are better than you think.

Journey 10 am

Thanks for starting us out NBD!

I was early to work this morning, but somehow I seem to be getting a slow start  :?.   Well, it ain't too late to have a productive morning! :grin:

Here's my todo list for today:

  • Gym
  • todo list
  • email started - 30 minutes
  • Call C. - go ahead and do this first as I'm dreading it - 15 minutes? left a message
  • Set up a userid for E on all 4 systems - 30 minutes
  • Project V - System 2 - ~ 2 hours
  • Project G - complete RFC, work on scripts - 1 hour - postponed
  • Quiet time/ journal - 15 minutes
  • Make mammogram appt (eek!)
  • review nb - 5 minutes
  • go thru a few more files in prep for building move - 10 minutes
  • Review S's request - 10 minutes - postponed
  • Return old equipment - find the procedure - 10 minutes
  • Work on memory report - 30 minutes - postponed
  • Scary SSA - address envelope and look up directions to PO - 5 minutes
  • commute - 1 hour
  • unload dishwasher - 30 minutes 
  • prep for tom. - remember to put those 3 5 items in bag and bring milk - 10 minutes
  • sbd if time - 15 minutes
  • Go to bed early!

There's plenty of time to get all this done, leave work on time, and have some time for relaxing tonight.   I stayed up too late last night watching a movie with my daughter (Funny People with Adam Sandler - wierd movie!)  so I want to be sure to get to bed early tonight!

Update 1:30 Spent two hours on the phone with the help desk trying to fix an ongoing problem . . .I was able to do some offline tasks during that call but now I feel that I'm behind!

Update 3 pm Well, I spent another hour backing up all my data as the help desk dude said that I may have a hardware problem and they may have to install a new hard drive and/or rebuild my pc.   I'm feeling tired and frustrated and haven't worked on either of my top two major projects today (yet).   I have 2.5 hours left in the day, so I'll try to use that time as effectively as possible.   I think the best use of the next 15 minutes is to get a cup of tea, and then have quiet time.

Update 5:45 Quiet time helped 8) Thank you HP.  Spent the rest of the work day working on Project V., and got a lot done.   I did not work on Project G, but feel that I used the time I had left in the best way possible.   Heading home - 15 minutes late, not too bad.

'I'm going to put a smile on my face, put forth a good effort, and be better today than I was yesterday.' - Huma

The Scribbler's CI

Same overriding objective as yesterday: Work smart. Put enough important stuff on my schedule that I can get it all done but still feel challenged and, at the end of the day, fulfilled. I felt quite a bit better when I woke this morning, was able to breathe normally (although as I wrote this I started hacking and coughed up a gooey blob that stuck on my computer screen, ick) -- so maybe the cold or allergies or whatever is past. If so, I may try to work in an open mic this p.m.


  • get up before 7
  • coffee, paper, breakfast
  • Checkins
  • PT exercises


  • Send query
  • Invoice re: safekeys
  • Add 5 to CP db


  • Eat healthy lunch
  • Finish CIO pack
  • Phone call w/BN editor
  • Call on Masters10


  • Cut grass (if rain stops)
  • Install GFI (just do it - really, quit avoiding this)
  • Read, relax, music
  • Bed by 11 p.m.
Later ... I will never -- never! -- install that GFI. No one can make me. I did, however, have a fairlygood conversation with the BN editor. Looks like an opportunity to make almost decent money writing about something I'm interested in and have experience with. Amazing how it brightened up my mood. Sometimes life almost seems worth living. Tomorrow ... perhaps the GFI...

Lucky CI

Check in smiling
Prayer time :)
Dry laundry :)
Clean rat cage :)
Hoover room :)
Paint room (base coat) - Part done
Clear kitchen
Change light bulbs
Buy gig tickets
Buy chihuahua food
(?) Buy Hair tickets
Dog face wash
Wash face, moisturise, floss, brush teeth, clean contacts properly
Tomorrow's list
Email report
Check out

ndb check-in 11:06 am


  • daily routines partly done
  • email
  • catch up on reading
  • punch extra holes in belt
  • call C
  • accessories-list for project
  • test B-eqp required parts didn't arrive, postponed
  • proposal weight-factors eqp-evaluation
  • ask firms for double confirmation
  • substitution-list E-eqp
  • ask PvdH on EVS-advice done, that was easy!


  • write down ideas ongoing, at least it's a start
  • gmail
  • meal planning
  • address list ongoing
  • timesheet
  • put stuff on mrktpl
  • music theory
  • piano
  • ask advice on F-accident

ndb check-out 9:30 pm

I didn't get a lot done today, only some small less important tasks, and I had trouble concentrating, but I had colleagues dropping in twice for advice, so at least I made a useful contribution. Just not on clearing my own task list Undecided.