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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Vic 12/26

Show up (done)

kromer 2:45 CI

Had a very nice Christmas. I'm at my parent's house for a week, so my schedule is much calmer than normal, but I still have some work that I want to get done.

Today I have some chores and a little work. I want to do laundry, tidy the kitchen and living room, ice cookies with my brothers, and finish array qc.

I'll start right now by starting laundry, tidying the kitchen and asking brothers about cookies. 

Rexroth check in

Jo thanks for the bright ballons


Spent day with friend and her brother eating and drinking and am now home.


Take it easy and go to bed early

Night folks




Good Morning,

Leaving town at noon. Try to challage get a lot done next hour.

Kitchen,pack, bedroom.

Calm ask HP for help. Husband happy!

Check back if time

Mama_Cat's picture

Happy Boxing Day!

That's right - I had forgotten about that!

Xmas being over, time to get back in the groove. :)


* Create to-do list (DONE) Laughing

* E-mail A for Ak (DONE) :D

* Post about Boston F2F meeting

* Check e-mails (DONE) :grin:

* E-mail clients (DONE) 8-)

* Complete citations for page 1 (DONE Already! Good for ME!!) Cool

* Complete citations for page 2

           - Completed work cited for ESE - very complicated. (DONE!) :-P

           - Figured out how to do in-text citation for ESE - I am SOOO impressed with myself!! (DONE) ::jawdrop:: 

* Post again when complete!!! YAY!!!! (In process!!) ;-)

* Post next goal

Thanks for listening! :P



Mama_Cat's picture

OK, next to-do list....

* Post about Boston F2f meeting (DONE) /files/images/celebratesmiley.gif YAAAAYYYYY!!!!!

* Complete next works cited /files/smileys/smileydoingthewave6qn.gif(Page 2 DONE) YAY!!

Okey-dokey, done for the night!

Thanks - MC 

Journey 10:30

Good morning!  Thank goodness Christmas is over and things can get back to normal. 

I have a bunch of errands to run today, and I'm off to get dressed and head out into the snow and ice (not really, it's like 40 degrees here).  


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