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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

tiptree CI

all by Monday:

- anonymizer: prototype demoable
- 2009 data munged + process for new data
- email G.
- practice guitar 3x
- office clean
- all laundry done
- wrap gifts
- read WT
- investigate performance issue
- exercise
- clear FA bugs + 2 others
- get stocking stuffers
- earlier schedule

Holiday shopping all done, by Lark

All my shopping is done, and everything needing wrapping is done too! Dec. 23rd is (unfortunately) early for me, from past experience. But... it's finished. Whew.

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(deleted misplaced comment about my rats!)


Late check in


living Room

nice neat for b

Yes I can

Journey noon - finally went to the doctor!

That is a very cheerful graphic, thanks!

I broke down and went to the doctor this morning.  I hate going to the walk-in clinic,  because I don't like being around all those sick people, even if I am one of them.  :grin:  But I found myself contemplating taking the dog's antibiotics, so I figured it was time to give in. 

She gave me the super duper antibiotics that you only take one a day for three days so hopefully that will knock out this sinus infection although they make me feel sick to my stomach.  I've been home for two hours but just now starting to work.  I've been trying to work the past couple of days but not setting the world on fire by any means, just kinda slogging through the week.   I'm on vacation next week so I really need to get some work done this week, too.  I suppose I could work some next week to make up for the hours I wasn't working because I was feeling ill ... or NOT!  We'll see.   Anyway, the thing to do now is to work at a steady pace this afternoon and just let go of the outcome.   I'll do what I can and if I don't feel that I've put in enough hours I'll count one day as a sick day.   I've only called in sick one day this year and that's because I was puking my guts out.  (sorry for the visual there haha). 

Anyway, I'm gonna turn on some Warren Zevon and get to work now.  There's a particular song I always feel like singing when I go to the doctor.  It's called - with more apologies - "My Sh*t's F**ked Up"  I won't post a link to the video because I know those sites are triggers for some people, but someday listen to that song it will make you smile - a sad, ironic smile - but a smile nonetheless. 

I'm rambling, L8tr!




How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge

Julesk CI THanks for the great graphic!


I'm here and glad to be so.

Thank you all for being here too!



Agnus checking in

Hi everybody. Been working at a steady pace this morning, now off to chiro appt then back ehre for lunch, some AH research, and at 4pm talking the dog and picking up the grandkids for a walk in the park.  Then dinner, meeting, early bedtime, God willing.

Yesterday was a learning lesson in waiting, trusting God and His friends. Actually it sucked to go through it, but it is done. Thank God.

Hope everyone has a steady-growing day.  God loves you and so do I!


Vic 12/23

Show up (done)

I need to call places for ride back to airport. I am frozen, I don't know why, but I will call now.

Done. I don't know why I get that frozen feeling, no one would know by looking or talking to me, so why do I obey the voice in my head that tells me you are frozen?Am I insane? Sometimes it all feels surreal.

I guess the mundane, day to day life sometimes is surreal. Baby steps all day, reached out, 12 step groups, one more day, did not shut down.This too shall pass.

Spiit 12/23

Good Morning All,

Today is an easy one as I am on semi vacation today.  I still need to have a good task list I have learned this keeps me focused even on days that I have few obligations and a great deal of freedom. So I have a sense of what I would like to see happen today...

  • morning phone check
  • breakfast
  • create schedule for the day
  • put recycle out for the day
  • get numbers for tires/alignment of car
  • 2 hrs on website producion
  • get xmas cards
  • prepare gift for client
  • home care-dust, floors, water plants-bathroom
  • two meditations
  • clean off deck and porch
  • research office space
  • 1 hr declutter home work space


Rexroth check in

Thanks for starting the thread Lucky. Awoke today with a cold and to a mess which is only partially because of blocked sink and flood from Sunday/Monday.


Chose to apply for psychology course rather than craft course and applied for it

Reflected upon meeting yesterday with psychologist

Found Xmas cards for hand delivery for people in house

Cleared up a little and now waiting for plumber due to come at about midday

Checked todo lists for before Xmas and New Year


Clear up after plumber and clear up bits before I don't need to leave everything

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth update

The plumber has been and the problem is resolved and I'm working on tidying up several days of washing up and disinfecting floor, cupboards and work surfaces covered in foul water.

Email back from psychlogy course and I'm on the list. There is an assessment interview first.

I am very tired and can do one job at a time.

Regards Rexroth

hugz Rexroth

Glad the plumbing is fixed but sorry for the yucky mess!  


How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge

and a hug to you Jo

I'm well on the way to clearing the mess and should not be having similar problems in future.

So thanks Jo.

Before Christmas I need to buy a box of chocks and write two cards. Hope I can make it. I also have a lot of stuff that I can do and would be in my interest to do.

I'm reflecting on why I procrastinate and relate this to the CBT and think I understand more now. Understanding is fine and it's action that's needed.

Regards Rexroth

Lucky CI

I'm home after my all-nighter! Didn't quite get out at 6.30, mostly because I was madly cleaning all the coffee splats off my desk :) so missed the train I wanted, but I'm home now and about to have some breakfast and embark on travel preparations! I made a plan on the train, which I'll share (I'm not bothering with estimated times because I'm in a hurry - part of me says I shouldn't take the time to check in at all, but I think I need the motivation to keep moving and not get sleepy!)

Pack: Clothes (inc smart clothes/shoes), Smile wash stuff, Smile reading & writing stuff, Smile script, Smilepassport,Smile spare key,Smile Christmas paper & cards, Smile water bottle, Smile PHONE, Smilephone charger Smile

Charge phone first but don't forget it! Smile

Set Doctor Who to record Smile

Give rats plenty of food and water Smile

Fill bird feeder Smile

Maybe bring scare letter to deal with? Smile

Collect post from outside Smile OMG MY NEW BANK CARD! No need to go to bank now!

Leave light on in house Smile

Take down C's grandmother's address Smile

Hide computer?

Tidy house (last!)Smile

Leave at 10am

In Windsor:

Top up phone

Call work re spud gun

Key to S

Bank - £40

Cath Kidston - dog & spud gun (if needed)

Post office (if needed)

Leave Windsor on 12.21 train - remember to get a return ticket


Edit: Eurgh, really tired and falling asleep now, don't think I'm going to manage leaving at 10. 10.30 will do. I'll give myself 20 mins to do everything that isn't packing or tidying, 20 to pack and 20 to tidy. I can get a half hour later train out of Windsor as well as long as it's not delayed.


Edit: Done, 10.30!!

Lucky, do you have pet rats?

How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge

Yes! 2 grey and white hooded

Yes! 2 grey and white hooded rats called Dash and Arwen and a ginger and white half-rex with CURLY WHISKERS called Eliza :)


What fun!  My daughter used to have pet rats.  It's amazing how smart and sweet they are.  


How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge