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Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

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Vic 12/22

Could not get on line yesterday to show up but did not shut down. Got into a car accident with friend (NOT OUR FAULT) and everything turned out ok, except I felt guilt, if she would not have come out to visit me, she would not have been "in the wrong place in the wrong time" so, I still feel like it was somehow "my fault"- a big shut down reason for me, but I didn't.

Lucky's all-nighter diary continued

3.21 All pieces of paper now in one of two sensible places. Time for a quick flip through email folders and then it's time for dating (not so exciting as it sounds! :) ), photocopying, and filing.

Actually getting something done here!

3.30 and finally.. FINALLY the sleepies are starting to set in. At 3.30 in the morning! Time for another coffee...

3.36 Made coffee and a decision :) As I want to be outta here in three hours, there's no point falling asleep trying to do something sitting at my desk, when I could be moving around keeping myself awake. Going for the copy-and-file phase... if I can just get that done, move the bible change pile on to my colleague, write little handover notes and tidy up that's enough for me.

4.18 that's working so well I haven't even got around to drinking my coffee! Burning question of the moment is Can Lucky File Fast Enough? 

4.22 getting discouraged by the time disappearing. Even if I don't finish it's still a great night's work!

4.49 Wow, actually looks like I have a chance of finishing at this point!

5.05 And suddenly I'm really far ahead.. !

5.28 More coffee needed... I wonder if sleepiness is brought on by having a daunted moment (some of these contracts are confusing!) or vice versa?

I realise nobody's reading but just babbling about this stuff makes me feel I'm not alone!

5.54 Filing FINISHED, just AHEAD of my target time of 6 o[clock! Now I just need to alphabetise the work I'm giving to my colleague, write notes, lock L's office, tidy, put my 'out of office' on and get out of here! WOOHOO!

6.04 Done alphabetising. Aiming to get out by 6.30. Starving hungry again, gaah! Being awake burns calories!

6.25 All over bar the tidying!

re: Lucky's all nighter

Gratz!  and yes we do read them although maybe not in real time, and just think how inspiring this is to the new folks or guests! 


How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge

Thank you <3 <3

Thank you <3 <3

MC, so cute, the starter

How did you get those little jumpy smileys, I couldn't?

Thankfully today was a good day.

I think I might have found a homeopathic Dr. to help my dog's bronchitis & allergies. I so hope so. She can't enjoy the snow, and it kills me.

Tonight, I need to:
-compose letter to landlord
-find leases
-clean bathroom
-make lunches
-send resumes

Procrastinating about:
-submitting medications to dog insurance
-seem to procrastinate about getting money in

Good night y'all, pleasant dreams or good morning, have a great day...depending on where you are in the world!!!


♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

Good night! Great news about

Good night! Great news about your dog - hope it works (I adore dogs so I definitely feel your pain!)

Thanks Lucky, really appreciate it!!

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

Lucky all-nighter

Before I forget - really interesting article that advocates not rushing and cultivating the attitude that you have plenty of time! 

I'm off to spend Christmas with my parents tomorrow and have a lot I want to finish at work - a couple of things today took unconscionably longer than they should have! Unusually for my team of busy lawyers, they've all gone home already and so I'm free to hang out here as long as I want without my dear bosses (especially E, who is far and away my biggest workaholic but can't stand to see me overwork) telling me to go home!

Given the long, cold and possibly disrupted journey home, the amount I want to do, and the pattern I've had lately of hours of midnight procrastinating at home followed by hours of oversleeping followed by incredible difficulty getting up, panic, and chaos, I've decided to hang out at work for the night. I honestly feel I have much more chance of getting ready and leaving the house in time tomorrow if I don't have to face the procrastination minefield that is a night home alone. However, I do definitely intend to sleep once I'm done with my work, and then go home on the first train of the morning to pack.

I'm posting here because I've been slightly distracted by the internet (nobody here, see!) and realised I'll be needing to check in here a lot... Slumber party with Lucky! :D

First up: Loo and coffee break and then doing annexes for my L

Edit: needless to say I finished another task (not on my list) first... Sometimes it's funny! (But only when WE laugh about ourselves, not when people laugh at us.)

Back to annexes...

Edit: (9.40 pm) 2 out of 6 annexes done!

 10.03 pm: Zero work done in past 23 mins but have managed to get vital phone number - one step closer to finding out where I'm supposed to be dropping my house key tomorrow - no answer on phone though! Distracted again... this is hard! More coffee :)

10.17 pm: I really need to not look at any internet sites except PA for the rest of the night. Will let you know how that goes. I've done nothing except look at websites and drink coffee for the past 14 mins.

Need to remind myself how much I adore the boss I'm doing this for. She's the one I work most closely with and I would pretty much do anything for her (in theory, so let's see me do this in practice...)

10.25 Working again! If I finish all my annexes before 11 I'm going to open my Christmas present from said boss, which she insisted I should save till Christmas. I bet it's edible :)

10.41 3 down, 3 to go - Race against time! This demands crummy drinks-machine hot chocolate! :D Perked up a great deal just from the fact I'm working.

10.55 DONE! Last 3 turned out to be much shorter and hence quicker to do... What's in this box?

10.57 Aww, shower stuff - not edible but smells like it ;) Next, start a 'what's been done' update for L and do filing for D and E. Feels so good when I'm actually getting stuff done!

11.17 Had too much fun making update pretty. Must remember to lock D&E's pod when done.

11.30 E's filing all done! (D has tons more.) Wonderfully wide awake. Pausing to make bank transfer because midnight is imminent.

11.32 Transfer made and back off to scale the mooooountain that is D's filing <3

12.23 D's filing mostly done, just need to make a few new files. Energy still high. Really pleased with myself. Once this is done I have an estimated 3 and a bit hours of work left, so even allowing for tiredness setting in, I should get plenty done. The next part is the 'dreaded' part but I'm not feeling the dread right now!

I do need to decide whether to list all the contracts first or just crack straight on with it. L wants a detailed list of all the contracts I haven't finished. So I can list first and potentially waste time listing that I could spend doing, or do first and potentially run out of time/energy to list. Hmmmm.

12.34 Still making files but have plan for next bit:

Make all remaining bible changes (check filing drawers)

Have a QUICK flip through 'Bible - To Do' and pull out anything obvious and do it, leave the rest

Put all remaining contracts in an alphabet file

Take out one letter at a time, date if needed, photocopy, and file in paper bible

If time/energy at end, list contracts - if not just tell L they are alphabetised in the file

This strikes me as doable during this morning and might even leave some time for sleep. If not, several-hour coach journey later... :)

12.53: Got address, got address! (For house key drop.) And actually survived checking email for it w/o disappearing into morass of procrastination... still making files though! How many new ones are there!!

2:10: Amazingly enough, it took me THAT long to finish the files. No idea why, especially as I'm still bizarrely wired. (Maybe that's the reason??) I'm assuming it's caffeine but don't remember having that much.

Going to make a token start on the next bit before I make a move towards food. Next bit = everything either goes in the bible change pile, or gets dated if necessary and goes in the alphabet file. I now only have about 4hrs to pull this off but I still think I can do it.

Should remember to empty my bin when done as well!

2.25 Starting to feel hesitant and dawdly. Thought I'd been working for 15 mins, realised I'd effectively moved one piece of paper in that time. I need to keep my momentum going now! Wondering if eating will help or make me sleepy. On balance, think I'll have some food... I'm starting to feel cold as well so guessing energy is dropping and hot porridge should deal w/that :) The task that remains does make me a bit nervous and I do need to work fast to get it done. It's perfectly possible, I think, but not with dawdling! Will attempt to buck myself up :)

2.39 Everythings Better With Food. :) And a little bit of chat with Falcon. I'm so lucky not to be one of the many, many people in the world who can't afford to just grab a filling snack when they need a boost!

3.06. Brainwave, do filing FIRST and THEN bible changes, as these can be passed on to colleague if not finished (One of the lovely unwritten rules of being a PA is that while it's good to share the workload, you NEVER ask another PA to do your filing... because it's just too boring :) )

Have a great holiday Lucky!!

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

Thank you!! <3

Thank you!! <3

jkl/check in




downtown. Let og let go have fun

Journey 12:30 ugh . .

I think I'm sick!  I've been plagued with headaches for a week and now I think it's a sinus infection.   I really don't want to go to the doctor so I'm going to try some home remedies, mucinex D, and some nasal spray the doc gave my daughter which she refused to use.  I slept 13 hours too which should help.  

I'm working from home today, and I'll knock off a bit early and get another good night's sleep and see how I feel tomorrow.  I'm getting some work done although I'm kinda out of it.


How you spend your days is how you live your life - Edge

Yuck! Hope you feel better

Yuck! Hope you feel better soon. Well done for being sensible enough to take it easy!

kromer 12 CI

I'm leaving today to go home for the holidays. I need to be out of here by 2, and have a certain number of things to do before I go. Specifically:

1)Take samples over to histology
2)Make sure expts can wait until end of vacation
3)Wrap and mail friend's present
4)Make a list of what I want to accomplish over break, make sure I have stuff packed up to do it.
5)Finish organizing papers (this one is less important

OK, I'll go ask labmate about how to take samples over to histology, then I'll have lunch, then I'll take care of expts and mail present.

Have a great holiday, Kromer!!

♥"Together we could do, what we could not do alone.♥

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MC To-dos

Morning, all:

* Let cats out of the room

* Say prayers

* Scoop litter

* Eat breakfast

* Get dressed

* Eat lunch

* Leave by 12/12:15

Thanks! MC 

Rexroth todo today

Thanks for the cheery wave and good suggestion


Up early and out to for follow up appointment with clinical psychologist which went well and breakfast out and some shopping.

Home dealt with mail, cleared kitchen for plumber, checked emails etc.


Take it easy and wait for plumber

If he turns up and fixes the sink then

Clean and disinfect everything

Sort out the accummulated washing up

That will do!

Regards Rexroth

Rexroth update

Well as my old grandmother used to say. If I knew a bad work I'd say it!'

Plumber arrived over an hour late and can't fix it today and will be back midday tomorrow. Not his fault. There is snow and it is now dark. He thinks the waste pipe is iced up.

So I can do a bit of tidying up in my bedsit and leave the kitchen until tomorrow. Just as well I've got almost everything done for Christmas.


Rexroth Goodnight

I've remade my bed and tidyied a bit and am very sleepy so now for bed.


Good night and well done <3

Good night and well done <3 <3

Lucky CI

Loving the Mexican wave smileys!

Looked back over the Tools last night and decided on some things I want to do:

Plan morning, bedtime, and work routines, including checking in at least once a day. Maybe post these in 'Special Projects and Master Lists'.

Each day, make a tasklist for the following day

Spend some time in prayer and visualisation over my tasklist

Put estimated and actual times by tasks

Use task bookending and chatbox where necessary

Put a list of ACHIEVEMENTS somewhere in my check-in


This morning I didn't get to do any of that as I slept through both my alarms! However, I'm very grateful that I still managed to wake up in time to drop off the dog's Christmas stocking with the dogsitter and get my train on time.

I'm putting smileys for completed tasks

My tasklist for today:

 Task Done   Estimated  Actual
Sort BlackBerry for D  Smile  2m  12m
 Email  Smile  30m  1h 8m
 Filing for D&E  Smile  1h  Almost 3h!
 Annexes  Smile  1h  1h 25
 Make any remaining changes to the Bible Index    30m  
 Discuss contract confusions with L  Smile 25m  22m
 Stuff in Bible-To Do and Contracts folders    30m  
 Photocopy contracts and file in Bible    1h 30m  
 Sort meetings for E  Smile  10m  19m
 3x bound A5 docs for E  Smile  30m  FOREVER
 Print Canvas materials for D and sort mtg  Smile  30m  ?
 List all contracts not in Bible    30m  
 Write handover  Started  15m  2m
 Put out of office on    1m  
 Lunch break      
 Check in  Smile  10m  25m
 Christmas cards  Smile  20m  17m
 Look for SIM card  Smile  5m ?
 Contact P re cottage  Smile  5m  4m
 Check pet shop closing time  Smile  1m  1m
 Print this post  Smile  1m  1m
 Prayer & visualisation over tasklist  Smile  10m  ?
 After work      
 Go to pet shop for new water bottle    30m  
(If not found SIM) Get phone top-up    5m  
 Tidy downstairs    1h  
 Pack for Christmas    1h  
 Plan timings for tomorrow    30m  
 Tomorrow's list    15m  
 (If found SIM) Swap SIM    10m  
 Set up bank transfer  Smile  5m  2m
 Text C    5m  

tiptree 12:41 AM CI

next 24 hours:

- track day
- shower/shave
- user pref changes testable
- agreement changes implemented/testable
- investigate performance issue
- office clean
- exercise
- email G.
- complete scrum list
- return DVDs
- renew items
- parse data
- 2 sections of tutorial
- review all bugzilla items
- anon -> zipped