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Saturday, December 12, 2009


Just for today I will be unafraid, my thoughts will be on my new associations, people who have found a new way of life. So long as I follow that way, I have nothing to fear.

kromer 2 CI

So far today I did poinsettia delivery for church, which was really nice. 

I have 2 or 3 hours to work in lab, then I'll hang out w/ a friend this evening.

I definitely want to:
1)Split cells
2)Work on stats for an hour
3)Read paper for journal club

If I have extra time I'll organize my papers and/or look into HPLC. 

Heading to the chatbox now. 



Starting to slack. Need to bookend next two task. Be back soon. DONE

Hope-Faith CI 12:00

Well another week has passed by, I did not CI and post like I would have liked to. I just got wrapped up in what I had to do which if fine because I have been productive, but because I have not CI'ed this week I can not track my progress and it is discouraging because even though I know that I have been productive I can not see it. So here goes for another week starting with today

Completed Frown DNA Did not attempt Wink Attempted but did not complete


Task  T  T  S
 Swish & Swipe           Smile   
 Dishwasher           Smile   
 Reboot           Smile  
 Coffee/e-mail           Smile   

  1. Washed dryed and put away 2 loads of clothes/ one more to go
  2. Another load done one more to go
  3. Tech has just left my computer is finally fixed after almost 3 week. YAY
  4. Garland and Hallmark ornaments on tree


Action Check off 
Decorate Staircase  
Tree In Progress 
Get computer fixed  
Computer Hutch  


House Pics  
Prime Wall in DS's Room  
Hang Wall Paper in DS Room  
Paint DS Desk  
Hem Pants  


Task  M  T  F  S  S

15 min clothes organization/30

BS 5 a day              
15 min taxes              
Fold and Put Away              
Load & Wipe              
Clothes Next Day              
Christmas Ornaments              
Shopping List              





Hi FreedomRoads

Hi FreedomRoads,

This check-in part of the forums is mostly for "bookending" and tasks that you are working on.  But if you go to the "Forums" link at the top of the page, you'll see that there are also forum sections for "introductions & discussion" (for talking about procrastination issues) and for "miscellaneous" (for talking about anything else.) 

You might like to use those to discuss whatever is on your mind.  Just be aware that it is a public space, so for safety, be careful not to use any identifying information that would disclose your identity. 

Looking forward to hearing more from you,


Falcon CI Sat.

Hi pro buddies,

I got home late last night, and should have gone to bed right away, but stayed up another hour or so.  It was dumb. . . I slept later than I meant to this morning, was too late to get to my class, and am feeling sleepy and draggy.

Wa-a-ay too easy to segue from that into winter depression.  Gotta get myself moving.  So:

  • Shower and dress (might set a timer & see if I can get this done fast - I tend to space out in the shower.)
  • Put rent check in mail
  • Get a start on truffles.
  • Eat brunch/lunch
  • By 12:00, walk to library.  Should be back by 2:30 or so.
  • Finish truffles
  • Get music, etc. together for tonight
  • Eat dinner
  • Leave for concert

It's going to be a tight schedule.  Better get moving. . .

Hope everyone's weekend is off to a good start!


JkL/Check in

Swim Innocent need to tlk to mk. I desve it!!!

Bkft Innocent


X mas decorations

Plan pty/week

Good dit!!

Look Gd Pty/Am btf/You can do it!!!

goal/Hp MG,CC,L.Mtg. BB,

Have a great day everyone.

ps. Journey I tried to check in on Sat. but it Friday is listed? julie

Ask HP for help


Mama_Cat's picture I go

G'morning - 

love the bird pic and the quote! :)

Read the promises of the "Morning Bridge" thing? Really nice. Really, really nice.

So...sitting on the couch watching T.V. rather than getting my butt in gear. No good.

Plans for the a.m.:

XX Wet and put back hair

XX Brush teeth

XX Dress

XX Get checks out of pants pocket and put in grey purse

XX Grab laundry

Alright, the above are done now. Next:

* Pack up computer

* Put two books in bag

* Grab bag of books 

* Leave for client's

* Get coffee on the way

* Client appt. followed by note

* Call R to see about breakfast

* Contact M about check

* Pick up check

* Bank deposit

* Breakfast????

Thanks for listening, and have a great day!

* * * Don't forget - I'm looking to set up a meeting in the Boston area! If interested, contact me! * * *

Have a good one - MC 

Vic 12/12

      Show up (done)

Wish I felt as eager as this little guy, he is too cute!!!

Lots of stuff to do, packing for tommorrow,to do #1-6