Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Rewards of our recovery:

  • We will no longer fear the future, as we move toward tomorrow.
  • Our whole attitude and outlook upon life will change.
  • Worthwhile, self-building behaviors will replace futile or destructive former habits.
  • The sense of accomplishment is a reward in itself.
  • We will feel motivated to make progress where we once felt despair.
  • We will no longer be plagued by an unceasing sense of guilt and/or unworthiness.
  • We restore order in our own lives by taking action and responsibility for ourselves.
  • We surrender, one day at a time, our whole life strategy
    of, and our obsession with, the pursuit of
    avoidant behaviors that deter us from our highest good.
You Can Do It.

(some Promises of Recovery reposted, some are my original concoction that I contribute to P.A.)

What is your reward?


fudo_shin - Eleven days - 11:52 pm

Please do not leave advice.  Thank you.  Prayers welcome. 


Eleven days of sobriety from:

  • social networking sites, including facebook, twitter, youtube
  • dating sites
  • chatting sites: woome, chat with a stranger, etc.  I cannot be on a
    chatting site.  MMORPGs count as "chat sites".  IRC.  The only
    exception is 12 step-related chat.
  • chat programs
  • YouTube, Google videos, Crackle
  •, and calling anyone's associated fan line

This *is* difficult.  I have to tell you, it's not bloody easy.  There are times when I desire to be back in my addiction, and by that I mean either doing one of the above, or one of my other addictions that I used as aid to my procrastination.  It is in such moments that it helps me to remind myself of WHY I am not doing those things, by reminding myself of what I want to accomplish in my life, and who I *want* to be.  I am going to read my goal list again, and possibly edit it, accordingly based on date.

rec check-in

Late in to office due to flooding of washing machine and need to clean up flood and call plumber. Now must do:

Call TB
Call LS
Work on TR file
Work on SC letter


isabo ci 300pm

started out the day well, made list, updated calendar, started laundry.  Then, slowly started to lose control.  Now, laundry has stopped, kitchen is a mess again, no meat out for supper, and I have played far too many games on computer.  need to get into a groove again, and get things up and running.

first thing - get up out of chair!!

out of chair = off computer -> good start :)

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

CI Do It Now 2:01 pm Mon

finish at least one curriculum  DONE

update time logs  DONE Wed

take out ad

Call R Horo..z LM


e's monday movement

I am feeling very good today and am finally content enough with my revised resume and cover letter to print them out and hand deliver it for a posting I would love. In addition, my social worker and I have had a great ending to a very productive 6 months of work together and I feel like it was the best progress I have ever made to date.

On Wednesday I am flying out to visit a friend in GA, and feel like enough has been accomplished to do so. For today and tomorrow, the most important accomplishments would be to drop off the resume, complete special circumstances form for financial aid and sign off on the student loans. Finally, I would like to review the Parent Plus loan form and determine what we will need for this year. Then laundry, pack, and arrange for transportation.

I am feeling very optimistic these days and am willing to ask for help. I have often felt that I have needed to know everything before I start to learn. Lately, I have been reminded how important it is to learn to ask for help, to acknowledge that I will do better that way than on my own. This has allowed me to push through the paralyzing perfectionism that has kept me stuck in procrastination.

asking for help to do the next right thing

e's monday checkback

Today is going fairly well: my resume and cover letter were reviewed by my social worker and then delivered to the Personnel Office. Now I am sifting through Financial Aid stuff and my son is photocopying what needs to be sent.

I am going to take five minutes to see if our potential health insurance will be accepted at the university.

asking for help to do the next right thing

mj monday checkin

woohoo! almost moved! That elephant is bitten down to the nub! (for those of you who don't get the reference: How do you eat an elephant? A: one bite at a time) Just the trunk and a few toenails left, and, oh yeah, cleaning up the elephant dung.

Nice thread starter, by the way.


remainder of kitchen and floor

sell emac

dung: sweep floor in br and vacuum



Hope-Faith CI 11:15

  1. Complete AM routine  Books, Exercise, Homework 
  2. Fly  Done
    1. Work on decluttering stuff on bar 15 min  
    2. Super Fling (45) (give, throw, put up) Done
    3. 15 Min Clutter Bugs
      1. Small tall dresser Done 
      2. Garage Front Entrance Done
      3. Van Done
      4. Dryer Done
      5. Livingroom tops Done

Things to do 

  1. Fill 4 more jars of green beans Done 
  2. Can green beans
  3. Can squash
  4. Pick garden
  5. Compost Pile
  6. Find more jars 
  7. Handle 1 item in work e-mail Done
  8. List
  9. Value & BB
  10. Check interst rate


  1. Van  Decluttered
  2. Prime Desk
  3. Project of the day Summer/Winter Clothes in progress
  4. Find L/S program
  5. Work on making Angels In Progress
  6. Put Up Tent attempt unsuccessfuly try again later -- use duck tape
  7. Wiki setup users Done
  8. E-mail user names
  9. Create Wiki structure

PM routine

  1. Supper Planned
  2. Swim
  3. Put clothes away
  4. Garden
  5. Clothes out
  6. Landing Zone
  7. Hot Spot Fire Drills



Agnus checking in 10:45am

Good morning PA-pals!  Hope everyone had a good weekend; I stayed off the 'puter most of it, enjoyed sabbath and then yesterday piddled around the house, not even making a to-do list but accomplishing a lot of things that felt really good: cleaning out a closet and giving stuff away, taking plastic grocery bags to the recycler, major stock-up shopping at the discount club, putting everything away in good order, and spending alot of quality time with J.

Which means I did not get the 6 hours of work-related stuff done, nor the banking and bill-paying!  And today we both have healthcare appointments that will keep me out almost all day. I will take my reading backlog with me while I wait for J at his 2 appointments.  Right now I need to :

  •  research SL garage
  • submit work calendar for the week
  • call studio tech
  • order cd-roms
  • email phoenix

Also sometime today I need to send weekly update report, finish a spreadsheet, and prep for a 5 pm conf call on an elusive topic! I'll take laptop with me and check last week's lists to make sure I'm not missing anything critical.

kromer 10:15 CI

Very late to lab today (not great, but I got a fair amt. of work done this weekend and stayed up a little late yesterday, so it's not a disaster either.) I've checked email and unpacked my stuff. Now, I need to take some time (30 min-ish) to plan out my day and week. 

Update 10:35--week is planned out. here's what's on tap for today

Scheduled: Orientation 11-12ish

*Post stuff for MC
*Download rat stages/sorted cells data, read assoc. paper
*Return lib. books, look for safety form, get stuff out of EF's lab, look for medical info
*Write up QC, compendium, suggestions for DG's project

Other tasks:
*Notes from animal training
*Email out deacon notes
*Brainstorm ideas for toastmasters speech
*Write up gen. man. lit.
*Email TL re seminar

Breaks: Square dance class 8-10, call parents, call home

I have 30 min before animal orientation, in that time I can download the rat stages data. I'll check back after animal orientation and lunch.

kromer 12:30 CI

went to orientation, downloaded data, had lunch.

Now, i'm going to read paper associated with data. Then, I'm going to write up QC+suggestions for DGs project and check back.

Update 4:40: I'm sort of crawling today, but I'm done with the above.

Now, I'm going to post data for MC (I've already done some of this, should take about 15 min more.) Then I'll be done w/ 2 MITs. After that, I'll take a break from my MITs (they are all pretty mindless, and so I'm going sort of nuts), and do something a bit more intersting (work for an hour on writing up lit. Then, I'll come back to my MITs (write up compendium)

kromer 6:50 CI

OK, went slightly off track, but not bad.

I posted data for MC, then decided to post notes from deacon's mtg rather than writing up lit, then I took a break for dinner. Now I need to write up expression compendium, and I don't wanna! So I've spend the last 20 min wasting time on nyt website. Now I'm going to set my timer for 10 min and try to make progress on writing up compendium. 

GeorgeSmiley 8:40 AM + Updates

Giving myself 15 more minutes for email checking and the like. Setting timer.

Then will return with some tasks

P.S. I love everything about the Day Starter today.

Update: 8:56 AM

Timer went off. Must respect the timer.

MITs today:

#1: Spend 30 minutes redoing my task list.

#2: Project P-B

#3: Project P-09

#4: Project W-06

#5: Project C-E


Update 8 AM Tuesday

I didn't update this at the end of the day Monday, but the reason was basically good: I did a better job of staying on task than I have been lately, and I worked right up to when I had to leave for the day.

I got MIT#1 done completely,

I made progress on MITs #3 & #4

I made a necessary call on MIT#5, which was as much as I could do until I reached a needed person.

The only thing I didn't work on was MIT#2, which I need to address more of today.




Want what you have. Be who you are. Do what you can. ~Forrest Church

The Hero's Code:

Show Up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

journey 8:40 great thread starter!

I'm early to work today!  Traffic was non-existent this morning, guess people are taking off for 4th of July (US Independence Day for those of you outside the US).

Must blow my own horn this morning . . . yesterday was a great day!  I did almost everything on my list, very unusual for a weekend day. Better planning was a part of it, as I usually way overschedule my days off, get frustrated because I can't complete the impossible todo list, and end up goofing off on the computer.   I forgot to do one item, but it was an oversight not procrastination!  I did goof off on the computer, but it was planned goofing off time and not stolen goofing off time.  I want every day to be like this.  

So, I'd better get started on today . . . I've been to the gym, and I'll check email and calendar quickly, then get some coffee and make my reasonable, doable, todolist for the day.  



"The elevator to success is out of order.   You'll have to take the stairs . . . one step at a time." - Joe Girard


Congrats for getting everything done on the list.Laughing

Journey 11:15 vitamins

I've been really remiss about taking my vitamins and herbal supplements lately.  I take two prescriptions now (it sucks to get old!) and one has to be taken at bedtime and one in the morning on an empty stomach.   I used to take all that stuff at once at lunchtime but I've gotten out of the habit of taking the vitamins since I don't have any prescription meds to take at lunch.   Just noting it here to remind myself that I am recommitting to taking them daily.  


"The elevator to success is out of order.   You'll have to take the stairs . . . one step at a time." - Joe Girard


When I was in bondage to food, I felt like I was in a self imposed prison and I did not have the key to get out. Today, by the grace of God I amFREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everything else is a gift beyond my wildest dreams.I felt the same with my other ??? diseases, addictions, issues? whatever?

Although procratination may be a coping mechanism I learned, just like the food, I could not get recovery until I put the food, alcohol, etc. down. I need to put down the procratination.



chick checks in-grateful day

what a fantastic starter--thanks fudo_shin. so good to be reminded of the promises.


finish and send l 
l done and sent!  Smile yahoo!

find out abt mtng





New goals: each day full and rich, not just a battle against chaos but start making islands of better order.

The heat wave that's coming will be a good time to wash blankets and pillows


what a lovely photo of a fluffy chickadee!


I get a pic of a chick on my checkin when I get things done :)

fudo_shin - Most Important This Week - 2:12am

 Things that are most important for me this week:

  • re-establish sleeping schedule to 8:30 am, from 11am.  For this purpose, I'm going to get up forty minutes earlier each day this week starting Monday at 10:20am.
  • run 5 minutes+ 1 minute walk * 5, on Mon, Wed, Friday and Saturday, in order to jump back into running plan
  • get done with English papers
  • be on time for the interview with the company I would like to work for on Thursday morning at 10:30am.
  • brush teeth before bed.  This week I'm comitting to just brushing my teeth in the very least before bed so that I can start somewhere, and then build on that.  I want to do 21 days of brushing my teeth, then 21 days of brushing and flossing, then 21 days of brushing, flossing, using mouthwash, and then 21 days of brushing, flossing, using mouthwash and using the periodontic brush.


Please do not leave advice.  Thank you.  Prayers welcome.