Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday 16 June 2009

The wall meanders across the land, stone by stone. One step, one stone, is infinitely more than none.

Today I can value even my smallest effort and trust that it will bring me forwards.  Showing up and keeping going count!

                                                      Wisdom                                 serenity                                     courage


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top ten signs...

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Recycler CI 3:55pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

This morning, exercising at the gym made my mild bronchitis feel better. I did cardio, the milder ab exercises, and stretching.

I did some emails this morning, then went to the MD for a prescription for the bronchitis. Bought lunch while I was out. I've worked on other projects this afternoon. Next: at 5pm I will have the prescription filled. Upon arriving at home, I plan to lie in a stupor on the recliner. :D

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

CI Do It Now 1:24 pm tues

***time log***  DONE


get time for W cc  DONE  10 AM

Get # for RF and RK   1/2  done  CALLED RF -lm

Agnus ci 10:20am, 8:15pm

G'mornin'!  I love the day starter (Holsteins are just the beans!). Thanks, chickadee. 

I have done most of my morning routine but no prayer time yet - and now I am 2 hours behind on my plan.  Actually I did pray but it was all intercessory - a work friend died of heat stroke on an 8K run this weekend and I just learned of it last night. He was a young widower with 2 girls ages 7 and 10. I've just been distraught since hearing of it and have not been able to pray for anything except those kids.

Guess I'd better stop and take a good look at Step 11 (Big Book page 86), and see what HP's plan is for my day, before I get too much further off base.

Closeout: I did the Step 11 and some chat and while fairly productive, I never caught up those 2 hours! I'll pray for inspiration on how to square that through the week. Also never got to some MITs so I'm going to spend a little time now cleaning up these:

  • items SS requested
  • summary to K postponed to tomorrow; can't think anymore tonight!
  • response to P
  • call CB for BH

GeorgeSmiley: 8:50 AM

 Hello, another relapse of late.

Yesterday was a broken up day. I postponed work in part because my younger son was w/ me, but it's not like I strongly engaged w/ him, either. (I did remind him to do his laundry, which has become his responsibility at age 12.)

I spent some time reviewing my calendar to block off times when he is w/ me so that I don't plan on doing any work in my basement office during those times. 

I made some progress on a project that's about a week late.

And I wrapped up another immediate project that had surfaced on Friday.

Today I must finished the postponed project. I'm already 90 minutes late in starting.

Then I need to shower and then spend most of the rest of today decluttering and once again paring my list.




Want what you have. Be who you are. Do what you can. ~Forrest Church

The Hero's Code:

Show Up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Journey 8:45

Good morning!   Today is a work at home day for me.   I've been to the gym and Mal-wart.  I picked up some potting soil and tomato plants for the Topsy Turvey.  It's late to be planting tomatoes but what the heck I might as well give it a shot!   I got it for a late mother's day present, but then the new grandbaby arrived so I haven't had time to even think about it.  Should be fun!

Having a bowl of cereal and coffee while I make my to do list.   I've checked email and calendar.  I have one conference call today at 10:30 otherwise my calendar is clear.  



"The elevator to success is out of order.   You'll have to take the stairs . . . one step at a time." - Joe Girard

Constane ci

My job interview went well today, now I have to prove that I can be a decent free lance book reporter ... haha, me and free lance! I need an office surrounding, co-workers, dead lines  and bosses to keep me on my tasks ....

 Well, let's see, if the need for money won't get me to sit down on my butt and write those reports (I will get paid per piece, not per hour ...)

First I need to keep studying for my degree, though ... Thinking about writing to my professor for ANOTHER postponement of the oral masters exam ... Time's almost up and I have no idea what I know and what I don't know ... mh, maybe I should start recapitulating learning content.

 Aaah, some days are just  too short to even get started ... 

x lunch

x watch TV shows ... (can't believe I even put this on my to do list, bu tit's just a fact that I will always watch those shows anyways, so I can as well put them in my "unschedule"

O take nutrients

O read TM

O check Sh folder




"if i feel guilty about my procrastination, i will get LESS done, if i dont feel guilty, i will get MORE done." - Clement


gratz to constance

...on the successful job interview!  I think several of us here are freelance workers so stay close to us and we'll all work together. It is challenging for me to work alone without a boss and coworkers, but I find if I work the 12 Steps, check in each workday to and use chat when needed, I can actually produce something billable most days.

Wow, Agnus! Good to hear

that this site works for you so well! I love the term "billable"!

I really want to trust myself a little more - and with the help of PA get my work done ...




says "sorry for my silly English, not a native speaker here :-) "


tuesdays child is full of grace checkin

Hey, that's a concept...let's be full of grace today. Wy not?


Grace, I think is undeserved, unconditional love... or courage is grace under pressure (JFK's definition). Either definition works, i think. Anyway.... today, I need to

go to court for doggie problem



1 hour on college classwork

shop and cook


Hope-Faith CI 6:30

Offically on Summer Break. This is my summer to shine.

  1. Complete AM routine Smile
  2. Fly Smile
  3. ExercisedSurprised
  4. Order software from Money mouth
  5. Front done SmileSmile it deserves two smiles
  6. Prime Desk
  7. Summer/Winter Clothes
  8. Find L/S program
  9. Work on decluttering stuff on bar 15 min Done
  10. Work on making Angels In Progress
  11. DS and  DD Ballgames  
  12. Wiki

10:10 AM routine done except I did not exercise. Have plans to exercise with kids while praticing times tables. I am such a multitasker and always want to make things fun and interactive with others.

Next this summer I would like to incorporate more of "Fly Ladies" concepts and routines. I have the am routine pretty much in place. I have printed out the daily flight plan for yesterday and today. I know that I probablly should not back track to yesterday but I do have the time. I will get my kids to help me with this. So off to fly some more 

12:30 we have accomplished alot picked up, throw away, organized, made phone calls, exercised. Next is for me to work on a mini project. I need to clean my van out. Going shopping with my dad tomorrow so I need to have room for us, him and purchases. After I get supper started in crock pot I will move on to that mini project.

3:10 Just finished cleaning out van. Not only did I take everything out I also put everything where it belong. Well what is organized. Not everything in my home has a home yet. My Summer Goal. Next on list is to run to bank. Then supper.



byGodsGrace todays CI

thanks chickadee - love the starter - showing up and keeping going count! So true! I have to remind myself of that as I go thru the day... Sometime it is so easy to feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the effort of recovery. Some things vic posted yesterday i think about our mind working against us really hit home with me - it is so important and I needed to see it written - that my flesh/addictive nature is always trying to get away with something! I think I get lax and slip in little ways and any crack i leave in the door leads to problems, a slippery slope, and I really struggle to restart once I have begun to lose ground in an area. I am really praying to do better in that and so many areas! So far to go... but if I just keep going I will get there by Gods Grace! So amazing His love and care is.

Today I have a really busy day - up early to start working!

Word fo day, inspired by all the Love scriptures! 1 Cor. 13:4-8 (the message)

    So, no matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I'm bankrupt without love.

   Love never gives up. Love cares more for others than for self.
   Love doesn't want what it doesn't have.
   Love doesn't strut,
   Doesn't have a swelled head,
   Doesn't force itself on others,
   Isn't always "me first,"
   Doesn't fly off the handle,
   Doesn't keep score of the sins of others,
   Doesn't revel when others grovel,
   Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth,
   Puts up with anything,
   Trusts God always,
   Always looks for the best,
   Never looks back,
   But keeps going to the end. Love never fails!

To do list:

job2 final proofs, jobCC b card proof/mail, jobCC i proof, email jobM, job L

appts 2:30p, 4p, meet job2, final supplies/cd pp find best deal, confirm chart size