Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Change Monday June 8, 2009

" Things Do Not Change, We Change "

Kindness/ Thank all of you

 I wrote a beutiful message with tears (I haven't cried in years) when I got all your well wishes-and support- I did not expect that!!!

I ended my thankyou trying to insert the exotic orchid, saying your kindnesses are as beutiful and exotic as the orchid. Well I lost my whole message!!, which snapped me out of it. Oh well, I put the pic in first this time. and "and told myself "don't be so serious...!!!"

Thank you, all of you, I really mean it.


PS Today I read the generic name for all negative thoughts was "unhappiness"- I never knew that- no wonder it is such a struggle!!

Recycler CI 12:40pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Today is a much better day. I am feeling a lot better.

OK, now I need to decompress, and "keep it between the lines" as I am navigating along.

This morning, I went to the gym & did my ab exercises & stretching. Staff meeting this morning at work, then talked to my boss afterward. Now I am finishing up lunch and posting my CI. Next: work on projects this afternoon & see how far I can get.

After work I have a chiropractor appointment, then go to my other 12-step meeting; then I hope to meet with my sponsor afterward. Since I will be out this evening, I probably won't get to update my CI the rest of the day.

Have a great day, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Journey 9 am

Good morning!  Leaving early today to help out with new baby so I'm thinking about ditching Toastmasters.   We're having elections today and it's not like there is a lot of competition for the officer roles . . . mostly it consists of begging people to take on some responsiblity lol.  

So I need to get busy, I was off Friday becoming a grandma again so today is catch up day. 


"The elevator to success is out of order.   You'll have to take the stairs . . . one step at a time." - Joe Girard

George Smiley 7:40 AM

Good morning, everyone...

Friday I was really sick w/ a bad cold, but I had one out-of-the-office assignment I had to do, so I did that and then vegged out the rest of the day. 

Saturday I was much better and Mrs. GS and I went to the even bigger city for an orchestra concert. And yesterday was No. 1 son's HS graduation. His mother (my ex-) hosted a party and we helped and it went amazingly well. 

My ex- even gave my wife a thank you hug when we left for the evening. 

Despite graduation I had to work late at my PT job (my boss couldn't give me the day off so I just started very, very late).

Now it's Monday.

I must finish up Project P-8

I also need to do significant work on Project T-VP

And my task list has degenerated into a mess.

So those are my MIT's today.






Want what you have. Be who you are. Do what you can. ~Forrest Church

The Hero's Code:

Show Up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

byGodsGrace todays CI

Love the starter Vic! And thanks for the daily motivation link - great stuff!

Word and prayer for the day: Psalm 37:4-5 (amplified)

“Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desires and secret petitions of your heart. 5Commit your way to the Lord [roll and repose each care of your load on Him]; trust (lean on, rely on, and be confident) also in Him and He will bring it to pass.”

Soundtrack of the day: Live for today, Natalie Grant 

My to do list: 

Mail Pkg 9am... off to a slow start, fell back asleep with dd and missed pkg dl - but it will be ok, can mail later today - hoped to meet my set dl - better next time... 

call EH, call K, store, s fees drop off, lunch ther.

scan photos jobH, T Home page, call/plan job2, plan jobCC

This is so cool,I can take pa with me now and edit from phone and keep up with all the posts from everyone! Strike thru is hard but can start typing done-best present to myself ever!!

Monday June 8 check in mj

I think this is the check in thread. I'll use it that way, anway. Nice  "daily motivators" site.


Today i need to:

find & recycle  two more boxes of papers( I see I've been skipping this, looking back on my last few checkins).

attend the sb training

not become hostile or fearful at the training (this is a challenge because my employment status is questionable due to my procrastination - lesson for you, boys and girls - consequences to follow, and they are not fun)

see another rental place

usual household routine = dishes, doggies, self care, etc

sgos (another Most Important Thing I've been procrastinating on)

emissions test




Yep, you're in the right place and we look forward to seeing your posts!


"The elevator to success is out of order.   You'll have to take the stairs . . . one step at a time." - Joe Girard


I almost did not post today. It is my birthday. It is always a strange day for me. Last year was good because my gift to myself was a retreat and when I got back I had tickets for a mystery dinner show we all went and it was the best bday ever because I had not expectations of anyone else.

I am starting to feel down already. My husband said happy bday and he was going to Phila. after work. My sons did not say happy bday.

I know it is ridiculous and I don't know if I expect to be treated on my bday as I treat others - it has to do with my growing up- my bday was never celebrated, but it is no excuse now.

Sooooooooo this year I guess I will buy myself a cell phone. I had sprint and I was paying $95/mo and used it for business and then when I switched jobs, I was not using it so I canceled in March.

 Of course I have procrastinated on getting another one. My sister has T-mobile and it sounds like a good plan for me for now, so for my bday- I will get it.

For my bday, I will be happy and not analyze others - I will give them to my HP while I go do something else. I know it sounds easy, trust me this is hard, I don't feel worthy to begin with .....I don't want to get into it.

My first bday present popped up this morning and I would like to share it.

looks good and alot of free stuff.


Happy Birthday (Late)

H A P P Y    B I R T H D A Y


hope-faith R

Happy b-day, vic! :)

Hi vic!

Have a wonderful Happy Birthday! :)

Best regards,


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

,-*'^'~*-.,_,.-*~Happy Birthday Vic!~*-.,_,.-*~'^'*-,

"The elevator to success is out of order.   You'll have to take the stairs . . . one step at a time." - Joe Girard

re: birthdays

When you are the mom, you are the one who plans birthday celebrations so it seems that you get left out when it's time for yours!!    I handle this by planning my own party and telling people what I want . . . or sometimes I say, 'hey, this is what you're getting me for my bday' and just get it myself.    

"The elevator to success is out of order.   You'll have to take the stairs . . . one step at a time." - Joe Girard

great idea journey!

You are so right about birthdays for us Mamas! I think if you set in your mind ahead of time that others are used to following our lead, then you won't feel bad or take it as personally - just tell them as you said and you won't set yourself up for disappointment since they always forget! Plus I like what i pick out better usually anyway :)

Happy Birthday!

I can't do the fancy graphics that BGG offered you but I wish you the best on this day, and all days.



Want what you have. Be who you are. Do what you can. ~Forrest Church

The Hero's Code:

Show Up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Happy Bday Vic :)

I know Birthdays can be emotionally challenging...a time to reflect and most of us here will see the negative before the positive. I just want to encourage you and send you a BIG birthday hug and let you know how beautiful, strong, caring, wise and very worthy you are - your words never fail to inspire and bless me - you are overcoming and making progress and the enemy hopes you don't see it - but you are changing just like your wonderful starter says!

I got myself a phone for my bday too :-) This song has been blessing me and I wanted to share it with you  today...

I love the butterflies

IYou always know..