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Friday June 5, 2009

Agnus ci 12:35pm

This is J's bday so I promised to only work until 3 - then we will do a little shopping and I'll treat him to dinner and his new favorite sport - target practice at an indoor gun range. Even with the earmuffs they provided, the noise terrified me at first time but I think my nerves can stand it today (praying!).  I already did morning routine, sponsor and sponsee calls, dr appt, some laundry, fixed a toilet, prepped lunch, and cleaned the messy kitchen counter, which involved sorting a lot of mail, receipts etc.  So I am feeling good about this day already!  Next up:

  • add slide DONE!Cool
  • sftwr rvw
  • draft and wkng agendas: clt, dca Making steady progress
  • timecard, expenses
  • ed outrch

Falcon's back

Hi pro buddies,

Hope everyone has been well!

I had some minor surgery that should help solve some of the health problems I've been having.  It went fine, and I've been recovering at home.  I'm just starting to feel well enough to start. . . procrastinating!  Wink

Here's what I need to do today:

  • Eat breakfast
  • Shower & get dressed
  • Sort out stuff for bank
  • Go to bank
  • Make grocery list
  • Go get groceries
  • Clean moldy stuff out of refrigerator Surprised

 Tonight: call L and call J


babarino ci

do report (done)

send info summary (done)

kromer 9:25 CI

Today I'm heading to California on an evening flight...very excited because I get to see my family and a bunch of friends from home!

However, in the meantime I need to concentrate on my work.

Scheduled: Mtg w/ visiting scientists 10-10:30, leave to catch flight at 4

*Notes from mtg w/ visiting scientists, 1 hr thinking/writing about project plan
*Finish making slide on CLR results
*Student seminar updates, call TH
*Get stuff I need to work in California
*2 hrs bg reading for project (on the plane)

Other tasks:
*Buy hard drive
*Timecourse comparison
*Plan for network analysis project
*Email SM and Ya

Right now, I'm going to take 10 min to review what I want to talk about w/ visiting scientist. Then, I'm going to microburst getting CLR results, then go talk w/ visiting scientist, take notes from that and spend an hour thinking/writing about my project.

Update 10:50--microbursted getting CLR results, talked with visiting scientist (turns out he is super nice and hardly scary at all :) ). My advisor has scheduled me to have a last-minute mtg w/ him at 11:30, so I don't think I have time to seriously work on my project before then. So, I'm going to work on CLR for 40 min, then head to mtg. 

kromer 1:10 CI

OK, had meeting w/prof, went to lunch (and had bday cake!), now I have a little less than three hours before I need to leave for the airport.

Am feeling like I don't have nearly enough time to get done with everything I want to finish...well, I won't make it any better by panicking/avoiding.  I'm going to spend an hour and try to finish up the CLR slide (or at least make good progress), then I'll spend an hour thinking/reading about my project. 

Update 2:20--made good progress on CLR slide...need to run a few more calculations before I can finish the slide, I'm running those now. I'm actually going to take care of short MITs (student seminar updates, call TH, pack up papers for California), then finish slide and think about proj.  

Update 2:55--called TH, did student seminar updates, now packing papers for CA 

Update 3:30--done packing papers for CA, calculations are still running so I can't make the CLR slide, so I'll spend 40 min thinking/writing about project plan. 

Friday check in mj

Another grey, rainy day here in Colorado. Inside work today....

usual housework routine, dishes, clothes

dog to vet

papers to recycle

daughter to store

pick up muffler

another ap 

check out houses

exit ticket from last nights class

call for login

call rm and mb



ByGodsGrace todays CI

Stayed up too late and didn’t accomplish any work - repenting now and then getting some sleep instead of feeling guilty so that tomorrow will be a good day.  I relate so much to Agnus’ posts about not knowing what normal is – I pray for balance, yet I constantly judge myself too harshly or not harshly enough and don’t give myself credit for what I do in a day that others see as great yet I see as so far from where I should be… I can’t trust my own judgment or discernment… this only reminds me even more how dependent I am on God and His judgment and leading and how I am so quick to avoid Him at times and rely on my own mind which never works out for me. Grateful for forgiveness and a new day tomorrow

!Word and prayer for the day: Colossians 1:10-12 (the message) 

“As you learn more and more how God works, you will learn how to do your work. We pray that you'll have the strength to stick it out over the long haul—not the grim strength of gritting your teeth but the glory-strength God gives. It is strength that endures the unendurable and spills over into joy, thanking the Father who makes us strong enough to take part in everything bright and beautiful that he has for us.”

My to do list: 

Vbs 9-11:30, s store, find box to mail for C, Call TO, lunch ther.

Sample for job CW/email, scan photos jobH, edit list jobCC/email, email job2 again

June-July tasks/jobs: email updates/to do lists to: job2, jobM, jobCC, job CW

byGodsGrace todays ci

keep losing my internet - but still here! My day has not gone according to plan but it has still been productive and I feel good about progress - thank the Lord! Some avoidance but also tackled some things I had been avoiding earlier in the week... and still time to go in the day :)

Listening to a song called "Live for today" by Natalie Grant - my soundrack today :-)

my oh so crazy life... takin one step at a time, holding your hand all the way and it'll be ok - i will follow in your way, i will live for today! I'm gonna let my little light shine likes there's no tomorrow... i won't worry bout the past, i know my future is intact  so i'll choose to live my life one way, i'm gonna live it for today - you told me not to worry about what lies ahead so I am gonna focus on today instead, makin every moment count and counting every single blessing... I'm gonna set my mind on the here and the now, this is what i want my life to be about and this is how i'm gonna live for today!  I won't turn back now... keep movin ahead!!

A new begining.

Hi Grace,

Boy can I relate!! I am doing an on line step study.  We were working on Chapter 4 of the Big Book (last few lines):

"Some of us grow into it more slowly. BUT HE COMES TO ALL WHO HAVE HONESTLY

It is good to be dependent on God, my weaknesses KEEP ME ON MY KNEES. (That is where I need to be).

Endorse the effeort not only the performance. Endorse, endorse endorse-everywhere I go I see it.

I loved the president's speech- there was much truth

"We have the power to make the world we seek, but only if we have the courage to make a new beginning, keeping in mind what has been written. The Talmud tells us: "The whole of the Torah is for the purpose of promoting peace."

The holy Bible tells us: "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God."

I believe I must first be at peace with myself- everything I am and everything I'm not in order to move forward with God and others.

Thank you.


thanks vic!

Your comments and posts always speak to me - i very much relate too - and inspire me! Thank you for sharing :) I will check out the link and I completely agree that it is a blessing to be dependent on God - our weaknesses truly keep us on our knees and there is no better place to be!

 I so appreciated the verse you shared about peacemakers and relating it to peace with ourselves first... that is so wise and true! If I don't first love and have peace within myself I can't receive from God fully or bless others... I am grateful that I am beginning to recover more quickly, receive forgiveness more easily and return to peace more fully! What a journey we are on!

So I pray Bring me joy, bring me peace
Bring the chance to be free, Bring me anything that brings You glory.  

Casting Crowns