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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009


Wishing everyone a fruitful Wednesday! 

Recycler CI 9:50pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

What a day! Bravely did some stuff.

Now I'm going to pull the covers over my head and sleep. (sigh).

I will be away at Continuing Education for a while. I look forward to talking with you several days from now.

Have a great night! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

tiptree 6 pm CI

- sc -- fix issue
- sc - munge file locators
- sc - script to copy data/files to uw
- flash - lm string added to URL
- clean desk
- investigate FF2 issue w/ tmce
- close 1552
- walk dog
- bp - ui to add bp hierarchy

ByGodsGrace todays CI

I have had this underlying vague feeling of anxiety and fear since finishing my last deadline… I was disappointed in myself for how I handled the whole job although I did meet it – I allowed it to overshadow my feelings of progress in how I have dealt with other clients and juggled so many deadlines. I have not been in full retreat – so that is progress– but have known that I was avoiding restarting work and also the one personal phone call…so since doing vacation bible school with dd this wk – except for today – I have been slowly snapping out of it thankfully! I KNOW I am self-sabotaging by avoiding really working on these jobs – these are clients who sought me out, know my work and love me – I have all their invoices done and just need to finish the projects in whatever stage they are in. I can do this. I am reminded  today that if I don’t fight against my emotions and this resistance they will win – it is easy to give in or take a passive approach and hope the feelings get better or wait for a crisis to act – but God requires me to play an active role in this fight to succeed.  To praise Him and be grateful instead of dwell on what I fear, to cast down thoughts that don’t line up with His word, to sing and rejoice and keep my eyes on him – from where my help comes – not my own weakness or circumstance… the very things I avoid when I let these emotions creep up on me! So I am getting back in the fight today – rereading some old posts and getting fired up and b2w!

Word and prayer for the day: Phil. 4:8

“Whatever is lovely… if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.”

My to do list: 

Breakfast therapy with dd, Read bible/pray, H/T, dishes, mail ck for supplies, store SO, S, church 7p if dd awake still, call R, vbs donation bag (started)

Call/Sample job CW/email, scan pics jobH, list jobCC/email, T Home pg, email job FS

June-July tasks/jobs, email updates/to do list: job2, jobM,  jobCC,  job CW, job AT, Job LB

tx chick & jo :)

Thanks so much for the support! I couldnt respond until today b/c no internet - really don't like not being connected, but thanks to having been here I handle it better!

I think the finishing part - and the starting part - may be related to the perfectionism issue - not starting until I think i have the perfect plan and not wanting to finish in case I can make it better or fear that it won't be as good as i hoped. Being aware of this tendency it still sneaks up on me...

How compulsive is it that i can't leave my list unchecked/makred off?!

Breakfast therapy with dd, Read bible/pray, H/T, dishes, mail ck for supplies, store SO, S, church 7p if dd awake still, call R, vbs donation bag (started)

Call/Sample job CW (waiting on client)email, scan pics jobH, list jobCC/email, T Home pg (ONAP), email job FS

June-July tasks/jobs, email updates/to do list: job2, jobM,  jobCC,  job CW, job AT, Job LB

solidarity to you bGG. I

solidarity to you bGG. I struggle to finish things, seems like the first tenth and the last tenth are the hardest for me...

starting and finishing

Yep!  I had a boss once who told me that my performance was excellent in the "meat and potatoes" of a project but I needed to work on my starting and finishing.   He was so right!   


"The elevator to success is out of order.   You'll have to take the stairs . . . one step at a time." - Joe Girard

Checking In -- 060309 - more bad than good

Hi. I'm Theresa. I am a bad compulsive earner, a compulsive procrastinator, a debtor, an overeater an email addict and an internet addict. 


Went to a concert last night with my cousin and had a great time - good for relationships and not isolating and/or cutting myself off from fun.

I am decluttering and uncovering more and more and at least reading the underearner books I have received. 

I unsubscribed from at least 20 author email lists yesterday. 


Went to concert last night - bad for finances and procrastination. Had to borrow money from my wealth vase to afford ticket, and didn't accomplish anything else. 

I have not done one thing directly related to my writing classes etc. and/or getting a full time job. I have not written any words period.

Like Slug's post, I really want these classes. I got behind when we were without power for a week, yet I've stayed behind. I expect when I sign into the one later tonight that I've been booted again for not participating/being caught up. 

My finances are horrible - in a complete mess. I'm about to go to my steady cleaning job, 3 hours once a week. That's it - all the money I have coming in with any regularity. 

Sometimes I get banquets, but I am so sick of them, not having my weekends, as well. I am not doing anything about it. 

My 2nd deference on my student loans ends this month.  I'm still getting calls from them and my other big debt even though I have requested several times that they only contact me by mail.

Somehow I lose time when I know I need to face anything uncomfortable. 


Gentlemen, I believe we have much to discuss.
(Robert Lansing as Control, The Equalizer, Trial by Ordeal.)

wednesdays child is full of woe checkin

It is kind of disheartening to carry over the same to do list day after day. Sometimes, the items on the list repeat because it is  daily routine. Sometimes they repeat because no, or insufficient, progress was made. However, here we go again:


recycle paper boxes (3)

look @ houses



mow lawn

dogs ears

ff credit

Agnus 9:30

Happy Wednesday and thanks for the cute thread starter.  I have already had my sponsor and sponsee calls, and done some semi-emergency banking tasks. Next up: pray through today's to-do's and adapt as necessary. The list is fairly simple since I didn't complete yesterday's!

  • proofs LaughingDONE!
  • cover art
  • agendas and presentations for next week
  • clear desk
  • phone calls
  • clean Inbox

Sounds simple but there are a bazillion subtasks that can really drag my time down, and I work in an environment where newly emerging issues can disrupt an entire day.  It would be great to be caught up enough on everyday stuff, to respond creatively to an emerging issue without feeling drowned by the consequences! Might not be possible in reality, but I can dream...:-)

kromer 9 CI

Scheduled: subgroup mtg 1-2:30, friend's bday party 9-11

*1 hr bg reading
*1 hr thinking/writing about project
*Make slide on CLR results
*Finish writing up clustering analysis

Other tasks:
*Start correlation analysis
*Emails (see yesterday's CI)
*Plan for rotation project

Going to start w/ the bg reading, then finish writing up clustering analysis, then thinking/writing about project.

Update 10:30--finished bg reading, now think I'd better do the hour of thinking/reading about project so that I'll be ready for subgroup mtg, then I'll work on clustering analysis.

Update 11:30--did an hour of thinking/reading about project, so I'll be ready for subgroup mtg. Now, I'm going to spend 30 min working on writing up clustering analysis, then I'll have lunch, spend a little more time on clustering analysis, have subgroup mtg, finish up clustering.

Update 12:50--worked a bit on writing up clustering analysis, had lunch (and cake for labmate's bday!), now I'm going to transfer a few files for clustering analysis, then head to subgrp meeting 

kromer 3:15 CI

Went to subgroup went very long! But done now.

Now I need to finish writing up clustering analysis...hope to be done with this by 4:30! Then I'll start working on CLR slide. 

Update 6:25--just finished clustering analysis. (Turned out there was a coffee hour 4-5...figured I should go, since I'm still trying to get to know lab members, but it's put me behind.) Now I'm going to head home, have dinner and do budgeting. 

GeorgeSmiley 7:15 AM

Good morning everyone.

Meditation reading completed. (It was all about peacemaking. And then I looked up from my book and saw a centipede and slaughtered it. Which was probably bad karma.)

Today's MITs:

1: Project P-8

2: Finish vacation reservations

3: Project M-4

4: Project PB-Y

5: Do the long view on projects and tasks (normally for Fridays but it's been at least a week and a half since I last did this and my time is relatively unscheduled right now).



Want what you have. Be who you are. Do what you can.

~Forrest Church


The Hero's Code:

Show Up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

on smashing centipedes

(isn't that the name of a band?)  lol GeorgeSmiley!  :D

Journey 7:30 today is a new day

Yesterday was not my best effort at working from home.   I was distracted by the house guest, I love having this person visit but still it was distracting to pick them up, do last minute cleaning and shopping and stuff.  I didn't really start working until lunchtime and lacked focus most of the afternoon, until an unexpected little project got dropped in my lap.  I really enjoyed working on that, and did it quickly and well, but I did almost nothing on my work todo list for yesterday.  Time to refocus and get back on the horse this morning.  I've just gotten back from the gym and I'm going to clean up and change clothes, have some breakfast and get to work.   It will be easy to make my todo list for today as it will pretty much be the same as yesterday's.  

Breakfast, todolist, chatbox.  



"The elevator to success is out of order.   You'll have to take the stairs . . . one step at a time." - Joe Girard

Sarito CL 9h00

self-care: dr. appointment; run in park; floor exercises; spiritual reading

school: coaching; Schu & Ver orch ex; review spots in Blo; play through Mo

errands/other: shop for household items; verify insurance questions; new load of laundry; fold clothes; hand wash; transfer; cancel Fri evening appointment; see if possible to change Fri afternoon appointment to later in day; check info on web entry