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Wednesday, May 13th, 2009


polish shoes  DONE

start diary 

Sammy ci :: 9:35 pm

Hi everyone.

Late check in today.

finished that final project for Flash class, teacher loved it. Now I'm working (yes, actually working!) on my final paper for Psych. Unfortunately, I wasted a lot of time doing nothing this morning, so I just got started at about 8:30 pm. But like today's starter says...I will not feel guilty! Whats past is past, and what matters is being productive now. The paper is due tomorrow at 6 pm, but I have an Econ test at 3, so I really need to finish the paper by about 2:30. 

Here I go! 

katia11- ready for today

Meh. I am sick. And of course I have places to be today.

However! I got a JOB! It's just a cashiering job, but I have been trying for months for ANYTHING, since i've been taking a break from school. YAY!

-Drive home and get social security card, checking account #, and book that needs shipping
-Drive to Home Depot #1 and fill out papers
-Training at Home Depot #2 tonight
-Read a couple chapters of my book
-Call/e-mail my advisor
-Fill out financial aid forms
-Have a lovely last night in this godforsaken apartment! lol

Agnus 10am, 2:35pm

Feeling pleased with meself for being at my desk earlier than usual - but no virtue of mine! Rather: Thank you, God, for the early sponsee call and business calls that forced this on me :-)!  I was up until 3 a.m. just getting 2 MITs off my plate that have been there since Monday, so I was headed for a sleep-in binge.  These MITs remain:

  • find a/v forms
  • one-sheet with quotes solid progress
  • request new approach for final push solid progress
  • spreadsheet
  • My goal is to complete those by lunchtime, then:

    • catch up Inbox solid progress
    • software status?
    • review all paper notes and prioritize tasks
    • develop 3 possible budget scenarios
    • ADDED: complete and submit a/v form

    Work has been very fragmented today but all important and urgent stuff - I think there have been 7 phone calls that each needed immediate action, plus about twice that many emails. I need to stop and eat the lunch I prepared over an hour ago (a phone call interrupted me). Then keep going to completion on the above MITs, keeping in mind that "DONE is better than PERFECT." 

    Personal stuff that needs attending:

    • spiritual class studies
    • be early for meeting tonight
    • make one healthcare call: chiro (overdue 1 week), orthodontist (overdue 6 months), gyn (overdue 2 years), GP (overdue 6 months) or acupuncture (alternative to steroids just prescribed, that I don't want to take)

    GeorgeSmiley 8:25 AM; update 2 p.m.

    On the good news front: excellent meeting last night for Project O. I'm very pleased w/ how it went.

    On the challengin news front: I've been a bit aimless this AM so far. Need to get focused.

    One thing is that I've been second guessing my latest draft for Project E. I think I want to take 45 minutes and see if I can tweak it some more.

    After that today's main projects are P-7, and also T-C.

    Update, 2 p.m.

    Tweaked Project E, made necessary cals on P-7, began T-C. Finished for the day for now. It's been a good day.



    The Hero's Code:

    Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

    Hope-Faith CI 9:00

    Need to focus my mind I am really struggling with doing my am work routine. I have been sucked up into other things that are not important.


    1. Call Printer
    2. Plan for classes
    3. Call DH

    All Things Done

     Home    Work 8:00-12:30   Work 12:30-3:30    Home 4:00-9:00
    Ready  X  Survey 1  X  Class 3 done X DS home
    Move Kittens  X Survey 2  X Print Highest X Bought Supper
    Breakfast  X Survey 3  X Worked on additional awards X Picked up prescription
       X Call Printer  X Check on kittens X Back at work
       X P/U Awards  X   X Eat supper
       X Lunch  X   X   Print out directory
       X class 1 & 2 done  X   X  Match awards
       X 3 e-mails  X   X  print memo
       X 5 phone calls  X   X  Put in boxs
       X printed 92.5 (a)  X   X  make more awards 
       X    X   X Store 
       X    X   X Gas
       X    X   X Lesson Plans Done

    Next items to accomplish

    1. Eat supper Done
    2. Print out directory Done
    3. Match awards to master sheets Done
    4. Find and print memo to T Done
    5. Put in boxs Done
    6. Lesson Plans and activities for tomorrow Done
    7. Try to make more awards Done and they look great YAY me 
    8. Names on Program will have to do later
      1. Store -- Cat food, drinks and snacks for field day Done
      2. Gas Done

    5:45 I am off and running

    CI 8:55 I have completed everything on my list but one YAY me. So that is next lesson plans for sub

    1. Print out attandance Do Tomorrow AM
    2. Assign Test Done
    3. Create quia game Done
    4. E-mail Students Done
    5. Plan for A1 do not know what to do here I will have to think.

    CI 11:15

    I need to send to e-mails for work and then I am done with work stuff for the day. I did not get room picked up or put the final touches on my Lesson Plans for tomorrow, janitor kicked me out of the building because he was ready to go home and had to secure the building.

    I am going to go ahead an CI for tomorrw am. Very busy day and I wont to be ready for the challange.


    ByGodsGrace todays CI

    Stayed up late but managed to get some sleep and get up early – I finally got moving on this job2 after avoiding it – and most other things – first half the day! Even when I got going, still made it too big – but at I am grateful to at least be making progress on it and for a patient client. My experience with this job despite improvements in other jobs has reminded me of the addiction at work in me and my habits and my need to stay aware and accountable. I have so much to learn and do, can’t do it by myself and as the starter reminds me – feeling guilty won’t help me get anything done! Somehow I got away from the habit of chatbox - not avoidance at first but circumstances and then perhaps it became avoidance or insecurity - daily CI is not enough for me I now see! So I am here to focus on today and ask God to help me “feel the fear and do it anyway!”

    Word and prayer for the day: Isaiah 40:31 (NIV)

    “but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint..” 

    Forgive me for not seeking you consistently for this job, help me as I repent (turn and change direction) and seek you in this uncomfortable place, help me to not avoid it, but keep my eyes on You and face it with Your grace and power. Help me to look to You and  though it seems such an extravagant thought, to even have joy in the process.

    My to do list: 

    Read Bible/ Pray, Dd school

    Job2 part 1 –assemble final design, photos/email, type invoice/email, order supplies asap  WHEW!!!!

    Job2 part 2 –f suggestion list, b label, design plan summary, invoice part 2

    AFTER job2: Call jobAB about cards, jobCC – type invoice/email, email jobTW new client info

    + print extras for jobM

    dd school 2.30p, store, church 7p

    call R, call TA and TO again, email MC / PS / LS, review wdna – cancel? Clear email

    kromer 8:30

    A bit of a late checkin (I've turned off the heat, meaning it's very tempting to stay in my nice cozy bed in the mornings...)

    Today is a very scheduled day...not too much chance to go off track :)

    *Finish presentation
    *Read paper
    *Finish studying for CSB final

    *Put away last few papers in room, seminar update,return library books

    Other tasks:
    *Review 4 stats lectures
    *Better list of TFs
    *Gen. larger lists of correlated genes
    *Re-try correlations with spearman and compare results; try jacknifing on a few genes to see whether outlers are a problem. 

    *Class 9:45-12
    *Lab mtg 12-1
    *Quals lunch 1-2
    *Class 3-6

    *Call AG
    *Cook dinner
    *TV show

    Right now, I'm going to take an hour and finish up my presentation. 

    Update 9:40--finished presentation. Yay! Now return lib books, head to class, lab mtg, quals lunch, then finish reading paper, class, then home to cook dinner and call AG.   

    Update 2:40--returned books, class, lab mtg, quals lunch, now working on reading paper. 

    Update 5:55--finished reading paper, went to class (and gave presentation, which went quite well), now checking to make sure I have everything I need to study for final, then I'll head home and cook dinner. 

    kromer 8:40 CI

    Made sure I had everything I needed to study, then came home, cooked dinner.

    Instead of watching TV show as my break, I made a mind map of DP's project...relaxing (basically doodling), it helped organize my thoughts,  and I had some new ideas.

    Now, I need to finish studying for my CSB exam. Lots of anxiety about this! But the exam should actually be pretty easy, I think. Going to talk to AG for a bit and then do this. 

    Wednesday's e is full of Waugh

    actually, I don't remember what I have read of Evelyn Waugh, but it is better than Woe, so there you have it.

    Today Patches the Dog woke me up eager to get outside and eat green shoots everywhere. I lay in bed and realized, Hey, what an opportunity to start to move my sleep schedule a bit forward towards getting up at 6 so I can begin the day more on schedule. So I am up and sleepy but feeling like I am a hot poop because I followed the opportunity. Yay me! However, as you can see, I am a bit delirious from lack of sleep or caffeine or both.

    Interesting time of life these days. I, at 49, just realized why it was such a pain to put my hair in a bun: my hair grows sideways and I have large skull! What seem like adequately long bits are not long enough to reach in back of my head. Why this realization is being shared here? Because it is a result of putting down my 12 step addictions/obsessions/compulsions that I have quieted my mind enough to observe what I do. Life is getting more manageable as I, bit by bit, figure out which place to put my medication that seems to work best for my taking it: where to store my jewelry so that I wear it every day, when I think about putting on sunscreen so that I can have it nearby and do it. The Promises are beginning to come true.

    Delightful E

    God Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Thy will be done, not mine.

    re: full of Waugh

    Brideshead Revisited is excellent!

    Soon you will harvest what you are planting today - Steve Pavlina

    brideshead revisited

    Now I have a craving to watch Jeremy Irons! But yes, now I am going to have to dig out some proper literature to read instead of solely 12th step stuff that I am ingesting these days. However, I really like the Zen of Eating: very insightful about what satiates the soul, that Buddha guy....

    God Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Thy will be done, not mine.

    isabo ci 845am

    already done -

    up no snooze    brushed teeth    work    lunch made    boy off to school    store    coffee   

    want to do -

    empty dishwasher,load dishwasher,wipe counters,wipe cupboard doors DONE 930am

    gather laundry,make beds,tidy kids floors DONE 1000am 

    start laundry cycle,wipe down dryer,kitty litter DONE 1020am 

    tidy living room, wipe down tables,dust tables,lampshades,mirrors DONE 1045am

    vacuum bedrooms stairs kitchen DONE 1120am .....1220PM   done an hour later than schedule, that is ok, times were estimate anyway!  Now to make and eat lunch, then I will mow the front lawn, and hopefully the back - hubby can mow side! 

    Very proud of above work, feels satisfying after several days of relative inactivity.

    Areas that I need to watch - shopping and spending money spontaneously....need to follow list

    I also need to reign in the negative voice in my head, its been winning too often lately.  Today I can move easily and worry free !


    Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

    Not always willing


    Just checking in. I am not always willing to jump out and face the day. Yesterday was ok. Helped kids with homework, took son to soccer, dinner (seems pathetic)- some e-mails, did not bindge or drink, some wash, dishes, prayer and meditation,nothing on my list. but I guess more than it felt like.

    Today I walk with friend. Thank god- will get me out and moving. My husband left for work- seems angry at me- it only makes me want to do less.

    Puppies (Gulliver x Gigi) by schulze-  Together we can do what we can not do alone.....

    Will check in later- progress not perfection.

    strength, vic

    your mood, what you did yesterday....sounds so very familiar.  And no bingeing or drinking - good for you.   Today I have already binged on food. 

    Strength to us to ignore our negative voices and concentrate on our next positive steps.


    Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

    Thank you Is

    One day at a time. I used to think "if I didn't bindge, I would have done.....etc., etc.""

    For me, I think it was a way for dealing with the procrastination. It is a bit of a double edge sword to know that this problem is not because I do/ or do not bindge or go to the food. I now must give up the fantasy that somehow I would have done it if.......and that is very painful for me to accept- maybe self-centered? My HP is sure stripping me of everything to keep me on my knees. ..where I need to be.

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    Journey 7:45

    Good morning!  working from home today; I've been to the gym and stopped by the grocery store.   WHY do I end up going to the grocery store like EVERY DAY?   

    Booting up the laptop now and getting dressed in "work at home" clothes.  Back at 8ish to make my todo list for the day.

    Have a productive and enjoyable day everyone! 


    Soon you will harvest what you are planting today - Steve Pavlina

    going to the grocery store every day

    I fall into habits like this and actually came to enjoy it when it meant I was eating what I purchased that day. However, I do a little better now with this because I am planning a little more. As they say in OA, if you fail to plan, plan to fail! However, I used to find that since I had to do everything perfectly it would take me ages to plan and that missed the whole point of trying to save time. I tend now to think about whta today and perhaps tomorrow will need, but not to get hung up about when I miss something, because there is always tomorrow. I am in and out faster and I try to combine it with other errands, which feels good. Especially the not beating myself up part!

    God Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Thy will be done, not mine.

    true e!

    I realize that one reason I go so often is that it's so easy to stop by on the way home from the gym on work-at-home days!   And I stress less about getting everything on the weekends.  

    OK, I'm dressed and I've read email and checked my calendar but now I'm just sorta sitting here!  

    I need to dig out my cord for the laptop so the battery doesn't go dead, make my todo list, and straighten my desk.  And have some breakfast.  Then I'll be in the chatbox! 


    Soon you will harvest what you are planting today - Steve Pavlina

    Mansah - midday'ish

    I need to make myself check in here more aften - regardless of time, if it's too late for a to do list I should say what I actually did do. Yesterday when I didn't check in here I managed to make a to do list but in the end I didn't do any of it.


    Today I am going to take it nice and easy, just get some of the little things done.

    Do laundry - 1st load, 2nd load, 3rd load

    Change bed linen

    Clean up my comp harddisk


    Make dinner

    Bed before midnight




    Though this be madness, yet there is method in't ~ Polonius (Hamlet)

    Beginnings & Ends

    It's amazing how a day can go from seemingly productive - and you can really believe it and suddenly it's evening and you realise you are still in your pyjamas, haven't brushed your teeth, haven't left the house and has had three portions of cereal.

    And now all of a sudden I feel like doom and death will come if I don't hurry out the door to go see a film or buy a tub of ice cream or both  - which I would eat in a second. I am trying so hard not to do it but I find it impossible to distract myself from the thought. The only alternative I can come up with is to sleep but I'm not that tired and it isn't even 9 o'clock.

     And you know, I really thought I'd been quite good today but apart from an impulsive non-cerealic lunch and my laundry I have done virtually nothing... And it's as if I can't summon the energy to do anything either - or make a decisionabout what to do - except the two things I want to dobut which I really shouldn't.


    Though this be madness, yet there is method in't ~ Polonius (Hamlet)


    We've all been there Mansah!  Hang in there!

    Soon you will harvest what you are planting today - Steve Pavlina

    Deej CI 13/05

    Yesterday afternoon didn't go so well in a procrastination sense. Not sure why; the task at hand wasn't that scary, I just didn't want to do it. I guess old habits are hard to break. So continuing on...

    1. Finish review of RI information note & approval form + work through notes being prepared by others
    2. Get contacts page published

    Alright this is silly - can't get this task underway, time to explore why again...

    1. don't feel like it
    2. complexity of dealing with multiple info notes from multiple people
    3. when its done I'll have to post on web and I'm not comfortable with this process
    4. desire to get my info note perfected
    5. other's info notes should be similarly perfected but what influence do I have on them
    6. what is the right procedure for dealing with various elements eg acknowledging past authors, etc
    7. need to put into new template

    Moving forward...

    1. as JustDooIt pointed out, you don't have to like it to do it
    2. its not that complex but spend ome time organising it
    3. don't worry about that at this point - one step at a time
    4. remember progress! - making improvements not perfecting
    5. let it go
    6. make a list and put it to the noted coordinator
    7. call coordinator and work through one

    Now in to it...

    Gee that works well (2 for 2 anyhow). Spent the whole day working on it without further procrastination. Feels good :-)

    really good example

    really good example of applying the PA tools, Deej. Thanks for sharing this.

    chick CI

    project l

    sort and organize materials a bit



    Sarito Early CL

    self-care: spiritual reading; indoor exercise (it rained again); floor exercises; pt appt

    school: schedule coaching w/asst; schedule audition; met work on all of Ba & Prok; read through Mo corrections (last priority); So Di 2-3v; So cles; So ryt

    other: teach 

    household: dishes; change sheets; recycling; cooking