Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Monday 11th May 2009









Hope you like today's image above. Its of nothing - effectively what I do when my procrastination is at its worse.

As we start to achieve instead of procrastinate and set our expectations higher, I think its worth remembering from where we've come. So I try to reassure myself when I'm doing little that its still a lot...

relative to nothing

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Mansah CL - evening

Better late than never checking in, isn't it? And actually I am quite pleased that I haven't logged on here before now as it means I haven't been online earlier either.


Today has been alright, I sat my exam and managed to stay awake throughout despite feeling a compulsion to sleep. I hadn't revised for it nor have I revised for the one tomorrow but I have decided it doesn't matter this year (because it really doesn't, I am not just being extremely lenient).

I went to check out the availability of various plays which I had promised my friend to do two weeks ago or more.

I went to the park and instead of falling asleep I actually started writing a letter for some of my friends - the letter is over a month overdue so let's say it's about time.

I went to a lecture.

I walked home.

I ate my pineapple before it was too late.

I've started charging my ipod.


So all in all I am actually quite pleased with today's accomplishments, even if they are of the smaller category and some of them hardly seem to have been to do. I am also happy I have come here even if it's late.

Now I want to clean my room while watching a movie - but I have to actually clean my room while I'm watching it - and then I want to go to bed.


Edited Wed 13th: I did actually manage to clean my room, and seriously, what a difference it makes!


Though this be madness, yet there is method in't ~ Polonius (Hamlet)

Recycler CI 3:30pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Turning the corner on the afternoon at work here. Trying to plan the afternoon before I finish up at 5pm.

This morning I walked to the gym, did additional cardio, ab exercises, and stretching.

At work, did really well at staff meeting this morning :) At lunchtime I went for a walk, then ate my food. I'm still digging through my list from the meeting and email.

Later walk home or take train. I have an event tonight, but I have to decide if I am going.

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Agnus checking in

Need to overcome some gut-clenching fear today about my job - deadlines and stuff that requires other people's buy-in, people who aren't buying in because of their deadlines.  Feeling very anxious today!  OK, Ag, stop focusing on the negative...

Gratitude list:  Thank you, God, for grace, recovery, sponsor, sponsees, getting 2/5 caught up in my spiritual class, owning nice home in a climate and area most people covet, a faithful spouse, a loving family including parents in relatively good physical health for their ages, an amazingly functional spouse despite 7 chronic physical and mental health conditions, a job that could end in 6 weeks but pays better than I've ever made, a real savings account (first time ever), more stuff than we need, and enough food to feed a third world family for 3 months. 

There, I feel better already! On to MITs and MUTs du jour:

  • order newmcr packet for CT
  • calendar and finalize all plans for DL events
  • url to gpo for grafix
  • find a/v forms
  • one-sheet with quotes
  • request new approach for final push progress made
  • spreadsheet
  • clean Inbox progress made
  • 7pm church class

Sammy ci :: 12:15 pm

Hello, everyone.

Happy Monday! Another weekend is on its way!

Done: Get up by 8, feed dog, eat breakfast, prepare dinner, get mail, eat lunch, shower (& blow dry hair).

To Do: Microburst Flash final, at least 2 loads of laundry, Ham in oven at 4, pick up B & Co. at 4:15, complete overdue flash assignments, dinner with family, more microbursting on flash final, in bed by 12.

Tomorrow: Get up by 8. Microburst flash final. Shower (& blow dry hair). Microburst flash final. Eat lunch. Microburst flash final. Leave home by 5:30. Flash final due at 6 pm. Determine subject for final paper (psychology). In bed by 12.

Wednesday: Get up by 8. Shower (& blow dry) Microburst psych paper. Lunch. Microburst psych paper. Puppet practice at 4. Microburst psych paper. In bed by 12.

Thursday: Get up by 8. Microburst psych paper. Early lunch. Microburst psych paper. Shower (& blow dry). Leave home by 2:30. Econ final at 3. Psych paper due at 6:30.

Friday: Get up by 7. Leave home by 8. Ad Design class at 8:30. Celebrate being DONE WITH SCHOOL for the semester. Work.

 Today I am thankful for the promise of freedom from schoolwork after this week! (Unitl late August, at least....) 


Sammy ci :: 3:00 pm

Really struggling right now. Back to microbursting, starting with getting out the requirements for the project. 

Sammy ci :: 1:30 am

Doing much better now...I think it helps that the house is quiet, and there are less distractions!

Still have lots to do, though.... obviously I missed my 12am bedtime, but I've built up some momentum, so I'm not going to stop now! 

kromer 9:15 CI

Hello, all!

I took a trip this weekend, now I'm back and need to focus on my work.

Scheduled: Mtg 2-3

*Prep for mtg (done, though not quite as well as I would like)
*Unpack/clean room
*Finish stats hw
*1 hr brainstorming about MC's project
*Make a schedule for the week
*Email about lab, fix TAMO issue, return library books.

Other tasks:
*Go over 2 CSB lectures
*Go over 3 stats lectures
*Bg reading plan

Right now, I'm going to head to the chatbox to do mtg prep

kromer 2:45 CI

Prepped for and went to mtg.

Now, I'm going to take notes from the mtg, make a schedule for the week, email about lab, fix TAMO issue, finish stats hw, do 1 hr brainstorming about MCs project.

Heading to chatbox now. 

Update 4:30: made schedule, emailed about tab, fixed TAMO issue, finished stats hw. Now I'm going to take notes from mtg and brainstorm about MC's project. 

byGodsGrace todays CI

Great reminder in the starter Deej -thanks! I have come a long way thank God!

Spent the weekend catching up -glad its done, hopeful this will be my last job to avoid so long out of fear. I saw another designer's site/work that is very close to my style &way of working and the difference in where we are career wise inspired me and also showed me how much my fear has held me back from success. I do ok, but not great because I don't promote well or handle finances well and barely get thru jobs i have... I see a glimpse of future tho - working from confidence not fear, joy not anxiety - praying God helps me stay on track and get there. Busy Monday – some caused be prior avoidance, some by the way my deadlines work… praying and working.

My Word and prayer for the day: 1 john 4:18, Psalm 18:32

Trust in God’s Perfect Love to be Perfected (Completed More and More – brought into maturity) “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love”

Trust in God and he Will Help you to Be Perfected (Grow in Holiness)

“It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.”

My to do list: 

Read Bible/ Pray, (leave drop box) Dd school, bank (activate card), call job T, printer   

jobM – f/p env, cardsJob2 –edit list/email, revise invoice, email (supply cost/order list) 

jobCC – photo email, type invoice (almost done)

printer/cuts, 2p Playdate pickup, dd school 2.30p

jobM assemble for mail, ups/call jobM for pickup

Call M, call R, call TA, call TO email MC / PS / LS - clear inbox

Journey 9 am

Good morning!  Went back to the gym this morning, althought I took it a little easier than usual.   I worked Sat. night but otherwise spent a lot of the weekend resting as I felt really tired all last week.   Now I'm ready to face a new week!

Boss gave me a new project Friday and wants a report on my progress by Wednesday.  I'm not sure how to start, so today I need do some research and send out some feelers.  I feel uncomfortable/unqualified to do this kind of project but it's an area that I'm really interested in learning about, so it's all good. 

Now I'm going for coffee and then I'll make my todo list.  See you in the chatbox later.


Soon you will harvest what you are planting today - Steve Pavlina

GeorgeSmiley 7:40 AM

Well, I've gotten through a fairly nerve-wracking weekend.

Friday I lost half of my day taking my older son to the ER for what turned out to be an abcessed tonsil. Fortunately they just had to drain it, not take it out, and he was released that night. And I still had to do my part-time job while he was in recovery, but managed to get my work done quickly and then retrieved him from the hospital and took him home.

Over the weekend I had two short projects to finish, which I managed to do yesterday. And I had 2 more part-time shifts, Saturday night and last night, as well.

This morning MIT/MUT is Project T-B.

Then Project E rewrite due tomorrow 9 am

I also have a noon meeting for Project O [a volunteer thing].

But at least tonight I don't have work or meetings, so Mrs. GS and I are hoping for some quality time...

I'm making some progress toward reducing the number of different projects I work on in any given day and focusing days to just one or two projects in greater depth. But I still have a ways to go to fully implement that. 

The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Update, 5:10 PM

Well, I got T-B done. I've been thinking some about Project E. I probably will not get the rewrite finished by 9 am tomorrow. But I'm beat for the day and while it hasn't been perfect it's been somewhat productive. 

So I'm going to get a full night's rest, tonight, and then focus on Project E in the am when I am fresh.




The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Your progress inspires GS!

So glad that your son is OK and just wanted to let you know that we have similar deadline and juggling issues and it is inspiring to see new ideas and tools you work on and show progress with.  Sometimes in the midst of "getting thru" we don't see how well we are doing,so thought I would share from an outsider perspective how well I think you are doing! And making quality time for the Mrs. too... woohoo - great job! :-)

Thank you

 The fellowship here is very important to my moving beyond old, bad habits.



The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Hope-Faith CI 4:33

It is a new week, I am full of hope for the day and have tons of faith that will carry me throug this week.

All Things To Do

  1. Complete am routine Done
  2. Remove winter clothes
  3. Get summer clothes out
  4. Fold and put away all clothes
  5. Finish painting room
  6. Work on wiki
  7. Work on livestock
  8. 15 min bunny-tree
  9. 15 min file cabinet
  10. 15 min van

All Things Done

 Home    Work 8:00-12:30   Work 12:30-3:30
Check e-mail   X  E-mail  X Class 2 Done
Update fitness C  X A1 Planned  X 4 e-mails sent
Coffee  X A2 Planned  X Folder Labels
Reboot  X Survey's Done  X 3 e-mails sent
CI  X 1 e-mail sent  X Class Records
Financials/Bill  X add art  X Class 3 Done
Update Blog  X add career  X Arrangments for DD & DS
Exercise  X 5 e-mail  X Confer with D for DS
Load  X updated records  X 4 Phone Calls
Swish & Swipe  X class 1 done  X 2 Phone Calls
Breakfast  X printed Awards/half  X  
Ready  X Update - records  X  
Launch Pad  X 2 phone calls  X  
   X Lunch  X  
   X Blog Posted  X  



Great PA Meeting Last Nite!

Posting the two PA tools that were discussed: 

2. Visualization: Plan what to do, then imagine yourself doing it. The more specific and vivid your visualization, the better. See yourself doing the task, and doing it well.

6. Use Small Blocks of Time: Procrastinators often have trouble doing tasks in incremental steps, and wait for big blocks of time that never come. When you have small blocks of time, use them to work on the task at hand.

I'm going to try and see how I can incorporate these tools into my day as part of my recovery... praying for the courage and willingness first!  :) 

Sarito CL 8h40

Good Morning Everyone,

Thanks for the starter, Deej.  Good reminder for today. 

My CLs are starting to look exactly the same... but maybe that is a good thing.  I'm starting to fall into a routine w/some items and so they are less of a challenge to complete.

Self-Care: indoors exercise (rained today); floor exercise; spiritual reading (gonna do now cause i've been skipping and i can feel it when i don't do this)

School: review trouble spots in Prok & Ba until very comfortable; several run throughs of Prok; several run throughs of Ba; run throughs of Prok & Ba back to back; review spots in Bocc

Household/Errands: exchange item; vacuum; put away laundry; respond to email query


A little is INFINITELY more

A little is INFINITELY more than than nothing.

A journey starts with the first step.

finished task m

now onto l with my clear plan

making good progress, now keep going

dishwashing catchup


Deej CI 11/05


  1. Finish off brochure review and mail to PN
  2. Modify article and send off
  3. Email GW regarding ownership
  4. Finish review of RI information note & approval form + send comment regarding recommendations in species notes
  5. Get contacts page published

This should have been a list for a few days not one - any progress made