Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Saturday, May 8, 2009


 Procrastinators Anonymous Tools: 

1. Break It Down: Break down projects into specific action steps; include preparation tasks in the breakdown.

2. Visualization: Plan what to do, then imagine yourself doing it. The more specific and vivid your visualization, the better. See yourself doing the task, and doing it well.

3. Ask Yourself Why: While you are visualizing doing the task, see if you can detect what it is about the task that feels odious to you, what uncomfortable feeling you are avoiding. Knowing what's behind the avoidance can help you get past it - for example, address real problems or ignore irrational fears.

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CI Do It Now

Sun:  Cem, pick up daughter at 330 or 400, go tot Teaneck,  

Look for a pt jb

Daily journal

Study in AM:  3 hr goal for day

Call R Harris 


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Recycler CI 9:05pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Like a restless shark, I have kept moving today. Even tonight I am restless and am only now able to come near the computer.

This morning I went on my bike ride. It was wonderful.

I boxed up & loaded things to take to Goodwill, then took them on the way to another activity.

I spent a lot of today facilitating an activity for a social group that I am in. It required busy-ness, which is partly what has me still stirred up. That plus a situation that I am uncertain about.

After the activity, rested for a short while. I still had a few more things for Goodwill, so I took those on the way to yet another activity.

Back at home, I have still been circling. It is good for me to make progress with chores, using the natural energy that I am producing.

Will I be able to sleep tonight? Due to the uncertain situation, I did not sleep well last night, or some other nights this week, either. I need to spend some time with HP. I am going to pray & read some inspiritation literature, then see how I feel about going to sleep.

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Professional escape artist needs sup

Been living in internet land ignoring the shambles of my life.  Seeking encouragement and support.  It's 1:41 PM.  I commit to lifting my own spirits by picking up and sorting through the materials on the left side of my living room until 2:30, when I will report back on my progress.  I could use some words of encouragement to know I am not alone. 

Thank you, and let's all work hard.

good job!

good job on seeking help and moving through task!

Welcome here. I hope you'll

Welcome here. I hope you'll find some of the support and soiidarity that I have. Keep coming back--that seems to make a difference. And feel free to join in the chat where we talk through tasks.--And good luck opn that sorting.

Sat. Check In

Great starter- I just need to follow those steps and not worry about anything else.

1.I did walk and food shop

2. Pick up 2 couches at the stopre- break dow(shower, drive, clean up liv. rm)

3. Why avoiding- passive agressive- my husband has "assigned me the task" No matter how much I do, it is not good enough- he says he has other things to do- may as well screw up because that is what he always tells me I do.


I identified with the way your husband relates to you. If you would like to discuss it feel free to email me.


God Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Thy will be done, not mine.

byGodsGrace todays CI

unproductive night and slept late today - only by God's Grace will I finish this job and have favor with clients - praying to be as a little child in faith today and be led by Him and not my fears and insecurity. 

My Word and prayer for the day: 2 Cor 12:9 (the message translation)

“My grace is enough; it's all you need. My strength comes into its own in your weakness.”  Help me receive today Lord!

My to do list: 

Read Bible/Pray

Job2 – sampleFINAL, invoice, emails  Hallelujah!!!! the hard part is done, FINALLY! Still working on invoice, but finished sample and made contact with client and they are happy so less pressure now on the invoice - thank God for progress!

print proofs, Meet jobM by 3 for proof, etc /  store / returns

Playdate/something fun with dd

Clothes ready for church /clear email

Call R, K

Falcon CI Saturday

Hi pro buddies,

Whew.  Spent the morning emailing people who need to know that in a few weeks I'll be out of commission for a while to get a medical procedure done.

It was good. . . called up a lot of feelings about the physical fatigue and overwhelm I've been experiencing, plus the stress and loneliness I've been feeling.  Which was all stuff I needed to process anyway.  Much better than if I'd spent the morning surfing the net, avoiding everything.

But now I'm pretty drained.  Maybe I'll take a little catnap.  Then I need to get ready to go out.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!



One hour cleaning(done)

Run (done)

finish project one (in progress, couldn't get it done)


Send m day card

Send subs

isabo ci 923am

well, well

beautiful day here, I want to spend all day outside!   The day is looming ahead, I know I have things to do, should do, but I can't's always like this. 

Again, Pro, thank you so much for creating this site!!!

I need to write out my thoughts, try to focus....I have already opened up curtains upstairs....where to start...where to start...

get up, bathroom, my roo, kids beds, laundry collection.  living room, garbage, blankets, toys.  start laundry cycle.  kitchen...load dishwasher, clean counters.  feed dogs...sweep kitchen....vacuum first floor....mop kitchen.  FIRST ->  go for walk with daughter and dogs....water flowers outside........feed dogs before walk.  don't forget to water flowers inside. 

okay....i will be back today...


Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

Mansah - midday

Okay, plan for today:


Check in

Clean room

Reply to emails

Make late lunch

Clean dishes



Find out how to get to A tomorrow


Though this be madness, yet there is method in't ~ Polonius (Hamlet)

Hope-Faith Saturday Plans


  1. Complete am routine Done but did not exercise/will get plenty of exercise cleaning house Did not swish and swipe because need to clean all of bathroom
  2. Clean Bathroom Done
  3. Make deviled eggs Done
  4. Make c. pie Done
  5. Sign up for fitness challenage Done
  6. Remove winter clothes
  7. Get summer clothes out
  8. Fold and put away all clothes
  9. Wash clothes/Hang Done
  10. Finish painting room
  11. Work on wiki 1 hour
  12. Work on livestock 1 hour
  13. 15 min bunny-tree
  14. 15 min file cabinet
  15. 15 min van

  1. Compost Pile
  2. Bike Ride
  3. Internet web sites
  4. Softball/baseball


7:30-12:30 X  12;30-6:00  X  
Reboot X Lunch X  
Coffee X Store X  
CI X Conference X  
E-mail X Sent 1 e-mail X  
Reboot 2 X Reboot 6 X  
Hang 1 X Hang 5 X  
Feed animals X 50% clothes folded X  
Bills/Financial X Setup fitness Challange X  
Reboot 3 X Reboot 7 X  
Hang 2 X Hang 6 X   
Boiled Eggs X Folded X  
Blog updated X C. Pie X  
Store X Unload-load X  
Placed order X Reboot 8 X  
Me time (20) X Hang out 8 X  
Shorts X  Folded X  
Reboot 4 X Bathroom cleaned X  
Hang 3 X Dad's X  
Unload-load X    X  
CI X   X  
Frig/clean X   X  
Deviled Eggs X   X  
Kids Snack X      
Break 10min X       
Reboot 5 X       
Hang 4 X       



chick saturday intentions

planning for finishing task l

work on l

task m-do in batches




Sarito Early CL for Sat.

self-care: exercise; floor stretches; spiritual reading

school: Pro & Ba as absolutely priority (i must get to it today); Mo corrections; 1 Dech; 1 So Di; 1-2 So Cles; 1 So Meli; Bl pp 1-2; Dech Ver; class

household/logistics: buy tickets Ver; buy on Amazon supp material for Dech; Fl de Pa errands (a must!)