Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Monday April 27, 2009




People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.  PEALE


**** Very busy graphics however there is a method to my madness. The name of this graphic is hypnotize.gif so as you read the Peale quote take a few moments and believe in yourselve, your strenghts, talents and abilities. You are the best you that you can every be.

Recycler CI 9:55pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

I am getting in late, due to my "meeting after the meeting" with my sponsor ;)

I made it through today, and will try it again tomorrow.

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Hello! I am not replying to

Hello! I am not replying to anyone in particular, just replying in general. I am not used to the boards yet because I am a newbie. Just joined yesterday. I just wanted to check-in. it is 11 p.m. and I am about to head off to bed. Got a full day tomorrow. Will check-in early in the a.m. I am glad I found this site. And yes, I have two friends who joined Fans of Procrastination on facebook. They can laugh about it all they want but unless it has really affected their lives, they have NO idea! 


Hoping to gain useful advice and information that will empower me to stop this bad habit! 



welcome trinitygrace! and a tip

Hi trinitygrace! good to have you!

A couple tips:
*You probably noticed that your message showed up under recycler's message, rather than at the top of the board. That happened because you clicked "reply" in recycler's post. If you don't want your message to be a reply, you can click "Add new comment" at the top of the check-in page, rather than clicking "reply". (Doesn't matter much, but might be useful)
*Most of us put our usernames and the time the subject of our check-ins. That helps keep track of who is checking in.  

The check-in board is really helpful to me, hope it's as helpful for you!

"Acting As IF"

A sponsoree called after I did my am check in he said she is "acting as if". I thought I can do that too- so I did- I acted as if I was ok, everyone else was ok, whatever I did/did not do was ok, I has a plan, I may not follow it exactly, but I had a plan, and it was ok.

My thinking changed, I felt so much better, and everyone else seemed better too.

I took my item back to sears (kept one) and paid the bill. It was not crowded and it was ok. No one yelled at me, and it worked out and is done (late but done).

Bank tomorrow or wednes. Did alot of wah, kitchen,cleaned house, food shop, dinner, helping boys with math.

I want ot walk.

I am so amazed that I could act myself into right thinking- thank you for being here and letting me share.

isabo ci 723pm

I beat the sleep today!  Yah me!!   I so wanted to have a nap this morning, my eyes were closing, my head was nodding.  But I got up, made something to eat for me and my daughter and started puttering.  I got what I wanted to do done and more.  And wasn't on the computer at all!  Kids were outside most of the day, as were the dogs.  They should all sleep well tonight :)  I hope to continue my puttering tomorrow when we get home - I would love to get the kids rooms clean so I can vacuum...and finally check out the paint I bought for the master bedroom.  I bought a month or so ago...its about time to see what it looks like on the wall!  Til tomorrow!

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

CI Dotnow Long term goals

Must set a new series of more longer term goals. I am getting that sense of "od now I have finished the urgent stuff, what now?" That is the sense that starts me off avoiding in the first place.

Tod DO: meeting tonight - 8:30?


learn Hb

keep a journal , diary

fix up office

Get rid of debt

Be more assertive in relationships

Be positive, focus on positive thoughts


Progress not perfection

CI Dotnow sHORT term goals


Call LSal

progress not prefctino 

rec check-in

I have a short day here so I will make a short "to do" list to try to be realistic.

Letter to HP - done
Invoice to HP - done
Call GB re docs
Begin drafting GB docs
Call D re FF
Pick up dd
Go to game for other dd
Go to SB

Thanks for all of the encouraging words on here.


Sammy ci :: 11:35 am

Hello all. Slept in this morning, (this was planned), mailed in a check for my license plate renewal, procrastinated.

In other news, today 4 of my friends became "fans" of "Procrastination" on facebook. *shudder*

To Do: LCFA project booklet. Starting NOW!

Today I am thankful for Pro, and PA, and all my PA friends, who would NEVER become a "fan" of "Procrastination" on facebook....because they know how hard this is.  

Sammy ci :: unmovitated

Having a hard time stayin on task today....

A mix of anxiety and end-of-the-semester-itis.


Trying again now.... 

sending some motivation your way!

Congrats on starting again even when you're not feeling like it  :)

I'm suffering from some end-of-the-semester-itis myself (and I'd guess others here are as well)--let's help each other through it!

thanks kromer

i'm making progress, slow but sure.

boy, will I be glad when this semester is done... 

Striking out for land 04/27/09

I'm already behind today because I got on the Internet like a dummy. Even though I have a timer I might as well not bother because I always go past the time anyway. It's 9:00 am...why the hell am I on YouTube watching a documentary about women obsessed with hair removal??? (Because it's interesting what women think they have to put up with for beauty, that's why. Everything interests me and that's the problem.)

To do today:

  • Prepare for writer interview this week: read 3 stories, compile article links
  • Tidy for 30 minutes in the office with the goal of putting the Aerobed in
  • Spend at least one hour on my latest short story
  • Restart vitamin regimen
  • Make appointment for regular blood work
  • Make appointment to have cat boarded (hopefully)
  • Project A at work: check all the pots, meet with supervisor re hiring people
  • Project B at work: check all the pots
  • Vacuum the house

re: striking out for land

"Everything interests me and that's the problem"  



There is a proper balance between not asking enough of oneself and asking or expecting too much.  - May Sarton

removing the alcohol from the kitchen cupboard

i do that all the time. youtube. hulu. huffington post. nyt. wsj. people. and economist. those are my worst distractions!

have you (or anybody else using this site) had any success with 'site blockers' for the Internet???...yes, i'd probably find new sites to distract myself with, but i know what feeds my a kid my parents put a lock on the TV so i would watch less of it. i hated it at the time, but eventually it i don't even own a TV. :)  and i think if i could block at least my favorite sites, it would be the AA equivalent of removing the alcohol from the kitchen cupboard.



Hi siouxzqueue

It was on this forum that I learned about Leechblock and other site-blocking tools. I went so far as to install Leechblock and enter my sites. I think I lasted one day, maybe two. If my (mind, body, whatever) wants to do something, it's going to do it. For me the equivalent of removing the alcohol from the cupboard would be to not have a computer at all, and sadly, that's not practical given my line of work.

So perhaps my Internet addiction is similar to a food addiction: I have to eat, but maybe I just need to watch what I eat and when. I don't keep certain foods in the house because I know I'll eat them all in one sitting. Maybe, since I know how I am with the Internet, I only get on when I have something specific to do. It will require enormous effort and discipline on my part, though.

For what it's worth: YouTube is in a maintenance cycle so I can't finish watching that documentary tonight. :D

Just saying no.

I have not used site blockers, but certainly whatever works for a person is worth trying.

But I have made a conscious decision not to frequent political blogs, where I would easily throw away hours at a time in the last year or two, and in fact I try not to surf the internet unless I'm looking for something very specific. 

With the political blogs in particular I've realized that I'm like an alcoholic with a drink: I cannot just have "a little". So I just Don't. Go. There. I miss some of my favorite sites, and rely on the lovely and talented Mrs. G.S. to tell me about interesting things there.  But so far it's worked for me to go "cold turkey". Absolute abstinence has been the key, though. 

That doesn't mean there aren't other distractions that I still fight with. And they present their own challenges. But at least with this one major distraction, I feel like I've managed to move the ball down the field on my own behalf. 


The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

I have not conquered this

I have not conquered this and am struggling mightily today with the glaring awareness of how it eats my time and achievement.  P. is crafty and resourceful:if I set up more web blockers, p. can help me find another avoidance activity.  I need to swear off surfing, but also to strengthen the 'do' and 'want to' voice, because simple 'don't's don't show me the next right thing. I want to make progress.

In short: Step 1 and HP


Have meeting most of morning and afternoon. Then in afternoon do the following tasks. After that will be traveling for work tonight.  

-time sheet (done)


-pack items for trip(done)

-review calendar

Mon am check in-vic

I don't "want" to check in but thank goodness I can.

I feel guilt and shame. My husband went to work in a very depressed mood. Naturally, my codependent self feels guilt that I don't have to go. The weird part is he never felt guilty when I went and he did not have to go. Same with the kids going to school. They to never feel guilty asking me to do/drive/wait/buy, etc. so why do I feel guilty just because I am not perfect?  I did pretty well this weekend not absorbing anyone's mood, but this morning I fell into it. I feel "bad" for being happy, so now I feel guilt and I am feeling lazy to "prove" that they are right- it's like I get caught into a spider web. Sometimes I just want to run and be alone, but I am sure I would have other things that would take over and have me back in the spider web. Pretty weird stuff.

So checking in and releasing my feelings is my first step to break free from the spider web. The free organization download said there are 4 catagories- appts,contacts,tasks, and one more I wrote down somewhere. It said look at things "weekly" and I tried that.

Tasks before I go out to contacts/appts:

1. Wash- I already started 2. dishes- done

2. basics (meditation, journal)

3. bank- maybe this isn't the bank for me, but I have to go there

4. sears- did not return item yesterday because my son was tired after soccer but I did find the sales receipt and item is in my car.

5. library- fill out papers, store food shop, gym-swim

6 dinner- help boys with homework and dinner and hopefully meeting tonite check in later

journey 8:30

A bit early to work today, yay.  I'm going for coffee first thing as I'm VERY sleepy this morning!  Don't know why, I got plenty of sleep. 

 Yesterday I did everything on my list EXCEPT for the organizing stuff - I wanted to work on the pile, clean out a drawer, and bust the pile that has collected up on my kitchen counter.   I stayed busy all day and got a lot done, just not the yucky organizing.   If I want to get that stuff done, I need to make it a higher priority, and either work harder or let some stuff slide.  

Today I need to catch up on email at work, do some toastmasters stuff, and work on Project TF.   I'll make a reasonable todo list when I come back with coffee.   See you in the chatbox.


There is a proper balance between not asking enough of oneself and asking or expecting too much.  - May Sarton

kromer 8:10 CI

MITs for today:
*Finish QC for DG's project
*Finish raw data proc. for DG's project
*Do 3 problems from stats pset
*Email SM, MC, and RH
*Finish some notes (did half of these)
*Make a schedule for the week

Other tasks:
*Doc. conservation code
*Start presentation
*Go over 3 stats lectures
*Tidy room

*Call AG
*Square dance class

Right now, I'm going to do stats problems, finish notes, and tidy room, then head to campus to work on raw data proc/QC for DG's project.

kromer CI 7:30

QC for DG's project turned out to be a big task, but I finished it! Yay me! My focus was pretty good today.

Right now, I'm going to head to square dance class. During breaks, I want to finish the notes and maybe start going over stats lectures. I'll get home about 10:30, and then ideally I will finish raw data proc. on 1st dataset from DG's lab, so I'll something intelligent to email SM about (either tonight or first thing tomorrow morning)

kromer 10:45 CI

Back from square dance class but we didn't have any breaks so I didn't get a chance to find notes :P

Now, I'm going to take a 5-min break, then spend 30 *focused* min working on raw data proc, then take out trash, finish notes, shower and bed. 

Update 11:30--made good progress on raw data proc! but I spent a little long, so I won't be able to finish notes until the morning. Taking out trash and showering now, want to get to bed before midnight. 

chick checks in

already: 3 scary e-mails  read/sent (big credit for facing those first  :D )

main task: project l



                                     believe in yourself

--thanks for that starter, h-f.  A good one for me today. I found some more Peale quotes here

The road leading to a goal does not separate you from the destination; it is essentially a part of it.  ~Charles DeLint--at

chick eats the ugliest frog first

Good job!  


There is a proper balance between not asking enough of oneself and asking or expecting too much.  - May Sarton

byGodsGrace todays ci

Hope-Faith – I found about 20 cassette series from Norman Vincent Peale on Saturday at a garage sale for $4 – will share what I learn as I listen – his books and quotes are great! Thanks for the starter J

Will be gone most of day for my dd’s rescheduled farm field trip – then client meeting later – but will check in later!

Word and prayer for the day: Matthew11:28-30

Come to Jesus with tiresome burdens to rest in his care as you work with him. Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light"

“So I pray, Bring me joy, bring me peace, Bring the chance to be free, Bring me anything that brings You glory”mercy me, bring the rain

My to do list: 

MIT job3  - all final Page layout–almost done, done is better than perfect

Make lunches

Email job mg reschedule appt

Ribbon color list, call for samples, Box order cc info?

Prep file/Cd for printer, drop off before 8am

Dd school field trip 8:30am  - Farm!


Printer proof pick up by 6

Client meeting 7pm

Thank you notes

+ job3 revisions, additions for printer in am

Deej 27/04

Okay, now on the correct day, anyhow next task...

Organise for 2 field days which will take some breaking down

  1. call Ian and see if Thursday is possible
  2. prepare and fill in organising information sheets - started
  3. prepare information fliers
  4. facilitate flier distribution

Hope-Faith CI 1/25/2009

 As I begin this very busy and stressful week I need to remember to believe in myself and have faith that my actions will help make this a successful week.


  1. AM
    1. CI/Update Post/Blog (15 min)
    2. Reboot/feed animals ( 5 min) 
    3. E-mail (10 min)
    4. Update Financials (3 min)
    5. Exercise (20 min)
    6. Dishwasher (8 min)
    7. Breakfast/weather/coffee (15 min)
    8. Hang out clothes (10 min)
    9. Get ready Kids up and ready/make beds Swish & Swipe (45 min)
  2. Work
    1. CI -- I have arrived at work next is to check 
    2. e-mail 
    3. Plan 2nd and 4th
    4. Plan 3rd
    5. Lesson Plans for sub 2nd and 4th planned only 3rd
    6. Prepare Progress Reports
      1. Find 5.01
      2. Update grades  2nd   3rd  4th
    7. Print class list for sub
    8. 15 min P/C try to do before I go to bed
    9. Order certificates
    10. Fill out forms for show
    11. Lunch Time
      1. Update Blog during lunch update when I get home
      2. call about account charge
      3. Load Pics from camera Before Bed
      4. e-mail pics before bed
    12. Update AAW spreadsheet
  3.  After Work
    1. Pick up prescription
    2. Grocery Store
  4. Home
    1. Get Softball/baseball stuff together
    2. Kids Softball/baseball draft (6:00-8:00)
    3. Supper 
    4. Shave goat and wash goats
    5.  Walk Goats
    6. Get show clothes and supplies together
    7. Jump Drives
    8. Fly
    9. Work on items above that I did not get done earlier today.

Humm I need to get up at 4:15 I was 45 min late getting up but I was able to accomplish my am routine and only run 10 min late.

Well it is late at least for me. My day went donwhill so far as my plans go however I had many successes and I am satisfied with what I accomplished. One of my downfalls for the day was that I had to take the time to complete some paper work that I had put off. (Procrastinated) It was bad enough that it was past due but even worse was the toll that it took an my ability to get accomplished what I need to accomplish. It only took 20 min to complete paper work but it set me back 1 1/2 hours on my task list. So now I am supper tired yet I am afriad not to continue to work. If I put off then I have to suffer the outcomes. I can only physically do what I can do and at this point I am physically worn out. I was I had it in me to push another 1 or 2 but I just can not do it. So I am Checking out for the night.


  1. Paint bedroom
  2. Find (in all the clutter) Livestock information
  3. DD and DS work on livestock project information
  4. Weed Peas
  5. interest  
  6. Homework