Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

 "There's no one too dumb for this program, but it's possible to be too smart."

tiptree midnight CI

to do:

- chof using cache
- chof bc
- test grd w/ real data
- test grd w/ cache cleared
- grd preload onDOMReady
- test tooltip positioning issue
- YUI build tool -> generate min versions and smaller build
of container.js
- test preloading js files
- rename constant
- view count in U_v_p
- 1573
- 1552
- rehearsal
- 50 pp N W
- mail check
- clean office
- shower/shave
- clock 8 hours
- stretch
- go for a walk
- ldap documentation
- walk dog + give him his pill

CI Do It Now

To do:

call Joey

Ameritrade info



left msg for Joey

called bank on refi

called bank on Refi

DONE   YES!!!!!



Recycler CI 6:30pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Am I having a low-grade fever? I don't think so, but I feel kind of wiped, almost like a border-line low-grade fever. I predict more self-care tonight! ;) lol

Early this am I walked to the gym, then did my full work-out, even after somehow not sleeping well last night. I think I am still having interrupted sleep after my trip.

At work today, I hung in there. A lot of assignments today were just checking with people & passing on communications; but that is a vital part of doing things, too ;) I had lunch with friends. Crawled through afternoon, but made it ;)

Even though I still wasn't feeling so great, I walked home after work rather than taking the train. That probably wasn't such a good idea (lol), but it turned out ok.

I've had a glass of juice. I don't want to over-do it. I'll decide if I need something more. Next: write a short email to a friend. Goal: even though I'm not feeling well, I will try staying up until 8pm. lol, I know that sounds lame, but I'm kind of running out of steam for the day ;)

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Falcon CI Wed. evening

Hi pro buddies,

Gotta keep myself in motion this evening & get some things done:

  • Put laundry in
  • Exercise
  • Use face stuff (if time)
  • Eat dinner
  • Remember to hang laundry!
  • Write list
  • Maybe check website


Falcon CO Wed.

O.k., I got the most important stuff done (exercised, had dinner, got laundry done and hung) and also checked the website.  Time to get to bed.

Good night!


agnus 12noon

I am powerless over procrasination and my life has become unmanageable!  Already today I've had Step 11, sponsor and sponsee calls, Mom call, worked on my 4th Step, scheduled my 5th Step, and had a long healthcare appt. The following list of MITs is unrealistic for today, but must be attempted to keep up with Life on Life's Terms. 

My main goal for today is stay "clean and serene" even in the face of my addictions and Life on Life's Terms.  I asked God to remove the character defect of negative thinking from me today, so it's possible that positive energy can motivate me to work steadily and joyfully forward:

  • Print boarding pass
  • Pack lunch and dinner
  • Pack laptop and materials for Thur training
  • Pick up prescription
  • Leave for airport by 1:15
  • Team call 2 pm
  • Act on notes from yesterday's meeting; today's Team call
  • printing order and webinar dates
  • AP list: finish and email CL with hotlist to call
  • Follow-up calls to Roch, GR, Nwrk
  • Review yellow notepad and itemize tasks.
  • GeorgeSmiley 11 AM

    Another day.

    The first thing I need to do is work on project T-F.

    The other thing I need to do is work on project W-M-4

    And I'll do my part-time job again tonight, which means it's a short day.

    And Mrs. GS is feeling very ill :-(

     Update 8 PM

    Finished first go at Project T-F, waiting on feedback from others.

    No progress on W-M-4. That will be tomorrow's focus.


    The Hero's Code:

    Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

    Sammy ci :: 10:15am

    Good morning, PA friends.

    To Do: Shower, organize things for client meeting.

    Later: TBA

    Today I am thankful that both my parents (and myself!) are still employed.

    Sammy ci :: 7:55 pm

    Did not have such a good client meeting today.... Client did not like the logo I all... Its a complicated situation, but basically she volunteered to have me re-design her logo for one of my classes, even though she really likes her current logo exactly how it is. So then why sign up? She's not going to like ANYTHING i make!! *sigh*

    Had a good puppet practice...have a performance scheduled for May 2...I think we can pull everything together by then.

    Not feeling myself today...just way stressed out with end-of-semester work made worse by my procrastination.

    Tonight: try to re-design logo, finish part 2 of LCFA project.

    Tomorrow: part 3 of LCFA project.  


    Sammy ci :: 1:15 am

    I've been working pretty much non stop on revising my logo...and making a lot of progress! I've come up with something I like better, and I think my client would be pleased with it as well. 

     Now: Starting part2 of LCFA project. Will be in bed by 2, will get up by 8am. 

    byGodsGrace todays CI

    Wow - lots of checkins and goals for the day - great to see!

    Vic your quote about life as a playrground really spoke to me - it is what i have been thinking about a lot lately - to experience childlike joy in my life overall and with my daughter even as i overcome difficult things.

    Different working for me yesterday and today – have a family member here helping me with final assembly for thur. deadline – need the help but work better on my own I think – still, glad to have the help and know I will meet this deadline and say goodbye to this not so nice bride client and get back to juggling all the others! Hey I may even be EARLY to finish, WOW!

    As for my emotions toward client – feel better having given them to God.

    Overlook others’ angry insults

    “A wise man restrains his anger and overlooks insults. This is too his credit.” (Proverbs 19:11, LB)

    Entrust your angry feelings to God

    “Contend, O Lord, with those who contend with me.” (Psalm 35:1)

    “Surely God is my help… Let evil recoil on those who slander me.” (Psalm 54:5)

     Word and prayer for the day again: 1 Peter 5:7, Psalm 119:105, NIV

    I cast all my anxiety on You because You care for me. Your word is a lamp to my feet.

    So I pray, Bring me joy, bring me peace, Bring the chance to be free, Bring me anything that brings You glory”     mercy me, bring the rain

    My to do list: 

    Read Bible/Pray, dd school

    MIT1 job1 deadline: 400 fp assemble, 400 bows, 175 rp assemble, tn embellish, 12 r signs  halfway done with fp!

    dd pickup 2.30

    Clear email/inbox for day 

    Babarino checkin 9:44am

    put together info (in progress)

    follow up with gn (done)

    make list for action items for May projects

    turn in cc

    turn in hr (mistake, this is not due until next Mon)

    research-any other angles I've missed?

    follow up dates on ap and gr (done)

    Ha Ha- Good one!

    I remember being at an OA meeting and this one newer member, who had her PHD, said while she was studying, "learning", scrutinizing, analyzing, evaluating, etc., etc., (because she was so much smarter than everyone else) - she was getting fatter and fatter while all the "stupid people" were getting thinner and thinner. That was when she just did what worked and started losing weight and eating sanely.

    This program works. Period.

     I just found this neat site below because I just remembered that S,Covey wrote a new book after The 7th Habits of Highly Effective People , he added the 8th Habit, which is not really a habit but what we do here at this site, The 8th habits is: Find your Voice & Inspire Others to find Theirs.

    8th habit

    Enjoy complementary films, articles, challenges and exercises that enhance your reading of the 8th Habit.


    So today:

    1. do basics (meditations, etc.)

    2. make list

    3. return 2 itms at Sears and pay Visa bill (I do not want to!!!!!)



    will check in later







    Journey 9 am grrr

    Well, here I am all ready to start a productive work day and our VPN is down.  I'm going to make my todo list, then take a shower in case I have to drive in.   I'm sure they'd prefer I didn't come to work in my sweaty gym clothes!


    There is a proper balance between not asking enough of oneself and asking or expecting too much.  - May Sarton

    Journey 6:30 checkout

    Not a bad day, I got in a couple of good hours on both of my major projects and felt that I stayed on task and got a lot done.   I did fade out for an hour in the afternoon, but recovered and got back on task.  

    I listened to the Franklin Covey audio that Vic posted and I wanted to take half an hour to do the pyramid exercise (identify values and then write goals based on values) but I have yet to do it.   Maybe after dinner!   I have not written in my journals either and maybe those two things can work together :)

    Now dinner is in the oven and I need to finish up dinner, wash the dishes, and fold a load of clothes.   I'm ready for tomorrow already, I kinda did that as I was making lunch and getting dressed for the day.  

    See you tomorrow or later tonight if I fall off the wagon!


    There is a proper balance between not asking enough of oneself and asking or expecting too much.  - May Sarton

    kromer 8:20 CI

    Today is pretty much all scheduled and least it should be pretty easy to stay on track...

    Stats class 9:45-1:00
    Mtg w/ DP 2-2:30
    Class 3:15-6
    Harambee 6-8:30

    Harambee prep
    Finish reading papers/prepping presentation
    Email SM, MC, RH, deacons
    Notes from mtg w/ DP and from Harambee
    Pick up book
    Generate synthetic data for project
    Write 1.5 pgs of lab

    Call AG

    Whew! That's a long day, but it really all needs to get done today (I have some looming deadlines...), so I'll push through. Finish step is to finish reading papers+writing presentation: should be done by 9:30

    kromer 12:15 CO

    OK, going to bed a little late, but I've done pretty well today!

    Went to all scheduled things, and got through most of my MITs/MUTs

    Did Harambee prep, finished reading/pres prep, jotted down some quick notes from mtg w/ DP and Harambee (I'll make these more complete tomorrow), and wrote 1.5 pages of lab. (a real push and why I'm going to bed late, but that means I just have to write half a page and edit before 5 tomorrow, which is pretty doable)

    Didn't get to emails, book, or synthetic data--however, emails and book I can deal with tomorrow, and synthetic data I can start tomorrow and finish Friday/weekend. 

    Good night, all!

    kromer 9:20 CI

    Whew, I'm tired! I got home from Harambee a little late, and then took at 20 min break. Now I need to work on my lab (I left a message w/ AG, so hopefully I'll talk with him later tonight...I need the break, the sooner the better)

    However, today has been a pretty successful day, and I'd like to celebrate that:
    *My mtg w/ DP went really well, and I'm very excited about started my thesis research next month
    *I gave a presentation in class, and it went well
    *Harambee today was a discussion about changing the program, and it went well--students and leaders both agreed that we'd be better off with a once- or twice- a month social/service program than a weekly discussion group.

    I'm so tired that I think non-essentials (picking up book, emails, notes) will have to wait until tomorrow evening.

    Now, deep lab report is due tomorrow at 5, and I have it about half done. Ideally I would be farther, but this is a manageable situation (I just have 1.5 pages left to write, and I have a good idea what I want to write about). I'm tired, but I can get an hour or so of focused work in tonight, and then finish up tomorrow. This doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to be done and decent. Heading to chatbox now to push through this.  

    kromer update 1:30

    OK, finished reading paper+prepping presentation, went to stats, prepped for Harambee, had lunch, now I'm going to spend 20 min working on lab, then collect my thoughts and head to mtg w/ DP, then take notes from mtg, work more on lab if I can a chance, go to class, send emails during class break, head to Harambee after class.

    Heading to chatbox for a 20 min burst on lab. 

    isabo ci 910am

    Nice and early in the day, accomplishments should be number quite a bit today.

    unload dishwasher, load, wipe counter, clean stove top, clean dishwasher door, complete 3 laundry cycles, sweep kitchen, mop, spend 30 minutes in guest room

    constantly fighting resistance, I choose not to spend all day on computer!  setting timer for one hour...

    til later then!

    Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

    One of my motivators to

    One of my motivators to procrastinate is the thought that if I wait long enough then I will not have to do the very think on which I am procrastinating.  So I have to ask myself, will I do this thing, and if I procrastinate, am I really just telling myself that I don't have to do it, cuz I don't want to do it?  Aren't I really saying to myself it's okay not to do it?

    Not entirely.  Sometimes I procrastinate for other reasons.  Sometimes I procrastinate, because I am gathering information about how to act or what to say.  Sometimes, I just don't plan well.  For instance, I was certain that I had to do a certain thing a couple weeks ago.  I waited until the last minute to do it...not because I fooled myself that maybe it didn't have to happen, but--

    Maybe I did.  There was a lack of decision-making there.  It seems like sometimes when I procrastinate it is about my not making a decision.  For instance, with email tha I have to write, sometimes i Procrastinate on deciding what to say.  I haven't decided tha I'm willing to accept the response, haven't decided or determined what the proper thing to say is.  

    In closing, I am an avoidance addict, and not in the sense that people normally mean it in reference to love addiction.  I can see myself as the traditional AA and LA from time to time, but what I did not identify is what I am an avoidance addict about.  In a relationship or nonrelationship, I have oftened avoided MYSELF.  I avoid my world, my responsibilities, my chores, my finances, my job-getting needs.  Me.  I avoid ME.  I avoid expressing my own true self through my creativity . I avoid develloping myself.  I avoid taking chances.  I avoid being courageous on my own behalf.  I attract to me people who are seductive witholders, and I have been one from time to time, but *I* am a witholder to myself.  I seduce myself into thinking that I can have whatever it is that I seek for myself, but then I withold from myself the pleasure of accomplishment necessary to own the task. I deprive myself.


    My mother thought that procrastination was only something that someone spoiled could commit, or so she told me when I was in high school.  This was her idea of procrastination, the alpha and omega.  She did not picture that maybe it was about something else: a cognitive pattern of avoidance in order to insulate oneself from pain, based on a prior distortion of a past reality.  Not everyone's reality is the same.

    five things I did well on

    five things I did well on tuesday:

    1. I picked up the phone.
    2. I woke up at the time I specified.
    3. I brushed my teeth in the morning.
    4. I ate a full breakfast.
    5. I applied to over 13 jobs.
    6. This actuallyhappened today: I resisted writing an inappropriate status on Facebook.
    7. I contacted Lorna and wrote a thank-you note to her.
    8. I scheduled an appointment for an interview.
    9. I went on two walks spanning about 45 minutes total.
    10. I resisted creating a blog to glamorize my addictions and instead took a walk.

    You truly are to be congratulated...

    And gave us 10 things, not just 5!

    The lesson to under promise and over deliver is one I always need to remember. Kudos to you!!!


    The Hero's Code:

    Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.


    WOW you had a super day yesterday. What a great way to celebrate your success by posting and sharing with us. We should all remember to take time to see what we did well and take some of the focus off what we did not do. I am inspired to focus on what I did/can do and not on what I did notdo/can not do. Thanks for sharing with us.



    gratz fudo_shin!

    Sounds like you had an incredibly productive day on Tuesday. (And like you worked through a lot of resistance to have that successful day) Congrats! You're an inspiration :)

    promises for tomorrow: I

    promises for tomorrow:

    I will wake up at the specified time of 11am for better or for worse.

    I will go to my apointment at 1pm.

    I will brush, floss and use listerine and my periodontic brush before bed tomorrow night.  In order to ensure, I will stop eating at 11pm and do my teeth then.

    Hope-Faith CI 6:30

    Got up late today and really feeling anxious about accomplishing everything that needs to be done before I leave the house. Some things I just can not get do. Most important thing is to be "peaceful" with my kids and not take my frustrations out on them.

    1. CI and Update
    2. Financials
    3. E-mail
    4. Shower Ready
    5. Kids up
    6. Breakfast
    7. Out the door. WE DID IT

    I think that we have made it. Kids are putting the final touches on getting ready.

    1. Check e-mail, calendar, notebook, pen
    2. Update todo
    3. Open post
    4. Plan 2nd 4th
    5. Plan 3rd
    6. Send e-mail and form to colleagues Will have to find files on portable harddrive at home
    7. Set up time frame for AAW

    Progress today was much better then what I had expected. Got a late start and then had to spend 30 min of my prep time judging a Senior Project. Project was great and actually helped me with some details of redecorating my DS's room. So it was a personal win for me.

    Next on the list is

    1. Parent teacher conference
    2. Pick up prescription for DD 
    3. Supper
    4. Home 5:00
      1. reboot laundry
      2. Homework
      3. 15 min clutter
    5. Practice for DD
    6. Order Wall Paper for DS's room
    7. Return shirt






    Chick CI & thoughts.

    hmmm... I don't see that the fellowship has anything to do with being dumb or smart--I hope everyone is welcome in any case. For me: 12 steps and encouragement and support are essential, part of realizing that I cannot do it alone; if addiction had to do with traits as simple as dumb and smart, it wouldn't be so tough.

    Today's challenge still project l, but need to attend to a few other things and keep momentum since it's all taking me longer than planned. Challenge number 2 is to change the way I use the browser to avoid surf-outs.

    I can take a step. A small step is infinitely more than no step. Many drops fill a bucket. I can keep going.

    I think you hit the nail on the head...

    I found the quote on a 12 step website of quotes.  For me anyways, I thought I could "outsmart" my disease and "figure it out" on my own.  I realized that my trying to be "smart" was actually impeding my recovery. 

    Conversely, I would often feel stupid for not being able to complete the simplest of tasks and wondered if program would work for me. 

    As you mentioned, addiction has nothing to do with being dumb or smart- something I discovered only after joining 12 step fellowship and after I learned more about humility and "letting go" (though I still take my will back from time to time and think I can do it on my own!).

    I read this quote and it happened to strike a chord with me today in terms of recovery. 

    Well, some quotes I hear in fellowship don't resonate with me either.  ;)


    Sarito Checking in 8h30

    Hi Everyone,

    Grateful to be back.  Spent the past few days traveling and recovering from bronchitis.  Still not home yet, but managing to get things done during my stay in a different city.  Change of location usually throws me off balance, but I am managing rather well given the circumstances.

    That being said, I have no idea what possessed me to throw a little wine and cheese party for a few friends tonight.  I'm still recovering from my sickness (though mostly back on my feet now) and have a backlog of work (no surprise).  Insane thinking?  Probably.

    I think the best advice I can give myself at this point is to keep it simple, simple, simple...  I will recite this mantra all the way to the grocery store.

    Plan for today: vacuum (done), grocery shopping (done) ,practice B & P (done), class and prepare a few things for party tonite. 

    I thank everyone for being here.  I can't believe how helpful this forum has been to me.  

    Okay, in the shower I go...



    practicing situation

    okay, i've run out of time re:practice.  heading to class.  i did practice, but it wasn't very concentrated and i kept stopping to get juice, pet the cat, rearrange things, clean, etc.

    not sure what the fear is about.  frustrated that i haven't been able to get into my practice in a while.

    some of it has to do with negative borderline abusive coachings with tempermental professor who screams and shouts.  leaves me wondering how/what to fix b/c when he screams and/or is insulting, i hear very little instruction.  i freeze and panic and don't really know what was said.

    instead of hearing specific instructions on how to fix, i hear that everything is wrong... 

    i will be heading now to a coaching with a very kind and supportive coach who will, hopefully, negate some of the extremely discouraging coaching i've been getting as of late. 

    maybe this will jumpstart my work again... 


    back from coaching

    went very well.  great to hear positive and constructive feedback.  feel refreshed and know what to actually work on tomorrow to improve during practice.

    getting ready for wine & cheese party for guests.


    okay party prep was a cinch

    Feel proud I was able to simplify and the party prep part was a cinch.  Only thing is that we all went to bed very late with much clean up to do this morning. 

    Definitely still need to work on what is realistic and what isn't.  Looming deadlines and lingering sickness... not the time to be having a party!  

    I'm completely wiped.  Once delivery arrives (got up at 5am to deal with logistics), I will allow myself more sleep and take on the rest of the day with a plan.