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Tuesday April 21, 2009

ktgato64 9:45

Being a high school student, unless I get up in the morning and do it(which I really should) I don't have much of a chance to post on here until after school. This is my 1st schoolweek since joining this website, so I guess that's my excuse for not taking this simple action to hold myself accountable and give me motivation for the day. I've had a super unproductive day...well, not while at school, but since coming home. My main trouble with procrastination is schoolwork ( since it's really the only thing I HAVE to finish.) Stragely enough, although I procrastinate I also like to take classes that challenge me. So after school today I stayed after and one of my friends helped me w/ something I'd been having trouble one. She did a really good job helping me and now I feel guilty and am kicking myself for never being able to follow through when I'm on my own. Sigh...I know I'm ranting, but I needed to let my frustrations out. So now i will try and achieve a few things before I call it a day.

MIT(study for quarter exam), about 1.5 hours

other homework, for about an hour

Recycler CI 5:55pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

I really missed my Pro Buddies! It's great to be checking in again! :)

Sometimes situations that would be easy or not register for others, can be difficult for me. So I'm just back from a situation that pushed a lot of buttons in a lot of different categories over 6 days.

During the night: disrupted sleep, which does not have a good effect on me.

Got up early. Had mildly difficult discussion, long drive. Caught up on email. Took care of errand that will be noticeably more expensive than expected; however I feel sentimental about it + other factors, so I'm proceeding with that.

Ate lunch, then at work during afternoon. Did pre-planned projects. Went through all emails. Lined up projects for tomorrow. On automatic pilot during last part of day.

Cooked, ate simple dinner upon arriving at home. Tonight: I'm not going to push myself. I'm going to schlep around. I'm not physically sick, but have that over-exerted feeling. I'll let a night of rest help me out! ;)

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Ag ((Recycler))

Yes, welcome back! I am also just back from an emotionally challenging "vacation" and now off to a 5-day business trip, so I definitely relate... I missed your shares. Your ways of dealing with life challenges are very inspirational to me. Thanks for sharing.  Sounds like you have a good plan to recoup your positive energy.

Thanks, Agnus! :)

Hi Agnus!

Thanks! :) I am glad you are on the board, too! :) I hope your trip goes well! :) Hugs! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

wb recycler

sorry those buttons got pushed, but glad you're back! 

There is a proper balance between not asking enough of oneself and asking or expecting too much.  - May Sarton

thanks, Journey! :)

Hi Journey!

Thanks! :) I appreciate your kind words! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

to-do list update

  • get my cellphone at the t-mobile store
  • write David back about the job
  • send in my warranty for the new lap top
  • call christine in order to find out if a therapist will call me down here in OC.
  • write Ms Purnajo back with a time
  • return my Faulkner in the University book by tomorrow
  • edit my first essay in order to make it a second essay
  • read the paper on Addie
  • Read the other AILD paper
  • apply to ten jobs again
  • continue with my 30 minute running plan.  I am planning on taking
    it easy, since last week was too much on me.  I am going to do 5
    minutes/1 minute walk times 5, all week instead of building right
    away.  With a minimum of 5mph during the running portion.
  • wash my bed sheets
  • no more shopping until I get a job

Agnus checking in

Returned late last night from a 14 hour road trip to Mom's - the trip had some real low-lights and some high-lights. Grateful for the latter. As others have shared here, it's all my choice which I will focus on. I was reading the site as my pda allowed but did not have much opportunity to post, as we were caregiving almost the whole time (got 4 hours off last Friday).

I started today with Step 11, sponsor and sponsee calls. I started and finished a report on deadline, then struggled with some tech issues getting it emailed but finally made it, then attended a meeting about it via conference call.  The meeting left me feeling weird since everyone else was face-to-face with me phoned in; I hate it when I can't read the room. I feel like I talked too fast, maybe strayed off point, and ended up feeling "managed" by my boss who cut me off almost mid-sentence. Urgh.  Again, I can choose to believe that "means" something, or that it was just because the meeting was reaching the end of the time available.

Now I am trying to prioritize 2 weeks' worth of emails plus some key MITs, and get ready to leave again tomorrow for a 5-day business trip.  With God's help I can do this!  I will eat lunch and return in 30 minutes with a prioritized list....setting timer now.


  • Finish eating lunch
  • Confirm 5th Step time
  • Schedule healthcare appts: chiro, MT, MRI results, orthodontist, gyn - offices for the last two were closed; got names and numbers and rescheduled this task for tomorrow morning
  • Act on notes from today's meeting
  • printing order and webinar dates
  • AP list: finish and email CL with hotlist to call
  • Prepare materials for Thur training
  • Follow-up calls to Roch, GR, Nwrk
  • Review yellow notepad and itemize tasks



Self pity was not a good place to be yesterday. The miracle is I  read:

If you can't change a situation you can change your attitude towards it.What a concept.!! First of all, I learned in recovery I could change my attitude-I never even realized that I could. Secondly self-pity is a luxury I cannot afford ( I begin compulsive negative thinking).

So in order to be self-led and not symptom led, I am  adjsut ing my thoughts:

1.Self-appointed expectations lead to self-induced frustrations

2. People do things that annoy us, not necessarily to annoy us

3. Knowledge teaches you what to do, practice tells you how to do it

5..  Negative thoughts are frequently uncontrolled, but not uncontrollable.

.As you try to break free from things that have held you captive, remember — “With God all things are possible.”

• Remember the relevance — the Egyptians had held them in bondage for 400 years! (Like th bubble above)

This is about the 6or 7th post I wrote, so hoefully I will not lose it this time.


babarino ci

Finish s 3 of them
Read packet
Prep for may projects
Check calendar

I'm praying for my HP to be with me today!

GeorgeSmiley 8:45 AM; Update 10:15 PM

 I love that day starter

Yesterday was very unproductive where my work was concerned, because I spent the whole day mentally focused on dealing with the ongoing family concern RE No. 1 son. Late last night, after I got back from my PT job, I finally sent his mother, my ex-, an email message about one set of concerns; I'd spent the whole day trying to draft it and another such message, with the help of Mrs. GS. 

Late last night I also sent a note to an editor expecting something today that I was delayed by a family emergency and I'd get the piece in pronto.

So that's what I need to work on today.

I'm going to do without chatbox today and also without outlook until I feel like I've got this piece at least under way if not ready to send.

More later.

Update, 10:15 PM

Well, I got Project W off to the appropriate editor, and also got an extension on another item that I won't be able to finish by the original deadline--that one isn't a procrastination matter, just a case of too much to do.

Also had a disappointing outcome from my note to my ex- RE No. 1 son issues. But on that I simply need to move on. I have little/no leverage to persuade her to my point of view, and in the end everyone's interests are better served by not dragging out this particular dispute.

Mrs GS alas, is home sick w/ GI troubles while I'm at my PT job.

I've got more to do this week, and as the week unfolds I plan to move forward with my proposed new time management method in which I assign the bulk of a given day to one project rather than trying to always juggle many every day.



The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Journey 8:30

Good morning!  I stayed up too late last night so I'm sleepy today . .. I'll have to make sure to go to bed on time tonight!

I've been to the gym, visited Dad, read email, checked my calendar.  I'm going to have breakfast now, then make my todo list, change clothes, and get busy.   I'll see you in the chat room!


There is a proper balance between not asking enough of oneself and asking or expecting too much.  - May Sarton

Journey 6 pm check out . . . some good, some bad . ..

 Well, I planned on working all day on my report that is due on Friday.  I fooled around most of the morning and finally got started on it after lunch.   Well, I started staring at it and thinking about it.  I struggled with getting started and working in 30 minute chunks but made NO PROGRESS until 4 pm, it all started coming together and I got a whole draft written in two hours.  Maybe some of that staring time was actually thinking, huh?  But I feel bad that I didn't get much work done this morning, maybe I worked 2 out of four hours this morning.  I've been doing much better than that.  But oh well, even normies have a bad day once in a while, right?

Going now to make dinner and do the dishes.  

Might drop in later if I fall off the wagon again :)  Have a great evening PApals.


There is a proper balance between not asking enough of oneself and asking or expecting too much.  - May Sarton

Hope-Faith CI 8:30

Running super late today, however I still have to have productive day. I have routines in place and I need work them not matter what time I wake up. Can not skip routines they are important and allow me to be productive and maintain a balanced life. Moving on to routines.

  1. CI 
  2. E-mail and Financials
  3. Update LL
  4. Plan classwork
    1. 2nd 4th
    2. 3rd
  5. Load  pics
    1. QGames for 5.03c do tomorrow
    2. Test for 5.03 do tomorrow
    3. Test for 7.01 do tomorrow
  6. Home
  7. Super -- get started 
  8. Put clothes away
  9. Walk Goats
  10. Read e-mails


Sammy ci :: 1:25 am

Good morning, PA friends.

Feeling a great deal of anxiety/stress/depression about going to work this morning. For some reason, it just stresses me out....really really bad. Work 8 hours, then school for 4.

Also recovering from some hurtful comments this morning, including "If you have work to do, you just DO it! Its NOT that hard! And don't even tell me about "Procrastination Disease" or whatever that b*** s*** crap is..."

Like thats supposed to make me more motivated..... >.<

Wishing I could just stay in bed this morning, but Its time to go! I'll check in either after work or after school.

Have a productive day, everyone! 

Sammy ci :: 4:50 pm

Feeling much better than this morning, and have recovered completely from the negative situations of this morning. Glad to be sitting after another 8 hour shift of checking groceries. Looking forward to sitting in class for the next 4 hours (key word: SITTING)

To Do: Go to class (leave home by 5:30), Write speed stacking script (story of Job)

I'll check in again after class. 

good recovery Sammy

Bouncing back after that horrid comment!  and tackling a 12 hour day, too!


There is a proper balance between not asking enough of oneself and asking or expecting too much.  - May Sarton

Sammy ci :: 11:45 pm

Thanks Jo. :-)

I'm checking in again, as promised.

I've been doing a lot of nothing since I got home from school. But perhaps my brain deserved a bit of a break after such a long day? Feeling sleepy, but need to finish writing that script. Much to do tomorrow, including a meeting with my client at 2pm. Planning to start waking up at 7am, but come out of my bedroom only when my 14 year old brother is out the door for school (to avoid conflict).

Goodnight PA friends. :-) 

kromer 8 CI

This is a busy week--there's lots to do today!

Scheduled: Lab mtg 12-1, (maybe) bio colloquium 4-5

*Plan for Harambee, send email, call girls
*Read paper + prep presentation (making good progress on this)
*Write 1.5 pages of lab
*Finish up proj. W, notes from mtg w/ RS
*Download data
*Email SM, call Gerrie

Other tasks:
*Review 2 CSB lectures  

*Read 1 paper for Proj. D
*Write 1 page of lab

*Square dancing

Right now I'm going to take 30 min and finish up project W, then take notes from mtg w/ RS, then gather my stuff and head to campus.

kromer 1:45 CI

Making pretty good progress on my work--have done all theings crossed out above.

Right now, I'm going to download data, then take notes from mtg w/ RS and organize notes from lab mtg, then send email about Harambee and do a little prep for it (should be minimal prep this week, about 15 min), then finish reading paper and prepping presentation. Heading to chatbox now. 

Update 2:50--downloaded data, took/organized notes, sent email about Harambee. I'm getting really sick of small boring tasks, so I'm going to finish up the presentation now, *then* I'll send a follow-up email about lab mtg and do the Harambee prep. 

Update 7:15--almost done w/ presentation/paper reading, wrote 1 page of lab, now going to make phone calls and do Harambee prep. 

Chick CI

I struggled yesterday, feeling so bad about knowing I wouldn't have the whole thing for my ed. And so i did a lot of avoidy stuff.

Now I'm feeling calm and absorbed in task. For breaks instead of surfing I will do scales or manure spreading or dig out a dandelion. Today I will use the timer to make friends with time.

Right now I'm going to get

Right now I'm going to get a cup of water.  I'm going to set my alarm clock for my emergency time to wake up of 11:30am.  I am going to wake up at that time tomorrow and checkin about it.  I must fix my sleeping rhythm.  I'm going to write down a list of things that need to get done.  The weather here has been fabulously hott.  Thank you, HP for the fab weather.  I'm lovin' it.  And thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet with the company today and do a test for them as a candidate.  Thank you for David, my coworker erstwhile who told me about a job and is willing to pass along my resumé for me.  That is wicked awesome.


This whole program is about taking contrary action.


My bottomline of just brushing my teeth each night is helping me to sometimes feel motivated to floss as well and use listerine.  I think it's working nicely, but it's more like topline behavior.

got cup of water, set alarm

got cup of water, set alarm clock.

 List of things I need to take action on:

  • get my cellphone at the t-mobile store
  • write David back about the job
  • write Ms Purnajo back with a time
  • return my Faulkner in the University book by tomorrow
  • edit my first essay in order to make it a second essay
  • read the paper on Addie
  • Read the other AILD paper
  • apply to ten jobs again
  • continue with my 30 minute running plan.  I am planning on taking it easy, since last week was too much on me.  I am going to do 5 minutes/1 minute walk times 5, all week instead of building right away.  With a minimum of 5mph during the running portion.
  • wash my bed sheets

I got up at my emergency

I got up at my emergency time of 11:30 and am checking in about it.

byGodsGrace todays CI

 Yesterday was such a good day, the return of hope - slowly but surely, the consistent feeling of it despite my circumstances, brings joy... I am finding freedom to make mistakes, pray about weaknesses rather than avoid because they are so imperfect and hard to face....Perfect love casts out fear. I took time out to go outside and blow bubbles with my daughter and it was so fun - to see her joy and delight was a wonderful break and a reminder of what is important. I am recovering, but I am also living and loving and loved and want to remember that as i work through challenging tasks, emotions and situations along the way. I am blessed to be able to share in overcoming with all the wonderful people here.

Word and prayer for the day again: 1 Peter 5:7, Psalm 119:105, NIV

I cast all my anxiety on You because You care for me. Your word is a lamp to my feet.

My to do list: 

Read Bible/Pray

dd school by 8.30

store – ink, glue

call TJ

MIT1 job1 print F – finish, next steps 1, 2, 3

dd pickup 2.30

dd st 5:15, store

Clear email/inbox for day