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Saturday April 18, 2009

nothing quote bgg

Happy Saturday everyone - laughter is good medicine! 

Sammy ci :: end of semester

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know that even though I have not been checking in every day, I DO come to the site every day. Thats better than nothing, right?

I've been having a tough time lately....almost failing a class I love, family conflict, considering switching majors....lots of stuff that just sucks the energy out of me.

I'm hoping to get back into my check in schedule after the semester ends....

Today I am thankful for my friends C. and E.. Last night I was really inspired by the godliness they displayed in a tough situation. 

Chicking In

I have been doing things.

I hate to shop and forced myself to check on the vertical blinds. Something I put off and at the time, I almost backed out for a "better time", but I made it. I am more aware of all th procratination thoughts going through my head now. It was not easy or comfortable, but somehow I insist on believing "next time will be different" (sound familiar?)

Today, got in my walk, soccer, food stores, wash. Breaks.

Now. 1. phone calls and start yard work. It is beautiful  out yet, I feel tired and don't want to start. I know once I start, I will enjoy it.

Thanks. from a fellow pro.

CI 12:26 PM

Yesterday and last night went well and I had a good time. 

Today I am trying to do several projects at once, and not any of them very well. 

Going to grab a nap, as that will make a difference - Friday night/Saturday morning is my main chatting time of the week - and start again. 





Gentlemen, I believe we have much to discuss.
(Robert Lansing as Control, The Equalizer, Trial by Ordeal.)

Hope-Faith 1:10

Late CIing but I have been busy. Had to take DD to chior practice while at chior practice I ran errands. So now to work on the homefront.

  1. Coffee -- had not had any yet
  2. Update post
  3. Check e-mail
  4. Update financials
  5. Fly
    1. reboot laundry
    2. unload dishwasher
    3. swish and swipe
  6. Hang out clothes
  7. Paint DS bedroom 
    1. Change into painting clothes
    2. Get supplies to paint DS room
    3. Paint
  8. Start Supper
  9. Kids walk goats 
  10. Fold clothes
  11. Run to store to pick up wallet that I left this am :(
  12. Finish supper and eat
  13. 15 min file cabinet
  14. 15 min bunny-tree Might work on this some tomorrow




kromer 9:40 CI

Caught up on sleep last night, which was good.

Today I have lots of chores to do, plus some schoolwork.

*Clean kitchen

*Finish doc. everything but conservation code, email WG
*Review 2 CSB lectures
*Email about tutoring

*Cut out fish
*Pray about what I can do for M family, email TH about this

*Call IA
*Call AG
*Go see friend's play

Right now, I'm going to cut out fish, then take care of laundry, budgeting, and cleaning kitchen, then finish doc.

Update 11: done w/ fish, now going to clean kitchen and start laundry. 

GeorgeSmiley 8 AM

Hello, everyone...

Back from a week away w/ my sons to visit family in the East. Also surfacing after a semi-crisis w/ no. 1 son that we think is taking a turn for the better. 

Today I'm making a lot of time for work, while I also have some outdoor tasks to do.

Throughout I'll be doing laundry.

Thingsd that I need to do today:

1) Get a big start on writing Project W. UPDATE 2:10 PM: No progress

2) Catch up email
  UPDATE 9:25 AM: Finished

3) Bring task list up to date. UPDATE 11 AM: Finished

4) Plan next week out  UPDATE 11 AM: Mostly finished

5) Clean up piles Update 2:10 PM: piling stuff in a bag to take to my PT job and do during downtime there.

6) Laundry UPDATE 2:10 PM: About half finished. :-)

7) Trim the privet hedge in front Update 2:10 PM. Did this.

8) Burn off the rest of the fuel in the snow thrower (for the second time this season!) UPDATE 2:10 PM. Finished!




The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

ktgato64 4/18/09

 Hi, in case anyone was wondering I'm new here. I'm really looking forward to geting to know everyone and supporting each other. Snyways, this is my 1st check-in!!! Its weird, cuz I haven't tried writing lists to get stuff done in so long, but it'll 4 sure work better than my usual method (which means no mehtod!)

morning routine

text friend about tutoring

read book for English

walk around block- didn't get to that

volunteer for 4 hours at Library

study for Chem exam at Library didn't cover as much as i wanted to

So I'll be back to tell how it 4:45ish. Wish me luck! ANd good morning everyyone!!!!!

Edit: So 3 hours later than I was supposed to come back and edit...I finally do. In my defense, my intentions were good. I was actually reading the book were reading for English during my "fun" break, took a little longer than I expected. And that lead to other stuff...and now I'm a little stressed at what I still gotta do. Okay, here's my schedule for the rest of the night:

spend a couple more minutes online

call friend from Spanish

start on laundry/volunteer sheet

study for chem test/sort through exam papers

write 1/2 of paper rd

Then I can relax for a bit before bedLaughing




isabo ci 840am

Hello All!

I have to confess I don't know when I last checked in...Thursday maybe?  I had a good day yesterday, cleaned up the house while washed windows.  I have been successful in fighting my resistance...always aware of the voice that pops up and says "but" or "just a minute to do this"

My windows were really bad, so I wanted to wipe them down with just plain old water before doing the windex thing.  I decided to use the water and newspaper trick, to see if that really did work, knowing I was going to windex after....and was amazed that it works!  I am looking out sparkling clear windows as I write, just so pleased at the result, and the money I saved in both windex and paper towels! 

Today we are going out to the Wildlife Park near here.  The weather is beautiful today, we should have a good time.  Haven't decided yet if we will picnic, or restaurant.  A little bit of C-Tire shopping and browsing, and then back home to meet the kids Nanny for a visit.  I would like to clean off my workrooms bed surface of the the stuff piled on it, and repot my aloe, putting the bigger plants into a bigger planter. I haven;t seperated aloes from eachother before I hope it goes well!


Have a greating day everyone!


Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

journey 7 am

good morning!   I am working today, so I'm checking in to say that I am getting on the treadmill right NOW and then going out to the nursing home to check on Dad.  He was moved from rehab to the "memory care" unit yesterday . . . this is good news because a month ago they were talking about moving him from rehab to hospice.  

I have to do some stuff for work starting at 11 but it is my intention to be online to work at 9 am, review everything for today and get some work done on Project TF for which I have a deliverable due on  Friday. 

Have a great weekend y'all!


There is a proper balance between not asking enough of oneself and asking or expecting too much.  - May Sarton

Chick CI & intentions

I want to make progress on two main tasks today--but it never works to aim at big things.

So my intention here is to get started on each, and keep starting again and again and keep going to make progress.

1. project l

2. the manure came, I have spread 4 out of 20 bags. It's 4 old manure, not at all stinky and it makes a nice break to work on it. But I have to dig out weeds in each area I spread it.

3. household stuff: because I am binging, I do not want to go out for more fruit and veg. I have enough in the house, more or less.

affirmation: I can choose to focus my attention. I can choose a positive attitude. I can ask HP for help.

Happy Birthday wishes to

Happy Birthday wishes to bGG's daughter for a very happy 4th!

Hope it's  a joyful day for you both!



tku everyone4 bday wishes!

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes chickadee, journey and everyone!! It will be a very special and joyful day - a lot to do with the peace I have more of since my progress here! God has really used this site and the fellowship here to do a great work in me - not where I want to be yet, but so far from where I was and enjoying the journey!

Chickadee I wish i had that cake it is so cute, really adorable! :-) thanks for picking it out for us!!  I may have to steal the idea for next year!

 Her real cake will be a girly version of a train cake. She likes Thomas the train and red and yellow so wanted Molly the train - so thats what she gets! It's a girl train - and I have lots of sparkly butterfly accents to decorate with too - this is the first bday she has been able to express what she really likes and wants on the cake, she has been so excited - me too!

byGodGrace todays ci

  Today my dd turns 4!  Happy Birthday!

So proud of her - it is going to be such a fun day - she has been waiting for her turn to blow out the candles at every party we've been to - now she is so excited it's finally her turn!

Word and prayer for the day: Psalm 139: 13-14

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. 

My to do list: 

Read Bible/Pray

MIT1 job1 print – next 2 steps

jobAM labels format, print

Prepare samples/photos

Check balance


dd birthday party 6pm

Clear email/inbox for day 

job 2 continue

byGodsGrace todays CI :-)

My to do list: 

Read Bible/Pray

jobAM labels format, print

Check balance

dd birthday party 6pm

MIT1 job1 print – next 2 steps

Clear email/inbox for day 

Prepare samples/photos

job 2 continue

Happy Birthday bGG's dd!

There is a proper balance between not asking enough of oneself and asking or expecting too much.  - May Sarton