Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thursday March 19, 2009



Each day is a new start.
 courage      serenity     wisdom        I can take the next step


You must have been warned against letting the golden hours slip by; but
some of them are golden only because we let them slip by. 

Matthew Barrie



(oops didn't mean to add this comment and can't delete)

Pyrotecher 5:45 pm PDT

I'm in a time-flexible office which makes me almost entirely self-responsible for my schedule. But I have been using that freedom to allow my schedule to get increasingly out of whack. It's hurting work and home life.

I've just invested 50 minutes of post work time to set out my schedule for this evening and tomorrow morning. What I've gotta do to get home, maintain my household, and get myself ready to show up at work by normal people's hours (8am) tomorrow.

If I pull it off it will be the first day without an urgent morning appointment that I've accomplished that in... yikes I don't know how long.

Bad news is that I try this every so often and usually fail, or (surprise!) don't maintain it for any time. If I pull it off tomorrow, keeping an even schedule thru the weekend (which tends to put my personal clock back out of whack) will be the challenge.

Good news is that I've learned that I know quite accurately how long tasks I have prior experience with actually take. I just usually don't admit it to myself.

Well, the clock says I gotta go home right now. Let's see how well I know (and can manage) my own schedule for one whole night/morning commute. Promising myself to check in by morning to report results.

Pyrotecher Bedtime check-in 11pm PDT

The exercise isn't going perfectly but I'm getting some results. I've been running about :45 (approx) behind the schedule I set for myself, and kept that close by dropping nonessential tasks (interesting how what seemed essential becomes less so when you reassert your priorities!).

 Now to see if I can get some sleep and get myself around in the morning and to work close to on time. Any progress will be huge toward getting my schedule (and the implied priorities I'm puttng on my time) back into whack.

isabo ci 720 pm

Continued to have a great day.  Got lots done, even made homemade applesauce for our bbq'd porkchops! 

tomorrow we have a playdate (that was postponed from Tues) then I hope to continue sorting and storing by alternating two tasks every 10 minutes.  It worked so well today!

Off to watch mindless tv with my hubby...til tomorrow!

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

Self Centered Fear

I am always amazed at how quickly I drift into self and I don't even realize it.

I did go for my walk (in the rain) but the weather never stopped me. Running/walking has been part of my program every day since 1982. When I stop, I feel like I am in relapse even if I am not practicing an food addiction.

Well, I am always amazed at how little I have to do to find my HP. I always get some clear answers about things when I walk which I did. When I came home, a business matter I needed to take care of happened when the phone call was made to me.

On my walk, I took my MP3 player of all the files that were on, what came up was: "There Is a Solution" from the downloaded file I got from the following site:

this site has wonderful meetings to download. Joe and Charlie talked about how Rowland wanted to see Freud and Adler about his alcoholism and they were not taking new patients. He went to Jung (former student of Freud who fell away because he believed in a spiritual solution for some patients and the others only believed in recovery of the mind) It was here that Step 2 was established (my favorite step- which I seem to forget every day)

Why do I always fall back on thinking I can find the answer (I guess my self centered control issues).

Then to top it off, the next MP3 file was Joyce Myers and the title was "Do it Afraid"

So I did a few things and I did spend time on the computer and tried not to waste too much time.

I feel like maybe I was in a sort of relapse. I relapsed into self sufficiency, which has always been my #1 character defect. I need to get my thinking back to program thinking, even though "it FEELS ALL WRONG" .

I pray I can get to a face to face meeting.

I will write my list and try to focus on what needs to be done and not self flagellate

I am not where I want to be, or think I "should" be by now, but Thank God I am not where I would be without this program!


Hi Vic,

I really relate to your post and how easy it is to drift into self! Everytime I get off track and overwhelmed it is for that reason. Thanks for sharing the site for downolads.

Joyce Meyer has been really important in my life changing and I have the book "Do it Afraid" - it is very helpful to me and now I am inspired to download some messages too! I have lots of her tape/cd series and am about to start listening to the first message I ever heard about God, her series "Grace, Grace and more Grace" - I find it helps me everytime though my circumstances change.

So glad you are here and overcoming! I have good and bad hours, days... but know I am in the right place!  :-)

"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." 2 Cor. 12:9 

Recycler CI 1pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Now that lunch is over, I'm checking in before starting on my next group of papers. I had to go through a bunch of papers here this morning -- did some clearing out! I think it will help to say the Serenity Prayer: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen.

In the afternoon, I consulted with my boss and got instruction on several items.

Most days I do an assignment list. The list for tomorrow is really organized well, with easiest projects highlighted for quick completion in the morning. Yay! :)

After work: I fixed dinner and I'm washing/drying some clothes. I typed some volunteer meeting minutes.

Next: I need to write an email to a friend.

8:55. I've written a few emails. It's time to get ready to sleep. I am slightly delaying.

I'm having some codependency flare-ups. Something falsely appeared to have the potential to meet some of my needs. Going up to 50% hope was fun. Coming back down to 10% or 1% hope and/or reality. ((sigh)) Comment: If my fantasy world was real, it would actually be causing me problems; so I don't know why I like to wish it was Real, lol! Thanks, guys & gals, for being here! :) I need you!!!

Have a great day! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Journey noon hazelden thought for the day

This is actually from Overeater's Anonymous but I think it applies to us too:


In the past, we relied on our own strength to get us where we thought we wanted to go. We were afraid, since deep down we knew how weak and undependable our own strength really was.

When we turn our lives over, we no longer have to go it alone. We have tapped the limitless reservoir of strength provided by our Higher Power, and when we are operating under His guidance we feel confident. What we could not do ourselves can be done when we admit our weakness and ask for help.

Through working the OA program and through closer contact with our Higher Power, we may find that we are going in a new direction. The things we thought we wanted may turn out to be unnecessary, and we may have new goals. Wherever our journey leads, we will have the strength we need, since it does not come from ourselves but from a Power greater than ourselves.

I need Your strength, Lord.

From Food for Thought: Daily Meditations for Overeaters by Elisabeth L. ©1980, 1992 by Hazelden Foundation. All rights reserved. No portion of this publication may be reproduced in any manner without the written permission of the publisher.

You won't reach your destination by pretending you're somewhere other than where you are. - Steve Pavlina

ByGodsGrace todays CI

My daily devotional was titled “Courage” today too J

Late start today, stayed up an hour too late reading a book, so didn’t have time for CI before morning routine – feel better when I do this first, so need to make sure I am to sleep sooner! 

Word and prayer for the day: John 14:27 cev, kjv 

“I give you peace, the kind of peace that only I can give. It isn't like the peace that this world can give. So don't be worried or afraid.”

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” 

Music: Crystal Lewis, Hymns 

My to do list: 

dd school

call S, call T

Read Bible/Pray/Daily CI

Well I wasted 2 1/2 hours because I dealt with a boundary issue - did  a pretty good job, said no to someone even tho they prefer I say yes, but then felt bad about it and thought about everything else to face and thought about how i had to handle it and didn't seek God for help, and got a headache, stomach ache, and just took a nap...  I still dont feel good, I think I have a lot of stress related headaches, etc.... I am going to restart, again.

MUT: extra invitations, assemble, mail  (I like your acronyms Kromer!)

MIT1: email job3 invoice, schedule, call to follow up

planning for week, month, 3 months –continue to work on one area at a time

complete, papers to F office

post office

call A

dd school 2p

MIT2: Call mom 

pay water bill

dd st/pt 3:45-6p


Well the restart today was pretty successful, a work in progress is all I can say!

ag ci 10:30am

Well, I had written a great check-in and then mindlessly, before actually posting it, clicked over to check a recent comment. Lost my post. Trying not to feel panic about how often I do things like this - it does not necessarily mean I have inherited my Dad's Alzheimer's nor my Mom's brain tumor! It might just mean I am overwhelmed and naturally a bit flaky.Embarassed

My commitment today is to go prayerfully through the day seeking humility and asking my HP (Higher Power) what to do next. My to-do list is too long to post here. I have it printed out on paper and will work from it as HP leads, checking in here when HP leads.  Thanks for being here. You are God's gift to me today!

Ag co 6 pm and 10pm

This has been a good day for PA recovery. Guess that HP-thru-the-day-thingey really works! Doh. Here's what HP got done through me today:

  • sponsor/sponsee calls made
  • overdue family correspondence caught up
  • chiro, tech support scheduled
  • electrician, church appts requested
  • started dreaded and tedious requisition process
  • submitted booking request for 3/25-26 trip
  • wrote AP weekly update (not filed yet - refining spreadsheet attachment)
  • completed long-overdue review of eval report - (now send comments!)DONE!
  • reviewed pro-bono project and had some correspondence about it
  • started the AP scrapbook collection
  • did 2 hours tedious fixes to spreadsheet (sadly bungled by delegee, probably should have just done it myself, - fixes will take another 2 hrs at least - urgh)
  • jotted notes for 4th Step on fear that AP is ruining my career

Still due today, tho HP hasn't yet raised these tasks to my "next up" level:

  • timecard and monthly AP budget/SWOT report
  • schedule ortho appt
  • find out wtf is happening with the software and toolkits
  • crosswalks whitepaper
  • thank-you notes
  • scheduling for tomorrow

Tech guy just called to resched for 5pm tomorrow. HP says "next right thing" is eat dinner and walk the dog - not sure which order. Might check back later.  This way of doing things feels good.

5: check in

Hi all!
Long day at work! But onto home/personal
Haircut at 7(done)
Balance checkbook(done)
Drop bank stuff in mail(done)
Drop cc bill in mail(done)
Pay student loan
Pay cc
Find out what up with gas bill
Dry clean(done)

Rt stuff (done)

OT follow up(done)


Dress code(in progress)

K email follow up(done)

Detailed memo (in progress, will have to get done tomorrow)

report (rc)

cc report

rk case

Constance ci

Constance ci

20:20 daughter is in bed and I could do some light reading. First I need to pack up 3 ebay parcels. The buyers keep sending emails to me, waiting for their stuff ...

x parcel no. 1:

x parcel no 2:

x parcel no 3:

have not accomplished what i had planned to today ..

so for tomorrow:

o go to library

o copy/print essays on Gothic novels

o skim read and highlight

o copy/print essays on war poets

o skim read and highlight



"if i feel guilty about my procrastination, i will get LESS done, if i dont feel guilty, i will get MORE done." - Clement


isabo ci 1024 am

Just about to get started again after a (second) breakfast of fried eggs tomato and spinach on rye cripsbread - may not sound good, but it is and healthy and filling too!

Finished kitchen and made headway into piles of paper using a rotating 10 minute system.  Need to continue papers and now start on laundry, then bathroom...will figure next at the time...

I feel so good right now!

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

Diz 9:13a Withdrawals?

Feeling pretty down about myself this morning, not totally sure why. I've been making some pretty good inroads with setting my work day up to not procrastinate...although I still haven't totally committed (I'm still going online occassionally albeit here!).

I feel like I should be more proud of myself for taking the steps like doing CI's and turning off the internet while working, etc. But I still feel like a failure. These feelings are difficult to shake... Is this withdrawal?

Still working on T3 report. It's a real bugger at this point. Progress is the only way for me to get back to good again in my head/emotional well-being. Damn I'm hard on myself.

Thanks for being here everyone.


procras withdrawal

<<<These feelings are difficult to shake... Is this withdrawal?>>>

That's been my experience, yes....a period of withdrawal when the Siren song of my addictive procrastination calls: "Come back! Come back! WE love you! Really! You know THEY don't love you like WE do!  WE'll make you feel good again!"  Lies, of course....what AA calls "cunning, baffling, powerful."  The fact I would even consider it as possible Truth, given my actual experience with unchecked procrastination, helps to convince me of my need for a Power greater than myself to restore me to sanity!

re: pcras withdrawal

i feel that sometimes. thanks for the tip.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb


Usually I speak to my sponsor about my fears, but she could not talk and this probably would work better, because I can see and read them again. I feel so full of fear right now and that is really hard for me to admit because besides saying  I am lazy, the next worst thing to say is I am afraid. Just saying it wants me to quick delete it, but no one knows who I am. Usually when I speak to people, after I admit a fear, I have to balance their opinion or my fear of their opinion of me by some remarkable feat I achieved in the past. I guess I feel like if I admit my fears, I will be vulnerable and somehow other people will use it against me like my family of origin did.

 Today, I did 1/2 my routine, still need to write. a plan.

Funny-one of my readings was on courage- I even had to look 2x at the date.

Then the first word ABOVE SAYS COURAGE.


1. It will start raining before I walk.

2. I need to make some calls. One of them is at a school where I subed about my pay.I am afraid they are going to yell at me????????

3. I need to write some letters- legal confrontaional- standing up for myself. I want to "feel" strong before I do it- I feel so small and weak and afraid.

4. I need to schedule a flight- I see a good deal, afraid that a better deal will come up.

5. I am afraid to start- afraid of the pains of the day.

I really like the tools. 1,2,3 I am going out the door and walk.

Mansah - midday

I was going to get up ridiculously early this morning to continue on those essays of doom that I still haven't finished. The good thing is I am not feeling bad about it at all - or at least that part is being smothered by the rest of me so I can't quite hear it. I wonder though if what I need is that bit of guilt to get started - only a bit 25 hours to deadline of essays 1-2 and I still haven't done anything. Also, my knee is getting worse because I haven't done any of the exercises. I've got piles of newly laundered clothes just piled up and several dirty bowls as a witness from the unhealthy diet of cereal and pot noodles that I have been living off this last week and a half...


I think I'm finding it even harder to do my essays because the weather has been really lovely this week but because I needed to write my essays I have been froced to stay inside with only an open window to remind me - naturally that is making me even more resentful towards any demands on me and I take revenge by not doing these things - which ultimately just leads me to being locked up for more days.


Anyway, today:


Finish essay  1 before 18.00 (that's still five hours away - you can do it) - haven't finished yet, but I am lot closer and for all it's flaws I think this essay can actually be handed in tomorrow and maybe scrape a pass. YESS!!!!

Do knee exercises at least once - still haven't done any of this and my knee has been feeling really bad today, so BAH.

Have a shower

Wash dirty dishes

Write 700 words on essay 2 before midnight - haven't begun this yet and I am feeling rather tired, however as this has really become an unavoidable task now, after all deadline in 15 hours or so, at least I have enough will power to keep myself from going to bed - prepared coffee in stead. Just write somehing, anything. As soon as the words are on the screen it doesn't matter what you say, you can still hand it in.


I am not having much confidence any of this will happen - and yet, usually it's the last hours before the deadline where I tend to finally focus, because I really have no other choice.


Also, whatever happens I will try not to hate myself for it, the essays are only worth 10% each and not handing them in will not ruin your life.


Though this be madness, yet there is method in't ~ Polonius (Hamlet)

GeorgeSmiley 7:50 AM

Out of the office all day yesterday. Conducted interview/site visit for Project W, working lunch for speculative project B-B.

Rest of the day mostly spent reading files and thinking about project E, and then, later, looking for news on the net about a layoff at my Part Time employer (I was not affected).

Coming back today to a number of leftover tasks.

The task pad will be long and there are items not on it that I should do.

Today I won't set MITs here, but simply work through my list. Later today I will review my current tasks over the next week or so and restore some order.



The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

kromer 8:40 CI

I didn't have a very good day yesterday...all I got done was my MUTs, and I didn't check out here in the evening. I'll try and make today a little better.

*I'm going to go start my laundry now.
*Then, I'll make a plan for finishing DPs project (I've been putting this off for weeks!) 
*Then, I'll microburst (10 min) finishing DP's project
*Then, I'll take notes from a couple meetings yesterday
*Then, I'll call about my W2
*If have time before 10:30 (when I need to leave for class) I'll work on packing and budgeting.

Laundry, then will head to chatbox. 

kromer 1:45 CI

I've been making decent progress.

I did laundry, made a plan for finishing DP's project, microbursted, dealt w/ my W2, went to class and had lunch with friends.

Now, I'm spinning my wheels a bit...I have nothing that I'm required to do, lots of tasks that I should do, and trouble prioritizing.

Here's a crack at organizing:
Scheduled: See brother's play 7:30-9:30

*budgeting (mostly done)
*start packing
*print all papers I need
*Notes from 2 mtgs
*Choose 1 or 2 good transcriptional systems biology papers

Other tasks:
*Print stuff for taxes, get envelopes
*1 hr work on WG's project
*2nd hr work on WG's project

Right now, I'm going to do my budgeting...that's straightforward, should be able to get it done in less than an hour. Then I'll take notes from the mtgs and try to choose a good transcriptional systems bio paper for journal club. Then I'll check back.  

kromer CO 11

Done pretty well so far today, but still have a little more to do before bed. I did the crossed-off tasks above+20 min work on WG's project. Now I need to:
*Balance checkbook (last step for budgeting)
*Do dishes, make bed
*Start packing (just a microburst: get food I want to take on trip, get out toiletries)

MUT, MIT ???

What do these acronyms mean?


MUT, MIT definitions

MUT=most urgent task

MIT=most important task

lingo guide

i feel we are a mature enuf group we could have a lingo guide of some sort.

some of the basic chat/txt ones:

and ours

meh. maybe not.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

lingo guide

A while ago I googled

ikhyf to find out it means I know how you feel.

so ikywm is I know what you mean? 

btw - by the way


bbs   bbl    be back soon, be back later  

how does maybe not become meh?

I know it is faster to type these things, but I dread the day when my kids start texting.  I won't have a clue what they are saying!

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

re lingo guide

Might be a helpful Forum or stand-alone, with a Site Content link for newbies and other non-twits, er, non-twitter-ers? :-)

I'm a little bit twitty but even so I can't figure out a couple you listed:

bbs and gtd

re: lingo guide

GTD = Getting Things Done

BBL - Be Back Later

BBS - Be Back Soon

I think ikywm should have been ikwym = I know what you mean.

meh is like a shrug.   you shrug your shoulders and say "meh" lol.

I really confused one of my chatroom-literate friends by saying "BRB CAT"

I meant:  "Be right back, the cat wants in"  and they were trying to figure out what CAT stood for!

You won't reach your destination by pretending you're somewhere other than where you are. - Steve Pavlina

Been wondering about that

I've been wondering about those abrieviations since I joined - thanks for explaining! I feel like one of the world's great mysteries has been revealed to me:D


Though this be madness, yet there is method in't ~ Polonius (Hamlet)

i always wanted to know

i always wanted to know that, thanks for asking, dizzle! thought it was some native speaker's code i'd never get and didn't dare to ask ;-)



"if i feel guilty about my procrastination, i will get LESS done, if i dont feel guilty, i will get MORE done." - Clement


Falcon CI Thurs. a.m.

Hi pro amigos,

Checking in here before work yesterday really helped with my work day, so let's try it again!

To do at work today:

  • Tidy desk and review cards first (can do this while email loads.)
  • Immediately after lunch, tidy desk and review cards again

Have a good day, everyone!  See you all later,


Falcon CO Thurs.

Hmm, well I totally didn't do those things!  But I was pretty productive, and more aware than usual of what I was doing, so at least setting the intention this morning did help.

I'm going to keep working on this; I want to make a habit of doing those things, even if it takes me several tries to get there!  I'm off work tomorrow, but will try this again on Monday.

Good night, everyone!


isabo ci 754 am

I was going to start the day fighting procrasting with shining the kitchen right away, but, as it turned out, when I got home from work my husband was getting ready for work in the kitchen, and the kitchen is not big enough for the two of us.  So I grabbed all my still-to-be-filed paperwork and set them on the dining room table, brought the laptop over, and will work from here.

I will set the timer today to do the tasks needed. 

Yesterday I scooped nearly all the poop from the yard - a huge accomplishment!  And spent time outside with the kids, who had their bikes out for the first time this year.  My daughter was thrilled to find out that she wasn't afraid of pedalling anymore, that she actually enjoys riding!  Yah!  This summer we will bike lots of places, and that thrills me.  No more driving to the park, now we can bike!  Aah, the possibilities that have opened up!

Anyway, off to the the timer!!

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

Chick CI

thanks as always for the great quote Constance--to me it seems like a positive affirmation that we are allowed to let a bit of time slip by, and that that is what makes us understand that time is precious.

I have one main IT UT today and a bunch of small tasks. I'm starting with the UT.--i've made a good start. (And put one load of laundry in and out.) now keep going.

YAY--all done except last page; did arrangement for volunteer thing. wrote to scary editor.     15 minute walk 8)