Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Monday 23 February 2009

The only way along a path is one step at a time. I can take a step.

courage                  wisdom               serenity                     hope

Sammy ci :: 11:05 pm

Just checking in before bedtime. Had a lovely weekend retreat, even though staff outnumbered participants by three to one (only 3 middle schoolers came...but we had sixteen adults on staff!) However, it only takes a gathering of two for the Holy Spirit to be present. :-)

Today, I: caught up on sleep, vacuumed/dusted family room, read a book (yes, the whole thing), and picked up B & co. at 4:15 from rehearsal.

Tomorrow I will: Get up at a reasonable time (8:45 am), shower, breakfast, finish Flash project, prepare for rehearsal, leave home by 4pm, puppet rehearsal, puppet performance, get to bed at a reasonable time (11:30pm)

The past weekend has inspired me to try to remember to thank God for all the wonderful things he has given me. I'm going to try to post a tiny "thank you" prayer each day I post here....starting today!

God, thank you for the weekend I have just spent with You and the rest of the NB staff. I thank you especially for the new friends I made, and pray that we would become even closer friends in the future. 

Recycler CI 4:40pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Thanks for the threadstarter, chickadee! :) Reminds me of Kripalu :)

At the gym this morning: elliptical, ab workout, stretching. Fortunately I am not overly sore from a rescue this weekend.

Work: made it through my Monday meeting, and updated my project list. Need to add in a couple of things before finishing the work-day here.

Chiropracter after work, then 12-step meeting. Sponsor probably won't be there. Need to do an errand on the way to meeting.

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)


okay it's noon and I'm already behind, but today I need to: read

ByGodsGrace todays CI

Thanks for quote today chickadee! I am commited to this path, I may sit down on the way but never getting off again. I can take a step, I can do all things...

I HAVE to focus on Job2 today, have been avoiding it BIG TIME.  I did it, woohoo! :-)

Still My Word and prayer for the day: 2 Corinthians 12:9, Philippians 4:13

Help me today Lord where I am still so weak, I know I can do all things through You. I know Christ gives me the strength to face anything. God help me to walk walk in Your strength today and see myself as You see me.

My music today: Crystal Lewis, Gold & Mercy Me, mix cd

My top priorities today: Eat regularly (control hypolglycemia), Stay connected, present, prayerful...Try to see the progress not the imperfection, be grateful, Start using a timer for tasks, Experiment with breaks 

My  to do list:

DD school


Pray, Read the Bible

CI for day 

Call/Bank issue resolved, not in my control

Call to Reschedule Wed appt

**Email proof to printer

**Call Printer for quotes, appt?

**Continue work on photo edit/design job (limit 3)

Email sample proof job 2 (got extension, big shocker!)

**Job2 invoice summary, start at least!

Job1 invoice Revision, start at least!

Return client emails as needed

DD pickup 2.30p


Something fun with dd before bedtime

Prepare for Tu conference before bed

Oops, I did it again

So it's 10a already and I haven't gotten started on anything relavent this yet this morning. I guess you could call that "falling off the wagon" a bit. But anyways, I'm here so I'm taking a step in the right direction.

I have plenty to do today including and most importanly completing a report that I need to submit before I leave today. There is much work left to do on the report getting it done will be a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. I have to remember how getting things done feels so great rather than fooling myself into thinking that procrastinating is a better idea. Procrastinating merely makes everything worse, but yet, I somehow find a way to justify it..

Ok, more of a vent than a check-in but I know what I need to do. And now for the action...

Good luck Dizzle, great

Good luck Dizzle, great that you are posting. and good luck w the report.

Well, for me, I have often started later than 10 and took a long time learning to forgive myself for late starts--in fact, I am still working on it... posting what feel like failures is as important as posting successes (but there is still a lot of day left at 10  :)   !)...

Good start dizzle :-)

I just want to agree with Chickadee and encourage you, it is so great that you are posting! Us procrastinators have a way of getting a lot done in a little time once we get going... just posting means you are going, its never to late a start!

Joyce Meyer is a Bible teacher, speaker that inspires me a lot and she got this in prayer one day... helps me A LOT... so I'll share, "When you get disappointed, you can always make a decision to get reappointed!"

GeorgeSmiley 8:35 AM

Wonderful thread starter!

One MIT today is spending time transcribing Project F-G interview.

Another is making sure I get a memo to new client W.

Otherwise, I'll be going through my master task list for today and trying to eliminate as many things as possible by doing them or appropriately deferring them.

[Additional request deleted]

Heading to chatbox




The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Journey 9 am

I'm nervous about today because I have a lot to finish to get ready for the vendor to come onsite tomorrow!   I wanted to have all this done last week and didn't get finished, but thankfully not because of procrastination.  I still feel a bit guilty but after reviewing my activites last week, I think I did the best I could.   It's good to feel that I did my best, even if I did not completely succeed!

I've been listening to an OLD self-help book Psychocybernetics.  It's a positive thinking kind of book, but something I heard this morning on the way to work stuck with me.  The way that we learn is to move forward until we fail, correct our course, and move forward again.   If you watch a baby learn to walk, you'll see this in action!




Show up.  Do your work.  Go home. 

Journey 10:15

ONE major task completed.    Now to get back to installing the starter system.  I'm very nervous about the BIC stopping by to check on my progress and having to report that I haven't gotten very far.   I hope I can finish this part today.   If I can, I'll be ok. 


Show up.  Do your work.  Go home. 

Journey 2 pm

The BIC stopped by and I told her where everything stood.  She didn't seem disappointed or surprised or anything, just asked how she could help.  She got me past an error that I'm having right now, and I am proceeding!   *Whew* I'm glad that's over, I was stressing over that.   


Show up.  Do your work.  Go home. 

Hope-Faith CI 8:45

Today I have complete most of am routine, spent some time reflecting and now I am ready to move forward. Thank HP

In the last 3 weeks I have fallen off the wagon, not completely because I have managed to hang on to the wagon. I am now pulling myself back up and it feels great. I get in these slumps several times a year (actualy more than several)  and always have. In the past I would always start right back over and try to implement some new plan, buy a new book to read, try a different resource, there where times where I would even think that just buying a new notebook to write in was going to make the difference or revamping my organizational methods by buying different items to better organize myself.

Because of this site I do not have to start back over. I just have to pick myself up by the "boot straps" and take the first step back on to the wagon. Thanks for being here and I know that this will not be the last time that I fall of the wagon but I do know that I will be able to get back on again.

With that being said onward and upward

  1. Plan A2
  2. Plan A1
  3. Submit Lesson Plans
  4. Update grades did some but did not complete
  5. Create test and get activities together for tomorrow.

Going to work in chat will post more todos' when I get them done

  1. CI 9:25 A2 is planned moving on at A1
  2. CI 3:40 Well I got A1 planned in time for class and I did update grades so what still have some more to do. (Small Steps) Next I need to complete lesson plans.
  3. CI 5:05 staying later at work then I usually do but need to get test ready today because I have a meeting tomorrow. I do need to get out of here in abotu 15 min. So I will spend 5 min on forum, 5 min classroom clutter, 5 min to get myself and kids ready to leave.




kromer 8:05 CI

Today is a MUT-focused day, unfortunately...I need to finish a problem set right now, then leave at 9:30 for class, go to class 10:30-12:30 then work on presentation 12:30-3, then go to class 3-4, then come home and finish up presentation and make a schedule for what I want to accomplish in the next week. Off to the chatbox to finish pset.

kromer 2:10 CI

I finished the problem set, which makes me feel good. I also went to first class. Since I don't have wireless access yet on campus, I couldn't work on presentation, so I decided to skip afternoon class and go somewhere where I could get online and do my work

So I've come back from class, had lunch, then wasted about 45 min online.  Now I need to pull myself out of my procrastination and get to work on presentation. I'm avoiding it because I really should have started earlier...but it's a 10-min ungraded presentation, and I don't have anything else to do this afternoon/evening: I'm confident I can pull it together. I'm heading to the chatbox now to work on it. 

tiptree CI

goal: clock 9 hours and finish major feature + bugfix

- 1501 -> best to get this done - estimate: 6 more hours
- ideally, wrap up 1436 also 1-2 hrs
- bugfix 1 hr
- read 25 pp of Brat Farrar
- deposit check
- return DVD
- exercise
- clean office
- insurance forms
- pay bills
- reward if 9 hrs clocked: 1 hr of guilt free toddler time

CI Sunday night

finished OT and YKP - big backlogs.  Only studied 

started Calc and did some Alg2 

Procrast:  read Augusta - 2 chs. (1/2 hour?) cleaned office (1 hour)  Need to be doen but the wrong timing - after talking to Doug

CI to do for Monday

call BU 

fu on YKP and HELOC

finish calc   

CI Dotnow

called BU fu'd on Ykp AND heloc


to do - calc - still to learn, call Radon Plan and review

Its 6 day and TG I have done a lot of stuff on my backlog:  3 or 4 admin paperowkr things.

I mentioned in my opening email that I procrastinate in pperwkr, contacting people I ama out of touch with and acoiding neg feelings:  I left out a big one : making decisions (and forgiving others).  Prioritizing is a big form of decision mkg and planning includes that.


progress not perfection  


i know how u feel dotnow


i procrastinate pperwrk, phone calls, and decisions, i do planning and prioritizing rather than making a decision and going and doing.

that's why i'm here :)

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb



Isabo week intentions

Thank you for starting this days thread so early, Chickadee. 

This week I want to accomplish

cleaning the fish tank

making chocolate chip cookies

putting in and completeing a load of laundry a day

looking at calendars and making appropriate plans and calls needed

blessing the house as needed

hugging and kissing my family meaningfully at least once a day

creating tada lists at least twice a day

allowing myself to be guilt free for not being perfect. 


Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

isabo ci 1015am

Mild messy and dark - weather on the upper eastern north american coast!

So messy with the threat of lower temps and more snow and rain that school has been cancelled, darn it!  My dd is becoming more and more bratty with all the attention her brother is getting.

BUT - I am in a good, positive mood.  My TADA list


unloaded dishwasher, loaded dishwasher, wiped countertops, rebooted laundry twice, started sorting laundry, ate healthy breakfast of sweetpotato muffin, yogurt and frozen berries, had two cups green tea.  And when my children call, I am getting up to help them right away!  Not yelling just a second and being 5 minutes, or not at all if they forget!

I will check in later with a new TADA list!

Happy Monday everyone!!

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

isabo ci 650pm

Ds's ear still bugging him - I think it must be a constant ache, and he thinks life is about to end.  Poor guy.  Motrin's "every 6 hours" should be shorter!!

My TADA list cont

ordered from sears

sucked up water in basement from flooding

started fire

loaded and unloaded dishwasher again

folded and put away kids clothes

glued macaroni with my son to white construction paper (tomorrow we get to paint!)

decluttered and organized bathroom closet

made healthy supper  - that the kids ate!!

talked with son about his returning to school tomorrow - he is positive about returning yah!!

Have a good night everyone!!



Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe


Sweet Potato muffin, yummmm :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Chick's CI for Monday and resolution for the week

It was helpful for me to read the 12 traditions and the meeting text. Thanks for posting them, movingalong and Clement.

This week I'm setting an intention to progress by taking steps out of my comfort zone every day, not just giving myself credit for the routine tasks, but trying to face the hard things and to define recovery as developing the ability to find more courage, serenity and hope in the face of the tasks I'm scared of. I have things to look forward to and a lot of stuff all bunched together. I want to practice giving myself a sense of the right amount of urgency on the days with few meetings.

have been working pretty well; made myself find backlog material.