Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday 18 February 2009

Today I can keep starting. I can value my efforts. I can take a break.

Here's coffee and cookies for all pro-Buddies.



Hi Pro Buddies!

Even though lots of hobby news today, I am not feeling overwhelmed with temptation ;) Whew! :) [Humor: I know more temptation is waiting for later this year ;) Hee hee ;)

This morning I went to the gym on time, so I did my whole routine + the extra stretching I enjoy so much :)

At work I made good progress on my assignment list today. Nothing dramatic, just kept pecking away at it ;) I've got my list ready for tomorrow -- the first thing on it needs a little extra assertiveness, then the rest of the day should roll from there.

At lunchtime I went through some paperwork and bills. My hobby club let 2009 renewals start today, so I signed up for that :) Then ate lunch with friends.

Did some photocopying and emails in the afternoon. We've got a project meeting coming up on Friday, so I'm trying to get my list in shape for that ;)

After work, met the Cable Guy to return my computer modem. For some reason, afterward was emotional for me. Part of my brain had been afraid the guy was going to hassle me or a problem was going to occur. Had to say the Serenity Prayer 2-3 times. Fortunately it went ok; now I can hole up in the Recycler-cave for the rest of the evening ;)

Next: Part 1 of some re-organization in the walk-in closet ;) I think I can try at least one thing.

I want to surf the hobby news a little more tonight, too. I think it's ok on a day like today when there is a lot of hobby news to consider ;)

8:50pm. I made some progress with the walk-in closet. I've caught up on hobby news; still thinking about it a little. Now it's time to get ready to sleep.

Have a great night, everyone! :)



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Falcon CI Wed. evening

Wow, I have a boatload of stuff to do this evening.  It's mostly stuff that I will probably enjoy, as long as I actually do it and don't veer off into various distractions.

  • Exercise
  • Make dinner & eat
  • Use face stuff & teeth stuff
  • Start on project C
  • Put patches on gis
  • Email S.

O.k., gonna go exercise now. . .


  • Exercising is done.  Time to go eat dinner.
  • Done with dinner,going to have some tea before starting face & teeth stuff - I can start on project C meanwhile.
  • Yay, project C is done!  Went faster than I thought.  Now I'll do my face & teeth.
  • Teeth are done & I have face mask on.  Sewing patches on my gis.  Jeez, is that tedious!  One patch down, one to go.
  • O.k., got that done and sent the email. 

Going to bed late, but at least I got everything done.  Good night!

rec ci

I made it in earlier today and have been working pretty well so far - Yay! Small steps.... Today I will try to:

Email FL re docs
Call GB
Meeting with JT
Pick up d at 3:15
Call KM
Draft letter to T
Draft letter to GR

Lots of enouraging words on this site today - thanks everyone for sharing!


Sammy ci :: 11:00 am

Hello, friends. :-)

I am praying that we all have a healthy and productive day today. I wayyyyy overslept this morning (got up at 10, meant to get up at 8), so i need to really stay on task today.

To Do: breakfast, shower, blow dry hair (always a battle for me), work on tshirt design (email to L for approval, deliver to screen printer by 3:30), prepare for puppet rehearsal, leave house by 3:30, puppet rehearsal, go to bible study (i think it starts tonight?), finish Econ & Psych homework, complete 1 of 2 papers for Ad Design.

I will check in later to update my list. 


Sammy :: Lonely

I'm having a lonely night tonight....Havent seen my best friend in weeks, and won't get to see her until the middle of next month..... rarely see my family, even though i live with them (lucky if i see them 30 min per day... mostly just in passing), don't really have friends at school.... haven't done anything social for 2 weeks..... and now i'm just feeling sorry for myself....pull out! pull out!! no time to get depressed.

Had a productive puppet rehearsal tonight, but I feel like i wish we had one more practice between now and Feb 24 when we will perform for a church dinner. Also wish we had another practice before Feb 27 when we leave for a puppet festival/competition in Chicago. Oh well...I'll just have to pray for strong arms and a strong performance!

Done: breakfast, shower, dry hair, tshirt design (approved and delivered to screen printer), puppet rehearsal, dinner, (bible study starts next week, i guess).

To Do: finish econ or psych homework tonight. Finish the other tomorrow morning after breakfast. study econ AND psych. take a break. eat lunch. begin Ad Design paper #1. leave for class by 2:20. dinner after econ. go to psych.

I think i will copy and paste this to do list tomorrow. it feels good to have this plan made already. 

Hope everyone is having a good night. 


Was about to try to get some sleep and saw you were lonely... i know that is so tough. I spend a lot of time by myself, just me and my 3 yo dd right now and even though we are blessed with a great church and people I call God send friends, family is far away and its easy to be lonely at times.... especially at night. So, just wanted to encourage you and send you a hug :-)  At lonely times or overwhelming times I try to find a scripture to hold on to for strength, today mine was 2 Cor 12:9... and I try to remind myself His promise to never leave me or forsake me, but always be my comfort when I seek Him. Praying we have blessed, happy and productive days tomorrow!!

Sammy :: 2 Cor 12:9

I'm about to go to bed too....I'll have to look that up tonight. I don't seem to have many believing friends, so i'm glad to have met you here. I've been praying for a long time that the Lord would bring some more godly friends into my life....Looks like he's finally starting to say "yes." :-)

 Goodnight, and have a lovely Thursday. :-) 

For Sammy

Hi Sammy,

Loneliness is a bummer, isn't it?  It's good that you are working to head off depression.  

Hang in there!  I'm glad you checked in.  Best of luck with the puppet show!


Sammy :: Falcon

Thanks, Falcon. I'm hoping to post YouTube video links of our performances here sometime in the next few weeks.

goodnight. :-)

GeorgeSmiley 10:35 AM

I've been more or less at the computer since about 9 AM. A mix of looking up stuff from emails, recreational time, reading.

Now in the past this activity could have been a precursor to a day-long procrastination binge. It also could easily dredge up bad feelings about having "wasted" so much time.

Yet today, not. I know that I am capable of staying on task. I recognize that I made a choice to be non-task-oriented for the last 90 minutes. I even gave myself permission to be more aimless, as a time to recharge in a succession of days when I'm working 6-7 hours at home and then 7-8 hours at my P-T job. 

And now I'm showered, dressed, I've read my spiritual passage for the day. And I'm ready to get to work.

MIT#1: Briefly review my taskpad. I'll set a 12-minute timer for that.

MIT#2: Prepare for and then conduct interview set for 11 a.m.

MIT#3: Get a start on transcribing phone interview from yesterday.

MIT#4: Try to work thru my task pad as seems sensible moment to moment.

heading to chatbox

Update 3:15 PM

Accomlished MIT#1, 2, $, didn't really do anything on 3, but that's ok.

Off to part-time job




The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Today I will finish the U

Today I will finish the U proposal (that will take me all day).

Isabo ci 1030am

Thanks for the coffee, Chickadee!

This morning...I feel great.  Went quick shopping after dropping ds off at school, bought asstd fruit veg and milk.  I want to try eating 4 meals during the day of things that are excellant for me - in their proper serving sized.

So my todo list

apology msg to ex

hand written letter to bobbie

write out best foods list

clean and organize cupboard above fridge

create list of things to be done fairly soon

321 zoom!   :D :

Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe

isabo ci 310pm

I do mean well.  I think my todo list should become I mean well list

hand written letter to Bobbie

write out best foods list

clean and organize cupboard above fridge

creat list of I choose to do's

TADA list

unloaded dishwasher, gave dd bath, cleaned bed and table off in disaster room(that is a huge accomplishment!), put away groceries,

I will be back in a couple hours :)


Nothing is worth more than this day  - Goethe


Yay Isabo                        

for the disaster room work. :)  8)

It gives me hope for my promise to myself about my clutter table...

Hope-Faith CI 8:50

Plan classes. 

E-mail S copy of PPT 

Call FY in W about website development



kromer 8:25 CI

Today is pretty much all MUTs (partly due to my poor organization, partly due to my working on important rather than urgent things the last couple days.)

I want to celebrate that I got out of bed this morning and am here (I've been stressed out and was so tempted to stay in bed and not deal with anything. But I'm here and ready to work.

First task is to read a paper. I have a little more than an hour to do it. Let's get going!

kromer 12 CI

Yay, I read the paper, went to journal club (which went well), and prepped my toastmasters speech. Now I need to quickly photocopy a story for Harambee tonight, then head to toastmasters 12:25-1:30, then meet w/ WG 1:30-2, then prep for class 2-3:15.

kromer 2:30 CI

Did the above, now quickly prep for 3:15 class

kromer 5:15 CI

Prepped for and went to class

In the next 20 min or so I want to do a bit of Harambee prep, and register online for a class. Then, I'm going to go to Harambee..should be back by 8 or 8:30ish.

When i get home, I plan to:
*Finish GCNF analysis
*Call AG+parents
*Take notes for talking w/ Mark
*Email CY
*Make iced tea
*Take notes from discussion w/ WG

kromer 10:05 CI

Prepped for and went to Harambee, talked to parents+AG for a little more than an hour, took a break, now I need to do some work.

Right now, I'm going to make iced tea, then take notes from discussion w/WG and finish GCNF analysis

Agnus 8:15am

Good morning PA-pals!  I will be traveling the next few days so won't commit myself to daily check-ins. I will take Step 3 honestly and daily, and then check in when I can. Meanwhile for the next 24 hours:

  • Step 11
  • Shower and dress
  • Pack last-minute stuff
  • Leave for airport by 9:15
  • Phone dinner order to N's Kitchen
  • Subway then cab to Mom's; pick up dinner on the way
  • Visit with Mom
  • Phone meeting 7:30
  • Bed by 9:30
  • Up by 6, Step 11, shower/dress/eat
  • Leave by 7 to allow time to find parking downtown

Hope everyone has a procras-abstinent day! What a great way of life this recovery walk is. I am so grateful for everyone here and all that you share.

Journey 7:45

Good morning all!   I've been to the gym and I'm about to have breakfast while I make my todo list for the day.   I want to plan some time in my schedule today to review my project list and get it organized again - It's scattered between Action Outline, Remember the Milk, and my journal.   Gotta pull it back together again.  My thoughts feel scattered when my "lists" are scattered.   Even if I don't really refer to the Big List that often, it is very comforting to know that it's there and it's organized. 

Yesterday was a fairly good day!   I was a chatbox dropout but I continued working.  I was on the phone and netmeeting all afternoon and finally finally got the network problem fixed.  It turned out to be my problem after all, it was a security thing.  But with the help of the network folks and their traces and such I finally saw the error message that I needed to see!   I felt kinda stupid because it was my mistake to begin with, but felt smart for getting it fixed.

After that, I was exhausted mentally and I goofed around on the computer from 4:30 til 6 then made a nice dinner, did the dishes and a load of laundry!  I even remembered to do my nice evening facial care that I often neglect.   So . . . I feel good about yesterday and gung ho about today, because I got past that network hurdle and I can move on to the next phase of the install.   I have a vendor contact that can help me if I run into more problems.  I am *gasp* learning to ask for help when I need it even if makes me feel stupid.   It's more stupid to NOT ASK for help when it's readily available.  It is not my job to feel smart, it's my job to get the work done.  



"Time is what keeps everything from happening at once." - Johnathan Wheeler

my job

"It is not my job to feel smart, it's my job to get the work done." 

Love this, journey - thanks!Smile

great revelation!

So glad you had a good day yesterday, inspiring to see success here! I loved your revelation about asking for help - what a learning process this all is! You are smart to be learning and getting your work done :-)  

Heather B's CI

I'm not sure if I'm doing this "right" (still not clear on difference btw this CI and chatbox), but here goes:

Morning Routine

Find sitter for Saturday


Take kids to library




Make dinner

Pick up prescriptions



re: doing it right

I think if it works for you, it's right :)


"Time is what keeps everything from happening at once." - Johnathan Wheeler

I agree

Hi Heather! I agree about what is right for you! Also I'm figuring this out along with you, but my sense of it is that the Check in is the more permanent, concrete to do list - accountability place to refer back to start day and refer back and keep yourself on goal. The chat is an ongoing motivational tool to help you stick to your check in.... at least that is how I am using it so far!

Have a blessed day :-)

chat & checkin

yep that's pretty much how people use the check-in board and chat. In fact, it's so succinct that i think i'll put it on my bookmarks.

Another way people view chat is a place to "talk yourself thru things."

Also, while working ppl can hear chat beeps going off. we call that "beeps of solidarity" because it's comforting to know that people are in chat working thru their issues, even if you're not reading the actual posts.

But, again, whatever works for u.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

byGodsGrace todays CI

I am feeling good that I went to sleep last night - usually I stay up to finish something and end up oversleeping or having to nap the next day. Not that a nap is bad! Just nice to start my day well rested for once! A post here explaining HALT is what made me stay in bed actually, so thank you PA once again!

On to today... I want to try more of a formal list here today, but I see that others go back and edit/add so I am going to give myself permission to do that. I just wanted to get this up for a start to my day and not procrastinate and end up avoiding it later because I thought it was too late!


finish guest list edit, email client

breakfast and internet or tv time

plan day and design jobs while praying and not being overwhelmed

(took longer than planned on list above, so may have to plan after school drop off, deep breath, change of plan is OK, I didn't mess anything up! I need a break!)

wake up DD, morning routine, take to school

while I work on this I am just leaving the revisions and edits up so I can see where I can plan better and view as work in progress, just like me!

Check and Open Mail (whew, had been avoiding that a few days!)

Dishes, declutter office/lvg rm, open blinds, CI List update

Snack and internet/tv time

pray and read the Word, find verse for inspiration today

put on gospel music

plan day and design jobs while praying and not being overwhelmed

design photo save date/edit 3 photos (limit self to 3 samples)

order supplies

pick up K from school 2.20 pm

papers to office by 4pm

church 7pm


byGodsGrace todays CI continues

wake up DD, morning routine, take to school

while I work on this I am just leaving the revisions and edits up so I can see where I can plan better and view as work in progress, just like me!

Check and Open Mail (whew, had been avoiding that a few days!)

Dishes, declutter office/lvg rm, open blinds, CI List update

Snack and internet/tv time (note to self, feed my spirit and flesh not as hungry, actually wanted to skip tv time!) 

pray and read the Word, find verse for inspiration today

2 Cor. 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for MY strength is made perfect in weakness.”

put on gospel music

plan design jobs while praying and not being overwhelmed  (struggling a bit, but grace, grace and more grace...) 

plan timer system, have faith, remember God loves me when Im feeling scared

design photo save date/edit 3 photos (limit self to 3 samples)

above are works in progress, so won't cross off yet

ADD ReEdit and Email Guest List, Email postage options, samples

order supplies - ok order one item I know 

pick up K from school 2.20 pm

papers to office by 4pm - move to thur, was trying day early but thur ok

church 7pm - upset to miss, dd will be asleep early, sun am no excuse!

All in all a good day- Realize need for better planning, to include a timer, with breaks and meals, more flexible list and work on estimating appropriate time for tasks - baby steps!


evolving todo

yeah, that's been a real boon to me too--to let the to-do list evolve as i get things done--or even if i dont get things done or they take longer. I work much better when i have a plan--even if i edit that plan several times a day.

in fact, i realize i haven't been doing that recently, so tx for the reminder.

the touch of the master's hand:

"fall down seven times, get up eight" - japanese proverb

Chick's CI


minor corresp

prep r: underway


material for fri

pm prep l


no UT for tomorrow


household stuff

exercise      hobby     phone

big paper sort/ empty cabinet for boiler repair tomorrow