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Tuesday 20 January 2009

Hope-Faith CI 10:10

Posted on wrong day.



tiptree 3:30 PM ci

to do:

- resolve default/current DICOM issue
- clean office
- finish book
- practice guitar
- file papers
- investigate slowness w/ large series
- stretch/exercise

Recycler CI 3:35pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Snow day here = off in the am, at work on "B Schedule."

This morning cooked breakfast; didn't do much other than that. Made it to work safely; not too much traffic or ice on my route. My meeting today was cancelled, so I've worked on other projects. A coworker is leaving early, so I'm at work until about 5pm -- I'll try to get a couple more things done by the end of the day.

Have a great night, everyone!



Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

isabo ci 322pm

busy day today.  daughter had preschool this am, so I went shopping.....picked her up and did more home, rested!  Picked son up, got home an hour ago and STILL putting stuff away.  Course I had a thousand and one little interruptions.....

In a good mood today, still tired though.  need to get to bed a little earlier tonight.  tomorrow will be a full routine day, I will do regular checkins.. I still have to 'shine my sink' today!

Hope everyone is having a good day-----and I am SO HAPPY that   1)BUSH IS GONE!!! and that 2) history was made today with the inaugaration of Barack Obama.   Hopefully politics in general will change for the better, and more people with politick from their heart instead of 'its always been done this way'

Okay, now to the kitchen.  again.

well, got all the groceries and whatnot put away, portioned up the meat.  Chicken is roasting in the oven , potatoes peeled.  Now I shall work on shining the sink.....then supper......then SIT DOWN!!  I will be in bed early tonight I think!!

Til tomorrow! 


Sammy ci :: 11:55 pm

Happy Change Day!! My prayers are with President Barack Obama and his family today. :-) 

Alright, I have spent enough of my day doing nothing (well, watching the inauguration...), and its time to get moving!

To Do: Shower, Return movie, Check work schedule, Homework from Friday class, Shovel front sidewalk, Laundry, Spend an hour in the darkroom **See below**, Class at 6pm

 I may be over-planning, but it'll be alright as long as i get MOST of that list done.

 **I love photography, and have a darkroom in my basement. I set it up about 2 years ago, used it once, then it became a storage room. I decided that I would clean it out over Christmas break, and make it usable again. Though I didn't finish that task over break, I am SO close, and I'm not going to quit! I can't wait to get back into developing my own photos!  



Good Luck

Sammy good luck with your dark room I know that it can be a overwhelming task as I have a playroom that I have been working on for quite awhile now. I just keep the thought of the final results in the back of my mind and it helps to motivate me.


inauguration procrastination

i kno what u mean. I did work thru most of it. But i was most up set, when i was watching TV, and they were going over the lunch menu FOR THE THIRD TIME, and i'm sitting their watching...


My prayers as well are with Pres Obama.

And gd 2 c u here again sammy.

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb

procrastinating by studying procrastination:


I had a really hard time concentrating this morning too but what the heck, it was an historic event.   We'll get right back on that wagon tomorrow!


"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
- George Eliot



glad I'm not the only one who had a hard time focussing yesterday. Btw., were there any non-Americans watching the whole day/night long like I did?


"To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day" Macbeth, Shakespeare

Inaugurwatchalldaysation - lol

i like it :)

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb

procrastinating by studying procrastination:

I didn't even try

I knew I was going to want to watch the inauguration today, so I didn't plan on getting anything important done. I basically took the day off.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Sammy ci :: 3:05 pm

Done: Shower, Return Movie, Check work schedule, shovel front sidewalk, begin laundry.

To Do: Lunch, Friday class homeowork, laundry, darkroom if time allows. Be ready to leave at 5. 

Journey 9 am Oh MY

This will be a difficult day for the concentration! 

The inauguration is on TV and I have a mammogram this afternoon.  

I think I'll turn off the TV for now and just turn it on at 10 for the main event.  Everything will be repeated a thousand times on TV and my friend is up there with his kid's band, so I'll get to hear his first hand experience!  

1/2 hour for planning/organizing and getting cleaned up and dressed for the day, then I'll join the chat box. 


"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
- George Eliot

Journey 3:17 change

Just back from mammogram appt.   Wasn't that FUN??  

I must confess I did more watching tv than working this morning, and then left right after lunch for dr. appt.   Back now, with a couple more hours to redeem this day.  

To the batbox chatbox Robin!


"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
- George Eliot

CL reflective ci

in a reflective mood this morning. Up very late with very hi prio work items last night. Made v good progress, but am very tired.

So my feeling today is i'm hauling my own mental hardware into work to slog thru another day. I've already balked at my first task, and i predict that i will have resistance, stress, and distractions all day, and will use the tools here, conducted with solidarity in chat here, to get thru them.

It feels a bit like i'm about to take a trip in my old car, which i keep for sentimental reasons, which doesn't start on its own, you have to wiggle this particular wire, and when you're at a stop light, you have to have one foot on the break and one on the gas or it'll stall, and you have to take it real easy around left turns because the suspension on the right side is weak, etc. Ie, my brain machine works, but it needs a lot of coaxing to get it to take me where i am supposed to go.

But that reminds me of a nice analogy i use to encourage myself: a old, broken down violin can sound beautiful in the hands of a Master Musician because he can bring out the best in that violin and compensate for its weaknesses.

Now that encouraged me. I'm cheered.

To work and chat!

fall down seven times, get up eight - japanese proverb

procrastinating by studying procrastination:

Hi Clement -- Nice post.

I like how you write. Particularly your committment to that metaphor. I feel that way myself sometimes.... Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

there's a poem about that:

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GeorgeSmiley 7:20 AM + Updates

This will be a short day. Plan to go watch the inauguration at a local establishment, visit with a trusted advisor about Project Y, watch son's late-afternoon swim meet. 

I'll be checking email, then coming back to list MITs.

Update 7:55 AM

MIT#1: Finish Project Q-C

MIT#2: Advance Project G




The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Hope_Fiath CI 4:50

Good Morning all,

Starting the day with my am routine. Check back in with more after am routine.

CI 6:00 Finished am routine except getting ready and exercise which I will do once I finish CingI. Today is a work day for me so I am going to try to get to work by 7:00 and leave once the Winter Storm begins to hit. (We are under a winter storm watch which is to start at 8:00. I will belive it when I see it. But I want to be home with my kids because they are so excited about the snow. (we get very little).

  1. Feed animals
  2. Exercise - move boxes upstairs
  3. Get ready
  4. 7:00 leave
  5. Go by fav. coffee shop (we only have one in my town :D)
  6. Work
    1. Marks edit Note Ready
    2. Set up quia for students
    3. Set up blog for students
    4. Create PPT for first day Started
    5. Create PPT for Homeroom
    6. Lesson Plans for 1st 2 days

Not sure that I will accomplish all of the items above but it is what I would like to accomplish at work by the end of the Wednesday.

CI 8:45 I have arrived at work I only have a couple of hours to work as the snow is comming down quickly. Could stay longer but I can not wait to get home and share in the excitment with my children. (We get snow maybe once a year) First I need to run to my mail box and see if my marks edit sheets are there. Then I will start at the up my list and work hard for 2 hours.

CI 12:30 Leaving to go home. My children are so excited about the snow I have completed as much as my emotional mind will let me. Going home to spend time with family.

CI 6:00 Well my afternoon has been all down hill. Not sure of the cause, I think there are several factors that have caused my paraylsis. Left school (where I made excellent progress) to come home and play in the snow with my children. I had called home and they told me that they did not have any snow but they where so excited I just thought they were "pulling my leg". Well there where not. At school 15 miles from my home we had about 2 foot of snow. At my house we did not even have I flake. I was so dissapointed. The other factor I belive is that tomorrow as my last day before we start a new semester at my school. Why that is bugging me I do not know why. I think it is because I know that I still have alot to accomplish before my the big party at my house this weekend. While I have gotten all my Christmas put away I still have a long way to go to have my house ready. I need to realize that sitting around procrastinating does not help me accomplish the things that I need to accomplish. Next task is to read over my "Living Life Post" to see if I can pull myself out of this fog. Wish me luck.




Good Luck!

I feel for you, H-Faith.  Have Faith.  I tend to run around until 5 minutes until the 'set' time, and then take my shower, coming down to greet the first guests all harried and out of sync with their moods.

Slow down, set a timer and work your list, and chat!!

Chick's CI




[x] tidying

project r-- taken some steps

project p- working on it--I've stayed with this working in a kind of too leisurely way. It's time to move onto r.

project y

[n] errand for n

do some music practice

think about: make friends with time and deadlines by using calendars for their real purpose.