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Wednesday, October 15, 08

Recycler CI 6:50pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

I had a somewhat balanced day; mostly due to being fairly stable with my cold. I still have it, but the majority of symptoms were muted today.

This morning: took cold meds; took a few small things to the new condo. Stretched at gym; showered & got ready for work. Did deadline projects at work. Talked with boss & re-formulated one plan. Accomplishments freed up some extra time, and I did some pre-2009 and pre-2010 projects that had already taxied onto the runway. After work: stayed & typed some volunteer minutes, while waiting before Wednesday night dinner started. After dinner, came home & took some things over to the new condo.

What I need to do next: Move some things around to give me a little more room to test paint yet another room dividers. Not that I am so into painting room divider, but I would rather spend small $ doing a test paint, before spending $$$ "permanently" painting the walls of my new condo. I'm just a little tired. Anyway, Part 1 is: Move a few things around to give a little more room. So maybe I will do that and see how I feel. Not sure if I will update my CI later.

7:50pm. Room divider is painted :) Seeing the freed-up space from moving things around, gave me the energy to try the painting. Having extra space made the painting go that much quicker. So far it looks like I might want to choose a somewhat darker tone for the actual room; I will be able to evaluate better during the next few days after it dries overnight.

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

CL ci

MITs set. They were obvious today.
MIT 1 done.
MIT 2 in progress.
MIT 3 starts now. quiet time. 1:52pm. Part I took 18 min--very good for me.
filling in answers a day later:
MIT 3 finished. took longer / got distracted. got a hi priority interrupt too.
MIT 2 finished.
MIT 4 started. will finish tomorrow (ie today)


Convalalria ci Thursday 4.00am and 14.30pm

Recovery seems distant and unatttainable.
Overwhelming number of tedious and time consuming tasks at work. Dealing with consequences of procrastination....
Very busy and scheduled days and reluctance and resistance to working at night.
A new day dawns. A new start ...sort of.
So listing backwards:

  • leave for work at 6,30
  • walk doggy for 15 minutes
  • shower, medicate,dress 20 minutes
  • 15 minute house tidy
  • school work for 1 hour
  • EFT tapping 30 minutes

check in when I start school work and again when I arrive at work

Above check ins didi not happen.
I had a busy morning, but did not finish everything.....I always underestimate the time I need. Next:

  • pack up and go home
  • make 2 phonecalls
  • walk doggy for 15 minutes
  • spend some time with mother
  • sort out some paper work for home for 15 minutes
  • eat dinner
  • 30 minutes housework
  • check in

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

good luck with stuff, Convalaria! :)

Hi Convalaria!

Good luck with everything! :)

Let us know how it goes! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

GeorgeSmiley's check-in, 10:25 AM

I've been working since 7, mostly focused on untangling a lot of paper that's piled up... My MIT#1 for the morning is to Focus on Project P-12, tasks that include writing as well as processing information I've collected.


The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

Chick's Wed.

Meetings all morning, some, stressful, having the entire unit there, but overrall okay.

I had always been a procrastinator, but it all got entirely out of hand during an extended phase of workplace bullying. I've made great strides getting over the depression and anxiety that resulted, and learning how to be bully proof and regain my confidence and redicsover the things I love about my job and stop retreating from colleagues. But I really need to shake off the last bits of resentment and the last bits of using a genuinely difficult external circumstance as an excuse. Now it is only me myself and I who hold me back.

Now I have three IT/UT for tomorrow. I have to do them, I want to, and I know that I want to do them in the right spirit--light and willing.

I'll check them off as I go

1. done

2. done

3. done

4-I just remembered another okay done. 

Journey 8 am

Good morning everyone! 
I've been to they gym and had my breakfast.  I fell off the wagon yesterday afternoon, got distracted by the sick cat situation and then drifted off into computer goofing.   Then felt guilty, so I worked a couple hours after dinner.  I was too tired to do my MITs but I did catch up on a bunch of administrative stuff and redeemed myself somewhat.  
Off to do my day starter, back by 9 am with MITs ready.  Then I need to take a shower as I've vowed not to sit around in my sweaty exercise clothes all morning anymore! 
"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'" - C. S. Lewis

kromer 7:40 CI

Morning, all!

First, I'm going to take care of some routine tasks...tidy room, bible reading, balance checkbook, food log.

Then, I have a bunch of studying I'm starting to get behind on, so I'm going to work on that this morning...I'm going to go over 2 probability lectures and do 2 problems from genetics pset.

I should be done with these tasks by 10:15, then I'll walk to campus to have lunch with my brother.

Update 8:45--FInished routine tasks, now I'm going to go over probability lects 9 and 10. Back after each lect. is done 


kromer 12:25 CI

Did the above, except I didn't have time to do the genetics pset questions.

Then I walked to school (a 50 min walk) and had a nice lunch with my brother.

Now I have 2 hours before class, and I'm going to focus on getting work done on PF's project. Specifically, I'm going to visualize 4 graphs and take notes on what they look like. Then, based on those notes, I'm going to make a list of post-processing ideas to try. I'm going to work in the chatbox to keep myself on track, since I've been having a rough couple of days. 

kromer 5 CI

I visualized 2 of the graphs, went to class, worked on SLG w/CE.

Now I'm going to go get a quick dinner, then visualize the other 2 graphs and make a list of post-processing ideas to try. At 8 I'll call AG, then go watch the debate with some friends.   

Update 6:15--got dinner, took a walk (unplanned, but I was feeling down and it helped, so I think it was reasonable...)

Now I'm going to work on visualizing graphs/make list of post-processing ideas, check back in at 8, then I'll watch for AG on Skype (and work on genetics pset while I wait)

You have good results with those walks :)

Hi Kromer!

You have good results with your walks. Do you have some favorite areas you walk?

I think you said you run sometimes, too. Do you like either of those better, or just whatever you feel like.

Good luck with all your activities :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Hope-Faith 5:50

Thanks e for starting the thread. I tried to start one but got frustrated and did not have time to figure it out.

The day started very early at 2:15am. Completed organizing homecoming files for judges. Tried to start a new daily check in. 

Despite the fact that I am sick I did have a fairly successfuly day yesterday. However I am still in the ditch.



Send a few e-mails 


Get kids stuff togther for the day

Doctor dog and feed animals

Load dishwasher

Leave at  6:30

Get lesson plans for sub

Make copies

Review presentation for workshop

Wrap up a few odds and ends on Homecoming Apps, discuss details with B and S 

:((B wonts some changes made to the judging process that I just finshed get the materials ready for this am at 2:15 pumping a fever of 102.

Workshop - Presentation Workshop and presentation went great. Becuase I am not feeling well I had actually planed on leaving after my presentation but I stayed the whole day. Now I do not have it up later.

3:00 - 8:00

Get kids off bus Had to find son he got on the wrong bus

Meeting at 3:15

Take kids home and drop off with my husband

Go to the Doctor to get some meds. Strep Throat :x got some meds should feel better soon

Have a great day all.


e's suck it up check in

 While I appreciate that Iam best if I work on progress, not perfection, I would like to see more progress! So, Today I will spend time in and out of the chatbox, which helpd me go from full stop to rolling. 

paperwork: 15 minute segments 

hotspot: dresser

MIT pay bills, set up telephone messages, retrieve them!

morning routine: 

use now do this

hugs to everyone this morning!

i went back to bed. It is now 10:45 and nothing has been done, but I do feel more rested. on to the morning routine....

i did part of the morning routine and then fell asleep AGAIN until 1:45. Finally I feel like I am making progress: telephone messages and speed dial are set. dishes are halfway washed. snack is done, time to set up automatic billing. to the chatbox!

I put away a bunch of the pocketbooks in the new cubby thing, but some of them don't fit. I then did some mroe dishes. I then... took another nap. I am ready to go back to bed again, so am doing my best to stay out of it. Time to make dinner


Well rested

Hi e,

Sometimes resting is the MIT.  I've had days where no matter how important the tasks in front of me were, nothing was going to get done till I listened to my body & took care of myself by getting some sleep.  That can be frustrating when it leaves things still undone, but for me sometimes it's the most important thing whether I like it or not.

It sounds like when you were awake you were productive! 



 thanks for the encouragement! I don't know, though. While I am tired, I think it is more about being depressed about some things: being unemployed, but ineligible for unemployment, non-existant job prospects, husband is in the same boat,  child to start college  in January, no idea how to get a loan when one is unemployed, relationship rocky. I suspect that I am steps. These are all new stressors: the old stuff I am still putting off coping with is still there. So, thank goodness for this website and these fun, quirky fellow procrastinators: you' all are a great support!