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Monday, 13 October 2008

Monday, 13 October, 2008

       May your week be filled with                     



                               and Wisdom.

Recycler CI 9:35pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Just swallowed 2 Nyquil tablets, & put on Breathe Right strip. The cold symptoms have been managed up through this evening. I was supposed to skip my support group meeting this evening to rest; but went anyway, then sat on the opposite side of the room so I couldn't give germs to anyone.

Today: took things over to condo. Drove uptown, because with a cold, I don't need to be walking in the cool morning. Showered at gym & got ready for work. Did projects at work in s-l-o-w m-o-t-i-o-n (you know how it is when you have a cold/fever); but got things done by the end of the day. Stayed after work to work on volunteer project. Did a couple errands on way to support group meeting. Met with sponsor after meeting. Stopped at pharmacy on way home & bought cold meds ;)

I hope this is the kind of Nyquil that will knock me out. The last week I've been waking up at 2am & not really going back to sleep. Ready for some ZZZZ's now.

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

e's check in

 congratualtions on posting, moving. I am stuck there myself these days. one little task at a timeToday has been a wash, although I am pleased that I drank my water and took meds. I am still in pjs and curled up in bed under a fluffy comforter. I am beginning to realize that this bed is too comfortable! The sunlight comes in behind me and lights the room and I just lay here and feel happy just reading Rosamund Pilcher novels in bed. I am pretty sure this is called depression, but I am enjoying myself too much. 

put purses away

eat breakfast done

plan done and make a good dinner


swish and wipe bathroom done

get turpentine

bag up clothes for M

call K

tackle one box of stuff. 

pay bills

contact hospital and insurance. 

check back

Check back: was doing fairly well when I fell out of the chatbox and can't get back in. I am ready to plan dinner: steak fajitas, rice, beans and salad....


fell out of the chatbox again.. made final decision on microwave, discussed this with G and with Mom, got A to take down ac to the basement.....

Journey 11:15

Whew, I didn't post all weekend!   It was a fairly relaxing weekend.  My grandson is sick so they didn't come over for dinner and today is a holiday for me.  I am going to work a bit though, and catch up on email and make some updates to the document I've been working on.  
So far today, I have exercised, done one load of laundry,  made the beds, and medicated the dog.  I also made a nice breakfast for dd and myself.  
Next on the agenda:  go get the dog's collar thingy (the one that keeps her from scratching).  It's in the neighbor's yard lol.   Then, more laundry, and some budget stuff.    And I think I'll make some brownies.  I haven't made brownies from scratch in ages and I found a simple recipe in a magazine. 
So, here goes trek into the neighbor's yard and hope they don't see me.  
"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'" - C. S. Lewis

Lark at 10:19am

Ugh, half the morning is gone, and I've nothing to "ta da" about. A friend who's not working for a while is stopping by to hang out and lend a hand. I did make a little note of things that require another human today, so maybe that'll get used up. Hope you all have a good day folks.
(X)morning things
spiritual time
finish putting laundry away (a few pieces a day won't do it)
wash dishes, wash dishes, wash dishes..!
paint doors
do one section of work project A
work an hour on B (not really sections here yet)
make ANYTHING look better for half an hour
call client about finished project (not perfect, but call

Agnus checking in

Hi, Pro-Pals!  It is SO good to be back. I plan to resume daily check-ins, now that our latest family crisis (formerly called vacation) is over and we are headed back home today....Mom (84) fell face-down and broke her nose, pretty bruised up and some mental confusion. Dad (79, Alzheimer's) got e-coli, peritonitis and pneumonia. So instead of a nice Maryland-Virginia vacation with brief visits and lots of fun tourist-y stuff, we have been juggling Mom's doctor appointments and taking turns staying with Dad in hospital.  So, today's plan:

  • Vists Dad and help as needed to dress him for release today back to his assisted living home.
  • "Test-drive" Mom for her 4 mile drive to visit him.
  • Complete Mom's Metro Access application and take to Dr.
  • Pack the cooler, suitcases, and chair in truck.
  • Be on the road early enough to get 6-8 hours driving done.
  • Book a hotel en route.
  • MIT#1: Stay best friends with J today! Kiss

take care ag

i pray you have serenity, courage and wisdom today.


{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}} for Agnus

Poor Agnus, that sounds like an awful vacation!  Hope your parents are better soon and you can relax at home.


Hi Agnes!

I'm so sorry with everything going on with your parents & everything. Sending prayers & hugs.


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)


 oh, Agnus! What a horrible'vacation'! I hope things start to go better with your parents. hugs, e

kromer 7:40 CI

I've got a busy day today.  So I'm going to take it a bit at a time. 

Right now I'm going to spend 10 min reading the news, then clean up my room and pack lunch, do food log, head to lab. When I get to lab, I'm going to:
*Finish math for cell model
*Print JCO instructions for authors and read them
*Finish reading Boman paper.

Then, I'm going to do some Harambee prep:
*Email PJ
*Divide up list of phone numbers

When I've finished those tasks I'm going to check back in. Other tasks for the day are to work on PF's project and to read one of the papers for CSB100. 

Update 9:15--running late, but finally in lab and ready to work. I'm going to do cell growth model now. Back when that's done. 

Update 10:00--having a whole lot of anxiety, and it's getting in the way of me working. I'm going to take 30 min to do something else (JCO, Boman reading), then I'll come back to the stem cell growth model. 

kromer 11 CI

I'm having some pretty overwhelming anxiety, and that's making it hard for me to get work done. I did print and read JCO instructions on make some progress on cell model, but that's it.

I'm going to do some straightforward tasks to help overcome the anxiety, then I'll come back to harder tasks. So right now I'm going to do the Harambee prep. Then I'll read one CSB100 paper. Then I'll check back in. I'm going to work in the chatbox. 

Chemgirl thanks Kromer

Hope you are feeling better and more productive today too.  I have had some serious anxiety going on lately too, have actually increased my meds so hopefully that will help.  Am having an unmotivated day today, hopefully posting here will get me going!

Yay us!  Just think, soon you will be Dr Kromer (and I don't know what I will be, Master Chemgirl?  lol)

kromer 1:10 CI

Going slowly, but at least I'm going. I did Harambee prep and read one CSB100 paper.

I think now I'm going to have to focus on MUTs...specifically prep for mtg w/ PF tomorrow. Here are my next steps for mtg prep.
*Make outline of what I'd like to talk about at meeting
*Make plan of attack for improving algorithm
*Fix cytoscape visualization
*Visualize 2 non-random + 4 random nextworks.(Made good progress on this...visualized 3 of the networks, also did analysis on 2 of those)

I think this will probably take me most of the afternoon (though I also need to take care of about another 30 min of Harambee prep). I'll work in the chatbox and give frequent updates on my progress here. 

kromer 8:40 CI

Despite a lot of anxiety, today I made decent progress on my 2 research projects and read one of my papers for CSB100. So I'm pretty happy with what I've accomplished so far today.

This evening I'm going to:
*Do laundry
*Balance checkbook
*Talk w/ AG
*Go over probability lect. 10
*Do 1 question from probability pste

I'm going to start by getting my laundry going, then I'll start going over lect 10

Update 10:50--did laundry and talked with AG. Now I need to make my bed/tidy up a bit, then I'll go over the lecture (in the chatbox)

Update 12:10--didn't quite stick with my schedule, but I went over more than half the lecture and did 3 pset problems, which is pretty good progress. Food log, shower and bed now.  


Chemgirl CI Monday 9.14pm

Did a solid hour of work on my thesis today, go me!

Am listening to flylady's daily pep talk now, plan to go downstairs to do a little tidying up but even if that doesn't get done then I am happy because I did the first work on my thesis in 2 weeks :)

congrats chemgirl!

great job on your thesis work :)

chick CI

Thanks, Movingalong, for the wise wish of the banner...
am: meetings
pm: UT goals. Aim to do these early instead of letting them drag on.
did all the meeting stuff--following the saying on George S's posts and elsewhere about turning up. (I could have skipped some.) Attending when I don't have to is part of defeating selfishness, not just avoidance. And now after the evening meeting, an IT for tomorrow has become a UT and there is no opportunity for perfectionism. Will do a microburst or two and then count on the precious early early hour.

Early morning completion of task done --and with more clarity and decisiveness than I could have brought to it after the first late evening stint. (Reminder to self: there's a finite number of GOOD work hours in a day. Use the ones you have well and then have fun instead of letting work spill over all boundaries)


Tuesday follow up: meeting type stuff all day, important, Now it's afternoon; I started work ing at 6.30 am, need a break now! 


First meeting; done, it was the right thing...


movingalong hopes to move forward

Hello all.

I have a lot to do.   It's hard to even list it.   At this point, my ta-da is to post.

-- movingalong