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Sunday, 5 October 2008

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Welcome to Sunday !

Falcon Sunday CI

Hey pro buddies,

I've been taking it easy this weekend, recovering from an intensely drama-filled week at work.  But I do need to get off my butt & get a few things done this afternoon:

  • Get groceries
  • Make lunch for tomorrow
  • Gather paperwork for tomorrow
  • Do laundry
  • Answer some personal ads 


Lark at 12:17am

Hi everyone. I hope you're all doing well. I'm having visitors today so I'm not sure how much will get done. One thing, we all tend to clean our homes a bit more before company comes. This week looks like a tough one, so perhaps I can get prepared, started...not frustrated, etc. for today. Good luck everyone!
To do:
(X) morning
spiritual time
swoosh through house
make work plan for week
clean car
do anything for work between time

Journey 10 am UPDATE 11:30

Good morning!  
Took an hour to goof around on the computer this morning, then sorted laundry.  Now dog baths.
HP has strongly encouraged me to invite my brother and his kids to dinner, so I may need to run out to the grocery store.  I thought about this in the grocery store yesterday and could have gotten enough for 3 more people at the time but didn't.  Now I'll invite him and if he says yes, it's a quick trip to the store for me!  This does not exactly fit in with MY Plans for the day, but there you go.  
UPDATE 11:30  and of course he said yes, but DH "volunteered" to go to the store for me.  Did more laundry but avoiding dog baths.   going now to bathe the stinkiest dog :)
"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'" - C. S. Lewis

kromer 9:20 CI

I'm relaxing and going to church this morning. This afternoon I need to:
*Finish looking at BRCA1 results (MIT)
*Look at P300 results
*Work for 1 hr getting PGC1alpha dataset
*Read JMB paper
*Brainstorm steps for improving stem cell growth mode (MIT)
*Write up what I have so far (MIT)
*Spend 1 hr trying to work out exact soln
*Finish reading stem cell papers

kromer 1:30 CI

Finally sitting down to work in lab. I'm going to brainstorm steps for improving stem cell growth model. Should take about an hour. Back when that's done.

kromer 2:30 CI

I have a plan of attack and am making good progress on this assignment. I'm going to spend an hour trying to work out exact equations, then I'm going to move on to writing up what I have so far. Update in an hour.

kromer 4:00 CI

I've made some progress on working out exact equations (and taken longer than I was supposed to...). To do a good job writing up what I have so far, I need to read the JMB paper. So I'm going to do that now. Update again when that's done, then I'll write up what I have so far, then I'll move on to my other research project.

Update 4:45--I'm half way through the JMB paper, and it's not that useful, so I'm not going to finish reading it yet. I'm a bit fried, so I'm going to take a short break (<15 min), then I'll come back and work on the write-up. Should be done with that by 6. 

Update 5:30--My break went way over, but I'm finally back and sitting down to work again.
I'm feeling a lot of resistance to writing this paper, but I know it makes sense to do. I'm going to work in the chatbox and get a 30-min burst done, then I can move on to another task if I want.

kromer 7 CI

I've made decent progress...I wrote most of the paper, and I'm going to call that good for now.

I've decided to bump up the PGC1-alpha dataset task...I realize it would be really nice to be able to talk about that dataset when I next meet with my prof, which means I need to have done a bunch of calcuations on it, which means I want to have it downloaded ASAP. I'll work through that task in the chatbox as well. I'm going to work until 8:15, then go hang out with some friends for an hour or so, and get home by 10:30 at the latest. 

Chick's Sunday CI

make this a good day. fun and work and household chores. aim to stay focussed on goals and keep on eroding the old habit of inactivity and tiredness because of overwhelming backlog. Check in after doing things to reinforce good feeling of getting things done.

-garden chores: I made myself finish the one I'd set out to do. :)
laundry in
pet mess cleaned up
good start! 

Chick's Sunday CI con'td

More chores done...because I wanted to do them. and that made them light. Yes, they are not the huge MIT of work, but the mundane household stuff needs to be part of the productivity routine too.

Kind help from a neighbour on one repair job that I had been unable to do by myself. I was very touched and grateful because even though it only took him a quarter of an hour, it was a real bother.

Thinking--can I learn to be grateful to myself, the way I am to my neighbour? Not sure. But--a new affirmation: I can do the things I need to do to take care of my home and myself with the same glad heart as if I were helping someone else. (NOT sure this will work for the worst tasks, but it's interesting. Housework can be avoidance. But a basic amount is just necessary and I can choose not to see it as a punishment.)


Thank you chickadee

 I am trying and having a little bit of sucess. 1 time line done! 6 to go!
Good luck to yo with your chores. I am very familiar with the feelings yoy describe and yes activity and focus are the best are the positive rewards of completing stuff!

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

Convalalria 's recovery? 19.22 pm Sunday

 A difficult anxious day with very little accomplished.
Need to do something ...anything to get ready for tomorrow.

  • walk with doggy
  • attack the timelines
  • see mother check in at 21pm

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

Convalalria 's recovery? 5.21am Monday

 Thank you Journey for your good wishes.  I think that I am going need more than luck.
I am vaguely ready for 3 our of 4 of my lessons today. Feel very anxious and negative about things I ahve not done. 

Positive stuff! I did do work and I did have some nice times. I have not accomplished as much as I wanted but paralysis was less overall. 

Trying hard to accept the above statement which is true but does not feel so.

I will have to focus and be efficient during the week ....and I must set priorities and allocate some time to all MIT's
The plan for this morning and at work:

  • morning routine (no doggy walk)
  • attend movingalong's PA meeting
  • Photocopy B-F stuff b/f work
  • work on 11 stuff p2
  • workon 9 stuff at break
  • check in p6

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

Good Luck Tomorrow Convalaria

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'" - C. S. Lewis

Hi Convalaria

Hi Convalaria, wishing you to find some courage and calm and whatever else you need to set aside the anxiety, feel at peace, and do some preparation for tomorrow. {{ }}

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