Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Thursday October 2nd

It's Thursday--make it a good one!

Chemgirl CI friday 8.43pm

This week has been a complete write off as the girls are still getting over their tummy bug, and I am still exhausted from mine and getting up all night with vomiting kids.  dd4 is still very tired and not eating well and dd1 still has diarrhoea, but we are mostly back to normal now.  Also as it is school holidays dd4 is at home all day and so I have no time to work on thesis, so I have given myself the week off.  Is this a cop out?  I have no idea any more what is an appropriate break and what is just an excuse.

Anyway, today was all MUTs, this week the house has got very messy but I have finally mostly caught up on stuff.  Tonight I need to fold up the laundry I have done, but the dishes etc. have all been done so that is nice.

Tomorrow I want to:

-keep the house straight

-start at least thinking about my thesis again

-go through all my current paperwork, bills etc. to check that there is nothing coming up that I have forgotton

-discuss with dh the plan for the next week of holidays (I have a bad habit of not telling him we are doing stuff, and then he is surprised when we get in the car to head up for a weekend with my mother or when people turn up for a barbecue etc., lol).

Chemgirl's week

Speaking from recent experience, I can say the tummy bug is a valid excuse and definitely not a cop out!  And my family is all grown ups, no puking kiddies to clean up after . . .although i did have to clean up after one of the dogs lol. 
"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'" - C. S. Lewis

hi chemgirl

I hope you all recover from the bug and you get your energy back. I think keeping your house in order for everyone when you've all been ill is a big thing!

 I also have trouble distinguishing appropriate breaks and excuses. But I do know, for myself, that when I don't allow myself or plan any breaks I cease working productively. And I remember when I did my thesis, observing that people who took mre breaks and holidays finished sooner. But it's still hard for me to commit to good breaks and actually take them. (go figure!)

chick's friday CI


mid-day meeting and ditto late afternoon. Aim to use morning to arrange an IT... one that I had been deferring. Try to hang onto the insights and positive momentum I found yesterday.

gt stuff; organize; sendx2
done. normally I would want to defer this until I had full info from others, but actually, doing that would have been self-deception. There was enough to go on and I made myself push through anyway. It feels unfamiliar, but it is a better way to approach this . reminder to self: provisional now is better than full but too late when other people depend on me.

Just over an hour before a meeting: this is a kind of gap of time that I have trouble using well. 

cp planning

affirmation to self: I can keep starting. I can do the next thing. I can take one small step. THis is not so hard.

trying to recover the recovery! Convalaria on Friday at 7.55

 The last few days have been difficult. Huge anxiety!!!
Have done some of the sorting but have just realised that MIT's have become MUT's.
Sorting has been sort of important so that I can find my way in my notes and files....To DO today:

  • morning routine
  • list of random tasks and shopping
  • time line templates
  • start correction!
  • anwser student emails
  • type up and think about meeting notes
  • a few phonecalls
  • use chat box to help
  • check in frequently

I will be in the chat box itemising and breaking down tasks. Stop by and say hello! 

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

good luck convalaria!

Good job working through your anxiety :) Keep at it, and be gentle with yourself.

Convalaria working on recovery 13.06pm, 16.37, 16.55

 Thank you kromer. You are such an inspiration!
Updating my day!

  • morning routine                                        Done
  • list of random tasks and shopping              Done (mostly)
  • time line templates                                   30 minutes done
  • start correction!
  • anwser student emails
  • type up and think about meeting notes
  • a few phonecalls
  • use chat box to help           Doing! it allowed me to complete morning routine when I did not want to start!                                
  • check in frequently              here I am!


  • finish lunch
  • phonecals
  • timelines templates for 30 minutes
  • check in 2

Not doing well.
Did deal with 2 phone bills.
Checked on mother
felt anxious and had a nap......Next:

  • arrange movie Embarassed (do I deserve this break?)
  • work on timelines
  • check back in


  • 30 minutes student emails
  • 30 minutes time lines
  • 30 minutes sorting
  • check in when I return

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

Journey 12:30

Still feeling yucky but marginally better.  Gonna treat myself to a coke, a rare thing for me!  FINALLY got my MITs set, email read, and MIT #1 done.  If I get top 3 MITs done I'll be happy. 

The good side of feeling bad:  Makes it easy to sort out the important from the unimportant :)


"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." 

Journey 4 pm thanks for the good wishes . . .

and the pepto bismol lol
MIT #2 is done, going to work on #3 until 5 pm then I'm goin' home and doin' nothin'.  Well, I might watch the debate in my PJs. 
"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'" - C. S. Lewis

Way to go + Get Well

Way to go, Jo! Hope you feel better, drun.

Hang in there, jo, treat yourself well...

...and get well soon!!!

(or does that look too much like Pepto-Bismol!? Undecided

 The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

get well jo

jo i hope you feel better soon!


feel better jo!

And congrats on getting work done anyway :)

yay jo

Hope you feel fine tomorrow!

feel better soon jo!

 virtual checken soup is coming your way! much better for you than coke.

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

CL ci

bookend 10 min site catch up. it's 12:33

15 min: oh why! does there have to be so much interesting to read here today! :( :(

but i posted to a new person that this site helps me apply my knowledge of how to recover from procras so i better actually do that.

Off for 30 min of MIT 3 today. It's 12:51. hard to tear myself away.

well that took 57 min. could be worse.

Now onto MIT 4. i might not check back as i'll just keep chugging thru my MITs all day long.


drun Check In 10:30am EDT

For me to do today. Said last night I would post this at 9:15am -- but this is improvement.

MIT # 1: -- Continue to Write down Distractions To Do for Later (do while working on other MIT's).

MIT #2: -- 2.1-- select and review cv to send to l.d. (30min) (unfinished from yesterday).
-- 2.2-- finish email/letter to reply to write reply to l.d. to send with cv (15min).

MIT #3: -- check email for important items only, avoid distraction to web browsing. (15min block of time).

MIT #4: -- 4.1-- prepare/review my cv for s.l. to review.(30min).
-- 4.2-- probably include notes on my areas of concern. (30min).

-- emails and calls (15 min blocks of time).
-- reg for acls (15min).

Thanks to fellow members for feedback encourgagement (even pushes). Best on your MIT's. dave.

1:20pm Update: I am working on #2 now which is so important, really trying not to escape to meaningless distractions, web browsing etc. Should only take me to 2pm !?

drun 4pm, and 5:30pm Update; +Thank You

[Done] -- 2.1 select and review cv to send to l.d. ((whew))

[DONE at 5:30pm] (starting 4pm) -- 2.2-- finish email/letter to reply to write reply to l.d. to send with cv. (allow 15min?) ((note to self: just get it done David))

Thank you, chickadee, really, drun
(working alone, but no complaining).

hang in there drun

Hope it's going well and you are able to keep going!

Lark at 19:26am

Hi everyone. Lots to do here today, or rather, distasteful projects. It's chilly here, and I'm already dreading Winter. Perhaps I'll put dreading off for a couple of months. Though I seem to be doing better using this program, I've become aware of work that needs to be done on the "bigger picture". When I mention chronic procrastination to folks in my 12 step fellowship, they just don't fully understand. Perhaps we may be able to do some more "program" things here this Autumn?
spiritual time
finish loose ends, readying for project of the day
do small work project early afternoon
get supplies
check in around dinner

hi lark

Hi lark,  hope your day has been a good one.

Do you find it much harder to get stuff done when it gets cold? I do and am thinking about what to do against it (besides turning on the heating :lol: 

Thanks chick

The cold is tough here, and what with heating costs going up, I'm very fearful of Winter. However, when I look back on Summer, I'm really disappointed that I could have done more. Oh well. When it's cold I spend too much time online or under a blanket on the sofa. My workshop is rather damp and cold, and I need to upgrade the heating system soon. Been putting that one off for a while.

Journey 9:50

Errgghh, not feeling too well today.  DD has been feeling puny all week with stomach-flu symptoms, and I started feeling ill last night.  I'm going to set myself a light load at work today and plan to leave early.  I may work from home tomorrow if I don't feel better.  Although it's technically against the rules to work from home because you're not feeling well, it's totally ok to call in sick and then decide you feel like doing some work after all :), so a little rule bending may be in order for me in the morning.

I made a half-hearted attempt at setting MITs before my 9 am meeting, now I'm going back to that task.  Keeping the list very short today. 


"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." 

GeorgeSmiley 7:45 AM and updates

Lovely opening, chickadee! Just what I needed this morning.

Slow start. Long list on the Outlook Task pad

MIT#1: Project D 9AM update: Finished and sent to client

MIT#2: More calls/research on Project P-12 2:40PM update: a lot of progress and enough done for the day. Still more to do, but it's time to turn to other tasks.

MIT#3: Research and drafting on Project U

MIT#4: Don't lose sight of lesser, incremental tasks that will advance future projects.


9AM Update: 30 minutes of "in-basket" work to focus on administrative tasks, filing, etc.,[MIT#4] then pick up MIT#2 at 9:30


10AM Update: I took more time again with in-basket filing and stuff and so I'm getting to MIT#2 a little later than I intended... Starting now.


2:40PM update:  Ate lunch and kepg on with MIT#2. The good thing: Lots of progress on that MIT. The bad thing: Not getting on to other tasks as a consequence.


The Hero's Code:

Show up. Pay Attention. Speak the Truth. Let Go of the Outcome.

komer 7:45 CI

Another day of seemingly overwhelming work, I'm going to take it one step at a time and just get as much done as I can.

My MITs are:
*Finish problem set
*Look at results from randomization runs
*Pick up paycheck
*Buy webcam

And scheduled are:
*EA's lab meeting
*Genetics recitation
*Mtg w/PF

Scheduled break is:
*Call AG this evening

And I'm not even going to write out a list of other tasks, it seems too overwhelming

I'm going to start w/45 min work on my problem set, then I'll head to lab.

kromer 1 CI

I made progress on the problem set, then went to EA's lab meeting and genetics recitation.

I realize there's no way I'll be able to look at results from rand. runs before scheduled mtg w/ PF, and that was the main purpose of the meeting! So I think the best solution at this point is to email asking to cancel the meeting.

I'm also realizing how incredibly overcommitted I am. So I'm going to email PT to explain my absence from lab this week, and email CE saying I need to decrease my SLG commitment. Then I'll talk to TH tomorrow about going down to every other week at youth group.

After I've done this, I'll pick up paycheck, then try and finish pset. 

kromer 3 CI

I cancelled mtg w/ PF, and talked to CE, still need to email PT 

pset is proving difficult--I've made some progress but still have 3 problems left.

And I still haven't gone to pick up paycheck.

Also, I have a rough draft of a short paper due tomorrow...I could write it in the morning if I

Randomization calculations are running incredibly slowly, so there's no
way I could look at them today in any case. So that MIT is postponed...

OK, a plan:
My plan is to spend 30 more min on the pset now, and try to get 2 problems done. 

I'll stop after 45 min no matter what, email PT and pick up paycheck, go home and order webcam, then start work on the paper.

Back when I stop work on the pset, when I'm heading home, when I get home and when I start work on the paper.  

kromer 9:40 CI

Haven't quite stayed on track, but I think I'll be all right...

A friend wanted to work with me on the pset, so I finished and checked that. Then I went home, had dinner, called AG, emailed PT.

Now I really need to work on that paper. I'm scared just to start, so I'm going to do a 10-min burst, then take a break and research webcams. 

My overall goal tonight is to get 1 pg of the paper's 2 pages total, so that should be a plenty good start, and not too hard.  

kromer 10:30 CI

Well, I have a page done! Plus some more brainstorming. It so rarely happens that writing is easier than expected...

I'm going to spend 15 more min brainstorming about this paper, then reward myself by taking a shower, then I'm going to try and write my merit/broader impacts summary paragraph for the paper, then I'm going to research and hopefully buy webcam, then I'll go to bed.

Update 11:10--didn't follow my plan...took shower, ordered webcam, still need to brainstorm and try and write summary paragraph. updates as I finish each of those tasks.

Update 11:30--brainstormed and made really good progress, but now I'm exhausted. I'm going to microburst the summary paragraph (write for 5 min), then go to bed.

Update 11:40--spent 10 min, now a rough version of the summary paragraph is done. Bed now.

wise kromer

you are getting so much done--and your lists are always so long. sounds like this choice is a vote for taking care of yourself well.

chick ci

morning tasks: gt-one step; rw-done tt-done rlx2-both now done, not as scary as I thought.+ e.s. done

Reminder to self--it is true, the Now Habit stuff about getting into process making the task lighter. And it is true that starting off relaxed instead of indulging in guilt about lateness helps me get into the process...

update: all the immediate IT and UTs are done. There is more I need to do.--In danger of drifting or getting discouraged, having to face the backlog now.

committed to ten minutes on a backlog task. have done 5 minutes, it's not so bad. back to it.More than 10 minutes done :smile: made a big difference to paper piles. I can keep going. It all is in the attitude.

Yay! did small repair job I had been not wanting to do (with the tools and items scattered about) for more than four weeks. It took less than half an hour. WHY did I have so much resistance against it  and why did I break my word to myself about getting it done so many times?! :laugh: