Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Saturday 27 September 2008

Yay!  It's the Weekend!

Happy Saturday from Chemgirl, whose saturday has nearly finished :)

Convalaria's Recovery Sunday 12.07pm, 14.07

 A slow and late start today! Did dnot complete list yesterday, wrote a long post about it and then promptly lost in cyber space. Perhaps its because we need to starf each day afresh! I am finding the backlog sorting slow and need to accomplish other things for work as well.  I do not want to time binge and am thinking of fragmenting my remaining free days into blocks.
So today I am going to:

  • spend 90 minutes on morning routine
  • 90 minutes on back log sorting            12.08 done
  • 90 minutes catching up on phonecalls
  • 90 minutes word processing stuff for work (a letter and 2 quizes)
  • check in and report at a bout 19.00pm or sooner if I am struggling!

Made good progress on sorting. Next, hone calls and i hope that they take less than 90 minutes

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

Recycler CI 6:45pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

What a nice sunrise/sunset to begin/end the day with :) Thanks, ChemGirl :)

Today: one of my other support groups had a Regional Meeting. Despite local gasoline supply difficulties, we had a good attendance, even for people from 2-3 hours away. Each part of the all-day meeting went well :)

I learned a lot at the meeting & sessions. For that particular program, I am even less proficient at it than I am at PA (lol), so it gave me some good ideas, and helped me have more realistic ideas about parts of the other program I haven't gotten to yet.

After the meeting, I drove around. Two Tuesdays from now will be the closing on my new condo. Between now & then I will be in and out of town, so late afternoon today was an advantageous time for me to drive around & try to find the place (when there is less traffic on the weekend). After getting lost 3 times & driving around 30 minutes, I finally found the office. Now that I know where it is, I can easily find it again.

Even though today went really well, I am emotionally exhausted, so I am going to veg for a while.

Have a great night, everyone! ;)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

kromer 5:25 CI

Spent most of the day helping a friend move. Also talked on the phone with IA. Both were things I wanted to get done today, so I'm pretty happy.

However, I'm totally exhausted from six hours moving boxes, so I'm checking in here so I don't flake out. Things to do tonight are:
*Tidy room/fold laundry
*Call church members about Jubilee
*Dinner with mom+brother
*Read 1 paper
*Make a to-do list for tomorrow.

I'm going to start by calling church members, then I'll work on tidying room.  

kromer 10:40 CI

Thanks all for the kind thoughts :)

I flaked out on calling church members, which I feel pretty bad about...I'd promised to do it, put it off, and then was so tired this afternoon that I couldn't face it. I did send an email instead, but that's not as good. Oh well, I'll forgive myself for it and move on.

I did tidy room/fold laundry, then had a nice dinner with my mom and brother.

Now I'm feeling really behind on work, so I'm going to try to identify a reasonable list of tasks to accomplish tomorrow.

I'm exhausted so I don't think I'll get through a whole paper tonight (the one I want to read is very dense), but I think 5 pages is doable, so I'll tackle that.

Back when all this is done (or when I get stuck...)

Update 11:25--OK, I made a to-do list for tomorrow, now I'm exhausted. I'll read  *2* pages then go to bed.  



Chemgirl agrees that Kromer deserves a reward :)

Hope you are not too tired!  Moving boxes for 6 hours sounds exhausting!

Kromer deserves a reward!

Kromer, that's real kindness to help  a friend with moving boxes  for so many hours.

I hope you find some me-time or real nice reward for yourself amidst your chores too.. 

Chemgirl CI 8.57am Sunday and 3.37pm sunday

Daylight savings just started here, so we have just got up, so better get a move on.


-The ever present thesis (open document, write 2 sentences at least on new intro section) Opened up my document, but haven't worked on it yet

-put dinner (morroccan lentil and lamb soup) in the crockpot - must be done this am or it won't be ready done

-Wash and hang one load laundry (it's a beautiful day here) Washed but not hung - off to do that now (although it may not get dry)

-Take girls to the park (it's sunny here, don't want to waste it) done

Also have lunch with my dad and stepmother, so need to make sure dbaby has naps at appropriate times to fit that in. Sort of done, but we ended up being 15 mins late, which to be honest was due to me procrastinating about leaving.  She fell asleep at a not-so-good time, but rather than wake her I decided to go and put makeup on (which makes me feel much better) and wait for her to wake, which I feel bad about - I can justify to myself that I wanted her to get a proper sleep, but really the reason I didn't wake her was because I wanted to finish doing what I was doing (cooking and making myself look good) before we went :( an aspect of my procrastination I particularly don't like is that I make other people wait - as if my time or what I am doing is more important than them, which of course it isn't.

That's about it.  I finished everything I needed to do yesterday, which was good, but stayed up very late - a bit of work binging, which was not great, but dh and I snuggled on the couch and watched two movies so that was nice.  Am going to take it pretty easy today and focus on not wasting this gorgeous sunny sunday! 


Falcon damp CI

Hi everyone,

I hope you're staying nice & dry!  Here where I am, it's damp, grey and rainy.  Bleah!

I need to take a shower, put in a load of laundry, and eat some lunch.  Then my goal is to go into each room in my place and do one or two or a few things that will make me feel good about that room, like changing the kitty litter or putting the duvet cover on the comforter in the bedroom.

Once I've done that for every toom, I can go to the library.  (Which closes early on Saturdays, so I'd better get a move on!)


Falcon CI Saturday eve.

O.k., I'm back. . . next I need to make lunches for the week, tidy the bathroom, bedroom and living room, call M., and prep for tomorrow.  Then I might take myself out to a diner for dinner.  When I get back, it would be good to email L., or I can do that in the morning if I get up early enough.


Falcon CO

Got everything done.  I made dinner instead of going out, but I'm going to treat myself to a glass of port before going to bed.

Good night, everyone!


way to go Falcon

Hope your day is going well.

'Then my goal is to go into each room in my place and do one or two or a few things that will make me feel good about that room'

you've expressed just what I am trying to practice in my household chores too, trying to do just a bit and think 'this makes it nice' instead of oh no, gotta....

Making it nice

Hi chickadee,

Exactly -- I'm trying to think of it as taking care of myself.  I actually love it when my place is clean, and when it's grubby it makes me feel sort of down and neglected.  I just don't like doing the actual cleaning.  Tongue out

The afternoon went well, all though things took longer than I expected, so I only got as far as the kitchen and the laundry and a bit of the living room.  But I stayed focused, and at least some of my place looks nicer!  And I did things I'd been putting off forever, like cleaning moldy things out of the fridge, and trying on some pants to see if they still fit.

Off now to the dry cleaner (with the pants, which DO fit) and the library. . .


thanks chemgirl/ chick CI

what a cheery banner--thanks!

Already on 2nd laundry load...