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Sunday, September 21, 2008


What's going on in your world? :)

Agnus ci

Yep, really late check-in...but doin' it!  Productive day yesterday and sorta restful today. Again didn't pin myself to any sabbath time but just generally tried to stay balanced between restfulness and non-income-related stuff like yard work, cleaning, pet care, etc. 

Now it is time to deal with The Pile- overdie (ha! some typo!) - um, overdue paperwork from our personal lives. I have been procrastinating and ritualizing for the last 4+ hours. This task really scares me. J prayed for me awhile ago because I was near panic, and I do feel calmer now. Going to chat my way through, and check back in at key points as needed. Thanks for being here, gang. 

Ag checkback 11:17pm

My coach suggested I set a regular, 2-hour weekly appointment for my personal paperwork/mail/bills/decisions etc. I set Tuesday evening, but did not do it last week due to my inability to set boundaries with my work life...Ugh.  So this evening was catch-up - and I can finish more this coming Tuesday. I'm actually looking forward to it now, because this evening was so productive: Bills are paid - yay!  Papers are sorted...Yay!  Folders are made and filled for the papers that still need work. But if I work it anymore tonight, I will be binge-ing - so goodnight my PA friends, goodnight!

Lark at 5:38pm

Well, today has ben reasonably productive here. There have been some delays and walls, but a trip to town will provide things to make a good start tomorrow morning.
spiritual time (meeting, probably)
pick up supplies for tomorrow
eat well (not junkfood)
make tomorrow's plan

Journey 4:30

dogs bathed, bathroom clean, LONG break taken.

The freezer is all defrosted, now I need to go wash it and put everything back, plug it in and hope for the best.   


"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." 

Journey 11:30

The laundry is temporarily all folded and put away . . .until  the next load comes out of the dryer lol. 

Freezer is empty and defrosting, although it's not the kind that is supposed to need defrosting.  I thought we had a leak somewhere because we had an ice buildup, but then DH discovered an ancient bottle of rum in there that was keeping the door from closing completely.  So, I'm hoping that once everything thaws out and the door seals again, it will be ok.   If not, then I will drink the rum :)

15 min computer break!   Then doggie baths.


"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." 

Lark at 10:39am New day, new week..

Hi everyone. Several of us have been in funks lately. Perhaps this new week will work out well for us. With the help of our higher power, the tide will turn. Maybe we can make a point to start the week off at today's meeting?
To do:
(X)morning routine
spiritual time
project A
project B
clean up work area (it's bad)
mow som grass
check in later

Re: new day, new week

I am all for having a better week!  Let's go for it! 


"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." 

Journey 9:30

Yesterday was a busy day and I never got around to posting . . . sounds like many of you had a busy day, too!

Thank HP Friday and Saturday were very good days after midweek meltdown.  So far today, I've had a nice relaxing breakfast while finishing a novel.  (Special Topics in Calamity Physics).  

Today I want to take some time to relax but also get some chores done:  clean out freezer, bathe dog, dust and vacuum bedroom, and spend 15 minutes working on "the pile" which has re-appeared on my desk.   Pile alert!   If time, straighten, dust and sweep the upstairs hall.  Stuff has a tendency to accumulate up there because it's at the top of the stairs.  

First up, fold and put away a load of clean laundry and put a new load in to wash. Then back here to bookend a break.  





"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." 

Convalaria, recovery, Sunday 23.29pm

 A productive day. Did not manage to get every thing done but procrastination was at a minimum. Not enough time given to me. Tomorrow? dentist, accountant (still have to sort some papers for this) and then perhaps structure the day so that I can allocate time to some rest and recreation for me.

Too tired for bedtime routine

Good night !

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

Convalaria's Recovery. Monday 6.38, 15.09,17.33, 20.05

 Here is the plan for this morning:

  • morning routine (save doggy walk for later)
  • Check on mother
  • sort tax papers
  • dentist
  • pick up medication
  • continue sorting tax papers
  • e mail brother re mothers medication
  • visit accountant
  • eat healthy lunch and visit favoutite thrift shop
  • walk doggy
  • check in when done

Above all done!!!! ( makeup, and I did not get to exercise with doggy due to rain.) Also had coffee with mother, a quick nap and cooked dinner.


  • tiny shopping
  • pickup paper sorter from friend
  • empty car
  • notes from meeting
  • check in again

Done except for notes from meeting. I have started and know what iwant and need to say, but the subject matter and the need to defend my self ......RESISTANCE

  • spend 30 minutes with mother.
  • 15 minutes on notes
  • tidy kitchen
  • 15 minutes on notes 
  • finish dinner prep
  • 15 minutes on notes
  • check in

Notes from meeting done in draft form. Smile

  • finish cleaning kitchen
  • deal with bio notes box sorting while watching TV
  • brush teeth
  • moisturise etc
  • check in

"Recovery from procrastination means doing what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

kromer 9 CI

I've had an off-track...I've been focusing well when I sit down too work, I've just been doing way more fun stuff that I really have time for, and as a result I'm quite behind. So today I'm going to dedicate the day to church and work.

Scheduled: church and deacon's mtg (leave 9:45, return 1:30)

My MITs are:
*Finish genetics pset
*Finish SCG project
*Email about SLP
*Forward RH's email, take notes from church mtg
*Work out math for PP idea
*FIgure out who's in my mini-parish
*Call parents

Other tasks:
*Brainstorm why STRING didn't work
*order drill
*read 1 paper
*Chore for LR
*get esr data set
*rand tests on STRING runs
*email PJ and CV
*implement PP idea

Deep breath, I can at least get through my MITs for today.

I'm going to start with some short MITs: email about SLP, look at people in my mini-parish and note down who I don't know (so I can ask about them at deacons mtg), take notes from church mtg and email PJ and CV. Updates as I finish each of these.

kromer 2:20 CI

OK, having a hard time getting meeting went late, then had some lunch and finally sitting down to work. My plan is to do focused work until 6, then head home and have some dinner, then do some more work.

Next up:
*SLP email (DONE 2:50)
*Take notes from deacon's mtg/on who's in my mini-parish
*Finish taking notes from yesterday's church mtg, email PF and CV (about that, RH's email and socializing)
*Finish genetics pset

I'm going to update as each of these MITs is completed.

kromer 4 CI

OK, I've been focusing pretty well, I just have a lot to get done.

I took notes from the 2 meetings. Now I reallize there are a bunch of follow-up emails I need to DC about moving help, email PF and CV (about mtg, RH's email, socializing, Harambee plans), text IA about tough week, email EC about switching mini-parish members, email TH about Harambee and notes.

I also need to call my parents...they just left me a message, I realize I haven't called them in 5 days, I'm a bad daughter! And the genetics pset is still to be done.

I'm going to tackle half of the follow ups (EC, TH, IA), then call parents, then tackle the rest of the follow ups, then do *one* genetics pset question (and check the answer), then check back in.

Update 5:05--done with follow ups and called my parents, now tackling that genetics pset question.  


kromer 5:30 CI

OK, did the above. Now I'm going to tackle the rest of the genetics pset (2 more questions + write up 2 that I've already done + check answers for all). Then I'm going to run up to lab and start the STRING randomization runs (shouldn't take too long to get running). Then I'll head home. When I get home I'll have dinner, then work on SCG project. Frequent updates, check in with a new plan when all of these things are done.

kromer 9:20 CI

Messed up...did most of the pset, then was tired and hungry, came home and have dinner and have been zoning out for an hour plus. I'm going to get back on track...finish the pset, start the randomization runs, check back in.

kromer 11:30 CI

My focus hasn't been perfect, but I've done all right...I finished the pset, and then ended up finishing the SCG project (which was an MIT, which is good). So I'll get all but one of my MITs done today, and the other I will do first thing tomorrow.

I still need to start those randomization runs, so I'll do that now, then shower and go to bed.

Update 11:45--randomization runs started, showered, bed now. 

good morning

Good morning pro-buddies

 I'm checking in to try to keep the habit better than last week. Today is Sunday. Instead of a to-do-list I am working on staying active and purposeful, just doing the bext chore that I want done, trying to hear my positive motivation instead of the oughts, and not drifting into netsurfuing, naps or my other low-energy escapes. When I do take a break at midday I'll enjoy it more, feeling I've earned it. I've done laundry, kitchen, bathroom and outdoor tasks so far, telling myself: this is making things nice, looking after myself well.

Chemgirl 10.51pm Sunday

Well, I kind of missed the last couple of days... and I kind of didn't get anything done either :(

Had a huge meltdown around the afternoon today, my baby just hasn't been sleeping/napping well and I have been really tired, and have that feeling where everything is much harder than it should be.  Also my babysitting has fallen through the last 2 weeks (!!!) and although I could have done work on my thesis in the evenings or naptime I haven't.  Had a cry and fight with dh, but at least the outcome of this was that I got a lot done this evening.  Not on thesis though, just sorting the house so things will run more smoothly tomorrow morning.  Feel really bad that my kids kind of witnessed this :(

Just a couple of questions, about abbreviations, Cl is checklist?  MUT most urgent task?  MIT most important task?  Anything else I should know?

If that is right then I have been working on MUTs (like making sure that my family has a clean kitchen to eat off in the am, clean clothes to wear) but neglecting my MIT which is to work on my thesis.  Could be worse, but could definitely be better.

Am feeling pretty low and frustrated at the moment.  

Chemgirl CI @1.16pm Monday

Yay!  I'm so proud of me :)  I did some really good work on my thesis today, a solid hour (which doesn't seem like much but is a lot around looking after an 11 month old and a 4.5yo), and I thought that my baby wasn't going to go to the babysitter today, but then the babysitter rang and said that she could, so that is like a 2 hour bonus.

The bad news is that I have just procrastinated about 30 mins of that away... but I am here to get back on track.

MITs for today are:

-to write a good solid paragraph on the next section of my intro

-and to add at least 5 more refs to my latex document.

Less important but good to get done are:

-Have a shower! (Normally I never go without but thought I should make the most of dd's sleep this am by working, now feel like it would be a waste of babysitting time to do it, lol)

-hang whites on line

-grocery shopping

-empty dishwash

-spend some quality 1 on 1 time with dd 4.5 (this is important, but less of a problem with procrastinating)

Thanks for being there everyone, I love this forum.

Now, onwards!


Thanks Kromer, @10.41am monday

Thanks Kromer, am having a bit of a bad week.

This morning have done morning routine, laundry on the line, opened up my intro... but am in procrast mode.  Have decided though that will write just one paragraph right now.

That is basically it in terms of important tasks today.  Everything else will get done.

Will check back when have done one paragraph.

Did that and more!  See next update :)

hugs to chemgirl

Hope you feel better! Congrats on checking in even when you're feeling low.

You're right about MUT and MIT...CI is "check-in" and CO is "check-out"

Just one suggestion...have you looked at the "microburst" post on the front page? (The idea is that if you have a scary tasks to do, you can get going on it by taking tiny maybe today all you do on your thesis is open the computer file and get out your notes, then stop for the day) That might be of help getting's helped me often. 

Glad you're here!  

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Recycler CI 5:35am EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

A couple of my MITs have drifted over from yesterday ;)

This morning: clean bathroom, make gym bags, bike ride. Maybe I will update my CI in a little while ;)

12:30. Bathroom is clean. I've set out the contents for the gym/work bags but need to add 2 items to be ready to pack them. Had a good bike ride, plus put air in my bike tires. Went to mid-morning activity, which went well. Did errand to buy special product. Bought groceries for this week. Hung up clean clothes to dry, and started another load to wash. Haven't decided what to do next.

Have a great day! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)