Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Wednesday 10 September


It's Wednesday--half the week isn't done yet!

Have a good day all pro-Buddies!

One day at a time... Each small step counts...

Journey 6:30 co

Did conference call 2:30-3:30, babysat 3:30-5:30, then worked another hour or so catching up on email and whatnot - nothing really productive. 

Calling it a day, going to finish up dinner and have an evening.  I want to fold some clothes, maybe about half a load, do the dishes, and prep for tomorrow.  and go to bed at 9:30!


"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." 

Hey Chickadee

I just noticed you did the thread starter this morning!  Thanks!

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." 

Journey 11:30 Update 1:15 2:20

Found the info I was looking for on MIT #1, plus more.  I'm (finally) going to take that shower, run to the bank, then scan through the info I found.  I have a framework of an idea for what I'm going to propose, so I need to see what I can find to support or disprove that idea, and see what info will be relevant to actually doing it.  Then I need to move on to something else.  I could get bogged down in this, and I need to push my manager for some direction before I go any further. 

So, taking a lunch break - getting a shower, getting dressed, and running out to bank.

Check back as soon as I return, so that I won't lose a lot of time ramping back up. 


UPDATE 1:15  Well, that took longer than planned.  lunchtime is not the best time to go to the bank, or the pharmacy :0 AND I've been back 15 minutes already and just now starting back to work!

OK, 40 minutes on MIT #1 then moving on.

2:20  OK, I've looked through the info available and talked to a coworker who's done similar stuff on different operating systems.  That's about all I can do for today until I can get some answers from my manager.   Next, a conference call that I can't really multitask through, and then my grandson should be here for a couple of hours so I won't get anything done until he leaves. 

I was feeling that I had not accomplished much, but I went back and looked at my MITs and I have actually done my top three!  So!  Ha!  Now I feel successful. 

now for the conference call.




"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." 

good thinking jo

<<<I could get bogged down in this, and I need to push my manager for some direction before I go any further. >>>

Many times I notice that a procras binge started when I hit a place where I truly did not know what the client/boss really wanted...and how simple to simply ask..yet how unnerving.  I think my insecurity and pride conspire to keep me from realizing this, and make it hard to act on it (i.e. ask a human being for direction) once I do. Thanks for the good share, Journey!

9:45am for Lark, 8:28pm

Hi everyone. Well, I just paid my phone bill online--late of course--but it didn't get the next one added to it. I had the money in the account all along, but I was procrastinating. I feel good, but also bad because I put it off. I worked on a list of other things I've been putting off which don't have to be done yet, and start on them. We all need some successes, don't we?
To do:
(X)morning things
(X)spiritual time
(X)pay phone bill
(X)check over and make bill out for project A, CALL CLIENT
(small problem)check over and make bill out for project B, CALL CLIENT
(X)finish next section of project C
finish project D (client will call me!)
tidy kitchen
put things away for 15 minutes (use timer)

Recycler CI 8:50am EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Today is when the Inspection Company I have hired will be here to look over the new construction condo that I am planning to purchase. I need to go over there in about 5 minutes. Even though I am the customer, I feel nervous. I hope everything goes ok. I have the phone list for my support group, otherwise! I'll probably post later today or tonight about how it goes.

Talk to you later! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Recycler CI 8:45pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

The condo inspection today went really well :) (1) the inspector was nice. (2) the real estate agent was on good behavior. (3) there wasn't much wrong with the condo. Yay! :)

Afterward, I went on into work. I was still kind of dazed for several hours, but kept plugging away. Had a massage tonight, so I feel a lot better now :) Now to unwind a little bit, then go to sleep early with the gentle rain we are having. :)

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

kromer 8:45 CI

OK, late getting started, but I can still have a productive day.

My MITs for today are:
*Read P-H paper
*Finish brainstorming about randomizations (+figure out if more highly connected coregs chosen as gamma increases)
*Go to probability class+read through notes
*Try out STRING interactome, look at results, compute interactome stats
*Mail letters
*Email landlord about non-locking window

Other tasks are:
*Organize papers in room
*Finish scrapping paint off molding
*Figure out what tests have been done
*Organize papers in lab
*Hang out with MT and SS!
*Work out cell death model

I'll start with an hour at home on my MITs (starting P-H paper), then finish scraping paint off molding, spend 30 min organizing room, and head to lab. 

kromer 8:35 CI

I've done a lot of work today, but it hasn't been focused on my MITs, which is something I really try to avoid:

So far, I've started 2 of my MITs (I went to probability class and read some of the notes, and I read 1/3 of the P-H paper). I've done one task from the "other" list (scrapping paint off molding, which ended up taking 3.5 hours). And I did most of my problem set (3 hrs of work), which needs to get done but wasn't on the list for today.

I'm meeting MT and SS at 9:15, so I don't have that big a chunk of time to work on my MITs. I think I can finish brainstorming and mail letters before then.

I'll try to get home by 10:30: I'll email landlord, find out if more highly connected coregulators are chosen as gamma increases, and read 15 more pages of P-H paper before bed.

Update 9:20--finished brainstorming, going to mail letters and then meet friends. 

kromer 10:15

Read 1/3 of P-H paper (15 pages...not too bad, though I think I should have been able to get it done in an hour). Now I'm going to scrape off paint: should take about 1 hr.

"Work out cell death model..."

I've built model airplanes, cars, houses, and even little people models, but never a cell death model. I suppose the local hobby shop wouldn't have that sort of stuff. Be well.

re: work out cell death

I just got off the treadmill so I'm picturing a cell filled with exercise equipment, and you gotta stay there til you die.  Sad day!


"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." 

Agnus check-in and 6:30 pm checkback

Good morning fellow PA'ers! So far today I have had my quiet time and planned my day (Step 11), talked to sponsor, did 30 minutes backlog bookkeeping, and called Mom. Next up, the MITs:

  • DONE :-) produce and mail back billing (March? and May-June)
  • DONE :-) work 2 hours on AP project
  • DONE :-) work 1 hour on SP project
  • OOPS :-( reassess at lunchtime and check back in here then.

Chatting helped me get an early start today on the scary billing stuff (SP project is financial-related also) but I really bogged down with printer probs, computer probs, s-l-o-w reboots (that recent SP3 update??), and the need to actually touch my paperwork backlogs in order to complete MITs. So, it took all day but now it is DONE!  Yay God! Yay PA!

But now I am in danger of being late for my next MIT, which is a committed Stepstudy meeting at 7, so I'm outta here...manana everyone - give yourself a hug tonight from this happy PA-er and her HP Innocent

GeorgeSmiley 7:20 AM and updates

Well, I'm getting caught up on sleep after that ridiculous all nighter the night before last!

Today's MITs:

1) Review Project R editor's comments on first draft and begin to implement changes. Possibly two more interviews needed. Also need to make time to review my notes again for the kinds of info editor wants to see in it. 9:30 update: Originally was going to do this first, but decided Project D needed to get launched. About to start on this one now.   11:30 Update: I've read through my draft, conferred with my editor, listed next steps to do loose ends. I'll get some lunch now then spend another 30 minutes until errands at 1 PM

2) Get Project D -- an editing project for an outside client -- off the ground. That means reading through part 1 and sending an update message to Project D client. 9:30 Update: Got a start on this. Made good progress, but also feeling anxious because it will need to be finished soon and I'm feeling "behind" on it already. I've booked more time to work on it later today or tomorrow, though.

3) Begin reading Project T -- another editing project. 5 PM Update: Got this launched

4) Spend at least 30 minutes on Project U.

5) Spend at least 30 minutes on Project V.

6) Spend some time processing how Project R broke down--which is just a classic case study for me on my biggest time-management/procrastination problems.


This is a big list of stuff. A further complication is that I'll have a big midday break to do a lot of errands, and will need to think deliberately about my re-entry, which is often a vulnerable time for me to fritter.

I give myself permission to not get it all done, encouragement to start and start again, and a reminder that I can get loving support in this community if or when pressure starts to build.


GS -- 5:10 PM -- A pretty good day -- and a ? to old hands here

I managed to stay pretty well focused all day, and stayed on task.

I had a nearly 3-hour break at mid-day and then managed to transition back into work fairly easily. Fortunately the task I picked to transition into was one that I could move forward on pretty easily.

Indeed, all of today's tasks were simply things to be carried out--they didn't require me to think and create the way the toughest writing assignments do. 

I haven't done anything yet on Project U or Project V, and I am torn between starting them or writing a journal entry to post here on what happened with Project R. 

Decision: I want to do something on Project U so I can contact the client and let her know I'm proceeding on that.

But I'll spend only about 15-30 minutes then proceed to my Project R post-mortem.

**By the way, where is the right place here to post a 'post-mortem' like that--an analysis looking back at a series of behaviors and exploring why they happened and seeking feedback?





'Post-mortems' or Check Out


it's pretty common for people to do it exactly like you did - post how they went with their day as a response to their original post. In fact, people's "Check In's" are often labelled CI, while their last post is often CO for "Check Out.

I'm not sure if it's 'correct', but if I've isolated a particular pattern of behaviour, unrelated to the specific tasks, or even if just have a theory, or am trying to think what will help, I'll often post to 'Questions, Answers, and Introductions' -

First, I'll often search the forums, and see if someone else has used the same kinds of words in the past - getting stuck, adhd, using planners etc, or see if there's a CBT thread before posting about whether I think CBT will help.


Anyway, good luck. :)

Journey 8 am

Skipping the gym today, started work early.  MITs are set, email has been read, and now I'm getting on the treadmill for half an hour.

I'll check back at 9:00, hopefully dressed and ready to get back to work!


"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." 

Journey 9:40

Back from exercising and I accidentally did some laundry on the way.  It's funny that the stuff I used to procrasinate on, are now procrastination material now that I'm working from home.  The house is staying cleaner too.

Anyway, back to work.  I have a conference call at 10:30 that I can multitask through, as the only thing required from me is my virutal presence.   Oops, I forgot I was planning to put a roast in the crockpot. 

So, putting roast in crockpot, then looking up and reviewing some info pertinent to MIT #1.  If I get all that done before 10:30 I'll have time for quick shower before (or even during lol) the meeting.


"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." 

chickadee's CI

I'm still in urgency adrenalin mode, with a stack of things for others and one meeting today. I don't know if I can get anywhere on the backlog today. So I'm lowering my sights. If I can help n with one thing and get c done, that will be something. I'm also going to make a log of the things that get me off track.

n 1/2


meeting 1

meeting 2 

Chickadee setting MITs!


In my year here I have been learning to figure out what are the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS for today, and to let the rest go.  I'm still learning, and part of me still wants to do everthing at once, get overwhelmed, and then do nothing!


"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." 

thanks journey...


I know a lot about being overwhelmed by too much...

Being able to distinguish MITs from MUTs (most urgent tasks) is harder for me. I pretty much set things up so I am on MUTs and the large important MITs get left behind. Then the pressure and urgency of MUTs helps me keep distraction at bay and MUTs do get done on adrenalin.

 I hope progress will come when I learn to do just ten minutes on an MIT even on a day crowded with MUTs.

Much wisdom here

The MIT/MUT conflation is a big source of my troubles, I believe. Thank you for describing this so insightfully!

Incidentally, the need to really be selective is such an important insight. I use the Outlook Taskpad and a good book I read on using outlook effectively said one really should avoid having more than about 8 items on it on any one day.