Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Sunday 7 September 2008

The desire for avoidance shall disappear.

       We shall face the present and the future

                  with steadfast hope.

                                                          -- from ideas by "e" and "Agnus" for P.A. Promises  <link>


Agnus checking in

Hi group!  I took yesterday for some sabbath time, stayed off the grid and into restfulness, family, friends and R&R.  It felt very good!

Today I've attended worship (on time - wow!), enjoyed lots of friendly fellowship over lunch after, and now it's time to review what must be done when the "office" opens Monday morning.

Just as I quit working Friday, I saw a very scary VIP email with significant financial implications. It was the second piece of scary financial news for me this week, and it requires action first thing Monday. But it's going to take some prayerful strategies, and Higher Power, to address it sanely. I am traditionally terrrified of financial matters and they are my worst area of procrastination. 

Oddly this comes quick on the heels of two major successes this week, which I credit to God as He expresses himself through PA:

  • Thursday was the first time I have ever visited my accountant without having to excuse myself to the bathroom to either cry or throw up - because this time, I was actually prepared; and
  • I made a decision to invest in a contractual relationship with a small-business-finances coach, who specializes in helping people like me - and I have not had agonizing regrets about doing so!

So, instead of being scared and wanting to procrastinate - this time I actually look forward to discovering how my Higher Power wants me to respond to this situation. I know I am completely powerless to address it at all, so even the desire to do so, is already evidence that the God of my understanding is keeping his promises.

I'm going to spend 30 minutes planning what to do to prepare for Monday morning, and then check back. Thanks for being here, friends!

Way to go!

I'd like to hear more about your small business finances coach -- how you found this person, the sort of background he or she has, etc.

Congratulations on the positive things you've done for yourself, starting with surrendering to that which is greater than yourself.

Yay Agnus!

Congratulations on your successes -- the big ones (like making the coaching decision) and the small ones (like making it to worship on time!)  I sympathize with how scary financial stuff is, and I'm impressed at how well positioned you are to handle whatever is happening.  You've been working hard on changing your life, and it's great that your committment and effort are paying off!


Breakthrough! Whiteduck CI 2:15

This weekend, after months of talking about it, a friend and I finally held a garage sale.

Stuff I really thought I was attached to now has new homes, and I can see areas of floor that I haven't seen in years. Turns out liberation of stuff = liberation of spirit.  Who knew?

Today:  The usual Sunday-get-ready-for-the-work-week chores -

            Wash clothes

            Make dinner

            Prep gym bag

            Load car

I hope you're all having a good weekend also!  Keep at it!


Yay whiteduck!

Hi whiteduck,

Procrastination-busting AND de-cluttering, all in one weekend!  Rock on with your cool self!  (And congratulations on the new view of your floor!)  Smile


Journey 1:20 Update 1:40

Windows update finally successful and my computer is still functional!  Now, 15 min. goof around on the computer break, then back to laundry.  setting my timer now.  



1:40 break over, back to work!

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." 

Agnus on the SP3 update - same experience

I also tried it when the update first prompted and it wouldn't download - just completed another try before logging on here today and it seems to be working ok. Maybe it wasn't "us" this time, jo!  :-)

Journey 11:45

Happy Sunday PA buddies!

Yesterday turned out well although I did spend a couple of unplanned hours on the computer!  Had a nice dinnner for the kids, did the meal planning and shopping, and straightened the parts of the house that are visible to company.  

Today, I've been trying to install Windows Update SP3.   It failed a few weeks ago so I'm trying to troubleshoot it and get it installed.  Other than that, I've done some laundry and gotten myself up and dressed and fed.  

Plans for the rest of the day:  finish laundry, review the budget and pay some bills (yuck), spend 10 minutes on the pile which I have allowed to accumulate on my desk, dishes - twice! - , straighten and dust the rest of the house, make dinner, and prep for tomorrow.  Oh, yeah, and finish the stupid windows update.  While I was at it, I installed the newest version of Ad-aware and I'm scanning for spyware too.  

Have a wonderful Sunday all!


"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." 

Lark at 11:14am

Happy Sunday folks. I hit snags in work things yesterday so the fist part of today will be devoted to finishing them. I also need to check in with some friends via phone. Then I'll work on today's list.
(X)morning things
spiritual timefinish poject A
finish B
call folks on phone
rearrange trash (long story)
check in later this afternoon

freudian slip lark?

<<<so the fist part of today will be devoted to finishing them...>>> :D

That the same way I feel about PA "hangovers" - hope it all works out...and thanks for making me smile!

I reckon so

I guess part of the 10th step of a 12 step program is to take a daily inventory. When we do it before retiring at night, it'll help wiwth a gameplan for the next morning, and theoretically we should have no reservations when we awaken. Sounds good on paper, huh? Sometimes I'll do a teeny bit of work on unstarted things late at night, just to begin. I'm just glad I'm not jphysically adept enough to kick my own butt. Thanks, and take care.

Recycler CI 5:10am EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Some early morning chores here :) I'm going to try to work on the ground floor level, maybe bike ride, then head-out mid-morning.

So far: start of load of clothes to wash, pick up stray items, put away clean gym clothes. Next: the other day I had put some clean laundry in a chair, so it's time to sort, fold & put that away ;) Maybe I'll update my CI again in a bit ;)

6:15am. Clean laundry from chair is folded & put away, so chair can be used as a chair again, lol ;) Started another load to wash; put first load in dryer. Re-charged cell phone. Ordered item from catalog. Next: have a snack upstairs, while waiting for enough daylight for bike ride ;)

11:15am. Bike ride. Painted another layer of faux finish on the room divider. Went to mid-morning activity and feel much better. Errand to pharmacy & grocery store on way home. Had a snack when got home, then started another load of clothes to wash. Fixed gym bags/work clothes for this week. Next: rest & surf the Internet for a bit. See if I can come up with something else! ;)

4:50pm. Continuing to put away things; mild straigthening up of the condo. Ate dinner. Next: will probably write an email to a friend.

8:30pm. Wrote email to friend. Colored hair/took shower. Talked to dad on phone. Went through stack of incoming postal mail and distributed. Sent emails to international friend and exercise friend. PA has helped me a lot this weekend, so thanks! HP has also helped me a lot this weekend, and I have had a lot more energy than usual, which I am also thankful about. The pub up the street was having something on their outdoor PA system, but thankfully they have turned that off for the evening.

Have a great day! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Convalalria and a Plan on Sunday 6.30pm

Largely a wasted day.
Stuck to my eating plan.
Walked with a friend.
Exercised the dog.
Played spider solitaire.


I need to salvage something from the day.
Will check in later.

I'm impressed "_

Hi Convalaria!

I'm impressed that you have stuck to your eating plan today :) That's great! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

me too, Convalaria--

Some days the best I can do is not slide downhill on all my addictions! UndecidedYou have had some great days since you joined PA, and we all have some off days. Otherwise we'd all "graduate" and there'd be nobody left to help! 

You've shared many things here that have helped me and others, so no fair beating up our friend Convalaria!! :-)  I think it's amazing when we stay honest, and help each other avoid useless negativity. We're all in this together!

Convalaria on Monday at 6.30am,9.25am, 2.50pm 5.43pm

Thank you guys!!

Plan went haywire as did eating! I suppose the food situation would have been worse if I had been out of control for all of the day!
Today is a fresh start and I have spent some time sorting through the paper mess in the filing cabinet.  So, here we go, I want to accomplish:

  • most of my morning routine (doggy will miss out, but I did tire him out yesterday and I will take him and myself for a walk this afternoon)
  • teach my first class of the day
  • check in briefly after first class with further plans

9.25am Now I need to:

  • prepare for next lesson at 10am  MIT now done
  • prepare for year 9 after lunch   done
  • spend 30 minutes on paper mess   maybe tomorrow, i sat down with a coffee and a Sudoku at recess!
  • get laptop to technicians done
  • report my absences to office doing next
  • Check in during period 6 with further plans done

I have also eaten lunch and forgottent to prepare for a class. Had to think fast and managed to savage the situation. Now I have to:

  • photocopy extra tests   done
  • deal with absence notification  done
  • buy bones for doggy        will do tomorrow
  • get watches fixed            will do tomorrow

A friend got theatre tickets, did not go home and worked on some preparation for tomorrows lessons  I will check back in when I arrive  home

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