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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ricks CI 9:55am

I'm ready for a good day. Thanks for the nice comments my "shame" musings. I'm feeling "sober" enough to acknowlege and articulate my issues, but its so hard to face it and act against the storm of negative internal messages.

Today I'm going to try to finish my routines, then work on bite sized tasks until finished. I'm doing pretty well on a unwritten list of things to do and not do daily.

It’s not the sentiments of men which make history but their actions. - Norman Mailer

Rick's Update

1:15pm I'm using the "Time Log" mentioned in the Tools section. For today intead of listing I'm bringing tasks over to the time log and writing my start and stop time. It helps to "Break it Down" and finish each task before moving on to the next. I still squirm the hard ones, but I'm more aware of it and see where I get behind.

Rita ci

Spent the morning in court with a friend who is a survivor of a crime, only to learn the sentencing for her convicted perp isn't until tomorrow. Then home and tending to minor stuff, probably spending too much time on here but really enjoying some recent threads. Time to get back to focusing on recovery from procrastination. This program is so, darn... DAILY!  :-)

First thing: take some Step 11 time to review to-do's and ID MITs now that the plan has changed.

adapting to change

versus reacting to distractions/procrastinating. Unforeseen stuff - crises with friends, family members, last 24 hours. Now either my anxiety or my HP (sometimes hard to distinguish!) is reminding me that I need to change my log-on here before doing anything else today. I've been enthusing with friends about how much the site helps me, and now I'm nervous about being identifiable if they check it out. So, PA regulars, please note my (Rita's) new log-on. 

changing userids

Welcome Agnus lol!  Yeah, I know what you mean - anybody who really knows me could identify me if they took the time to read through my posts.  And I know my daughter and some of my co-workers have seen me using the site, but I figure, what the heck.   I'm sure they've noticed I get more work done now too!  


"In our minds, we seek to be divine; but in our hearts, we know it's party time." - Rondo Bros in Aquarium Dreams


kromer 10:15 CI

My code finally runs, but it gives me a trivial solution. So I think the bugs are gone, but I need to tweak the parameters

I'm going to try two things:
1)Re-run with higher gamma (started)
2)Re-run without node penalties

While these are running, there are a couple tasks I can do in parallel that need to get done:
*Email LR about memory requirements
*Email SS about apt. address
*See MO about check
*finish processing easy datasets

I also need to be checking my phone messages every half-hour to see if I have a msg from potential landlady (starting at 10:30). She said I'd hear back w/in 24 hours, so if I haven't heard anything by 3:30 I'll give her a call to check up.

When jobs have finished running, I'll check and see if I have a non-trivial result: if so, I'll need to write/edit code to visualize it using cytoscape.  If not, I'll need to tweak parameters and try again.

First order of business:
1)Re-start w/out node penalties
2)Email LR
3)Email SS
4)Check phone msgs

Update 10:25--computer I need to use has crashed, grr! So I can't do (1) or (2). I emailed sysadmin about problem. Now I'll email SS, check phone msgs, see MO and then check on the computer again. 

Update 10:35--emailed SS, checked phone msgs, looked for MO (turns out she won't be in until tomorrow), computer still isn't up. I think I can actually do (2)+emailing about memory requirements, just in a somewhat more cumbersome way. So I'll work on those and update again when they're done. 
Update 10:55--started running w/out node penalties. Increasing gamma doesn't work (still get trivial sol'n). Computer I need is back up, so I can check a few things and then send a coherent email asking about memory requirements. And I need to check my phone msgs again. Back when these are done, then I'll work on visualizing results.
Update 12:15--had mtg with prof, it went well, then I took my lunch break. Now I need to check my phone messages again, then take notes from mtg, then visualize results, then make up a firmer schedule for the week.(12:30 checked msgs and took notes)

kromer 2:30 CI

I've been checking msgs, and I've making progress on the visualization. But I'm starting to freak out about apts (and some other stuff) again, which is making it very hard to concentrate. I'm going to try and get the visualization done by 3:15, and then go look at some more apt. listings, so I'll have a solid plan if my current apt. application falls through. Then, at 3:45 or 4, I'll call to ask about apt. application.

Update 3:15--visualization done, made an initial list of problems with the algorithm. Now I'm going to go look at listings for 30-45 min, then call to ask about apt. application, then I'll check back here.

Update 4:15--looked at listings+emailed SS, called + left msg about apt.
I need to leave work at 5:30 to go see an apt.
Before then, I want to work on the following:
*Fixing source->coreg weights...there's something screwy there
*Getting easy datasets
Updates every 30 min (and I'll also continue checking voicemail every 20-30 min) 

Update 5:00--wrote code to compute source->coreg weights in a more principled way
Tried code, fixed a bug and now am running again, just ran into another bug
Want to get this fixed up before I leave.
I'd also like to run the code for getting a/p/m info on one easy dataset
Then it'll be time to leave for apt.

Update 5:25--source->coreg weights are now recomputed and spot-checked, they seem good.
I've started code for getting a/p/m info, it seems to be working. Also re-compiled list of refs etc, b/c I left mine at home and need to go to apt. . Going to get directions to apt. and leave now.

After apt. visit, I want to have a healthy dinner, email ED, call IA, call AG, do house job, finish getting easy datasets, do house job. 

congrats kromer!

Glad your meeting with prof went well!  You're keeping your cool remarkably well for the tech-frustrations you've been facing. Thanks for the good example!

thanks A!

I've been having a hard time the last week, and the encouragement really helps :-)

cl ci - hour block

posting to use the next hour effectively.

Journey 10 am

On track now!

I have been to the gym, read email, and set my MITs.  MIT #4 was in my face so I completed it first.  Now, on to MIT#1, but first I can have coffee!


"In our minds, we seek to be divine; but in our hearts, we know it's party time." - Rondo Bros in Aquarium Dreams


Journey 9 am

I got to work early this morning but instead of getting started right away I have been reading!  Bookending 20 getting-started minutes right now!


"In our minds, we seek to be divine; but in our hearts, we know it's party time." - Rondo Bros in Aquarium Dreams


avacal201 7:56AM CI

Hello All!


Most Important Tasks

  1. Excel export gui tasks -- DONE
  2. need to modify export page to use crystal reports ASA!!! -- NOT NEEDED
  3. Displayed report companion to excel -- DONE! 

Goals for the day

  1. 65% or better logged work time -- 83% Lots of good work.
  2. better note taking/journaling -- need to improve
  3. concentrate on logging distractions
  4. Thanks! Have a great monday! --Pete


I have been having a productive week, so these check ins are rather short.  Hopefully, if I start to waste time I will be posting about that in more  detail here.  peace --Pete

kromer 7:30 CI

Cute thread-starter recycler!

I'm a bit late getting started this morning, but I did get a decent amount done last night.

The high-memory machine I'm using keeps crashing (it crashed when I left my code overnight), so I'm going to try and re-write my code so I can use a different machine. Then I'll try running.

In parallel, I'll deal with 100 emails and email wg, mg, and kk about house jobs.  

Recycler CI 5:20am EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Today: gym, work, telephone/errand, volunteer group tonight.

Have a great day! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)