Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Sunday 20 July 2008

kromer 6:35 CI

Another busy day of apartment hunting, and now I'm very stressed out...

I need to start with some apt-hunting business:
*Email potential landord to confirm apt.
*Make final list of questions
*Talk to/email people to see if they're willing to be references
*Copy over notes that got wet in thunderstorm
*Look for a few more apts, email SS
*Fill out applications

Then, I need to put away my laundry and post new jobs sheet.

Then, I need to get some work done! I'm freaking out about my meeting with my advisor tomorrow...I need to:
*Write a script to get up/down reg. genes
*Figure out which timepoint to use
*Graph siRNA data
*Try running algorithm on 1 dataset, note problems

Finally, I need to make up a tentative schedule for the week.

I'm pretty worried about getting all of this done, but I just need to take it step by step. First step is to write the email...

kromer 9:40 CI

OK, I've finally gotten through apt. stuff+chores, now I can do some real work.

I'm pretty tired and it's late, so I'm going to set a shorter, manageable list of goals for tonight and commit to *actually* finishing *all* of them:
*Write script to get up/down reg. genes, run on 2 datasets
*Get algorithm to at least run on 1 dataset. Don't worry about looking at results
*Start making up schedule for the week (ie write out days of the week and firm commitments, like lab mtg and church)

OK, I'm going to start by working on script for up/down reg. Should take about 30-45 min. Back when that's done.  

movingalong's Sunday afternoon update

Hello all.


  • Online support group for another "issue" I have.
  • Light nutritious snack.
  • Spiritual sharing with local spiritual gathering.
  • Brunch at coffeehouse.
     >> (Some contemplation of financial planning
          and reading of Debtors Anonymous literature
          while eating brunch.  Very helpful.)
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Returned home.
  • Chatbox P.A. 12-Step Meeting.


To do:

  • Work on Project H. for 30 minutes.
  • Shower and put on cleaner clothes!
  • Make Debtors Anonymous outreach phone calls.
  • Break for fresh air and sunshine!
  • Work on project T.
  • Walk dogs.
  • Work on project H.
  • Cook and eat a real meal.
  • Relax and listen to classical music.
  • Work on Project H.
  • Personal spiritual time!   My own connection to H.P.
    Reflection on Divine Purpose.

-- movingalong

Recycler CI 5:20pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

It feels so good to be home :)

Today: helped de-clutter Dad's place, respectful during visit with unhappy (grouchy) elderly aunt, dropped off items for other aunt, dropped off items for Goodwill, shopped for advertised item but didn't like it in person/didn't buy it, did $20 of compensation shopping ;) Bought provisions for the week. Brought stuff into house. Did some cooking. Surfed web & caught up on some news.

Rest of day: will I do the thing where I do some stuff, then re-edit my check-in? That works when I do it. i'm just not sure if I want to veg for a while instead. We'll see if I edit my CI ;)

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Hi 12 step meeting!

Just letting you know that I am not procrastinating and have been working on completing (in a fashion so so to speak, lots of shortcuts) a task. Think of me today as I feed myself to the lions as a result of my bad habits. Will have to prevaricate and hope that it works. Using the recent family events to excuse my procrastination. Do not feel good about this!

Waves hi to convalaria from meeting.

We know you're with us in spirit!

Higher Power be with you today.


From the meeting.

Rick's Sunday Check In 12:25 pm pst

For today ...

- Group / Support Sys
- Trip Bills
- Work Out
- Ammends x2
- Desk / Today Box
- Boys Inc
- Check Out

Its been a hard couple of days and I was a victim of my triggers. HALT - Hungry, Angry, Loney, Tired. I'm getting back on the horse today and avoid medicating on the regular vices.

So far ...

2:35 pm
DONE - Group / Support sys

Meeting was great for me that's off the list. I needed support and appreciate this board so much. Now its off to a good day! One thing that I saw that helped me look forward to hope was the AA Promises. I'm going to read that again tonight.

11:59 pm
DONE - Two Ammends emails
DONE - Exercise

It was a good day, but relied more on sentiment than on action. I can do better on Monday!

cl ci

i ended my last 1hr task 5 min early. That's unusual for me. I dont feel 'good' tho. I feel more like fortunate.

Looking forward to today's mtg, and to helping anyone who needs help logging in. Which is what i'm going to do now. Oh i see someone posted since when i loaded hte 'Sunday' page and when i hit 'add new comment.' :)

cl ci 20 min to use effectively

just need to post that i choose to be deliberate about the next 20 min.

I know what i should do.

Journey Sunday 2:45 pm Pink Martini

Good afternoon!  I ended up working most of the night so I went to bed at 5 and got up at 1 pm!  Unfortunately I can't take a day off next week so I'll have to suck it up this time.  I'm working next weekend too, but hopefully it won't be such a long night and I WILL get a day off after that.  So I just need to make it through this week . . .I feel quite rested today though, I slept like the proverbial log.

My objective today is to stay busy doing a reasonable amount of household chores and tire myself out enough so that I can go to bed early and get back on my regular schedule Monday.  Last week, when we had a houseguest, I got into the habit of staying up late, sleeping late, overeating, and not exercising.  That was a lot of fun but it's time to get back to normal. 

I have put in load of laundry, put dinner in the crockpot before I went to sleep this morning, put bread to bake in the breadmaker, and fed the birds.  Next, I'll water the plants and give the giant itchy dog her weekly bath. 

I want to put some new music, podcasts, and audio books on my mp3 player;  but if I get involved in that I'll be doing it for hours, so I'm going to force myself to wait until after dinner and dishes to do that. 

I'm completely enamored with the group Pink Martini right now.  I want to preview their newest album and purchase the songs I like best.  Of course most of their music can be downloaded illegally but I prefer to purchase the music that I put on my mp3 player.  I'm not opposed to listening to the illegal music to see if I like it, but if I like it and continue listening to it, it's only right to buy it. 

OK, I'm totally rambling.  Maybe I'm not as awake as I thought.  On to the doggy baths!


"In our minds, we seek to be divine; but in our hearts, we know it's party time." - Rondo Bros in Aquarium Dreams


Lark at 1:25pm

Hi everyone. It's very hot and sticky here, and it looks like rain is coming this way. I'm putting off some outside work till unfortunately the last minute. Sometimes I've used this site to procrastinate in the past. There are only a few things to finish for today here.
To do:
first part of work project A
second part of project A
just do project B without even elaborating on it

pro's CI - 11:50am

I'm out of the shower and trying to cool off before I get dressed. Taking a break.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

pro's CI - 10:30am

Dishes washed - from breakfast, and rest of dishes from yesterday.


Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

pro's CI - 9:50am

I'm done with breakfast. Now I'm going to shower, dress, and wash the dishes.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

checked Facebook first - now back to what I should be doing...

I'm doing boring necessary things - then will shower.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

pro's CI - 8:45am

I got up a little after 8am - much later than usual. I'd slept poorly for several days so I guess I was making up for it. I feel rested now.

I'm eating breakfast. Before than I washed most of the dishes from yesterday. After breakfast I'll wash the rest, then get dressed.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Sending Courage to Convalaria

I know that this is the big day for you, Convalaria (as it's already Monday where you live).

I wanted send up a big group hug of support for you, as you gather up your work and prepare to turn it in to your supervisor. I want to encourage you to turn in whatever work you've gotten done, no matter how incomplete.  It's better than giving up.  You can do this.  You will get through the day, no matter what happens.

May higher power guide you.


Eventually, together, we will all learn to overcome procrastination

Movingalong tries again on Sunday

Hello friends.

Each week, I seem to be focussing on the same goals.  Maybe eventually I will have some success..

My goals for Sunday:

  • Personal Spiritual time.
  • Light nutritious snack.
  • Work on Project H.
  • Shower, dress.
  • Spritual sharing with local group
  • Breakfast.
  • Chatbox P.A. 12-Step Meeting.
  • Work on Project H. for 30 minutes.
  • Make Debtors Anonymous outreach phone calls.
  • Break for fresh air and sunshine!
  • Financial planning.
  • Walk dogs.
  • Work on project T.
  • Cook and eat a real meal.
  • Relax and listen to classical music.


Weekly 12-Step meeting in chatbox

Meeting is held:

  • Sunday morning in Hawaii/Alaska
  • Sunday afternoon in the Americas
  • Late Sunday evening in Europe/Africa
  • Very early Monday morning in Asia/Australia/NZ

Exact time/Timezone details here:

This is a 12-Step meeting.

NOTE: The chatbox does not keep permanant record of meeting. (If by chance there are residual words left in scroll after meeting, we add lines of words so that the meeting scrolls out of view.)


  • No obiligation to attend!
  • No need to mention if you are coming or not!
  • Just do what is right for you !
  • (This reminder is for informational purposes only).
  • No attendance taken.

Each person should come or not come according to their own inner guidance -- i.e. the Higher Power of their understanding.

thanks for 12 step meeting reminder, mov

you faithfully post this and i for one really appreciate it.