Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Saturday 19th July 2008


"I remember lying on the floor of the living room with headphones on when I was four or five years old, listening to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack."
~Kevin Richardson


pro's CI - 8:15pm

I'm back with the groceries. And I did bring the big box down to the basement and mail the Netflix video. Now I need to put away the groceries (and try not to eat all the ice cream).

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

cl bookending time on this site

yep, great danger to procrastinate here. Like an AA having just one drink. Which is why, in some ways, procrastination is more difficult. You have to still do things, and everything can turn into a distraction.

So i bookend this. I've been here 5 min so far...

...20 min. Longer than usual. But there was a lot going on here tonight. Convalaria's steps. Pro's to do list. Not as much daylight left. Spirits lifted as usual.

Now, feeling dread, but now also feeling power to kill that dread, trample over it, i'm on my way.

pro's CI - 7pm

I'm going to the grocery store now. On the way I'll bring some recycling to the basement and mail back my Netflix DVD.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

haven't quite left yet...

I seem to have a cold (or at least I think that's what it is. My nose won't stop dripping, but it's just my left nostril. Maybe it's a sinus infection. It woke me up last night and kept me up for a while. It's very annoying.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

pro's CI - 5:20pm

I got dressed, went to the post office, and carried back some big boxes. Not much, but something. I've been thinking a lot.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Convalaria - are you procrastinating now with the step posts?

Just thought I'd ask the question, since we've all occasionally used the site itself to procrastinate. How come you are posting the steps - all huge and formatted like that? It takes time, and it's not necessary for a discussion of the steps. Is there something else you should be doing instead?

I ask because there are other things that I should be doing. :(

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Not sure pro

I would like to have a specific place to discuss the 12 steps. Prior to your question post I had decided to give up my blue italis comic sans script. I should be working on the backlog.....but life cannot be all work. I do tend to give the backlog a low priority

 What an admission!

I appreciate the steps Con

Thanks for the place to discuss, its a good idea. And yes this is just one of the places perhaps I use to waste time, but its like looking in the mirror and not liking what I see in me. I guess we all just have to work to manage our own time and list and not "own" another's lists, backlog, and even process. I do value a place though were we can feel each other's pain, rejoice in their journey, and ultimate support and be supported. I need you guys. Thanks

Convalalria and a Plan on Sunday 7.55am

  • shower, medicate, dress, hair, moisturise, makeup, dress,savacol makeup
  • tend to mother untill 1pm
  • lunch, teeth, medication savacol
  • really attack the BACKLOG when I come home
  • walk dog and self
  • keep on working on the THE BACKLOG
  • check in when 2 hours of BACKLOG done

Convalaria procrastination

Mother is dropped off.
I have a list of things I need to deliver to her.
Came home at 1pm and am wasting time.
A mixture of sadness and relief.
Will have coffee with friend, collect things on list for mother and do some work....
I promise.

Convalaria back again at 6.36pm Sunday

Everything took much longer than expected. I only spent I hour on solitaire. Did not walk the dog.
Something to eat and the a long session with THE BACKLOG.  Its sort of now or never something needs to  be done for tomorrow and I think and hope that it may  be doable.

To Convalaria re: "now or never"

Dear Convalaria,

Remember, even if you got only part of it done, that's still better than nothing.

Also, even if your supervisor has a "now or never" attitude about your work ..... you know that overcoming procrastination is a continuous process we are all working on.

For us, it's not "now or never". For us, it's now, and later, and tomorrow, and a little bit every day. Or a little bit every hour. Constant slow progress, with some failings, and then more progress.

Just wanted you to know, that however incomplete your work is, you still got a lot done, and we are proud of you.

Hugs, movingalong

pro's CI - 2:30pm

I'm committing to 15 minutes of productivity with no diversions. Will check in in 15 minutes to report.

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

pro's 15 minute check-in (2:45pm)

I kept the commitment. Now again...

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

Journey 12 noon

Hello fellow PAers

Today is a work day for me, I still have some stuff to do to get ready for tonight's changes.  BUT it wasn't because I was procrastinating last week, I just really had a lot of work to do.  I did SOME procrastinating, of course, lol, but not much.   It feels good to know that I have been working reasonably hard and I'm not working on Saturday to make up for time wasted during the week.  I can feel totally justified in leaving early on Monday after the weekend stuff is done.  

"In our minds, we seek to be divine; but in our hearts, we know it's party time." - Rondo Bros in Aquarium Dreams


go jo

What i nice feeling. If you're like me, that feeling is uncommon. enjoy it, jo!

Falcon Saturday CI

Hi all,

On the agenda next:

  • 20 minutes of paperwork
  • 20 minutes throwing things away 


Falcon Sat. midday CI

Hi all,

So far so good!  I did some paperwork and sorting/tossing, and was even inspired to do an additional 20 minutes of each.  I balanced my checkbook and found out that I'm not broke, and I got some semi-good news from an insurance company.  So it's a good day.

To do this afternoon:

  • Sit in the air conditioning and cool down while eating a snack
  • Scoop cat litter
  • Shower & use face stuff
  • Get info for event tomorrow
  • Fold towels & put away
  • Pay bills
  • Go get stamps
  • Do more sorting/tossing till my friend comes over


Falcon Sat. CO

Mostly done except for the bills, which I can do tomorrow if I don't get to them this evening.  Right now I'm sleepy from the heat (even with the AC!) and am going to take a short nap before my friend comes over.

Have a good rest of the weekend! 


kromer 8:30 CI

I've got a lot to do today, and am feeling a bit overwhelmed. One step at a time...

The main thing I'm doing today is looking at apartments. I have 4 to go see (11,12:30,1:45,7:00). So I need to get directions to all of them, make a list of questions to ask, gather my stuff together. 

I also need to keep looking for new apartment possibilities...I took a quick look through craiglist a found a few new possibilities, so I'm going to email SS about that.

I have a Harambee curriculum to plan (on "finding your passion")...I'd like to email this out today, so I can get feedback from the other leaders.

I'm feeling very behind at work, so I'd like to do a little catching up: finish getting easy datasets+try out multicommodity flow.

I need to call Aa.G and An.G

Finally, I've been feeling kinda lost lately, so I'd like to spend some time meditating/praying.

OK, back in a few minutes with a plan to tackle this 

kromer 8:40 a plan!

I'm going to start with the apartment stuff:
1)Get directions (20 min)
2)Make a list of questions (20 min)
3)Gather stuff (20 min)
4)Email SS about new finds (20 min)

Then, I'm going to spend 10 min getting my curriculum-planning materials +work stuff together, so I can at least be thinking about curriculum between apartments and do some work between the last 2 appointments.

Then, I'm going to spend about 20 min praying/centering myself, and then go off to apartments! I'll call Aa.G and An.G between appointments, start thinking about curriculum, and then check back after the 1:45. 

kromer 4:30 CI

Saw 3 apts, found some more and made apts to see them.

 Called Aa.G. Turns out I don't need to call An.G. Also called IA to  confirm trip

 Now I think the most important thing to do is catch up on work...I'm going to 
go up to lab and finish getting the easy datasets, then check back in. 

Recycler CI 5:50am EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Today I am going to have stuff all day, so I will check with you tomorrow :)

Have a great day! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Convalaria at 5.30 Saturday night

11.06 why does everything take such a long time?????
Done tasks is red 

5.28pm still going and not getting anywhere
Tasks attempted are in green

  • Personal care
    breafast, medicate, shower, hair, teeth, moisturise face,scrub and moisturise feet, antibiotic, pain killer, savacol, dress
  • Prepare mother for her stay in respite
    1. Collect medication from chemist, do her laundry, buy magazines, pack, pick up medication list from doctor
  • lunch, teeth, medication, savacol
  • think about THE BACKLOG and tidy it into manageable piles
  • think about bills and maybe pay a few over the phone  ATTEMPTED
  • administrative task on line  ATTEMPTED
  • 15 minutes paper mess in bedroom (no its not THE BACKLOG)  DONE but no Progress visible
  • 15 minutes on tax papers

Also had a coffee with a friend while waiting for the chemist to dispense the medication.

Should acknowedge that I spent about 3 hours today watching elder son conduct a very successfull buisness transaction and on a celelbrtion lunch afterwards.