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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Rick's CI

It's been a good 24 hours. It really did help to acknowledge my issues and document my goals

Yesterday's List:

NOPE - Clear my desk
DONE - Finish Client Billing (THIS WAS A HUGE TASK WHEW)
DONE - Take kids to dinner and fireworks
DONE - Report back here

Today's List:

- Clear My Desk
- Create and Clean out my Daily Basket
- Plant my Father's Day plants (blush)
- Take a Long Walk with the weiner dog
- Put the boys to work, and pay them.
- Try out the Weekly Chat Group
- Check In

Thanks for being there.

Rita checking in

I started the day with Step 11 asking for next right thing. "Turn on the computer" was defintely NOT something my HP wanted me to do earlier!  Hence the late check-in. I've been mulling "spiritual timing," from a link posted here awhile back, and decided to give it a try. I am enjoying a new sense of conscious contact and warm fuzzies from HP today. Surprised myself and a sponsee with unexpected wisdom. Stayed productive even on a low-demand day: 25-minute power walk/20 minute dog inspiring meal-prep book; prepped and ate 3 small healthy meals...washed car, organized some stuff in garage...washed dishes, cleaned out a messy cupboard, detailed kitchen floor...swept porch...did 2 loads of laundry; dried some outside (beautiful clothesline day!) :-) ... Can't believe I am not exhausted.

Still needing to be done: inner tubes, chainsaw some tree limbs, measure gate repair needs, review budget with J. I am going to measure the gate now, and then run off to buy the parts and the inner tubes. By then it will be my Sabbath so the rest can wait.  My religion doesn't require it, but a friend whose does, taught me its value. Before PA, it was the only "time management" principle that actually helped.  Disconnecting electronically is part of my sabbath but I'll write in my journal as though I were online, so I'll be thinking of you.  Have a great weekend! Thanks for being here.

G - 10am CI, Sunday

To Accomplish:
* Send out newsletter DONE (Time: 30 mins?)
(on hold till resources available:)
* Tally last 8 months of phonebills :P - Mostly done
* Get new acc. details
* Give new acc. details to all housemates
* Change own AP's

* Get dressed
* Put on washing
* Go to vege market
* Hang out washing
* Take meds
* (Bonus: stop telling self I have... 22hrs til work tomorrow, etc - Yay!)
Ok, I'm just gonna see if I can get items checked off this list.

2:07pm for Lark

I'm in a nasty space today. Yesterday's work project didn't, and the heat is really on me for today's. No time for demand resistance this afternoon. I don't want to, but I need to commune with my higher power for a bit. It can't hurt, and I got myself into an uncomfortable space. I need "First things first" and "One day at a time". For the most part, I need to finish the MAIN project this afternoon. Nothing else needs to be addressed. When it's finished, I'll check in again. Thanks everyone for listening.

Lark at 2:00am (Sunday) Tired

Thanks everyone for your support. Saturday turned out okay (not a smashing success), but beter than I thought earlier.

praying for endurance - go Lark!

That's a lot of focus - May you receive the reward of knowing you did what you said you would do...way to go. Hang in there!

hang in there, Lark! :)

Hi Lark!

Hugs! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Good luck, Lark!

You can do it! *hugs*

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

go lark

i wish you success and focus.

a new day

checking in earlier. Even tho today is not a work day, i will procrastinate unless i follows the 12 steps. I am checking in as an act of obedience to HP for my time.

I bookend some web surfing. I should be able to do that in reasonable amounts on my day off. we'll see.

30 min, but includes family chat mixed in. One more topic.

24 min. done w/ that. what's next...?

Ok that last 25 min was undisciplined. Trying again...

Ok did 2 MITs, one of which, because of previous neglect, took longer. 30 min for both. Then some admin stuff for 2 hrs. That could have been shorter. But it wasn't as bad as surfing for 2 hrs. Choose one.

Journey 8:30

Happy Saturday friends!

I'm with Clem yesterday, I had a day off from work and wasted half of it playing second life. I did have a fairly productive afternoon, but the morning was a write off.

We're going to a picnic at a relative's this afternoon, so I have several things to get done this morning.


Done-count calories on (I've really fallen off the diet wagon this summer)

Done-bathe the huge itchy dog

Done-clean bathroom after the dog bath

Last thing to do before leaving!-take a bath myself and get dressed for picnic

Done-charge up phones and video camera

Done-pack food for picnic

-get ice  - I think I'll let DH do this chore :)

-drop off check at the credit union - it's not really on the way, I'll do this on the way to work Monday morning.  I'll have to put it in the night deposit anyway so it doesn't matter :) 


Tonight when I get home, I want to review my July budget and pay bills online. I've been postponing facing the budget because the dog's vet bill put me $200 over budget and I've got to readjust. I'm committed to not creating any new debt by using my credit cards, so it's not going to be easy to find $200 bucks, but putting it off until bills are late is not going to help the situation!

Have a wonderful, enjoyable, and productive weekend all!



"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

Edge's CI - 12:55pm

Adorable thread starter, Recycler! :-D

I'm not sure how I want to start my day (I woke up late so even though it's 1pm I'm still "starting" :-p), so for now I'm going to begin by having breakfast, and then I'll work on my to-dos :-)

Yesterday and the day before I sort of slipped back into watching anime again (yes, my new addiction and one of my biggest time wasters) and playing Age of Empires for hours on end, so today I'm going to try to stay away from both and only indulge tonight when I'm done with my tasks :-)

Hope everyone has a productive day!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Edge's CI - 2:43pm

x dishes
x tidy room
- wash litter box and replace with larger one
- ice work (organize today's to-do MITs)
- buy blue med
- shower
- hmed 1/2
- hmed 2/2
- blue med

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Edge's CI - 5:37pm

x dishes
x tidy room
- wash litter box and replace with larger one
- ice work (organize today's to-do MITs)
x buy blue med
x shower
x hmed 1/2
- hmed 2/2
x blue med
x have mom buy other med
x buy cat litter
x get cake
x buy deodorant

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Recycler CI 5:25am+++ EST

Hi Pro Buddies! :)

Yesterday it was very effective to have my post, then re-edit it very 15 minutes or so, to list what I had accomplished. I'm going to try that again, on & off this morning, and see what I accomplish ;)

Continuing goal today: filling trash bags. Landlord will visit 1 week from today. Plus in 6-8 weeks my new condo will be ready across the street, & even though I can take my time moving in, I want to have everything "sorted down to basics." Example: during the year I save bubble wrap for when I ship gifts. Today & this week = tossing out non-essentials like that ;)

5:25am: made bed. Arrange new clothes to show friend during their visit later today :)

5:45 First sorting on papers/receipts that have accumulated on sofa ;) Cleaned out 1st of 2 purses (before changing to another purse later today).

6:00 Open curtains so I can see when it is daylight enough for bike ride. First sorting of papers/items accumulated on computer desk ;) Making a pile on stairs of things to carry up ;)

6:15 by the time I put on bike clothes & get ready, it will be light enough for the bike ride, so see you in a bit! ;)

8am back from bike ride :) took 3 bags of trash to dumpster. Spied 2 wrought iron hanging baskets in dumpster. Brought Swiffer mop handle to dumpster & fished them out. In August can buy new flowers to display inside hanging baskets on new condo's balcony ;) Swiffer mop handle didn't really get dirty, but cleaned it with antibacerial wipes anyway ;)

Next: bag up at least 2 more bags of trash & take to dumpster ;)

8:50 took 3 bags of trash to dumpster. Put hanging baskets on back patio. Realized I am still wearing bike clothes & need to change ;)

9:33 sponge bath in sink, washed face & moisturized. Changed into outfit for when my friend arrives in 2.5 hours. Picks up stray pieces of paper piled on floor near computer desk. Downstairs is as cleaned up as it's going to get before friend's visit! :) Yay! :) Next: clean lower stairway :)

10:07 Yay! :) Lower stairway is cleaned off! :) Carried down 1 storage box of dolls. Brought down cargo carrier & cleaned, started re-filling ;) Next: will work on cleaning the Landing; but will rest first! ;)

11:07 Landing is cleared off. Fixed & ate "pre-lunch" (may get something mid-day with my friend, but needed fuel now ;) Next: 3 stairs need cleaned off. Doesn't sound that hard, but I'm challenged!!! lol <> Maybe I can lay in the recliner chair a minute before trying.

11:21 Cleared off the 3 stairs, by putting stuff in a box & put it in other location <>. Not the best plan, but good enough for today's temporary solution. Next: run dishwasher.

OK, let me see what I can get done next! ;)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Recycler CI 4:40pm EST


Update edits of my morning CI was very helpful in keeping me going, so I will do that with my evening CI, too.

I got a lot done for the visit by my friend. It went basically well and they were able to help me with something I needed. I still felt kind of Low Energy after they left, so took a little break. Now I may try a few things.

Next: They helped me debox some dolls & outfits while they were here, which means leftover shipping materials, etc. I need to get a plastic bag, & bag up yet another bag of trash lol. (Even if it is tomorrow morning before I walk it up to the dumpster ;)

6:45pm Still goofing about (lol), but I did fill the trash bag & put it near the door for tomorrow, along with the empty cardboard boxes. Fixed & ate dinner; ran the dishwasher & put away dishes. Deboxed a doll outfit & prepared it for the wardrobe box.

Next: brush & floss teeth; wash face & moisturize. Read recovery literature before going to bed early.

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)