Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Friday, 4th of July, 08

Convalaria Checking in at 11.05am on Saturday Morning

Happy 4th of July to all of my American PA Sibllings

I did not post yesterday as caring for Mother took up all of the day.
Thank you e for your insight and advice regarding steps 1 through 3.
I have thought about step 1.
This is how I understand it.

I am a lifelong procrastinator.
Procrastination has cost me many opportunities.....not even sure what some of them were.
Procrastination has had financial consequences which have reduced our standard of living and which have prevented us from having experiences and some  pleasant times together.
Procrastination has cost me the respect of people I work with and people I work for. This is a big one.
It is partly due to procrastination that I no longer hold a position of responsibility at work.
It is due to procrastination that my teaching load has been altered to lower level classes (and a lot of them!) rather than the senior classes that I prefer.
It is partly due to procrastination that I frequently complain about my load at work.
It is due to procrastination that THE BACKLOG exists and that an important deadline has been missed at work.
It is due to procrastination that THE BACKLOG exists and I have lied and manipulated people in order to gain extra time to complete it.
It is due to procrastination that THE BACKLOG exists and that it has interfered with my capacity to care for my mother when she needs my help.
It is due to procrastination that THE BACKLOG exists and I have to spend school break catching up and thinking about it rather than relaxing and /or preparing for the semester ahead.
It is due to procrastination that I have a gym memebership that I do not use even though I know that exercise is needed to lower my blood pressure and help with my depressive tendencies.

So life is unmangeable due to procrastination.

I am powerless over my procrastination because I procrastinate in order to deal with the anxiety of  confronting and doing the task (which I may or may not be able to carry out in a satisfactory manner) and If I do try to do the task then the anxiety prevents me from concentrating/focussing and I am still not able to carry out the task in an efficient way.

Just a thought about carrying the task in a satisfactory manner....
Do I hear perfectionsism????

Anyway today I have:

  • had breakfast
  • checked on mother
  • read here and 2 other sites
  • 1 load of laundry

Next I want to:

  • plan meals
  • get dressed and medicated
  • go to the chemist for mother
  • shop for food
  • fix and eat lunch
  • another load of laundry
  • poo pick up
  • 15 minutes backlog
  • 15 minutes taxes
  • check back in

Getting Started Finally!

I've struggled with procrastination all of my adult life. I'm ready to admit that my life has become unmanagable and ready to do something about it.

For now baby steps ... in the next 24hrs I will try to

- Clear my desk
- Finish Client Billing
- Take kids to dinner and fireworks
- Report back here


double post!

slaps self in forehead!

Recycler CI 4:22pm++++ EST


I'm going to try to update this post every 15 minutes, so I can "mark things off my list ;)

4:22pm sorted clothes for friend to see re Travel later this year.

4:41pm put away folded clothes, put away shoes

5:14 started dishwasher, filled up trash bag on 1st floor. Distributing purchases into different parts of the condo.

5:39 filled a trash bag on 3rd floor. Moved around doll boxes. Ordered 2 plush mini-poodles for my dolls.

6:05 Doing well with discarding empty bags etc so have started another trash bag ;) deboxed another doll. Moved around more items on 3rd floor.

OK, let me see what else I can get into! ;)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

day of (lost) opportunity

holiday in the usa, and no plans, social nor work. So i awoke hopeful to a day of opportunity to get to many things on my to do list that i haven't gotten to over the last several months.

But now it's 3pm and i havent done any of them, and i confess that i feel like today has been a day of lost opportunity now.

Anyway family is going for a hike which i should be happy about, but i wont have time to have a perspective-correcting quiet time with HP before i go. So HP will have to just miraculously change my 'tude or else i'm doomed to wallow in my self pity.


11:25 am CI for Lark

Hi everyone. Social obligations today, yippee. I got up especially early to get some work done, but dozed off in a chair till my usual time. Hmm. Despite some messes, I'm about on track--since the social things are running late. Seems it all balances out if we let our higher powers work.
Ta da:
morning things
spiritual time
period of cleaning and sorting
in the midst of work project A

To do:
project A
start project B
picnic with people I don't know
picnic with those I know (long story)
period of housework


Happy 4th and thx for the fireworks, e. -far better than the ones at the end of spider solitaire (i think those silly fireworks are my major addictive element of that game - how pathetic is that?! :rolleyes:

This is a holiday for me and I'm planning to mostly dawdle creatively. But to avoid boosting any bad habits I will check-in here anyway. Woke up to pet care, garbage out, weeded a small flowerbed. Did dishes, tidied the kitchen.Checked email, sent amends for an unfinished favor I'd overpromised, and did a few 'puter cleanups. Another overpromise is also haunting me so I'll put that amends on my list today:

  • Spiritual time and meal planning
  • Shower/dress
  • Juicing, breakfast
  • Get D's # from M and call him for amends on overpromise
  • Talk with Husband about rest of the day, outings, fireworks, etc.
  • Get his power cord and my inner tube
  • Repair bike tire and test drive bike
  • Get 20 minutes outdoors somehow while weather holds
  • Spend some time relaxing with music and finish good novel.

spider solitaire

I spent a good year totally addicted to spider solitaire: I would start and repeat until I won, and since I refused to do anything other than expert level and I was not that good at it, it took me forever to win! I wanted the fireworks, but then I would cut them off so I could start over again! 

kromer 8:50 CI

My family is sleeping late, so I have a bit of time to get work done.

Tasks to work on today (since it's a holiday, I'll just work on whichever is appealing, but I want to make good progress on at least one):
*Cluster TFs with new distance metric, look at result
*Post data from 4 expts
*Assign coregulators to be activators or repressors
*Finish reading network flow notes

I'll start out working on clustering.  

Recycler CI 5:45am EST


Thanks, E, for the Fireworks! I hope everyone has a Firecracker of a Day! :)

Recycler's theme for today: move around boxes. lol, in 1 week's time will be Landlord annual inspection :o

This morning: bike ride, qigong & appreciate the morning. Then: Get To It!!! ;) Maybe check back in later ;)

Have a great day, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

e's night before check in

eyebrow/lash, hair, nails prep. lashes and eyebrows done, hair and nails not done

ironing and packing ironing mostly done, not finished packing

hem jeans for C- jeans hemmed, but the washer broke with them in it! 

print out paper papers finally printed

final laundry-darn machine!

get $- glad I checked in here, forgot about that!

email Mom on apartment with addresses etc.-procrastinating on this, don't know the information and don't want to commit when I can't