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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Procrastination" by David Chrenko,
a parody of "Anticipation" by Carly Simon

You will never know about which day it comes,
But you're watching for it, anyway.
And I wonder if you really know somehow,
I'm just buying your Christmas card today.
Procrastination, Procrastination
Is making me late.
It's keeping you waiting.
Should I tell you how sorry I feel at this moment.
Maybe I should wait 'til around three.
But I rehearsed excuses late last week,
Now I am thinking maybe I could tell you Friday.
Procrastination, Procrastination
Makes me hesitate.
You're anticipating.
But then, perhaps you'll think I'm apathetic.
Don't care 'bout it, 'cause I'm just not that way.
I'll come by to give you your Christmas card now.
Just stay right there, 'cause I'll be a couple days.
I'll be a couple days.
I'll be a couple days.
Your card is on its way.
Maybe sometime in May.

hey to you all-i have

hey to you all-i have gotten more things done in the last 3 days

since finding this site-its like a weight lifted and i am not so stressed  anymore however i dont know how to navigate the site-cant seem to check in or chat


hi MissD

What you just did, is how we check in on the site.  Just post any content you want about your plans for the day, and then later you can come back and click "edit" or "reply" on your post to update your progress if you want. 

Not sure about the chat probs but sometimes I also have trouble getting it to load. Might be some balkiness in my AV (I've got Norton and it frequently drags me to a crawl...)

Recycler CI 6:25pm EST + Happy Canada Day :)

Hi! Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian friends & Pro Buddies! :)

Today: walked, stretched, work, walked home, cooling off! ;)

Tonight: change clothes & go to Support Group.

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Convalaria at 5am am Wednesday

 Thank you Grail and kromer for your encouragement yesterday; it helps me when some one notices my efforts.

Last listed tasks yesterday:

  • shower2shoes  somewhat done
  • chemist  done
  • cut keys  done
  • buy dishwasher part   done
  • take beads for repair  done
  • comeback and post    doing now
  • chocolates for nurses  done
  •  spent a long time visiting my mother in hospital

Came home at 6pm and  cooked dinner for my son, watched television and surfed the net.

I wish that I had:

  • walked the dog
  • washed the dishes and tidied kitchen
  • done my evening routine
  • not watched TV for as long as I had
  • more of THE BACKLOG

The day was productive but not enough work on THE BACKLOG and too much time wasted in the evening.

Today's MIT's are to work on the:

  • Tax
  • call centrelink
  • call OT re mother
  • pick up mother form hospital at 10am
  • prepare mothers house for her return
  • visit doctor
  • walk dog and exercise
  • eat 3 meals and 3 snacks
  • shower2 shoes


It is 5.20 am (it takes a little while to post)

  • 1 hour morning routine
  • 1 hour mothers house
  • walk the dog
  • pick up mother
  • post back

wish me luck. It is a big day and I must make time for THE BACKLOG

Convalaria at 6.45pm Wednesday

Busy, busy day...
Mother is home and the day is gone. No procrastination but no time for me and my tasks either.

Not done:

  • phonecalls to centrelink
  • bills
  • my doctors appointment
  • not enough fruit or water
  • tax


  • rest, surf, watch TV untill 8.00pm
  • 30 minutes easy BACKLOG tasks eg sorting and or printing
  • 30 minutes tax
  • put mother to bed at 9pm
  • bedtime routine

Lark at 3:22pm

Busy day so far. A friend stopped buy to trade help, and it worked very well for both of us. My one work project isn't going as quickly as I'd hoped, but it's not exactly urgent for today. I'm mowing grass while taking breaks from other tasks, but I don't need to spread things any wider. I'm still reading the book, Drop The Rock, about steps 6 and 7, and it's hitting some tender spots.
finish grass
finish one section of project A
take 15 minutes to clean up
check in around dinner

Gwen D 10:45 AM CI (Thanks, Grail)

I know it's late. I won't go there. At least I'm somewhat rested and fed. (Thanks for the nice encouragement, Grail).

I will finish up the tri-fold, talk to the printer, get PDF proofs to Sr. Staff. I WILL do these things!

Then I will settle down and budget my minutes/days/weeks to spend on the big scary scary project. I know I've made SOME progress this last month, but it all feels incipient. My goal is to make my months work turn into something that feels measurable. 

Cut and paste the writing into the design template. Make it connect. Sounds messy. I'll be back when the other thing's done.

Thanks group! 


Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

Gwen D: 8:50 PM CI

I put the TriFold together and though I still need to finalize to meet the printer's specs, I talked to one stakeholder and submitted to Sr Staff and got nice feedback for the design so I'm incredibly relieved.

I copied as much as I could from existing work and don't understand why I struggled. I'm trying not to go nuts about how long it took me. They say hind-sight is 20/20. Boy I hate that.

A friend gave me some feedback on some other design for the big scary project too. That was incredibly helpful. Sometimes I get stuck because I don't know if I'm on the right track. Tomorrow will be the day I assess the big picture, because I didn't today. 

Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

Journey 1:30

Attended a presentation that lasted all morning.  Drank too much coffee to stay awake, now I feel jumpy!  Nothing really urgent to do today - working from home tomorrow and taking dog to vet.  Going to set my MITs for the remainder of the day.  I've done my two most important MITs already :o - one was the presentation, and two was travel arrangements for DD's friend.  It's tempting to just coast this afternoon since I don't have any looming deadlines and the day's half over already.  I will not give in to that temptation.  I will report back here in 30 minutes with a plan for the afternoon.  It's a good time to catch up on some things.  

"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

RitaE check-in

Turned off the alarm, pushed away the cat and slept in this morning. Willful. Tired. But I don't feel very guilty about it, actually. I feel more mentally clear today than yesterday. The extended family crisis resolved early this morning with P's release from his suffering at last, into the arms of the angels. Thanks for everyone's prayers. Today's Step 11 reveals this plan:

  • call Mom to wish happy birthday, see who's taking her to funeral (20 min) DONE
  • decide whether to travel to funeral (5 min) WFMI-RESKED
  • repeated interruptions: E re DIY edits, M, J re personal stuff (1 hour)
  • compile updated (7/1/08) AP numbers and email E
  • send revised text for the Ackowledgements page (15 mins) DONE
  • Revise the Revised Acknowledgements per E
  • get AA batteries (dead mouse!)
  • Good Seed - add numbers.
  • Add quote from T’s flyer about mktng ROI.
  • Review N's GED+ and email to K; request a NC version

  • DWS JP course review and edits (give this at least 30 mins and sched the rest)

  • Spend 30 minutes doing anything toward improving my mastery of money.

hi rita

sorry to hear about your loss. I was just doing my intercessory prayer time and wanted to make sure i had an updated list of people on this site to pray for, when i saw your note. I was just thinking that my real prayer for everyone i know who's hurting or in trouble is that they know a heavenly joy that is greater than anything that this earthly life can dish out. My prayer is that you and your family and your departed family member all have or find such a transcendent joy.

thank you clement

how great to know a fellow intercessor - and what a strange place to meet!  Wink thank you for your prayers for me and my family. Happily, P was a strong believer as are most family members - there's just no better comfort than that.

RitaE 2:47

really having trouble with the task of compiling numbers for the APs to give E. Just snarled at Husband for trying to rub my neck when I'm concentrating. Feels bad. Going to chat to think this task through.

Rita 3:35, 4:33, 8:00pm finale

That worked - and that task is done. yay! now on a conf call on the GED stuff. Will have more action items from this and will log them here when call ends.

OK call generated a more urgent need to review the last N version of VA-GED. DONE Then need to start the DWS course review,DONE MOD1 then prep for the RFP conf call at 6:30 EST. DONE

8pm review du jour:

  • call Mom to wish happy birthday, see who's taking her to funeral (20 min) DONE
  • decide whether to travel to funeral (5 min) DONE
  • repeated interruptions: E re DIY edits, M, J re personal stuff (1 hour) DONE
  • compile updated (7/1/08) AP numbers and email E DONE
  • send revised text for the Ackowledgements page (15 mins) DONE
  • Revise the Revised Acknowledgements per E DONE
  • get AA batteries (dead mouse!) RESKED
  • Good Seed - add numbers. NOT DONE - check w 3F tomorrow
  • Add quote from T’s flyer about mktng ROI. NOT DONE - check w 3F tomorrow
  • Review N's edits and send VA, request NC version DONE
  • DWS JP course review and edits (give this at least 30 mins and sched the rest) DONE
  • Spend 30 minutes doing anything toward improving my mastery of money. NOT DONE

I've carried over the NOT DONEs to tomorrow's list. Thanks PA-pals for being here.

scarlett CI 12:10 pm EDT

Focus: monthly report
Next CI: 12:30 pm

The adrenaline you've been living on only leaves you wanting.

scarlett CI 12:55 pm EDT

I have made little progress on my report. I'm turning on Instant Boss now.

Next CI 1:30 pm

The adrenaline you've been living on only leaves you wanting.

scarlett CI 3:56 pm

I made some progress, and then had to go to a long meeting. Gotta get this report done before the end of the day today.

Next CI: 4:30 pm EDT

The adrenaline you've been living on only leaves you wanting.

kromer 10 CI

Thanks for the poem e...made me laugh :)

I'm late to work because I discovered "The Double Helix" in my house's piles of books...a great book, but right before work probably wasn't the best time to pick it up :blush: Oh well, I'm ready to work now.

Work MIT's:
*Answer LR's questions
*fix problem with AL's job
*finish reviewing linear programming notes
*Talk to KM about how TF clustering was done, about whether TFs were divided by FBPs
*Look at connections of indiv. coregs+coreg. clusters to TF clusters

I have a whole lot of important non-work tasks to get done today, so it will probably be a somewhat short workday. I'll plan on leaving around 4 or 5.

I also have a non-work MIT that needs to be done soon--emailing deacons to ask about church things.

Plan to start:
*Check on AL's job (5 min) DONE
*Review THEME paper--look up background requirements, FBPs (30 min) DONE
*Deal w/LR's questions as best I can, talk to KM if I'm unsure (30 min) DONE
*Email deacons, turn on phone (15 min) DONE
*Look at TF clusters (30 min)
*Talk to KM about TF clusters (30 min) DONE

These are all pretty small and manageable tasks...I'll update as I complete them

kromer 2:20 CI

OK, I've been doing pretty well today :)

I've completed 3 MITs (answer questions, talk to KM, contact deacons) and made progress on the other 3 (AL's job seems to be running OK but slowly, I emailed her to let her know; I've gotten through 20/25 of LP reading; I go data from KM that I need to look at connections).

My brain is fried from LP reading, so I'm going to take a 10 min break. Then I'll come back and work on looking at connections. To complete this MIT, here's what I'm going to do:
1)Get list of TFs in each cluster, map to EG IDs DONE 3:20
2)Count how many TFs from each cluster are connected to each coreg. and to each of my 3 coreg. clusters DONE 3:40
--Take a break from this MIT to finish LP reading DONE 4:20
3)Visualize motifs in each cluster+the exemplar motifs
4)Test significance of cluster-coreg connections

I'll update when I'm back from break.

UPDATE 2:50 Back from break (a bit late). First subtask should take about 30-40 min, I'll update again when it's done.

kromer 4:35 CI

I've got lots of non-work stuff to do this afternoon/evening. Also, I need to be in phone contact, and I don't get service in lab. So I'm going to head out a bit early.

My work MIT's for the evening are:
*Finish looking at TF connections (1 hr-ish)
*30 min researching where I want to do research rotations

My non-work MITs are:
*Grocery shopping
*Talk with TF
*deal with house jobs
*Gather saturation curve data
*Email TN
*Have a healthy dinner

And, if I have extra time, I would like to start housing search, review 5 pages of network flow notes, read STRING papers

I'm going to go grocery shopping now, then make dinner when I get home. I'll talk to TF whenever he calls. After dinner, I'll gather saturation curve data...I've been putting this task off for a month, and now I'm really dreading it. I'll work through it in the chatbox and hope to have it done by 9. 

kromer 7:50 CI

Grocery shopped, made and ate dinner, and have been goofing off for about an hour.

Next I need to work on gathering sat. curve data. I'll work in the chatbox with some cheery music, hope to get through this task I've been putting off. Back when that's done, with a plan for the rest of the evening.  

kromer 10:05 CI having a hard time

I made a little progress on the sat. curve data, but am having a very hard time getting through it. I'm feeling very sad/lonely/moody tonight, for some reason.

I think I'm going to give up on the sat. curve data for tonight. I'm going to be happy for the progress I've made, and move on to something a little bit easier. Specifically, I'm going to deal with house jobs stuff, then maybe work on clustering/visualizing if I have time. I'm going to work in the house library, where there will hopefully be people around. And I'll check in here frequently.

UPDATE 10:45 Dealt with house jobs stuff, feeling a bit better. I'm going to spend 30 min working on clustering stuff, then shower, pray, and go to bed). 

re: The Double Helix

What a great book!   and educational, too. 

"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

kromer is krankin'!

I'm going to borrow your technique of counting the time a task takes me. Hopefully this will help me focus and resist the temptation to drift off to something else before finishing it.

Edge's CI - 12:22PM

Lol, good poem, e :-)

x vitamin
- blue med
- hmed 1/2
x pick up passport
- call Rally guy
- work on ice docs
- find doc papers x2 (persc & tests)
- tidy room
- hmed 2/2

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Edge's CI - 3:44PM

x vitamin
x blue med
x hmed 1/2
x pick up passport
x call Rally guy (didn't pick up)

Left undone:
- work on ice docs
- find doc papers x2 (persc & tests)
- tidy room
- hmed 2/2

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

e's check in

I still have christmas cards I have never put in the mail... and I can't seem to allow myself to throw them out: it must be perfectionism in its worst form.

 I made it through yesterday and wrote a letter to my tenants, who I don't really like, but don't want to hassle with at this difficult time. So, it is up to them now, as to whether they will stay or go.  

For today: set out ironing for C, take meds, drink rest of water, shower, launder, shop for clothes, make doctors appointments, find and use an appointment book!

 more later.... 

e's check back

 It has been a balanced day of getting things done and making time for socializing: this not going to work really allows some time for more important things!  Things are continuing to progress, although I am reluctant to make final decisions. For now: give G things to ship, figure out what to wear to the concert, head out the door by 7:45 or so. which means I better get cracking!

congrats e

on overcoming the anxiety and getting that tenant letter written - way to go! \o/


I just discovered what a boob I am: I wrote the letter and posted it... TO MY DRAFTS, because I was too much of a procrastinator to find the correct email address for my tenants on my old email address because I have to use Internet Explorer and I was using Mozilla! I completely forgot that the task was not done, and it was only when I noticed that I had 6 drafts hanging out I went to see what they were for. I have been biting my nails for a response from the tenants and I am an IDIOT!

Luckily, I am a serene idiot, due in large part to this program.....

double post

clearly I am doubly an idiot, however serene....

if a double post is dittoe'd, is that a...quad-post?

lol, e. I totally get how something insignificant but tedious can sabotage an entire MIT.  For example, I JUST installed the new batteries in my mouse, which is why I am only now logging on!

a double post dittoe'd is a CUBED post!

 and i am sure I will cube one soon..... by the way,  i am too old to immediately get the technology references: initially I as trying to figure out why you would need batteries for a dead mouse instead of just a new trap....