Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Monday, June 30th, 08

“How soon 'not now' becomes 'never'.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Convalaria at 9.30am Tuesday

 Hi fellow procrastinators !

THE BACKLOG has gone almost untouched for the past 2 days (except for the 15 minute sort).  I have not spent too much time on the net and have done other things some related to pleasure and some related to elderly mother in hospital.  THE BACKLOG must be done!
I am going to use a different strategy today. I have already read stuff on  the net. and have had breakfast. I have also spent 15 minutes on tax, 15 minutes on THE BACKLOG and 15 minutes in my mother's house getting it ready for her return.

So today I want to work in the following way:

  • 15 minutes tax
  • 15 minutes THE BACKLOG
  • 15 minutes my mother's house
  • 15 minutes something else eg have a shower, wash dishes, cook, surf the net etc
  • remember to drink 1 glass of water every hour
  • check back here when I am no longer efficient with totals

Hope this works! 4 minutes to go. Need to take my medication and then tax work beckons!!!!

Good luck me and every one else Cool

Convalaria's backlog

Good luck!

Every little start helps. ;) 

Convalaria at 12.30pm Tuesday

Back and quite satisfied.
The strategy worked!

I have done:

  • 45minutes tax papers and starting to see the end  Cool
  • 45 minutes THE BACKLOG and still not seeing a difference  Yell Cry
  • 45 minutes cleaning and tidying at my mothers house
  • read a little bit, had lunch, tidied kitchen and am now posting

Next I want to:

  • shower2shoes
  • chemist
  • cut keys
  • buy dishwasher part
  • take beads for repair
  • comeback and post
  • chocolates for nurses

congrats convalaria!

Way to strategize! If you keep chipping away at it, the backlog will eventually go away I promise (from personal experience...) Congrats SmileSmileSmile

Recycler CI 6:10pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Today: walked, stretched, work, did projects, e-mailed newsletter, did favor for someone, rode train home, cooked & ate dinner, checked e-mail & websites.

Tonight: change clothes to go to Support Group meeting, meet with sponsor afterward for soft drinks.

I'm supposed to be taking some dollie pictures now, but do you see me taking dollie pictures, no?!! Maybe later tonight or tomorrow? (probably tomorrow ;)

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

i just got here

i found this site yesterday and finally feel some hope.

1 more welcome! :)


Yes, welcome, Miss Doin It, and also Rita & other recent new members! We are glad you are here, and Keep Coming Back! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

another welcome!

Good to have you, hope you'll join our check-ins and stick around. This site has helped me a lot, and I hope it'll help you too!


Your login name made me smile!  With the encouragement and tools here, I'm actually doing things now, staying in the moment much better than before...and things get done. So glad you found hope - it's what keeps us coming back, checking in daily, using the tools.

Gwen D: 8:27 AM CI

My goal is to flow today. Just keep going. Just pick em up and put em down, as my step-father would say.

Because the alternative would be having a guilt fit about not being done with two things I said I'd have done today and succumbing to a bout of panic and stress.

I am getting on the train and I will make headway to compille two "stories" sections out of that mess of blurbs.

When I get in, I'll decide how to FINISH the tri-fold and deliver a PDF proof no later than 2pm. 

 I hope I can do this. I'm scared I'll give up, or somehow scoot around my responsibility and not be professional.

I'll check back this afternoon. 

Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

Gwen D: 8:50 PM CI

I guess I got something done. But it's not done done. I had to communicate with my boss and told him I had a whole bunch of questions. He gave me some answers, I worked with them and made progress, but overall, I feel less than confident now, but I will just try to shape up tomorrow. Maybe when I go in the project won't seem so far away from done. The big, big project that I'm trying to finish in the background is still scary. I'm really afraid I've painted myself into some kind of corner with it and will have to face the reality of how far I have to go and how little time I have sometime soon.

Sorry to sound so down. Maybe I'll feel better about it all later. So it's nine already and I still have to make a meal and eat it, but that sounds hard. I must be hungry.

Thanks for the forum and the place to rant a little.

Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

Hey Gwen

Congratulations for what you *did* accomplish, and for facing up to what work you have to do. You've made progress, you're chipping away at it.

Maybe you could try sitting down and doing a full evaluation of what you have to complete on the big scary project? I usually find the shadow scarier than the reality.

Hope you have a good dinner, and a good rest tonight. ;) 

RitaE checking in

Hi gang. This was a great weekend: very productive Saturday (finally killed that major editing job!) and I completely rested Sunday, which was my plan. Church, husband time, couple of yard sales, read half a good novel. Challenge now is to let it go, and get back to work!  Still feeling a bit ill (lingering head cold/sinus stuff) so easy does it...(but do it!).

Already this morning have done a little more work on DIY. Tho edits are actually DONE (yay!) minor details like acknowledgements, breakout boxes, appendix items keep coming up so I'm swatting those as needed.

Now to sit with HP and review plans for the day. I might be taking on too much again.

RitaE ci 12:10pm

I am really anxious. Mom's bd is tomorrow and I have to get to post office. In looking up her address I discovered a condo in her building for sale. I went to my bank website to work the mortgage calculator, and found out I am overdrawn. This is the third financial institution in 6 years where I have tried to get a "fresh start" and actually manage my money better. I feel very sick about this. Obviously my priorities are now: go to credit union, get enough cash to cover overdrafts at the bank, make a bank deposit, take Mom's bd card to post office for overnight delivery, and make it back to ofc for the 1 pm conference call which I am, now, completely unprepared for.

congrats, RitaE

Just want to give you a shout for having finished the editing job. AND for taking one full weekend day. Well done.

 I hope I can check in someday soon and say I've finished MY editing!


Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

RitaE ci and thanks to Gwen D and moving along

Encouragement so helps...and that 11th Step BB reminder was so timely. Now that I'm over the banking crisis - gosh I hate those! - and barely survived my conf call though unprepared, I'm going to stop and pray again. I need help overcoming the defeated feelings I've had ever since I saw I was overdrawn. The Rita's-Such-A-Failure Committee is having a field day in my head.


I choose to accept that this day is just not going well. I journaled and realized my first email was about a sad tragedy in my extended family. Then I discovered the banking crisis, then that my driver's license is missing, then Husband had a health crisis requiring my urgent intervention. He recovered enough to insist on taking Mom's bday card to the Post Office. So he just left and I am turning it all over to HP.  Uncle!

Next up:

  • Review the changes EP made to Appendix
  • Create the CD-ROM on paper
  • Review N's GED+ and email to K; request a NC version
  • DWS JP course review and edits (give this at least 30 mins and sched the rest)
  • Calls: Mary, Mindy, Cheryl
  • Spend 30 minutes doing anything toward improving my mastery of money.

hugs to RitaE!

And prayers for your extended family.

I admire you for getting *anything* done on such a yucky day. Give yourself some grace, tomorrow will be better.  



Rita, we'll be keeping you in our thoughts & prayers! hugs!


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Rita final ci - and thanks2kromer & recycler

Thanks - I feel hugged. It has been a tough day and your enouraging words really helped! I actually did finish the Appendix and Acknowledgements, answered everyone's questions on the edits, got Mom's card mailed, and got one phone call made out of the 3 I'd planned. Also got to help 2 friends through their crises, walked TJ the wonder-dog, and prepared a couple decent meals. Thanks, God and my PA friends, for helping me get through today!

kromer 10:15 CI

I finished the above tasks (finished clustering at work)

I got to work a bit late (9:15), but did manage to *immediately* start working, which seems to have helped me focus.

 I'm going to do a chore now (timesheet for last wk)...should take about 10 min. 

Then I've got a somewhat scary task...synthesizing information for 1pm mtg. I know I've done enough work on this clustering problem, I just need to write it up, so I'll be able to coherently explain what I've done to my advisor.  I'm going to work on this task in the chatbox, and think I should be done by 11:30, or 12 at the latest. Back with another check-in when that's done.

kromer 12:30 CI

Doing pretty well! I submitted timesheet for last week, wrote up clustering info for 1pm mtg, had lunch. Now, I'm going to spend the next 40 min doing more prep. for mtg. Spefically, I'm going to take notes on my algorithm ideas and make a tentative plan for what I want to get done next week.

After the mtg, I'll take notes from the mtg, make a schedule for what I want to accomplish next week, deal with AL's WM problem, and check that LR got her questions answered. Then, I'll check in again for a plan for the rest of the afternoon.

kromer 3 CI

Done (well, I couldn't find LR, so I emailed her).

I need to leave work at are my tasks before then:
*Talk to KM about non-redundant transfac (10 min) DONE
*Email Carol about interactome (5 min) DONE
*Review 10 p. of notes on linear programming (1 hr) DONE
*Check # citations v. # connections for all coregs, look up names for top 30 (1 hr)
*Organize lab papers (20 min)

And then I'll go to Harambee mtg./celebration 6-9ish, then go home and check back in with a plan for the evening

Update 5:05: Linear programming notes took *forever* to get through. And I got a phone call about church that I need to return. So my new plan is to organize my papers, go return the phone call, and then leave for mtg. I'll check the # of citations when I get home, and push some of my planned evening tasks until tomorrow.

Also, my MIT's for the evening are to:
*Send house contract reminders
*Take notes from Harambee mtg
*Call parents about church thing DONE
*Clean kitchen (or preferably, get someone else to do it) Got someone else to do it!
And I don't think I'll get through anything else tonight.

kromer 10:10 CI

Went to harambee mtg+celebration, came home, called parents, got someone else to clean kitchen.

Now I'm going to take notes from Harambee mtg, send house contract reminders, and check # citations/connections/names. I also want to play some euchre with my housemates :) , and email RH about church thing.

I'll start with the house contract reminders+emailing RH, update when that's done.

Update 11:50--running late, but I sent reminders, emailed RH, and played euchre. I'm going try and finish the rest of my tasks, even though that will make it a bit of a late night.

Update 12:15--checked citations/connections/names and started taking notes from Harambee. Going to spend about 10 more min. taking notes from Harambee mtg, then I'll shower and go to bed. Up early-ish tomorrow so I can review some more linear programming before work.  

Journey 9:30

Good morning!  My most important MIT is done already.  There might be something to this getting started right away stuff.  It's hard, but when I tell myself it's only 20 minutes, that makes it easier.  Now, coffee!  And plan the rest of my day. 


"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

Lark, 9:30am

Hi everyone. I'm not feeling up to par, but it's no excuse for doing nothing. Usually doing something improves everything. Yesterday I read a good part of a book called DROP THE ROCK which is about the 6th and 7th steps. There's a wonderful section about procrastination. Remind me to share some of it. Hey E, my kitchen is white, but needs a last coat--and I'm wondering if I should use another shade of white. Arrgh! "Let's not finish at any cost!"
To do:
morning stuff
spiritual time
sort workshop
cut some grass if rain holds off
get a good start on project A
pay hardware store (last day)
pay other bill
help friend
read another section of book
start edging kitchen with last coat
accomplish something on project B
one section of project C
check in later

another shade of pale

Lark, you and I should set up an design business... we will call it Interiors for Tomorrow....

cl ci

thinking about balance of work and home tasks. Last 2 weeks have been heavy work, but home seems to be neglected. Before that, emphasis was on home, but work seemed to be neglected. I would like neither to be. Am i biting off more than i can chew?

bookend thinking abou this. How much should i give it? check back here after 10 min to check on my progress. It's 9:08am.

10:03am well, did that and some things came up. Give it 10 more min...

10:17: that was 14. Making some progress and some decisions.

10:34: oops heard something on the radio and looked it up online. But what i realized was that step 3 applies here. Not my will, by thine be done. back to task.

kromer 7:20 CI

Had a not-so-great evening last night, but I can do well today!

I've had breakfast, gotten dressed, cleaned the bathoom.

Before I leave for work today, I want to post jobs sheet, tidy room, and try new clustering technique. I commit to getting to work *exactly* at 9 (I think that's a great idea journey!).  

Edge's CI - 12:00PM

Morning, E!

My goal for today is to do what I say I'm going to WHEN I say I'm going to do it!

x blue med
- kitty litter
- read designer offers and make notes for meeting
- shower
- go to ice meeting
- clean up to-do list
- work on cv
- find doc papers x2 (persc & tests)
- tidy room
- do laundry

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Edge's CI - 5:05PM

x blue med
x kitty litter
x read designer offers and make notes for meeting
x shower
x 3:00pm go to ice meeting
- 5:30/6:00pm Sari meeting/recording
- clean up to-do list
- work on cv
- find doc papers x2 (persc & tests)
- tidy room
x do laundry

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

Edge's CI - 11:48PM

x blue med
x kitty litter
x read designer offers and make notes for meeting
x shower
x hmed 1/2
x 3:00pm go to ice meeting
x 5:30-9:00pm Sari meeting/recording
x hmed 2/2
x do laundry

Left undone:
- clean up to-do list
- work on cv
- find doc papers x2 (persc & tests)
- tidy room

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action - Walter Anderson

e's monday

Hello everyone! I have not had a chance to post here, but I have had a chance to read, which has been great.   It was a highly productive weekend: the apartment is empty and clean, we are sleeping at a friend's place and we have a person to buy the car. Now it is time to focus on arrival issues:.

 I have been putting off replying to our tenants: they want to reduce the rent and I am caught between the two trails of whether it is worth while to find new ones (we are getting complaints from the neighbors) or whether we can deal with the hassle. Enrolling C in school and finding an apartment are not that enthralling either, but it needs to be done. I managed to read an entire novel yesterday, so I can tell that I am in 'pamper thyself' mode. I would like to sandwich in some productivity between bouts of relaxation. 

among the choices today: brainstorm on school situation. apartment hunt. write to tenants. Do the math of rental versus schooling feasibility. book tickets for kids. clothing shop for c. pay dentist. see if acs wants donations. charge cell phone!!!

To rent out to tear it down...

I know what you mean, E. After a relative passed last year, the house was vacant, I told a friend he could live there for free till the estate was settled. Now it's in worse shape than ever, and the attorney said since the house is virtually the only thing in the estate, he suggests not probating it and letting it eventually go for back taxes. In the meantime, the tennant can't be legally evicted unless the estate is probated. Catch 22, huh?


My mother has always said that friends and family can move always move in with her, but can never rent from her., because she doesn't want money to come between us.  Since that is exactly what I was going to propose - that we rent her apartment - you have reminded me why it is not a good idea to do so....

e's pm checkback

 I am having an anxious day today: lots of emotional stuff coming up around the issues I have to deal with. I am very tempted to act out by getting lost in novels, so I would  like to remember to tap around things that are bugging me, pending surgery, looking for work, making defincult decisions.


to "e" -- here's an idea:

Something to do periodically through the day ....

Read "On awakening".

This is a section in the chapter "Into Action"
in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.
It is at the top of page 86 of the actual book.
To read it online, go here
and scroll to page 15 of the .pdf file

Scroll to the paragraph that starts with "On awakening" -- and read all the way through to the end of the chapter. In the last paragraph, you can substitute the words "We procrastinators" for the words "We alcoholics".

(If you have the actual book, it's the latter part of Chapter 5).

This is a great tool for reflection/meditation when planning one's to-do list for the day.

It's also great for period self-checks during the day when one is feeling stuck or uncertain or confused.


thanks, moving!

 I love that section of the big book. For some reason I tend to forget that all I need to do is turn to it to let go and let God....