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Friday, June 27 2008


see bathrobe revised below....

Recycler CI 7:25pm EST

Hi Hoppin' Pro Buddies!

It sounds like some are getting a lot done today! :)

My day: walk, stretching, work, paid bill, victoriously survived difficult e-correspondence, whittled down project list at work, made work list for Monday, rode train home, cooked & ate dinner, checked-in with Internet groups, analyzed unsolved opportunity to "let it rest" for a few days ;)

Tonight: wash & moisturize face, brush & floss teeth. Set things aside for tomorrow. I will be in & out this weekend, but will try to check in at various times ;)

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Journey 6:30

A very productive if slightly stressful day!  Getting started immediately did seem to help, although it doesn't feel right . . . I'll keep working on building that new habit.

All financial aid stuff has been submitted!  TWO whole business days before the deadline!  Woo hoo!

Much work was done on Intimidating Project.    

"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

Convalaria Checking in at 8.05am on Saturday Morning

Good Morning All
I need to attack work backlog and accomplishing 45 minutes yesterday does not seem like enough when I know there is 40+ hours to do in about 10 days!  I do not want to be hard on myself but.....
I felt paralysed after I did the Noon tasks yesterday and surfed the rest of day away.....
Today I have been up since 6 am and have had coffee and water and have surfed the net.
Now i want to:

  • dress, medicate, eat breakfast, clean teeth, put on soame make up
  • tiny bite of laundry
  • go to a manicure appointment  Smile
  • visit mother in hospital
  • do 1 hour on back log

Report back

Hi Convalaria

For a lot of procrastinators, including me, it's easy to get down on ourselves because we're not doing as much as we think we should.  

At least for me, I find it's more helpful and encouraging -- and makes a more positive difference in my behavior in the long run -- if I don't kick myself for things that aren't done, but rather celebrate (with fanfare, cheers and applause) the things that I did do.  

That way, the next time I tackle my to-do list, I think "I can get something done and feel good about it" rather than "I have do do ALL of this or else feel bad about it" -- which makes me feel anxious and overwhelmed rather than enthusiastic and therefore more prone to (you guessed it!) procrastinate.

Great that you did 45 minutes of work on your backlog!  If you keep doing 45 minute segments, it will all get done way faster than if you avoid doing it at all!  Best of luck with it, 



Convalaria at 2.30 pm

Thank you Falcon for the encouragement. I know that it is easy to berate onself.....
In my case I can procrastinate with stuff I would like to do and with stuff that I intensly dislike and yet must do.  The work back log and the missed deadline belong to the second category.  I may have a chance to redeem myself but for that I have to complete THE BACKLOG in the next 10 days or so; about 40 hours worth of THE BACKLOG. At the moment I am only capable of working on THE BACKLOG for 15 minutes at a time.

Anyway....I will stay positve and do what I can .....interspersed with other tasks....

I did complete the other tasks I set for my self.
I managed only 45 minutes of THE BACKLOG but I interspersed my 15 minute microbursts with other useful tasks like tidying up and laundry and only wasted an hour or so on the net!

Now I want to:

  • walk the dog
  • have some late lunch
  • call a friend regarding a movie tonight
  • 15 minutes tax work
  • another 45 minutes of THE BACKLOG
  • check in again

Not neccessarily in that order.....

Convalaria at 9pm

Did all of the above except the 45 minutes of THE BACKLOG.
I also mananged to finish of my mothers laundry, spend some time with her in hospital and the shopping and putting away.  Only about half an hour on the net reading and posting on some forums.  I have had a busy day and I did not experience paralysis but I did not get enough of THE BACKLOG done. I guess I should be pleased that I did manange some of THE BACKLOG as well as other tasks. 

 I was unable to look at or touch THE BACKLOG for about a month and that is how I missed the deadline.....paralysis.

As Scarlett O'Hara said ...Tomorrow is another day.
Perhaps I will spend a bit of time sorting and organising THE BACKLOG before I go to bed.

RitaE - CI folo-up

I chatted through my MITs this morning and it really helped, but now I can't get Chatbox to load. So I'm following myself up here...continuing to edit DIY. Hit a formatting obstacle but thought it through over lunch and I'm heading back into it. Going to microburst 30 minutes and then assess next steps.

RitaE following folo..

Microburst was productive. Stopped to check email and found answers to some questions that were stalling me on the edits, so going to take a stretch break, pray and dive back in...

3:42 pm - editing turned up an overlooked piece of the DIY that impacted some training done earlier this week, so stopped editing to email this week's trainees the expanded info. This generated a phone call with the person I owed amends from earlier conf call today; productive call but it led to 2 more action items needed by day's end - yikes. what to do, what to do...First keep my word!  I promised someone a call or email by 3:30 so that's next.

5:14 - wow that phone call generated even more work due "right now," but it accomplishes several of my earlier "yikes" too. So next up, email everyone my latest versions of that project, then get back to the DIY edits.

go Rita, go!

Sounds like  you're surfing the stress. Really like your comment about the "keep your word" part of things. I need to meditate on that one, for sure.

Also rather inspired by the Microburst idea. I may need to ask more questions about that. 

But first I must eat. It's silly not to eat. 

Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

Convalaria has the microburst concept as an image in pdf

 Wow Rita what committment and skill....
I am procrastinating doing my 1 hour of backlog work by reading here.....but just for a few moments after coming home.

I do have the microburst concept presented as an image in pdf format. I am happy to forward it to any one that wants it.

Thanks for the cheers, Gwen and Convalaria

CoolReally made my day!  And yes, I'd love to have the microburst .pdf. Not sure if it can be posted here, but you can also click my logon to email me directly.

I sorta fizzled out around 7:30, without having finished the editing project. I'm disappointed but this was certainly a full day, and I didn't procrastinate.  Rather, I'm learning how much I lack boundaries and WAY over-commit myself. I need to practice saying no more often - or at least, saying yes less often!Sealed

Hi RitaE

Hi Rita

Happy to email you but I am not sure how this works. Does it go through PA and does my email account stay private? also what do you mean by clicking onto your logon? is it the blue RitaE bit at the bottom of your post? after clicking on the log on what do I do?  :-?
Well done for a full procrastination free day and for the insight.  It is easy to overcommit and it is great to be able to recognize that overcommitment and stop when we have had enough!

one more surgery tip for e

When I had my tubes tied a few years back, my friend told me to grab the anesthetist by the collar and tell him/her very distinctly : "I do NOT want to feel ANY pain, and I do NOT want to experience ANY NAUSEA.  If you do that they'll give you plenty of drugs!".  

But seriously, if you have a tendency to get nauseous, do tell the anethetist.  They'll give you something for nausea right before you wake up.  I don't have a big problem with that, but DH and DD always puke their guts out after being put under.  After having surgery in the abdominal area, this can be what doctors call "uncomfortable"


"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

thanks, jo!

Thanks for the warning: the most I have had was an epidural during childbirth 19 years ago! I did not know about the nausea, so I am particularly keen to tell the anesthetician that: now to go translate the phrase " I don't want to be nauseous when I wake up" into Greek..... 

Gwen D: 8:40 AM CI


I figured it was time to visit the site and get grounded. It's summer and so it's my busiest most scary (but also potentially most rewarding) time of year. The big design and editing project must be done in (gasp!) THREE WEEKS! Really? Maybe 4, but !!!! Though I've been circling the task for months, now it's at the point where nothing will happen unless I make it happen and boy have I been freaking. I think I've been through the denial phase and may be starting to get a clue, but yesterday and today I just feel ill. Okay. So, that's why I'm here. I'm ready to simultaneously take care of myself, and devote myself to working persistently on this project so that I can, well, uh, not fail.

--get tri-fold directory off my plate

--email v. and ask for help

--keep editing pieces, do 5 today

--watch more tutorial to figure best way to make robust layout 

--resolve spreads and library bits and master pages so things can flow and update

--then, go see the beatles cover band down the street! 

--and don't forget to eat lunch and dinner, you silly goose 

Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

welcome Gwen!

Like the Gnothi Seauton message...good word!  You'll find lotsa help and hope here. Sounds like some pretty big projects - we'll be cheering you on!

Gwen D 2pm CI and ::: Hi Rita

Hi Rita -- Super nice of you to welcome me. It's like I'm starting new! But I have to admit I've been a denizen since 2006 or something. Aaah well.

 Okay. No more pussyfooting. I'm not doing that well, if I really look at it. I think I'm imagining I'll come in on the weekend and do stuff. Or I'm thinking I need feedback and no one is around to help. Or I'm thinking I can't work until I eat lunch (which may be true), but... grr. Let's be honest. What HAVE I done.

--watched tutorials about very arcane layout and typography things that would be nice to do... if I had TIME

--made 3 page options with styles for fine print pages... not useful work yet.. still preliminary

--tried to analyze whether my print bid will cover the quantity of words I have, how much editing still needs to be done, whether my idea about reclaiming white space is a dream. Figure it's a dollar a word for the quantity I'm printing. So...whatever. I don't know what.

--got a file for the tri-fold directory, thanked my coworker, and promptly stopped thinking about what should be NEXT (ugh)

--made a tentative appointment to go see Subject Matter Expert and have tried to figure out what my questions really are

 I think the next step is to go eat. Take those print copies of that questionable writing and look it over while I eat, then go have a conversation.

Hanging on by a thread,


Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

Gwen D 5pm CI

Oh boy. WHY do I feel better? Because I ATE!! Duh. And I did one thing, I went and interviewed the SME. I'm good at rising to the task at hand in situations like that. How can I be so cool in an interview, and yet flail when I'm back in my office? As badly as I want to go home, quit, pretend it's all over, act like it's a weekend, the truth is I've been time debting all day and so I'd better stay and get something done. My mantra for the next few hours is, it doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be done.

before I leave:: 

--Tri-fold directory fix size of doc and layout 4 of five panels at least (find source doc and edit phone number).

--Write, edit inside bit, make a eps of little man... make space for WARN

on train home::  

Write TMU/BRAT piece 

this weekend::all sunday at home or maybe library or on big screens

--work on putting tiny pieces together according to outline in various large stories

--putting finished stories on Wiki or Blog for review, experiment

--really have tri-fold ready to go to print Mon

--work on making alternate page layout options, lay in a story

--come up with ONE cover sketch for review 

I know. My list is weird. Maybe I'm thinking too big. Maybe this stuff will spill into next week, but it shouldn't. I should be ruthless and quick. I have to remember my Dad's warning... I may be making my work more important than it is. I think that really might be happening.

 God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change (time I've got) courage to change the things I can (only the most egregious errors, plus a few concise intros for restructure and making it look cleaner), and the wisdom to know the difference. Don't time-binge! 

Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

Journey 11:45

Darn, I just realized I've been posting today's stuff on yesterday's thread!  I had a very eloquent and inspiring post too :)

MITs 1 and 3 taken care of.  Working on #2 now.  I have an important conference call at 1 pm and I'm nervous about it.  And I seem to have this burning desire to get on the internet and find out if Madonna is really getting divorced!  If I still care about it after the meeting, I will allow myself 10 minutes to read online news.   

"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

Madonna's divorce

Read all about it:

Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.

argh! the challenge!

Have to say, Journey, that I'm taking your comment as a challenge. If I can resist surfing about Madonna for the next three hours, and instead get my behind into the office and get started, I will count this day as a success.


Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

Gwen and Jo commit to : No Madonna for three hours!! lol

"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

Well, is she?

I can't believe no one has reported back on this yet!  Is Madonna getting divorced?  Wink


I think the word is, November...

That's so funny. I swear, after I posted my last check in, it did occur to me that I was being irresponsible to not say I looked at everything the Indian Star could tell me about the separate beds and the lack of wedding rings and the spats and the personal rather than partnered busy schedules and, whew, yeah. All that stuff.

They're trying to keep things nice for the kids, but the rumor is McCartney's exclusive divorce lawyer has been called.


Gnothi Seauton ~ Know Thyself

Lark around 10am

Hi eveyone. Yesterday I "let" a friend help me clean house, and it actually looks okay. Neither of us knew how bad it was. I often post here about taking "swoops" for ten minutes or so, but that didn't do it. She was pissed, and took it on herself to have a little "intervention" with me, which I didn't enjoy. I was thinking "next time you need something, I'm gonna make you wait!" during the lecture. Gosh, I think I AM a procrastinator. Well, time for today to unfold...
To do:
(X)morning stuff
extra spiritual time today folks
finish project A
dry cleaner
12 step meeting
take friend's car to shop
put things away in my workshop
work project B
check in later


Hi Lark!

Sorry about the "intervention," but congrats on getting the house clean :)

Talk to you later! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

RitaE CI 9:35 am and 11:45 pm

It's so great to catch up reading the last day or so. Welcome to all the new posters!  I hope you find the same hope and help here that we all have. I haven't checked in lately - travel wiped me out and I overpromised too many deadlines at once...picked up a headcold from my last plane ride home (I procrastinated taking my airborne). My billing is still not done. :P

Today through Monday I have 4 major deadlines. Challenge is not to dawdle today, thinking I can work over the weekend. I've tried that before and I just end up resentful and even more demand-resistant all weekend.  Anybody relate? :-) So, today's plan:

  • 1) Review and edit the FINAL final draft of the DIY Toolkit; incorporate ETA edits [THEY HAD NONE-YAY!], add and rearrange quote breakouts, reformat MSbS and create its breakouts; make notes for Graphics on where to insert the MSbS breakouts.
  • 2) Review and edit JS course for DWS by COB today. NOT DONE
  • 3) Review the PEP proposals and send comments by COB today. NOT DONE
  • 4) Respond to G+ exective summary draft when it comes this afternoon, and forward to K with cover letter and comments, request for conf call to advance it. [DONE FRIDAY AFTERNOON - YAY!] 

(Even as I was writing this, 13 emails arrived in my Inbox - aaargh!)  Hope everybody has an inspired day!

1st Post- Goals for Friday

Hello All!

I have a really busy Friday and I need to avoid surfing and time wasting if I am to get everything done. I need to.

  • Finish up on Web projects - debugging service timeout
  • write up results and forward to management
  • write up directions on the emails getting sent to a former employee
  • spend the afternoon working on various bug fixes on my other project.
  • try and fit in a quick blog post

Actually, on days where I get slammed with lots of little things I do well, my failing is when I am left alone on longer term projects -- instead of putting in effort I just sort of waste time avoiding work putzing on the internet.



Welcome Pete!

It's a good idea to put your name in your checkin posts, so we don't get confused about who's checking in!  Welcome to another programmer, there are a few of us here :)  The nature of our jobs puts us in the direct line of fire for the web-surfing temptation.   You will find much support here.


"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

Pete - checking out

Jo - thanks I will post my name here on in.

Had a good day - got a little distracted towards the end of the day.  Still need to improve. 

Still - progress is progress.



Congrats, Pete

Hi Pete,

Congrats on a good day!  That's cause for celebration, even if it wasn't perfect. 


kromer 7:50 CI

I didn't get all my tasks done last night (though I did make spice rub and update links)

This morning, I've been unproductively freaking out about my apt. search. I'm going to take a deep breath, take a 10 min break, then spend 20 min. looking at roommate listings on craigslist and email Sarah. Then I'll tidy room, pack for retreat, make lunch and get to lab by 9:30

kromer 10:10 CI

I was 30 min late to lab, but I got all of the above done (looking through roommate listings took about 40 min, then I emailed a friend to see if she'd be interested in rooming).

My MIT for the day is to figure out coregulator cluster issue. I need to have a report on this for my advisor on Monday, and I won't have very much time to work this weekend. So I'd like to have a rough report on this done by 3:30 today (which is when I need to leave work).

Steps for accomplishing this:
1)Figure out why NCOAs/NCORs don't cluster together--look at weights/sources for interactions, look at lit, check significance of number of common edges, see whether they cluster together more if I include all proteins.
2)Write up a brief summary of my findings
3)If lack of NCOA/NCOR clusters is real, try to come up with a good distance metric and cluster again. If lack of NCOA/NCOR clusters is due to gaps in my data, brainstorm ideas about how to get around this issue

Pebbles to get done today:
*Lab mtg 12-1
*Figure out why AL's job failed
*Reply to LR's questions

I'll start on my MIT, step 1. This is a big task, so I'll update frequently as I make progress. I'll start by looking at interaction weights, and at what happens if I include all interactions.
UPDATE 11--looked at interaction weights, and tried including all interactions. No luck yet in finding an explanation! I'm going to look at the literature for the NCORs, now...first I'll manually make a list of the names and id number of TFs and histone modifiers connected to one or more NCORs, then I'll look at the lit. on those interactions.
UPDATE 11:50--I've looked some at the NCORs, now I'm going to start looking at NCOAs, then come back to NCORs if I need to
I have lab mtg in 10 min, then I should be done with this part of my task by 1:30
UPDATE 1:15 back from lab mtg. I think it's going to take a little longer than I thought to finish step (1) of my MIT, maybe until 1:45 or 2. New check-in when that's done.
UPDATE 1:40 I've looked at NCOAs, now I will spend 20-30 min doing a lit. search on  NCOAs and CBP/p300, then I'll force myself to start writing up a summary of my findings.

kromer 2:10 CI

All right, subtask (1) is mostly done...I still think I could do a more thorough job, but I'm going to squash my perfectionist tendencies and more on to subtask (2), writing a more thorough summary of my findings.

I'm going to force myself to work on (2) for 20 min.

Then I'm going to go back to (1) and check significance of number of common edges

Then I'm going to work of (2) for 20 more min, and I hope get it done

Remaining time at work will be spent dealing with pebbles, and I'll do subtask (3) of my MIT on Sunday evening. 

Updates as I work through these tasks until I leave at 3:30. 

Falcon CI - Antsy

Help! A zillion ants have taken up residence in my kitchen! They're milling about aimlessly all over the floor, and occasionally wandering across the counters, and it makes me feel crawly. :tongue: There's enough of them to steal all my cookware and maybe the refrigerator if they team up.

Stuff to do on Friday, if I'm not devoured by ants in the night:

  • Take a walk & exercise before it gets hot
  • Clean the kitchen and get rid of any crumbs, spills, dirty dishes, etc., that might be of interest to ants.
  • Run through music
  • Do some paperwork

Anyone have any good ant repellent recipes? Or have an aardvark I can borrow?



I recently read that you can kill ants with distilled vinegar: either that or perhaps you can send them off to Recycler for her worms.... 

hee hee!

hee hee! ;)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Ants & surgery tip for e

Hi e,

Thanks!  I looked up some sites on getting rid of the critters, and it seems the most important thing is to get the kitchen absolutely meticulously clean and keep it that way, ex. washing down all the counters and mopping the floor daily. 

I'm not sure I can even IMAGINE doing that (housework is near the top of my procrastination list.)  I'll be taking a stab at it, but -- if you see an obituary of someone who was carried off by a mob of little black ants, you'll know it was me.

Best of luck with your surgery!  A tip for you, that helped me when I had major surgery a few years ago.   It might sound silly, but. . . before the surgery, splurge on a new bathrobe for the hospital and convalescing.  It doesn't have to be expensive, but something fancier than you would normally wear.  You'd be amazed how cheering it is, when you're feeling sore and groggy, to get compliments on what you're wearing! 


bathroble revised....

thanks for the reminder! I was noticing that in the hospital because everyone wears their own pjs is too warm for my flannel leapord-spotted and pink -cabbage-rose covered pjs (which is good for the invalids, as they won't be splitting their stitches open from hysterical laugher at the sight of me in them)

what a great idea

about the new bathrobe -