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Wednesday, June 18, 08

No Frills day! Just jump in and do it!

RitaE after midnite...checking in late!

I could put this on Thursday, I guess...but I actually wrote a check-in from the airport before boarding - and now that I'm home to follow up, I realize it never posted so I guess the WiFi company owes me a refund :P - remember the days when airport Internet was free?  sigh...

I had 2 good days of meetings and productivity, no procrastinating but did get way overtired from working into the late hours. I had committed to bed by 12 tonight (had a late flight) but here it is half-hour past that and I'm online. So immediate correction: My next steps are to get a snack, take vits, wash face, brush teeth, and zzzz....g'nite all.

G - Achievements yesterday (Wednesday)

Ok, I had a really good day yesterday!
8 hours work.
That might not sound that big, but I've been really struggling recently, and the biggest accomplishment was that it was 8 hours in pretty much 8 hours - one 15 minute break, and a lunch break.

Turns out all I needed was motivation. :rolleyes:

I told myself that I could leave as soon as I got all my work *finished*. If I did it early, I had afternoon to myself! I could go home, and meet with a friend for the evening. And as long as it was all done when I left, I could have tomorrow (this) morning off (I might run out of work otherwise).
I didn't manage to leave work early, but mission accomplished!
I even made a dent at tidying my room before my friend arrived.
Had a lovely evening at the local botanic gardens, and got my washing on and some pottering around this morning.

And now - focus! Work! Today!
An hour to go...

congrats grail

it's great to hear you got it done! Cheering you on for today.

Recycler CI 9:30pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

Today: elliptical, stretching, work, Chik-Fil-A, work, massage, drop off a delivery for someone.

Tonight: getting just-released info on a hobby event for next year; getting info for a different hobby, also. Now have to relax a little before bed.

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

kromer 5:40 CI

Tutoring was *very* long (3.5 hours rather than 1.5)--oh well, at least I got paid more!

I did that, finished up my errands and emailed my supervisor, and am back in lab...and it's just about time to go home :rolleyes: I'm going to email a few people to figure out how I get an ID card for the summer, pick up some papers from lab, walk home, read 5 pages of a paper, and then make dinner.  

kromer 11 CI wasted evening

I accomplished *nothing* this evening (and overate a lot too...), and am feeling really down on myself.

I'm very tempted to just give up and go to bed, but I know I'll feel better if I get a little something done. So I'm going to try to do focused work until 12...I'll deal with 10 emails, delete 20 more, and then do some more reading.

Update 11:25 dealt with email, now for reading! I'm going to get through 5 pages of article before bed.  

way to go kromer

<<<I'm very tempted to just give up and go to bed, but I know I'll feel better if I get a little something done. >>>

Now, that's modeling good recovery!  Thanks for the example of how it works.



c ci

bknd 12:10 reading this site.

12:20: 10 minutes. Totally reasonable.

I'm going to have to put that "come clean out loud" thing into practice. I've been time binging at work. For good reason, i was behind and my boss asked me about it. Still, it's unbalanced, my non-work life has been neglected. And it has bad long term consequences, and its habit forming, training me that it's time binging or nothing.

But, perhaps "HP stepped in" for me too because that MIT has now been canceled. So now i just have to clean up the other task and it'll be done, and then go onto other tasks. the pressure is off.

Note for about an hour after the cancellation of the task i've been pouring myself into for the last week, i felt empty and paralyzed.

I dealt with that by first telling myself that i was going to pray, and re-do step 3. That idea grew until, eventually, after several missteps, i did. That took about 2hrs.

Often this sequence results in a mountaintop experience for me. But not today. Today message was more plain (if i can paraphrase ;) --you have tools and you're already partly trained in how to deal with this, so go do it. By coming to Me you have let go of just enuf of yourself to allow just enuf of My power to enable you to muddle thru for another day.

And so, here i am.

Now to do my mid-day tasks., about to hit 'post comment' and a great emptiness came over me. I think that's because now the abstract, theoretical emptying of self is about to become reality as i get up and, just, plain, do the next task. no fan fare. no greatness. Just basic, simple doing things.

1:25pm: bknd playing w. music

1:35pm: 10 min. not bad. NOw continue w/ tasks.

doncha just hate it when...

"plain happens"?  :-P 

Thanks, clement, for that great description of the "great emptiness" feeling that hits me when I either surrender - or have yanked from me - the opportunity for some drama.

I'm speculating that I generate adrenaline (procrastination drama) because "plain" feels like depression.  Any thoughts on that?

re: adrenaline

there's a post somewhere here on a type of procrastination that actually relishes the pressure of getting too close to the deadline. That people get a rush from that.

I feel like i'm pretty intense, but for me that hi activity as the deadline looms is laced with fear that i'm not going to meet it, and guilt that i haven't done it yet. So it's not all that pleasant for me.

But i do get a thrill, a quick-hit kind of thrill, from things i procrastinate with, things i find interesting. And when "plain happens" it does seem like depression in comparison.

I think you're on to something.

kromer 9:30 CI

I overslept this morning...but I'm going to try to get back on the horse and make this a productive day anyway.

I'm going to work from home until noon, then go tutor/run some errands 12-3, then go to lab 3-6, and then work from home for 2.5 hours in the evening. That way I can get a full workday in.

MIT's for the day are:
*Finish article I was reading yesterday
*Read 2 more articles
*Gather saturation curve data
*Reply to emails from past few days
*Buy a screen
*Email supervisor
*Deal with mail
*Spend 45 minutes thinking/brainstorming about new project (focusing on what we know about how coregulators are recruited)

Other things I'd like to get done
*Read a 4th article
*Get a list of chromatin modifiers
*Figure out an automated way to check EG ids
*Look at stats for NCOAs/NCORs
*Organize desk supplies

I'm going to start with reading...I'm going to try to finish one article and read the other by 11. Back when that's done. 

kromer 12 CI

OK, very slow today...I finally go through the 1.5 articles, and had some lunch.

Now, I'm going to quickly gather stuff for tutoring/lab, go buy a screen and run a few other errands, tutor, get to lab around 3, email my supervisor, and then check in again with a plan for the afternoon.  

Journey 9 am no frills check in

 Work on getting stuff ready for my on-call weekend, pretty much all day.  Have a great hump day everyone!


"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

9:03am CI for Lark

Good morning. My workshop is a mess this morning--which is okay--I was very busy working, making a mess yesterday. The two are related, I just discovered. Duh! I'd put off a client with whom I don't exactly "click" for a long time, so I need to get this crossed off the list. Part of the project is scheduled today. It'll be good to put the entire thing behind me. "Bite the bullet."
morning things
spiritual period
fifteen minutes on kitchen walls
straighten out work project A
section of project for the client above
use timer for straightening up
use weed whacker around house
call to locate and price sand for work
more paint remover on metal pieces
check in later here

e's day

pack. pack. pack. chuck out. pack.

eat healthy.




e's pm

I am eating too healthily today: I think my system is going to go into shock! I am packing, but in dribs and drabs. A friend is coming over to pick up plants and choose some other things, but I am getting paralyzed by it. 

 i need to take care of myself by going to a doctor's appointment today, but I don't particularly want to call my friend and suggest a different day. 


oops. HP stepped in, made my elder son throw up, so I had to cancel my friend anyway. Not a good sign for graduation, though  :(

hope your son feels better e!

"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

thanks, jo!

Apparently he is not so ill to have lost the use of his thumbs: he is happily recuperating on the couch playing video games!