Procrastinators Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from chronic procrastination.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Where oh where has my pwocwastinatuh gone? Oh where oh where can s/he be?"

Falcon CI Tuesday eve.

Hi all,

To do:

  • Finish eating soup
  • Take a short stroll
  • Make some macaroni or popcorn if I feel like it
  • Put check in mail
  • Get ready for bed
  • Read a little if there's time
  • GO TO BED without poking around


Recycler CI 5:45pm EST


Today: elliptical, work. Shipped a package I had been procrastinating about mailing for months. Afternoon: migraine, stayed at work but didn't get things done.

Tonight: rest around house, so migraine doesn't come back. Not going to support group, which meets in a hot room because that could bring migraine back. Stay in Recycler Cave and go to bed early.

Have a great night, everyone!


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Finished my Gr. 10 Academic Math coursework!

I finished yesterday. What a good feeling! Now I have to study for the exam.

 I'm going to try and study for two hours a day. The potential pitfalls I see are getting distracted on the internet when getting help from math websites and getting bored/frustrated when I run into set backs.

 Wish me luck, I'll try to check in every day with my progress.

Go Plo!

that sounds like a big accomplishment - just think! Soon you won't have this hanging over you, but instead, you will have achieved it.

For myself, I'm better at giving myself a study goal than a time goal - say, study up on *this* topic etc, or solve that many problems, then, tell myself that if accomplish that goal faster, I get to run off and have free time! :D
It usually takes longer than I think it should anyway, but I procrastinate *slightly* less...

First time caller here!

Hi all here's my list for today...

- backup my audio files for recent project to DVD, and clean audio folder

- download all 12 module notes/MP3s for course and print

- Completely finish audio templates for new project

Will report back at about 1700  :-)

Welcome Zappa!

Glad to have you on board.  You're in NZ, right? guess it's morning there! 

You probably want to put your name in your checkin posts, otherwise it gets confusing because there are lots of us! 



"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

M CI 2:15 PM

ok, if I haven't clocked at least 40 hours by 2:15 PM next Tuesday, I'm going to send a $250 check to John McCain 2008. Any conservatives can root against me, but if I don't meet the goal, this will certainly be a just punishment.

to do:

- fix attribute bug
- 299 - implement multiple unlocked case requirements - 4-5 hrs
- clock 8 hrs
- clean office
- renew prescription (take meds)
- pay bills
- read 25 pp of FS
- read 1 ch. of js book

Re: M - goal for the week. !!!

Oh dear.

Ok, you NEED to do this! Pull out all the stops! 40 hours for the week.

I'm cheering for you!


I am now walking on eggshells thinking about your punishment! Do you need any help? Can I bring you some coffee?


Man, I hope you make it, lol.  Jo 

"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

scarlett CI 2:50 pm EDT

Way behind at work again, so behind I'm scared to face it.

Turning on Instant Boss. Goal is to check off routine and create a to do list for the rest of the week.

The adrenaline you've been living on only leaves you wanting.

Go Scarlett, Go Scarlett . . . we're cheering for you!

"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

Have you created your list?

Hi Scarlett,

We all know that feeling of being scared to facing how far behind we are. You are not alone. 

How's you list going? 

Best wishes


c ci

been time binging on my MIT at work.
need to be more deliberate.
this is my first step. It's 2:15 pm

2:35 worked on task2 at work. Dont let it get out of hand.

3:20: back to MIT for last 35 min. 5 min for lunch. 3 min chat w/ son. have to wait for something to finish. Maybe i should scope out the steps to getting this thing done. with my free time right now...

3:25: SO asked w/ help...

3:40: 15 min for SO. interrupted by work phone call.

3:53: 10 min. back to MIT.

8pm: worked til 6pm on MIT. probably binging. Made some progress. Family time.

Now, do i have the guts to spend some time with HiPo even tho i'm behind at work. Writing that sentence moved me from "probably not" to "probably will". Maybe because now I'd be embarrassed here if i didnt follow thru.

Journey 10:00 12:00 1:15 4:10 5:45

Headed to a meeting . . . after the meeting finish up the second change request. 

I still have three of the four phone calls to make!  Three is too many to face for today, so I'm shooting for making two calls today. 

Update 12:15 worked on a trouble ticket for the past couple hours.  taking a lunch break, then back to the change request.  No, scratch that.  One of the two dreaded phone calls right after lunch.  Check back at 1:00, by then I should have one of those phone calls crossed off my list. 

Update 1:15 I cheated lol and was able to take care of one of the phone calls by emails.  That's so much easier!  The second phone call has been made.  #3 depends on the answer to #1 so I can't do it today.  Back to change management.

Update 4:00 struggling with this task - I have to figure out how to do it before I do the implementation plan - got stuck for a while but back on track now. 

Update 5:45 Done!  going home.  Stopping by the library to pick up a book "Boundaries" that was highly recommended, picking up dinner, and spending 1/2 hr. on laundry.  I also need to remember to put two items in my work bag. 


"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

kromer 9:35 CI

I'm back on the east coast after a week with my parents, and having a bit of trouble settling back in.

I'm going to start full-time work tomorrow--today I want to get in 4 good hours of work, plus take care of some chores/unpacking.

Plan for the morning/early afternoon
*Spend 15 minutes figuring out who is living in my co-op this summer
*Organize my work notes
*Finish reading mol bio chapter on nucleosomes

--Check in-- 

*Unpack what's currently in my room+one more suitcase
*Read 2 articles+take notes

--Check in-- 

*Go grocery shopping
*Finish organizing sat. curve files

--Check in-- 

kromer 1 CI

Done with 1st 3 tasks + a little unpacking. Now on to next 2 tasks. I'll work in the chatbox, it's helping. Should be back in approx. 2 hrs.

9:38 CI for Lark

Good morning everyone. It's beautiful here, so today will include some outside work. I'm very greatful today. This group helps me alot, even though my days aren't smashing successes. Showing up and checkin in in a success in itself. Also, I especially appreciate E and Jo. We all three could someday bump into each other, or sit together on an airplane, and never know who the others were, or how much we've helped each other. Thanks so much for being here (everyone).
To do:
(X)spiritual time
half hour cleaning house
hang up laundry
half hour on work project A
half hour on B
half hour on C
three 10 minute cleaning sessions in workshop
check in this afternoon

one hour on work project


I feel the same: the words that I read here on a daily basis are just amazing. Even though my family is going through just about every transition imaginable (moving, mother in law with Alzeimers,money worries, son graduating from high school, other son moving on to high school (and not doing well academically) potential surjury, marital ups and downs, searching for work, I am serene . (well, at least as serene as I can be being me!). Knowing that when I come here I will usually see some people who have been around for a while encouraging the new folks who have found us helps me to regain my center.



Why, thank you, Lark

 Thanks for being here for us too!


"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

Journey 8:45

Early to work today yay!  I went back to body pump class this morning after being out for a week due to my little illness.  Man, those weights got heavier while I was gone!

I didn't feel very productive yesterday, although I worked hard all day.  I realize this is because I planned one hour for a task that took four hours and is still not finished.  Hmmm, I'm doing much better at staying on task these days, but I still need work on planning and prioritizing.  Progress, not perfection!

I am continuing to take a few moments in the morning to set my intentions for the day and ask for help from HP.  I'm attempting to do a little more asking for guidance and direction rather than putting forth my plans and asking for them to go smoothly.  It's not easy for such a selfish person as myself to say "your will, not mine"  but I'm trying.  

Normal morning routine coming up, coffee, email, set MITs for the day.  Try to be more realistic about scheduling. 

Have an enjoyable, successful, and productive day everyone!


"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

e's Tuesday

a big pain in the a@@ day today: doctors appointments, arguments with travel agents, arguments with  children about packing, sorting and packing, big huge messes, etc.

For today, HP, help me to stay in the moment, be reasonable and make amends when I make transgressions - and be clear on whether I really transgressed  or not.

Productive vibes for all

Hi everyone,

Hope you all achive what you set out to do. I'm finding this daily check in useful.

Hope you manage to take it all in your stride, e. There are days when everything is irritating.

Here's my dail plan:

Tuesday 17th June

  1. 9.30 am Pick up OM’s shirts from mender’s
  2. Go to the bank
  3. Take d1’s unwanted top back to the shop/ buy white T shirt
  4. Supermarket to buy d1’s picnic school lunch
  5. Coffee
  6. Walk home
  7. Check email
  8. 11.30 am Organise lunch
  9. 12.00 1 hour on thesis: ch. 4 outline, go through notes, and past chapters, try to come up with section headings
  10. Lunch
  11. Min 2x 1 hour blocks on thesis, with Sudoku breaks as a reward
  12. 5pm meet farmer at farm to discuss cutting grass/ weeds
  13. 6pm update grammar section needed for tests to be given tomorrow for printing
  14. 8pm: dinner/ time with kids



So far so good

Working well (but not writing yet), without time to stop for a sudoku break. Now off to meet the farmer.