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Monday, June 9, 08

pomp and circumstance

   caps off for Kromer!

Recycler CI 6:10pm EST


It's about 97 degrees here today. Eeeks!!!

Already done: elliptical, stretching, work, phone errand, made tomorrow's to-do list for work.

Tonight: bring in stuff from car. Wait until the Very Last Minute to go to support group, so won't have to wait outside for someone to bring key to building. After meeting: cold drink with sponsor, grocery store.


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

kromer 9:10 (pacific time)

OK, haven't been here for a few days (had my graduation, then flew back to California, then went to my brother's high school graduation yesterday :) )

I'm mostly on vacation until next Monday, but I'd like to get a little bit of work done every day. My goal is 2 hrs of work, 1 hr of organizing, and 1 hr of exercising on 5 days of the next week, which I think is doable. That will still leave my plenty of time to bum around!

My plans for today are:
*Post expt. results online
*Email expt. data files to TN
*Find and print 5 articles, read 1 of them and take notes
*Make a plan for what I want to get done the rest of the week
*Clean out inbox
*Go for a 30 min run
*Take a walk with my friend
*Write thank-you notes for birthday and graduation gifts
*Call CH, email ED and CC

OK, I'm going to make my bed and finish getting dressed, then start email ED and CC, then write thank you notes, have some breakfast and check back in.


Congratulations on your graduation :)

Hi Kromer!

Congratulations on your graduation! :) We are proud of you! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

kromer 11:40

OK, done

Now I'm going to spend 20 min working on my inbox, then call a friend and make plans for the afternoon, then go for a run, then email data files and post expt. results

Update 2:06--spent 20 min on inbox, had some lunch, called friend, went for run, posted expt. results. I'm actually going to find and print some articles while I have printer access, then I'll organize and email the data files, then I'll check in again. 

kromer 10:15 (PT) CI

OK, I *still* haven't emailed the data files (it took me a while to find and print the articles, then I took a walk with my friend, had dinner and hung out some more). People have been nagging me about these for a week+, so I really need to get them out tonight. I'm going to work in the chatbox and get this done now.

I'll check in when files are sent. Then, ideally I'd like to get weekly to-do list done tonight also. 

Journey 10 am

I'm at work but there's nothing really critical to do, and I'm still feeling tired and a bit under the weather.  I'm going to mope around and look pitiful for a while, then go home early.  If I don't feel any better tomorrow I'll call in sick. 

The thing is, I'm just not a morning person so I always feel like s**t until about 9 am.  So it's hard to make the decision about calling in sick, because I figure I'll feel better in a little while lol.


"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

Feel better journey!

If you feel bad, don't stay at work too long...

thanks kromer

I'm doing ok now but I'm definitely going to get out of here early.  Don't wanna be stuck in traffic with the hurls lol. 


"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

e check back

Something about us is putting our appliances on the fritz: this past week the tv, the refrigerator, the blender, and some others have all gone off. Luckily, the tv was under warranty and we are moving so we needn't replace some items, but it is still a pain in the a@@.

off to pick up the tv for now: laundry is in mid-wash, the linens are seperated out and one frig is cleaned. Sometimes I watch my spouse and I don't know how he just keeps going, does not make a mess while doing so, completes everything, and does not get headaches in the process.

for now: shower. 

e back again

kay, tv is picked up, laundry is rained on, ice cream was eaten (oh happy day). I have a doctor's appointment in an hour and a half, so I want to be aware of the time.

looking at booking thing for July.  

WDV's CI 10:30 am

So finally I'm back. I dedicated the last 2 weeks to work projects, postponing thesis work. My prof wasn't too happy with that, and in the last meeting before these last 2 weeks I really had to "keep it together" to not feel bad about his reaction to my decision to take 2 weeks off for work.

Now I'm quite satisfied with the progress I made on the work projects, and I've made some arrangements to help me be more focused on my study, like no phonecalls/email/skype during office hours.

It feels like yet another fresh start of my research, which isn't very hopeful, given all the interruptions and restarts in the last year. I guess I shouldn't think about that too much and just get to work... no matter how much or little I produce.

good wdv

> I guess I shouldn't think about that too much and just get to work... no matter how much or little I produce.

That sounds familiar. That is what i do on a daily basis. Is it working for me? not always. Most of the time, tho.

I'm now trying to decide if i'm in a 3 month "phase" or if this will stick.

Dont AA people say they're forever "recovering" alcoholics? Fighting it on a day by day basis, one day at a time?

I dont konw if that's where i am or not.

But, sounds like it's going well with you, wdv. I'm very happy for you. Let me/us know how well it works for you.

to WDV

re:  "his reaction to my decision" 

Wow, this really sounds like progress to me!  Deciding what you're going to do,  following through in spite of difficulties, and then feeling proud of your accomplishments!   Keep this up and you'll have to call yourself a former procrastinator!  You can still hang around with us, though, lol. 

"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

e's monday

Good morning, all....

I fell off the wagon last night and watched 6 episodes of House on the computer. There is a lot to accomplish today, and I think it will be helpful to do it one task at a time.

water,1 cup drunk

meds: taken 1 type, pick up the other type 

laundry: washed, 


 purged: old makeup,  underwear drawer,

House rocks

You've been working really hard e.   You probably needed a break.  Now, get back to work!  lol


"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright