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Friday, June 6, 2008

/files/images/snoopy_reading.gif to decide if you want to keep a book or not....

e check back

okay, check got picked up and deposited, ate a nice lunch, did some research on schools and I finally renewed my antivirus! (WHY would someone procrastinate on that??)

I feel better. and now the laundry is beeping at me. Much more to do, but I am making progress... 

Lark at 3:07pm

Hi eveyone. It's late for me, but it's neen a normal day. There was a big glitch in a work project, but it's all the client's doing!! "What part did I play in it?" "Nothing!" The upshot is it can be put aside, and I can get a whole other project finished, get paid, etc. No making nice by bouncing around. I'm eally overwhelmed with work--which is very rare these days. Finding help hasn't been exactly great, but I think I make have found someone who'll work temporarily. Please cross your fingers for me.

(X)spiritual time
(X)as much as possible on A
finish project B
12 step meeting

kpoet CI 10:15 PDT

Another week has gone by so fast. It's amazing Friday is here again.

I'd like to work on my assignment paper. Hopefully put a big dent in it. I would like to put in at least two productive hours on it... but I'd be lucky if I even start it. Not really motivated this morning to start anything. 



hoping for tomorrow

kpoet here's hoping your tomorrow is better...

kpoet CO 4:45 PDT

Unproductive day.. didn't bother touching my work. Oh well got the weekend to recover.

e's friday morning

everything in my life is changing rapidly... and i am not freaking out! Don't know why this is, but I am not complaining....

Today calls for lots of productivity

drink water, pills, shower, laundry, dishwasher, bed, face, shoes, breakfast

find receipts, go to post office, mail taxes,  go get check,

e doing great! and thriving on change . . .

ding!  gratz!  (ask your son about that one!) 


"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

missed this one, journey!

Will have to follow up: however, he is trying to drag me into the WOW World, and I am resistant: (do I really need another way to procrastinate?)

to e about WoW

You probably don't wanna go there.  I started playing because my brother plays and I can talk to him ingame, but I've never really been "addicted" to the game.   A lot of people get really sucked into the social aspect of the game.  I'm sort of a loner so I'm not as affected by that part of it.   Not that I don't waste time playing, because I certainly do!  

On the other hand, it's something you and you son could do together, and it would give you an understanding of what attracts him to it.  You could try playing on his account some and let him show you around, and see what you think.   

Next thing you know you'll be farming gold and saving up for your epic flying mount lol!  btw, what does he think about playing a rogue?  I tried playing a rogue briefly but I could just never get the hang of sneaking up behind people.  I can see where stealth would come in handy sometimes though.  well, that's off topic isn't it?  lol



"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright