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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Falcon Tuesday CI

Hi all,

To do:

First thing is to quit moping around feeling down in the mouth.  I either need to focus on the sadness I've been feeling & process it, or else let go of it.  Enough of this zoning out, already.   

Make & eat dinner

Pay bills

Order father's day present

Make lunch for tomorrow


Falcon Tuesday CO

O.k., I got the mopage down to a minimum.  Wink  And got my stuff done.  Good night!


kaoba CI wednesday

Hi all,

I feel recovered from the all out effort of the last few days. Just thought to check in even though nothing very eventful has happened. I spent all morning waiting for an electrician who didn't show up. Grrr. So I didn't do some errands I needed to do.

I hope everyone is having a good day!

Recycler CI 6:10pm EST

Hi Pro Buddies!

"It's not easy being green" ;) hee hee

Today: walked, stretched, work, got Bunches of Stuff Accomplished at work, which is good because I will be away Thurs & Fri for Continuing Education. Lunchtime: paid a bill that I was sliding into procrastination about. Made a To-Do list before leaving work -- awesome because I got so much done that it only has 3 items on it for when I get back. Wheee! :)

Now back home where there is *plenty* on my to-do list ;) lol. This evening, final packing of my suitcase for tomorrow. Straighten condo. Tomorrow morning I can do some MITs, because I don't have to leave for C.E. until mid-day :)

Have a great night, everyone! :)


Thank you, gals & guys, for being here! :)

Lark @ 4:11pm

Wow, it's getting late, and I've not checked in. There's alot alot of good food for thought in today's posts, folks. I haven't had my Big Book open lately, and the answers are basically in there. When I start working MY program, things start to slow down. There are some very good things on my horizon (work-wise)and working my program increases my chances umpteenfold. I'm very fearful of screwing it up, and trying to do it myself will almost assure that. Apart from that, deliveries aren't coming today, etc. so I'm been in a weird space (If I can't do this, I'm not doin' anything! I'll show them).
To do:
as much as possible on work project A
visit friends

c ci - waning, now waxing

i'm checking in. There's gotta be a 12step "what to do when you feel the urge" answer. I'm going to look for one, because i REALLY dont want to do my next MIT. bleh. Like steven said here in the visualization block post, "i dont feel like it."

i first found Procrastinators Anonymous Tools for Recovery but those seem decidedly like things you can try when you DO feel like it. They dont, at least in my mood, put me in the mood. Still looking...

I went to they have what they call "the big book". Ch 4 interested me: "We Agnostics". And it inspired me. It was an insightful look at the questions of faith and god. And i read the start of ch 5 "How It Works" especially about "Step 3" turning your will over to god.

These chapters really came thru, because i can relate the the ruinous life that alcohol has brought the alcoholic to the fact that i can't bring myself to do my MIT for today.

Ch 5 was on self-centeredness. It relates directly to what steven was saying about "i dont feel like it". I now see the prominence of the "I" in that statement. I didnt before. If i were willing to turn over the reigns and just serve god, then it wouldnt matter nearly so much to me that i didnt feel like it. And reading the book inspired me to do that. so i think i will try.

[edit 4:30pm]: well, after getting inspired above, i did my mid-day tasks. One of them was exercise, which went great, and then i had an exercise high, which felt great. Then i got back to work on that work MIT and it went well for a while. now it has gotten into a long boring part so i'm posting to motivate myself to do it. cya later.

[edit 5:10pm]: it worked. i was productive. Now quiet time then appointment out tonight.

[edit 10:50pm]: Eve went great. TV's on in the background. Need to work on MIT.

[edit 2:25am]: very late, did good progress for me on my last MIT due tomorrow morning. Now feel urge to do something other than go to bed, so i'm going to browse the big book again.

kromer 11:55 CI

 I'm having a bit of a hard time getting going this morning...I slept a bit late, and then goofed off for a while. I've photocopied most of my lab notebook, but that's it.

Here's my plan for  the next few hours:

*Finish data entry/making graphs from last expt (1 hr max)
*Update lab nb, photocopy last few pages (40 min max)
*Data entry from new expt (1 hr)

Then I'll check back here 

kromer 8:45 CI

OK, I had a reasonably productive afternoon (organized and photocopied lab nb, did data entry from expts, cleaned up last few things in lab, gave SX present, called home, went to store.

However, now I'm in a real slump. I had an unhealthy and much-too-big dinner, and am feeling down on myself for that...and I have a bunch of tasks to get through tonight that I just don't want to do.

I'm going to go for a run (30 min, just a short one), then call A when I get back, then post graphs from expts online, then check in again.l  

kromer 11:05 CI

Wow, I haven't had a day this bad in a while.

I went for a run, showered and left a message for A, but that's it.

I'm going to try to get about 50 minutes of real work before I go to bed.

I'll work in the chatbox and post graphs from my experiments online, then check back here.  

m 11:13 am CI

important or urgent tasks:

- respond to boss's email
- create bugzilla item for issue
- preserve stale q & a objects
- modify explanation impl for multiple explanations
- constrain q feature to authors
- generate estimates doc based on requirements for q
- FF timing bug fixed
- investigate drilldown issue in 299a
- library CD due
- pay tix
- suit at cleaners
- clock 8+ hours
- exercise (almost put this in lower priority; then again, I get out of breath just going from our basement to the 3rd floor of our rowhome)

lower priority:
- finish Drink Cultura
- catch up w/ Batman issues pre-RIP
- clean office
- mop 1st floor
- read new issue of The Nation

scarlett CI 10:25 am EDT

Focus: Type up Byn rev *MIT*, Email DB again *MIT*
Next CI: 11 am EDT

Ta da:
Eat breakfast
Submit help request
Declutter 5 min.
Start g doc

To do:
Print info for meeting
Create project list from WP
Call JR again
Email AP re: plate *MIT*
Type up MST & KS review

Ten min tasks:
Email BB re: compactor at PS
Email RJ re: visits
Email LR re: dental
Email TH re: science plan
Email DG & PS/GG re: flooring

Make hair appt
Send email re: move
Email GC re: mags

The adrenaline you've been living on only leaves you wanting.

Journey 9:30

Running a tad late today, as I usually do on Wednesday - it's double header day at the gym.  since I didn't go yesterday, I really needed it!   So far today, I have scanned my email and posted my latest expenses on my Total Money Makeover budget.   Getting coffee and getting to work on that test that I'm finally ready for. 

I have a couple of other high priority items that have been on the back burner while I worked out the test data problems.  I need to write my 6 mo review, and finish up those IP addresses that I never finished week before last.  We worked out the bugs and I got one of them to work, but never went back and fixed the other servers.  (they are all unused test servers, but still it needs to be done).

I have a couple of phone calls to make about financial stuff.  I am just a phone calling fool these days, now that I have a handle on my finances, it's much easier to call people and tell them what I want them to do for me.

k, coffee, MITs - which will be very easy to set as I've already mentioned here the top five things I need to do - and get busy on the test.



"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright

good for you

now that I have a handle on my finances, it's much easier to call people and tell them what I want them to do for me.

That's awesome and it gives me hope.

The adrenaline you've been living on only leaves you wanting.

to scarlett re:finances

Thanks to Total Money Makeover!   I can't say enough about this program.  I don't know why I didn't do it before.  That's not true, lol, I didn't do it because I didn't want to face the mess I had gotten myself into. 

One of my favorite Dave Ramsey quotes:  " If you're in a hole, STOP DIGGING!"


"The sooner you get behind, the longer you have to catch up." - Steven Wright